Undercover Alphas (or so we hoped)

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Air Hostess

Mind wiping. It changed the spy business forever. CIA. FBI. KGB. Whatever. Once the technology was in place, anyone could be a spy.

High school dropout. Homeless guy on the street. Hell, even your damn grandma.

Just as long as you could put yourself in the right place at the right time. Get the intel and get the hell outta there.

Later, they’d just wipe out specific parts of your memory, flush whatever you’d learned out of your brain. Gone were the days where spies were assassinated for knowing too much. At the end of the job, no one knew anything except for those who needed to know.

Of course, this changed police work too. Undercover jobs were pretty much all freelanced out to civilians who would get the intel for a competitive price, then forget everything.

And that’s how I found myself at Cisco’s Bath Parlor. I was replacing a guy whose identity had been compromised. Apparently, there was a pretty big drug ring going on here behind the scenes, and it was my job to get names and fast before the operation relocated.

Jack met me out in the parking lot a little after the place opened up. The guy looked nervous, shaken up as he climbed into the passenger side seat of my car. He wore plain street clothes, just like me. For several minutes, we just sat there as I let him smoke and collect himself.

“I can’t wait for that wipe,” he said, sucking back on his cigarette as fast as he could.

“Pretty bad in there?” I asked. I was getting paid somewhere between three to five grand for this job, depending on how much I managed to find out. But this guy was starting to make me rethink the whole thing.

Jack gave me a nervous smile. “Not bad. Just different. It’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about yourself.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“They got to me,” Jack said. “Look, you’ve got to stay alpha in there. No matter what happens. Stay alpha.”

“What does that mean?”

Jack flicked his ashes out my window before answering.

“They’ll try to turn you, but the answers are in the betas, okay? You can get everything you need out of a beta just by flashing your dick around. But the moment you turn beta yourself, it’s game over man. They’ve got you.”

“I’m really not following you,” I said. “Alpha? Beta? What is this shit?!”

“And for godsake!” Jack said, ignoring my questions. “Avoid Aria, avoid her like the plague! Once she’s got her meat-hooks in you, you’ll never get out of there.”

“What the hell are you talking about, man?!” I yelled at the guy. “I’m not following anything you’re saying!”

“But don’t worry,” Jack continued. “I’m gonna try and set you up, set you up real nice. Nobody will doubt you’re an alpha once I get through with you. I’ll have the betas begging for a piece of you, just you watch.”

“Wait, are we talking about sex?” I was starting to get a hint of what he was trying to say.

That blew Jack’s lid. “It’s a fucking bath house! Yes, I’m talking about goddamned sex! What the hell’d you think went on in a place like this?!”

“I didn’t agree to sex,” I said.

Jack was shaking his head. “That’s what the wipe’s for man! Do whatever you’ve gotta do in there, get the intel, and then poof! They’ll make you straight as an arrow again, I swear.”

“What the hell happened to you?” I asked again. “What’d they do to you in there?”

Jack shot me a guilty smirk. “I went beta. Damn alphas strung me up and made me service them for hours. I just kept thinking if I did a good enough job, maybe they’d give me some names, some Intel. But they fuck with your head, make you think you’re getting somewhere…… it’s all a damn game, man. You’ve got to stay alpha. No matter what happens, stay mother-fucking alpha.”

“Stay alpha,” I repeated. “Got it.” It wasn’t like I had any desire to go gay anyway. But if I was gonna go gay, you can bet your ass I’d be the one on top, not the other way around.

“Alright,” Jack said. “We’ve got to get you in there then. Now, I’ll go in first. You come in five minutes later. No sooner, no later. Don’t worry, I’ll be watching for you. I’m gonna set you up with the betas. They’re gonna go crazy for you.”

I let Jack leave, eyed the time on my car stereo, and wondered what the hell kind of hornet’s nest I’d gotten myself into.

Four minutes passed and my blood was like ice, I was so nervous.

Five minutes. Time to go.

The large lit-up sign for Cisco’s Bath Parlor splattered the night with splotches of neon green and pink light that in turn drizzled down into the puddles and rocks that formed the parking lot of the sleazy joint.

This place oozed its siren call, beckoning the desperate, the weak, the lowest of the low. And they came in droves.

Several smaller signs advertised adult videos, private booths, and, of course, the infamous bath house. This was basically an auditorium-sized jacuzzi/nightclub where you could drink your drinks, relax in the steamy, hot waters, and maybe even get lucky.

All of this was legal. All consentual. I was just here to Bayan Eskort find out about the drugs. Who was dealing what, where and when? The cops wanted a time and date they could run a bust, and they wanted names.

The doors of the place were almost constantly in motion with people coming and going, so it was easy for me to lose myself in the rush.

Once inside, I found myself on a dimly lit sales floor with shelves of adult dvd’s and toys and lubes everywhere. People were milling about casually, so I had a chance to look around for Jack.

To my surprise, there were very few women in this place, at least in this part of the club. The few that I did see were all firmly attached by the arm to their men. Couples looking to spice up the bedroom.

I perused the dvd’s. They all had colorful titles like Explosive Ass Busters Volume 4 and Granny Gushers

6. Nice.

Jack popped out of nowhere suddenly.

“Walk around!” he whispered.

“Huh?” I said.

“There’s betas everywhere! Walk around! Advertise yourself!”

“I don’t know how to advertise myself!” I whisper-yelled back.

Jack rolled his eyes impatiently. “Okay, okay. Look, just do like two or three laps around the place, then go buy a booth. I’ll meet you inside once you’re in. I’ll try and advertise for you, but you’re gonna have to really play it up in the booth, make it believable. We have to draw in the betas!”

He practically shoved me away from the dvd rack, and I began to make my way around the store lobby, pretending to eye the various sex products.

Immediately, I felt eyes on me. I didn’t know what the bro code was for advertising you were an alpha, but several guys watched me carefully as I walked around while digging at their crotches. I wasn’t particularly attracted to any of them. I mean, it wasn’t like I was gay, but suddenly I felt like a piece of meat on a hook dangling in a very hungry sea.

Two laps. Then three, just because I was so nervous.

I approached the counter. One of the few actual girls in the place was working the register. Liz was on her name tag. She was a Hispanic girl, young and curvy.

“Can I get a booth, please?” I asked.

“Sure, it’s $50 for a beta room,” she said.

“Beta?” I repeated dumbly. “How much for an alpha room?”

Liz shot me a funny little smirk. “Trust me, you want a beta room.”

Shit! She didn’t think I was alpha material…..

I cleared my throat. “How much for a damn alpha room?” I said again, mustering up my inner asshole. She didn’t look convinced, so I threw in a, “bitch?”

Liz choked a laugh down. “Alright, tough guy,” she said. “Alpha room it is. $100 an hour.”

I paid her, and she printed me a ticket and pointed me toward a back hallway where several rooms were curtained off for privacy.

I wandered back that way, trying to find a vacant one. There was no ignoring the sounds of sucking, of balls slapping, the moans and groans and grunts of people fucking.

Suddenly, a tall, athletic black guy stepped out from one of the booths and grazed my arm with his hand.

“You beta?” he asked, motioning for me to come in with him.

I shook my head a little too quickly, and moved on, hoping he wouldn’t pursue me. He didn’t, but he continued to stand in the doorway of the booth, looking for someone to come along and get with him.

Shit! Shit! Shit! I thought, as I went. This was okay…. I’d just get in a booth and wait and get my dick sucked and that’d be it. I’d be in. And I could start interrogating these guys.

Stay alpha. Stay alpha. Stay alpha.

I found an empty booth finally and pressed inside. There was barely standing room because the area had a second curtain divider in the room separating the alpha and beta sections.

I stood there and waited for several minutes. The curtain had a somewhat large hole in its midsection. Obviously for doing the deed.

Should I drop my drawers now, or wait for someone to come along?

I decided to wait.

It didn’t take long.

A hand reached through the hole in the curtain and beckoned me with one finger to step closer. It almost definitely wasn’t Jack.

Well. This was it. My first beta. I had to prove I was an alpha!

I dropped my pants and underwear.

Shit! I’d forgotten to get hard. Should I stroke it?

Before I could even think, the two hands reached forward and began massaging my cock and balls, squeezing me in all the right places.

Fuck! I was hard as a rock in just seconds!

The hands pulled me forward, and I stepped right up to the hole. Suddenly, a hot, wet mouth slid over my shaft. A tongue tasting its way up and down my meat.

Holy FUCK! Was this the job? Was this the fucking job?! Sign me the hell up!!!

The mouth pushed deeper on my shaft, and I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure. A hand cradled and squeezed at my balls while the lips continued to masturbate my cock.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk!” I moaned.

“Don’t come yet,” a voice said from across the curtain. “We’ve got to prove Anadolu Yakası Escort you’re an alpha.”

“Fucking Jack?!” I could have sworn it was a girl working me over. “Alright” I said. “I’ll try, but you’ve got to slow it down, man!”

Jack took my cue and switched to his hands, proceeding to jerk me at a much slower pace.

That was better. For a few minutes.

And then, I guess the guy couldn’t resist because his lips returned to my tip, his tongue working magic circles on the head of my penis.

“Shit man!” I cried out. “You’re going to blow our cover!”

Next thing I knew, Jack was deepthroating my cock, really gagging himself on my meat.

Except, that wasn’t Jack! The choking sounds were distinctly female, and the sounds of her, the feel of her lips gliding up and down on my shaft was nearly enough to send me over the edge!

Suddenly, the black athletic guy from the other room stepped into my booth with Jack in tow and a look on his face that said I was definitely about to get my ass kicked.

“Are you with this guy?!” he asked.

Jack shook his head vigorously, motioning for me to do the same.

I followed suit, but whoever it was on the other side of the curtain knew what they were doing and began to suck and jerk me at the same time, using their tongue again to work magic circles on my penis tip.

“Fuck!” I cried out, trying not to cum. “I don’t even know this guy, I swear!”

“So, you’re just gonna walk up in here and be an alpha, then? Is that what you think?” He began to shake Jack vigorously, then pushed him down to his knees until he was eye level with his crotch.

“I’ll find out everything I need to know from this beta here,” the black guy said, then whipped his dick out, waving it in front of Jack’s face.

Jack was instantly mesmerized, watching the big black dick bounce off of his cheeks, his nose, and finally his lips.

The black guy pulled him in close so Jack’s nose and mouth were pressed to his balls, the bigger guy’s sack easily covering his face.

“Tell me what I want to know,” the bigger guy said. “Are you and this newb working together?”

Jack had begun to kiss and lick the balls of the black guy, but he was giving no answers. So, the bigger guy stepped back and put the tip of his dick to Jack’s lips, but held him by his hair so he couldn’t put his mouth around him.

Jack still wasn’t answering, so the bigger guy sunk his shaft down Jack’s throat, began humping his dick in and out of his mouth.

I kinda felt bad for the guy, but Jack seemed to be enjoying himself. And all the while, I was getting the most amazing blowjob of my life. So good, in fact, that I couldn’t hold out any longer.

Suddenly, I was following the black guy’s suit, humping and pumping my hips into whoever’s mouth lay behind that curtain. There was a choking and gagging sound as I emptied my load without warning, and then it was over.

I pulled up my drawers, zipped up my pants.

The black guy was still going to town on Jack’s mouth, but looked like he could go for hours.

“You’re no alpha,” a female voice came from across the curtain. “Your dick’s too small, and you cum to fast. You’re a beta like Jack.”

Jack was doing all the work on the black guy now, worshipping his meat with his mouth.

“What do you want me to do with him?” the bigger guy said, motioning toward me.

There was a pause from behind the curtain, then, “He may be a beta, but is he a spy? We’ll have to find out. Take Jack with you. Make him talk. I’ll deal with this new guy personally.”

The black guy laughed at that. “Personally, Aria?”

She giggled in return. “Once he gets a taste of dick, it’ll be downhill from there. It always is.”

The black guy hauled Jack off down the hall, and it was just me and the girl behind the curtain. Aria. Jack had warned me about her.

She stepped out from behind the curtain, and my mouth popped open. It was that Liz girl from up front! She was a Hispanic girl with short, dark hair, a cruel smile, and a black leash in her hand.

“I told you to pick a beta room,” she said. “Now we’ve got to do this the hard way…..”

“But, I’m an alpha!” I cried out suddenly. “I’m an alpha dammit! I swear I am!”

“Sure baby,” she said, and then she leaned in close and strapped the leash around my neck. “Let’s head over to the jacuzzi, shall we?”

The next thing I knew, she was leading me down a dark corridor, pulling me along behind her with the leash. I stumbled after her, not sure if I should try and make a scene and get away.

Groups of people were passing us by, several of them looking at my predicament and snickering as Aria/Liz led me on.

Up ahead, I could hear loud music. I could make out flashing lights. And voices. Lots of voices. Yelling. Cheering. And a low rumble of moans and groans.

Aria pulled me in close, put her mouth right up to my ear, and whispered, “You’re gonna love this place, beta boy.”

My mind was racing. I could do this! I could still Pendik Escort do this! I’d just play along. Convince them I wasn’t a spy. Worm my way into their inner circle, and get the intel. I could do this!

The Hispanic girl led me into the dark but loud auditorium, pulled me into a far corner, and began to strip off my clothes.

She left hers on, and I shot her a questioning look to which she laughed.

“Betas are the only ones who start off naked!” she yelled to be heard over the music. “It’s how we tell you apart!”

Aria pulled me from the corner by the leash, and I struggled to cover my crotch area with my hands as she led me to the jacuzzi edge.

People weren’t much paying attention though. Most of them were enjoying their drinks, talking amongst themselves. Deeper in the pool, many people were busy fucking or getting fucked.

She led me to an area where a line of girls were standing about waist deep in the water, each of them naked and going to town on a guy’s dick.

A few of them glanced my way as Aria led me up next to them.

“Got one that needs conditioning,” she said, and there were several flirty smirks in response.

“Alpha!” a blonde called out, and a big white guy in swimming trunks made his way over to us.

The guy stood perfectly in line with the other guys getting their dicks sucked and looked down at me and Aria expectantly.

Aria turned to me, leaned in close, and said, “This is Brad, and he’s got a huge dick. Are you ready, baby?”

“I’m no beta,” I said.

But already, my eyes were glued to the other girls who seemed to be competing to see who could make their guy cum the fastest. They were grabbing the guys’ balls by the handful, and slurping up and down on their meat, giving them wide, fuck-me eyes as they did.

Aria pulled my face to hers, and suddenly she was kissing me. Her tongue found mine, and I gave in to her. She grew more passionate, more fierce, and then, suddenly there was a dick pressing at our faces.

I pulled away from her, shocked to see she had Brad’s dick out and was stroking it right up next to our mouths.

“Hey, I don’t suck dick…..” I said.

But then, her mouth was on mine again. And this time, she reached down and stroked my dick, got me all rock hard as she continued to work her tongue around my mouth.

I groaned against her, and then she pulled me in close to Brad’s dick, placed his shaft lengthwise, right up against my cheek, and began rubbing the head of his penis dangerously close to my lips.

I shook my head away. “I’m not gay!” I spat at her.

Aria put on her best pouty face and said, “Awww, don’t you wanna win the blowjob contest with me?”

I shook my head vigorously, and she gave a loud laugh.

“I think our beta here needs a little party game to get him going!” she said, motioning to the other girls.

There was a squeal of delight, and they started looking around for something.

“Here we go!” a brunette yelled, and suddenly a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold were being pushed into Aria’s hands.

The Hispanic girl cuffed me a little too easily, and then she threw the blindfold over my eyes.

Shit! I couldn’t see anything!

“Alright!” Aria said. “The way this game works is you have to put it in our beta’s mouth, and if he guesses it, he wins. But if he guesses wrong, he’s gotta suck it for thirty seconds. Ready girls?”

There was a cheer, and then several hands were on me, spinning me around for no good reason until I was so dizzy, I could barely stand.

And then, someone stuck something in my mouth. Toes. It was definitely toes.

“Toes!” I yelled, and the foot withdrew from my mouth.

More spinning, and then someone came right up to me, began dragging something warm and wet over my lips, then pushed it into my mouth. Their breath betrayed them.

“A tongue!” I yelled. More cheers, followed by spinning.

There was a slight musky smell, then something very wet pressed right up to my face, compressing on my lips.

What the hell was it? I reached out with my tongue, and there was a girlish moan in response as I tasted her, felt her up with my mouth.

“It’s pussy!” I yelled. This resulted in a volley of laughter. Then, more spinning.

This time, someone pressed their ass right up to my mouth, buried my face in their cheeks.

“Ass! Someone’s ass!” I yelled.

“Very good,” Aria whispered in my ear. “But let’s see if you can get this next one right.”

They spun me around again, and this time, when I went still, someone stood right over me. Slowly, something hairy and soft pressed up against my lips.

It wasn’t pussy. It was too soft to be a dick. Too hairy to be a tit.

I had no idea……

“Is it a dick?” I asked. This resulted in a wave of laughter.

“Wrong, wrong, wrong, beta boy!” Aria sang in my ear. “That was Brad’s balls, and now you owe him thirty seconds of sucking.

“Shit!” I cursed out loud. “Shit! Let me try again!”

“Oh no no!” the other girls sang out. ” A deal’s a deal!”

And then, two of them on each of my arms began working me back toward the jacuzzi edge.

They pulled me up, out of the water, and onto a pool recliner.

“This is so Brad will have plenty of access to your mouth, beta boy,” Aria whispered in my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32