The Ultimate Punishment Ch. 03

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Austin’s words would have given me an orgasm right then and there with the exception of the pain he was inflicting upon my bare bottom.

The hot images he was affording me, coupled with the stinging sensations of his hand, had me torn between the two worlds of pleasure and pain.

The enema was nearly half empty now, and was growing more then just a bit uncomfortable. Being bent over like I was, his knee was pressing into my stomach and it was causing me to feel full allot faster. The warm water that was now deep inside of me was beginning to make me cramp up and I couldn’t help but whimper and wiggle.

Austin didn’t miss a beat, he knew what I was feeling, and I think he was enjoying it. His hand continued to land on each of my cheeks in turn, and every so often he would ‘accidentally’ bump the nozzle that was buried in my ass so that it went a bit deeper inside me.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned when I felt him push it in a bit deeper.

Austin paused a moment in my spanking to reach up and squeeze the enema bag, and sent a large amount of water rushing into my bowels.

“Ahhhh, nooo.”

The water increasing the discomfort, and swelling my belly even more against his knee.

“Yes, Tabitha, that’s it. Have to make sure your ass is nice and clean for my cock. This is what you wanted remember? You came here to me, and you asked to be given this enema. Otherwise you would have to tell your daddy. Now, just be a good girl and take what’s coming to you. Its almost over, soon you will be getting the fucking you so desperately deserve.”

I could barely answer him at this point, the cramping in my stomach beginning to get unbearable. Not to mention that Austin had resumed my spanking.

I couldn’t believe it, but I felt my pussy getting wet. It was crazy. Here I was bent over Austin’s knee, with an enema nozzle sticking out of my ass, receiving a very hard spanking, and my pussy was betraying me by beginning to overflow with juices.

Austin must have noticed this as well, because I heard a soft chuckle as his one finger slipped inside me.

“Ah, yes Tabitha, I see you are enjoying this aren’t you. You’re so wet. I’m going to love fucking you. I love my women hot and wet.”

I wiggled again on his lap, and he rewarded me with a solid swat to both of my cheeks. It was at this point that the enema bag ran out and I heard Austin’s voice….

“Now young lady, I am going to remove the nozzle from your bottom. I Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort expect you to feel uncomfortable, and there will be cramping. You will want to run to the bathroom, but you will not. This is part of your punishment. You will be allowed to stand up, but you will not move, and you will hold your water do you understand?”

I nodded quickly. Surley it would be better in a standing position then with Austin’s knee pressing into me.

“Reach around and hold your cheeks open while I pull the nozzle out Tabitha. I want to watch and make sure that you don’t loose any of the water.”

I did as I was told. Reached around and pulled open my cheeks so that he had a clear view of my ass with the nozzle stuck in it.

Austin moaned low, and I felt him pull the nozzle of out of my ass very quickly and rough. I heard a suction sound as it left me, and then I felt a stream of water flow out before I could do anything to stop it.

I knew immediately that I had done wrong. Austin reached back and landed several stinging spanks to my ass immediately.

“Damn it Tabitha, you nasty little girl. How dare you disobey me, I told you to ~hold~ your water!”

I began to tear up from the sheer frustration. There was nothing I could have done to stop that and he knew it.

“I’m going to give you a break Tabitha. I know this is your first enema, and it’s a new experience for you, so I am going to help you out.”

Austin reached down to the floor and a moment later I felt something being pushing into my anus.

“This is a plug Tabitha, much like the toys your daddy and I use on your pussy, but it is meant for your ass. It will help you to keep the water inside. You will still have to control yourself, it will not prevent it all from leaking out of you. It will merely help remind you.”

The next moment I felt him pushing me up gently off his knee and into a standing position. The plug was not uncomfortable, but it was a bit awkward, and certainly made me feel quite full standing there. The water had now rushed down further to my belly since I was in a standing position and gravity was beginning to have its way with me.

“Please sir….I really have to go.”

“You may not.” Austin replied while simply staring at me.

I began to wiggle around a bit now. I tried to reach back to hold my cheeks together, but my bottom was so red and sore from my spanking that the moment I touched myself Ataşehir Çıtır Escort I let out a squeal.

Austin simply chuckled.

“You know that you were a bad girl Tabitha. I have no idea what drove you to come to me in the middle of the night like this, but you know you came here looking for something you shouldn’t have. You know your daddy would be very disappointed if he knew. You girls are not permitted to fuck anyone else without his permission and you know that. So now you must suffer the consequences.”

I really had to go now, and I was bouncing around trying desperately to keep my water in. My stomach was cramping more now, and I felt like I had to get to the toilet soon before I made a mess all over the floor.

“Please…oh please sir….let me go.”

“Come here Tabitha.”

Austin motioned me to stand in front of him, which I did, hoping that if I did as I was asked, my relief would come quicker.

“Spread your legs for me.”

I paused, if I spread my legs it would cause me to loosen up and I would loose my water.

“Tabitha, I said spread your legs for me, and you better hold that water”

Austin’s voice was a bit firmer now. I knew I had little choice. I did as he said and spread my legs as far as I could safely manage it, which wasn’t very far at all.

Austin’s hand went up to my pussy and began to rub it. I could see his erection growing. His cock was getting very stiff now.

“Mmmmm Tabitha, such a beautiful pussy you have.”

He continued to rub and play with my clit as he talked, causing me to want to open my legs more to give him full access.

Without a word Austin leaned his head down and began to lick my clit. Very lightly at first. It caused a deep shuddering moan from my lips. He ran his tongue up and down, back and forth in circular motions until I was almost pleading with him for more.

“Yes, that’s it Tabitha, spread those legs a bit wider for me, I want to push my tongue deep in you. Mmmm yes, you can do it, you can open your legs and hold your water at the same time. That’s it, let me taste you.”

I opened my legs just a bit further, hoping beyond hope that I didn’t loose any water. For all the pleasure he was giving me, I knew that if I let that water go, it would all be over, and I would be sent back to explain this to daddy.

Austin didn’t disappoint. His tongue played with my clit a bit more, and then went directly Ataşehir Elit Escort inside my soaking wet pussy. I almost had an orgasm then and there. Not to mention that his hands were now on either side of my thighs, holding them open while he enjoyed his snack.

“Oooohhhhhh, yessss,” I moaned. I actually slid my hips further up so that he could get more access. However the whole time, I couldn’t let myself go to far, the plug in my ass constantly reminded me of my situation. Not to mention the cramps that continued to come. I couldn’t decide which was more intense, the pleasure of Austin’s tongue, or the pain of the water in my ass.

It seemed like long moments passed before Austin finally raised his head from between my legs. His lips were wet from my juices, and one glance down at his cock told me he was ready for a bit more.

“Turn around and bend over Tabitha.” His voice was low, husky, and sounding very needy.

I did as I was told, presenting him with the clear view of my well-spanked bottom, and when I bent over, a clear view of the plug that was stuffed deep in my ass.

Without a word Austin pulled me back towards him, and sat me firmly on his lap.

His hard cock impaled itself up my wet pussy in one stroke.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

I was shocked, but it felt so good.

Austin begin to lift me up and down, bouncing me on his cock just as he had said he was going to.

“Yeah Tabitha….so fucking tight. Hold that water you little slut. I’m going to fuck your pussy like its never been fucked, and your going to hold that water in your ass while I do.”

I began to moan low, I didn’t know how much of this I could take, I felt so full. The water in my ass was sloshing around as Austin’s huge cock pierced my pussy over and over. I had never felt so much pleasure in discomfort before. He was really giving it to me hard, slamming my tiny frame up and down on his rock solid meat. I knew I had to keep that water in.

“Ahhh, ohhhh..yes…mmmm sir…I need to….ahhhh…ohhhhh please sir….mmmmm.”

Austin only rammed me harder at my plea, and started talking to me in the way he knows turns me on.

“Your’ such the slut Tabitha, you know you deserve this, I’m going to fuck your pussy good and hard until I cum, and not until then will you be able to empty yourself. Ohhhhhh yes little girl, you wanted Austin’s cock, and now your getting it. C’mon baby, bounce on my dick, that’s it…ahhhh yes, ride it Tabitha, make me cum. I want to shoot my load all the way up your tight pussy. Yessssss baby, that’s it, make your Austin cum. Ohh yea..up and down, harder slut, yes harder. Mmmm yes, that’s right, fuck this cock good, because until I cum, your not going anywhere…”

(To be continued)

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