The Sweetest Lesson Ch. 01

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Aidra Fox

Ms. Hayes isn’t actually my teacher, but she’s probably the teacher at my school doing the most to actually help me out. She’s one of the newer teachers at the high school, which means that she’s not burned out just yet. She’s one of the few things making my senior year fairly tolerable.

Earlier in the school year, she tried to start a literary magazine at our school, but it didn’t get off the ground. Only two of us actually showed up: me, and my friend Meredith. But Ms. Hayes took it upon herself to continue to mentor us, so both Meredith and I have been giving her some writing to look at.

We meet after school occasionally, but we’re more likely to talk in instant messages on our computers or in email. We’ve talked on the phone a few times, but not that many times. It’s always just been about writing.

So when, one day, she asked me if I’d like to come over to her house that evening, I figured that was just what we’d talk about.

It didn’t quite work out that way.


I headed over to her house soon after class, but not too soon, I hoped. She’d asked me if I’d want to come over the night before in an e-mail, and had sent me directions to her house after I said I would. She told me she’d make something for dinner, so I didn’t really eat. My mom wasn’t home, anyway; she was going to spend the weekend with her new boyfriend, so I basically had the house to myself all weekend. That meant that I wouldn’t have to explain where I was going, which was fine with me.

I don’t think that it was that I was expecting anything to happen; it was just that I knew how this could look to someone who didn’t know better. There was something about this that might seem a tiny bit improper to someone who was inclined to look at things in a certain way. A student going to a teacher’s house after school could lead to some talk. But I didn’t think that it really meant anything.

I was a bit nervous about the story I was bringing her. It was a story about a teenage guy falling in love with this mysterious girl. What made me nervous about it was that there was some sex in the story, and I’d never given her a story like that before. It wasn’t as though the sex was graphic, but I’d never really broached any sort of topic of sex with her before. We’d sort of touched on our personal lives, but not in any specific terms. I knew she’d never been married, I knew she wasn’t really seeing anyone. She knew I didn’t really have a girlfriend. That’s about it. I still even thought of her as ‘Ms. Hayes’, not Rebecca. It was like I couldn’t make that last leap to call her by her first name, not her “teacher” name.

Maybe I did have some ideas when I went over there, but I expected to just eat dinner, show her the story, and that would be that. I’d be home later in the evening. Or something like that.


She met me at the door. “Hi, Jacob,” she said. She was in a tshirt and jeans, far less formally dressed than she usually was. She was barefoot. Somehow, seeing she didn’t have any shoes on shocked me more than anything.

“Hi, Ms. Hayes,” I said.

“Oh, come on, call me Rebecca,” she said. “Come in.”

I walked into her house. It was pretty much like I’d have figured it would be; smallish, piles of books everywhere, little pieces of art, and a couple of cats running around. “Dinner’s about ready,” she said.

“Cool,” I said, putting my backpack in a chair.

“I’m just making spaghetti. I hope it’s OK,”

“It’s fine,” I say, watching her walk back into the kitchen.

“I can’t wait to read this story you’ve been telling me about,” Rebecca calls from the kitchen.

“I hope it’s good,” I say. I sit down at the table, not knowing quite what to do. Rebecca brings out a bowl of spaghetti and some bread. Then she gets a couple of glasses, and brings a bottle of wine in. “Wine?” I ask.

“It’s OK. You don’t have to have a glass if you don’t want one.”

“I want one, I’m just surprised that you’d offer it to me.”

“Nothing wrong with it,” says Rebecca, and she pours me a glass.

We eat dinner, and we start talking more like friends than a student and a teacher. She tells me things about the other teachers that I hadn’t heard before. “The problem with teachers is that they get burned out, and they start thinking it’s just another job. They lose the passion to do it.”

“You seem to have a lot of passion for it,” I say.

“I haven’t been doing it that long,” says Rebecca.

“Most other teachers wouldn’t go out of their way to do anything for a student that wasn’t actually in their classes,” I say.

“I hope I’m not like most other teachers,” she says, “and you’re not like most students, anyway.” We smile at each other. I wonder what happens next.

Later, we are sitting on her couch. I’m watching a movie, but more nervously Ataşehir Escort watching her read my story. I’m sitting on one end of the couch, she’s sitting on the other. She seems to enjoy the story. “It’s really good,” she says. “It captures that feeling of being in love for the first time well.”

“Thank you,” I say, trying to guess how close she is to the sex scene. When I hear her say “Oh, my,” I guess she’s there.

“What?” I ask.

“This scene is very erotic,” she says.

“The scene where…”

“Where Thomas and Samantha lose their virginity to each other. It’s really nice.”

“Oh, did I get it right?”

“Yeah. It captures that sort of awkwardness of first-time sex perfectly. That way that suddenly you realize you do know what you’re doing. It reminds me of my first time.”

“Yeah,” I say, not quite knowing what to say.

“Is it based on your first time?” she asks.

“Well…”I say, and I decide to just say it, “I’m still a virgin.”

“Oh,” says Rebecca. “I guess I just assumed that you and Rebecca…”

“She’s just a friend.”

“Oh, I see,” says Rebecca. “Well, don’t worry. You imagined it well.”

“Thank you,” I say.

She finishes the story, and says it’s my best yet. We put in a movie we both want to watch. She stretches out on the couch, her feet just shy of my leg. I become aware of how close she is. I have realized over the course of the evening how beautiful she is, and how much I’d love my first time to be with her. But, of course, that’s not going to happen. Is it?

I watch the movie, but I move my hand over. Soon, it is resting on her foot. She moves her foot up, and I start to rub it. “That feels good,” she says. “I can always use a good massage.”

“I like giving them,” I say, which is true; I give Rebecca back rubs a lot.

“Nice,” says Rebecca. Suddenly, she gets up on the couch, and sits, her legs folded under her, her back to me. I start giving her a shoulder rub, as best I can with her t-shirt still on. I rub the muscles of her shoulders, I let my hand go up the vertebrae in her neck. Her head lolls forward. “This feels so good…” she says.

I continue doing it to the point that I know that if something more than this doesn’t happen, I’ll have to run to the bathroom to take care of things. But then I feel Rebecca reach back and touch my leg. I turn my head to look at her. She looks at me and smiles. And then we kiss.

Rebecca turns around and we start kissing more. I put my hand on her side and pull her towards me. “Is this OK?” I ask her, between kisses.

“If it’s OK with you, it’s OK with me,” she says. And I know there’s no turning back now.

I get in a seated position on the couch. Rebecca straddles my lap. She pulls off my t-shirt. I have nothing on under it. She smiles, runs her hands over my chest, then bends down and swirls her tongue over my nipple. I’m surprised at how good that feels, and I touch her hair. She comes back up to kiss me, and she pulls off her own t-shirt. She has on a black bra under it. I kiss her and touch her breasts through the cups. I reach around and try to unclasp the bra. I fumble with the strap until she laughs and says “The clasp is in the front.” So I reach around to the front and unhook it. I slide my hands under the cups, and feel her breasts, and my hands go up to her nipples, which I brush lightly, and feel harden a little. She takes off the bra, and then I am looking at her breasts, and at her nipples, little dark points sticking out from the lighter, richer brown of the flesh. She smiles at me. I hold her close, my hands on her back.

“What are you thinking?” she asks me.

“I’m thinking about how I can’t believe this is happening,” I say, which is pretty well right.

“I can’t believe it either,” she says, smiling.

“Should we be doing this?” I ask. As I ask this, my finger lazily goes around her nipple.

“Why shouldn’t we?” she asks, and she unbuttons my jeans.

“Because you could get in trouble,” I say, and I unbutton her jeans in response.

“Oh, I’m not going to tell,” she says, unzipping my fly.

“Neither will I,” I say, unzipping her fly.

“We’ll just have to be careful, that’s all,” she says, and she reaches into my pants. I feel her hand brush my already hard cock through my underwear, and it gets even harder.

“Yeah,” I say, and I rest my hand on the crotch of her panties, feeling the swell of her pussy through the cloth. I start to rub gently.

“Now that we have this settled…” Rebecca says, and we start kissing again. And, now, it’s like the last questions are settled, and we know what will happen from here. I feel her hand go into my underwear and start stroking my cock. The feeling is indescribable, as her hand strokes me, rubs the most sensitive spots. Kadıköy Escort I slowly let my hand enter her panties, until, finally, I feel her pussy, warm, wet, beautiful. She moans a little as I start to rub her, and I moan back. We kiss and stroke each other. I hope that this doesn’t make me lose control too quickly, but the sensation of it all is incredible. She throws her head back and I kiss her neck, and down her shoulders, and down to her breast. I take her nipple in my mouth and start to lick and suck on it. “Yeah, baby, like that,” she moans, in a throaty voice, and that spurs me on that much more.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask her.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” she says.

She leads me by the hand to the bedroom. We start kissing again in there. She pushes me gently and I flop on the bed. She smiles and pulls off my jeans and underwear, leaving me lying naked on her bed. She takes off her jeans, leaving her in just little black panties. She climbs onto the bed and kisses me, and runs her fingers over my chest and belly, raking slightly. “You’re cute,” she says.

“You’re unbelievable,” I say to her.

“This is going to be incredible,” she says.

“I hope I’m OK,” I say.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what to do.”

I laugh a little. “I thought you were just going to help me with my writing.”

“Well, this will. You’ll certainly write better sex scenes from now on.” She smiles at me. “But, for now, just lay there and enjoy.” She kisses my chest, and then my belly. I look down as best I can to see what’s going on. She gets down on her knees by the side of the bed. But my eyes squeeze shut when I feel her kiss the head of my cock, and then I feel her tongue glide over the underside of it, and then I feel her take me in her mouth. It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt. She starts slow, then builds up speed. I feel her touching my chest. I start to moan. I feel myself getting too close, and she responds by slowing down. I open my eyes and look at her. Her eyes are locked on mine. She runs her tongue over the head of my cock. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I want this to go on forever, but I know it can’t.

Rebecca realizes this, and eventually she stops, and rises back to her feet. I sit up. I reach up and start slowly pulling down her panties. I look up at her and see her smiling at me. Her panties fall to the ground and she steps out of them. I admire her nude body, my eyes inevitably drifting between her legs. So there it is, I think. She’s shaved, so there is no pubic hair there. I look at it, at her pussy, at the two little folds of skin neatly tucked away. I touch it, lightly. It’s beautiful. She sits down on the bed next to me, and we kiss again. Then I lower her down onto her back. I kiss her and reach between her legs. Her pussy is so wet and silky…I let a finger slip inside, and I feel her pussy close around it. I feel up and I lightly rub her clit. She doesn’t say anything to me; she just reaches down and gently pushes my hand so that I’m rubbing less on it directly and more along its side, which she responds to by moaning, and raising her hips up off the bed to meet my hand. “Oh yeah, I like that,” she says.


“Oh yeah.”

“What do you want now?”

“Just do what you want. I’ll let you know if I want something else.”

I kiss her, then I start kissing down her body. I go slowly. “Yeah,” she says. “We’re not in a hurry.” I lick and suck her nipple again. I kiss down her belly, tug on the ring in her belly button lightly with my teeth, which she seems to like. As I kiss down her body, I let my fingers gently go over her body, down her thighs, over her sides, over her breasts. “You’re good at this,” she says.

“Really?” I ask.

“Uh-huh. I don’t think you need that much training.”

“Good,” I say. I kiss the inside of her thigh. “I might need some pointers on this next part, though.”

“Oh, you’ll get them,” she says. And, with that, I decide to stat. I just let my tongue gently glide over the lips of her pussy. She reaches down and spreads them for me. “There,” she says. I let my tongue trail down into the new open space. I start darting my tongue around. The taste is not what I expected; it’s even better. I’d thought that the taste and the smell would be the hardest thing to take, but I love them both. “Don’t go so fast,” I hear Rebecca say, so I make the strokes of my tongue, slower, longer, stronger than before. She responds to this by moaning “Yeah, there”, and soon she is lifting her hips up off the bed, and I have to follow her up, but I continue licking her, tasting her, as her moaning becomes louder, more insistent, and I hear her say things I never would have imagined hearing from her: “Oh, fuck, Jacob, I’m getting close, keep it up, suck my clit…” At that Ümraniye Escort last instruction, I slide my tongue up and run it over her clit, then I wrap my lips around it, and I slide two fingers into her pussy – “Oh, god, yes Jacob, don’t stop doing that…” and Rebecca is practically rubbing herself on my face, but I don’t stop…”Oh fuck I’m gonna cum”…and that only makes me move a little faster, more sure of herself, her thighs tremble, I see her body tense, my face is buried in her pussy, and I just hold on for dear life, still sucking her clit, fingers still in her…”fuck Jacob eat that pussy”…holding on to her ass, clit in and out of my mouth…”FUCK!”…She arches her back, pushes her pussy up into my face, hard, I feel her squirt a little stream of wetness over my hand, and splashing my face, and she lets herself crash back to the bed. I don’t need to ask her to tell what has just happened. I lick some of the juice up and then I climb onto the bed next to her. I put my arms around her and we kiss.

“You made me cum,” she says.

“That was the most intense experience of my life.”

“Good,” she says, kissing me again. She gives my cock a little stroking. “You know what we’re going to do now?”


“Good. I want us to be lovers, Jacob.”

“I want that too, Rebecca.”

“I’ll bring you into the world of sex. I want to make you the lover every woman wished they had.”

“I want to please you too, Rebecca.”

“Oh, you will. I don’t think you’ll need that much training.” She kisses me again. “Look in the drawer over there,” she says, pointing. I open it and find a large box of condoms. I see she has plans for me for this weekend. I take a condom out of the box, and take it out of the package. Rebecca keeps stroking my cock to keep it hard, but I don’t think it needs much help. I pull the condom out of the sleeve. I look at it for a second. “Do you need help putting it on?” Rebecca asks.

“No,” I say. “I think I have it.” I unroll it over my cock. She smiles. “Good job.”

“Thanks,” I say. Rebecca is lying on her back. I bend down and kiss her, then I position myself on top of her. We kiss again.

“I’m so glad I get to be your first,” Rebecca says. She strokes my cock gently, and wraps her arms around my neck.

“I hope I’m decent at this,” I say.

“Just keep eating my pussy like you did just now and I won’t complain,” she says. We kiss. I lower my hips. Rebecca puts her hand back on my cock. I move in closer. I kiss her again. She guides me, and then…

And then I feel this incredible warmth engulf me as my cock glides into her pussy. I move down slowly until I feel my hips meet hers, and I am fully inside her. She puts her arms around my shoulders, and I feel her legs wrap around my back. “Just take your time,” she says, and I start, moving my hips, and she lets her head fall back, and I kiss her neck. I continue going slowly, and I feel a real sense of unreality – I’m really having sex with her, I think. I am losing my virginity. “You’re doing good,” she says. I’m less sure of that; I’m a bit afraid that I’ll cum too soon, but I continue on, and soon I realize that, yes, I do know what I’m doing, and I start to move with a bit more surety, and I lean in and kiss her, urgent little kisses, and I listen to the sounds of what’s going on, her little throaty Mmm sound, the wet slapping of my cock plunging into her pussy over and over, and I feel her moving under me, with me, our bodies rocking together, and it builds in intensity, gets faster…”You feel so good inside me,” Rebecca says to me.

“I love this,” I tell her.

“Good,” she says. “You’re really good at it.”

“Really?” I give her a nice, long, deep stroke.

“Uh-huh.” She smiles wickedly. I start to say something else, but she kisses me, and the rest of the way, the only sounds we make are her moans and my groans in return, like a secret language of lovers. And the intensity builds, and I want it to last forever, but, too soon, I feel that familiar urging, and I wonder if I should stop, and I say to her “Oh God, Rebecca, I think I’m gonna cum…”

“Yes, baby, cum for me…” she says, and it’s good she does, because it’s too late to hold back, and I feel my whole body tense, then release, and I cry out, and it’s like falling, it’s like my whole body is seized, and Rebecca puts her arms around me, and I roll off her, spent, blissful. I just lie there for a little while, and we don’t really say anything.

She curls up on my side. “That was wonderful,” she says.

“Yes,” I say. What else can I say?

“I hope you can never say your first time was disappointing.”

“It wasn’t.” I turn around and face her. We kiss. “I’m sorry we couldn’t do more.”

She smiles. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I mean, we just stayed in missionary position. I want to try other things.”

She smiles, and kisses me again. “We have time. And tonight won’t be our only time, after all.”

I kiss her and hold her close to me, loving the feeling of her nude body next to mine. Of course it won’t be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32