Visiting Cousin Ch. 02

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With my parents gone for the next two weeks, me and Veronica were living it up at my empty house. Laying on my bed, Veronica was on top of me, straddling my dick and riding me like a cowgirl. My dick was pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. There was a wet smacking sound, but that was soon drowned out by her screams.

“Oh yes, give me that dick!” she screamed. “Harder, Harder!”

I rocked in and out of her with all my force until she came in one long drawn out moan. She collapsed on top of me as my cock spewed its contents into her belly. The pleasure was overwhelming and I moaned out loud. We stayed in that position for a while until she climbed off me and rolled to the side.

“So handsome,” she said, “What do you have in my for this weekend?”

“I think we should just sleep in,” I said, motioning to my dick, which had just now started to soften.

“No let’s go out. Pretend we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. It’ll be really fun.”

“Well we could go to the park. Everybody’s there during the summer…” I said until she interrupted.

“Great! Let’s go this afternoon! But first we need to talk about something,” she said.

“What?” I asked, not knowing what she meant.

“That hair problem you have,” she said with a concerned look.

I assumed she meant my two day beard. I only shaved about once every two days, so I had a little peach fuzz sometimes, but nothing more than that.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” I said while rubbing my chin. “I’ll shave everyday if you want.”

She smiled and shook her head. “I’m not talking about your face. I meant the hair down there.”

Hearing those words made me look at my dick. I had never shaved my crotch. Not once. Some of the hairs were nearly two inches long, and the whole package looked like a wild bush, but I didn’t have a problem with that. I still didn’t reply to her.

“If we’re going to keep doing this, the hair has got to go,” she said.

“What’s wrong with my ball hair?” I asked, needing to know.

“Oh nothing, if you like gagging on a pubic hair when giving a blowjob,” she replied.

“Well why didn’t you say anything when you saw it the first time?” I asked.

“Cause I was horny. Look Jack, if you really like me, you’ll do it. Most guys never go back once they remove it. Plus, if you want the BJs to continue, the hair has got to go,” she warned.

That got Taksim Escort my attention real quick. I thought hard about this one. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try hairless for a while. I also could not give up those killer blowjobs. I let her convince me to do it. She even agreed to help me with it.

“Great,” she said. “You go wash up and come get me when you’re ready,” she said and skipped out the room. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I looked at the mass of hair surrounding my cock. I guess it was kind of gross having a mouth full of hair when you’re blowing somebody, but it made me look like a man. But it has been a while since I’ve seen my dick hairless, so I was kind of curious. I grabbed the shaving cream, a razor, and a towel. I brought it to the couch. I covered the seat with the towel and called Veronica. When she came in she had something in her hand too. It was a small box, but it wasn’t labeled.

“I’m ready when you are,” I said while holding up the razor.

She looked at it for a moment, smiled and then started laughing. I had no idea what for.

“No, no, no,” she said, still smiling. “I’m not talking about shaving.”

She set the box down and opened it. When I saw the white strips and the bottle of wax, I knew exactly what she meant.

“Oh no, you can’t seriously be thinking about waxing my balls,” I said.

“Jack, if you shave, you’ll have a stubble within a few hours. You know what that’s like? To me, that’s like having sex with broken glass,” she replied. The way she said that made me smile.

“Won’t it hurt?” I asked while clutching my balls.

“A little,” she said. “But it’s worth it. No stubble, plus your skin will be silky smooth for weeks.”

I decided to go through with it. I trusted her enough, plus I really wanted us to keep having sex, so I best not fight with her. I let her do all the work since I didn’t know the first thing about waxing. First she set the wax bottle in this machine she had plugged up. Then she set up this device with a roller on the end of it. I sat on the towel just as the machine’s green light came on. She attached the roller to the bottle and positioned herself between my legs.

“OK, this might burn a little, but it won’t be much,” she said. I braced myself as she rolled it across the patch of hair above my dick. I felt hot wax being Ümraniye Escort spread across my upper groin. I clenched my teeth, trying not to scream out and look like a pussy, but the shit was HOT! When she finished the area, it had cooled a little and was manageable at least. Veronica put one of the white strips over the waxed skin and pressed it down evenly. When she finished, she looked at me.

“Get ready baby, this may hurt a little,” she said.

“Go ahead babe, nothing I can’t handle,” I said with confidence. Really, how much could it hurt? She grabbed the end of the strip and pulled it off it one fast, split second motion.

My scream could be heard all the way across the neighborhood. It scared Veronica so much she fell on her back. It felt like she grabbed a chunk of skin and ripped it off with her fingernails! There was even a ripping sound to go with it! She got up and screamed at me.

“Jesus Jack! Are you trying to deafen me?” she yelled. When I could finally open my eyes and let go of the pillow, I tried to respond.

“You said it would hurt a little. What the hell was that?” I asked.

Her expression changed immediately. She came to me and consoled me. She kissed my cheek.

“I’m sorry honey. It hurts a lot since it’s your first time. When I do it, I don’t even feel it anymore. Trust me, the next one won’t be so bad. Can I continue?” she asked sweetly.

I couldn’t say no to her so I nodded. She applied the wax to the area left of the last one. I didn’t hurt so much this time, and I managed to avoid screaming. She finished the area surrounding my dick with six more strips. Now was the hard part.

“OK,” she said, “I need you to keep your scrotum tight. The skin here is really loose. It could hurt a lot if you don’t.”

I grabbed the top portion and let her wax up the boys. She laid out the strip and gave me a ready look. I nodded and braced myself. She ripped it off with fast swipe and I was in agony. I screamed a little even though it hurt more than the first one.

“You okay honey?”

“Yeah,” I said through clenched teeth. “Keep going.”

She waxed under my balls and around my asshole, which for some reason didn’t hurt as much. All that was left now was my dick.

“Now for this,” she said, “We should be able to get it all in four strips. You need to stretch your penis out as far as possible and hold the skin tight. I’ll rip it out as fast as I can.” It sounded simple, but stretching my dick out was really uncomfortable. She did the sides without much problem, but when she pulled the top, it felt like she was going to rip my dick out. I tried to stay quiet as she finished off any remaining areas.

“All done!” she cheered. I looked down at my hairless dick. The skin around it was an angry red. It looked so strange without any hair. Veronica kissed me on the lips.

“Go shower and clean up,” she said. “We’ll see how much better the sex is afterward.”

She smiled and left. I went to the shower and washed up. It felt so different. The skin around my dick was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My ball sack felt like rubber almost. I got out of the shower and checked it out in the mirror. The redness was gone, so now I saw it in it’s glory. It made me look so much younger, almost like a little boy. I had to know what it felt like. I raced across the house to the other bathroom. Veronica was washing her hair in the shower. I jumped in with her and surprised her. She smiled again at me.

“So you like it?” she said.

“Yes I do. But do you?” I asked slyly.

“Well why don’t I give it a taste and see?” she replied as she dropped to her knees. I leaned against the wall as she grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. I threw my head back from the sensation. The feeling of her lips on my dick with no hair in the way was out of this world. She dragged her tongue up the shaft and flicked it against the head several times. Then she took my smooth balls in her mouth and rolled them around. They slid out and she concentrated on the head, using her lips to massage the tip. She did a new technique where she held the tip between her lips and rotated her head, keeping my dick stationary. The feeling of her lips going around my tip was unbelievable. I put her on the tub floor and climbed on top of her. I inserted my hairless dick into her snatch. Its unbelievable how much of a difference hair makes. There was no comparison here! It was just skin on skin for now. Water splashed on top of us as we fucked mercilessly. I pumped my cock in and out of her like a piston. I wasn’t going to last long so I grabbed her tits to send me over the edge. With a wave of pleasure I had never felt before, I planted my seed inside her womb with a ferocious drive. When the last of my cum was deposited, we got up and dried off. She spoke up first.

“It was so much better this way,” she said with another smile.

“You bet honey,” I said as I dried off her tits.

“Let’s get ready to go out,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32