We Were Just Teenagers Scenario 02

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All characters in this story, unless otherwise stated, are over eighteen years old. Thanks to Sexi sub for a great job editing this story.


Every summer my parents would drag my sister and I up for a month to our house on the lake. They were both teachers, so they had their summers off. When we were young, it was a perfect summer vacation, but as we grew older it became less so.

By the time we reached high school we noticed that our lake friends were coming less and less. Or they wouldn’t come at all. Until finally, my sister and I were the only kids our age on the lake.

What was once a paradise for us became a prison. The house had no cable TV, no Internet, and no cell phone service. Even the landline phone didn’t have unlimited long distance, so our parents limited its use too.

My parents, of course, loved it for those same reasons that we hated it. It was totally isolated and peaceful. My sister and I were in hell.

Also, it wasn’t for just a week or two, but for the whole month of July. If not for September, and prepping for the fall semester, they would have stayed through August too.

A funny thing happened between my sister and I that last summer, we became very close. We used to fight like cats and dogs, but that July we became friends.

Maybe it was because we were getting older and more mature, or maybe it was the fact that we only had each other for company. Either way, despite ourselves, a bond grew between us.

My sister Trish is a tall beauty with long golden blond hair and green eyes. She had the athletic body of a cheerleader and the smarts of a math club geek. I loved her very much and would do anything for her.

That tended to cause some problems for my psyche. It was hard enough to have a beautiful sister back on Long Island where there were thousands of pretty girls. It was sheer torture when she was the only girl my age in a bikini for hundreds of miles.

It might have been different if she was short, fat and ugly instead of being the most beautiful girl I knew. It also didn’t help that she was entertaining as hell, and a good friend. She haunted my dreams at night.

I tried to make the best of it. I told myself that I was some sort of pervert and I needed to control my urges. Then my sister would walk through the house in her gold toned, halter-top bikini and I would get an immediate erection.

It wasn’t even that revealing of a swimsuit. It was an elegant suit on an elegant girl, and I was an oversexed teenage boy who was in trouble.

Now the house on the lake was very rustic. There were only two bedrooms and one bath. The living room pull out couch was my bedroom. Which was fine when I was ten, but as I got older, and developed “needs” it proved to be less adequate.

Jerking off, every teenage boys release, was fraught with peril. I had no privacy and very little opportunity. Even at night I had either my parents or my sister walking past me to go to the can.

What made things even worse was that one boring summer afternoon I was rummaging through a derelict garage when I found a stack of 1970″s Playboys. The girls sure had a lot of hair back then.

Now, to my frustration, I had something else besides my sister’s gold bikini to fuel my lust. Things went from bad to worse.

My only escape was an old rowboat that my parents owned. It was aluminum with an electric motor, powered by a car battery. My parents bought it years ago so that my dad and I could go fishing, but neither my dad nor I ever took a liking to fishing. So it was used just for pleasure cruises.

I would tool out to the middle of the lake or to some solitary alcove that I had found. I would anchor and lay out on some old seat cushions that I had thrown on the bottom of that old boat.

It was perfect. I could have my privacy to do what I needed. Well it was perfect until Trish butted in.

“Where do you go out on that boat?” She asked one afternoon.

“No where,” I answered curtly.

“Well you must go somewhere. It’s a big lake.”

“I just float around. No where in particular.”

“Can I go with you next time you go no where in particular?”


“Why not?”

“Trish it’s the only time I get a chance to get away from everything.”

“We live in numbing isolation. What could you possible need to get away from?”

“Mom and Dad and …”

“Don’t say me,” she cut me off. “I never bother you about anything.”

I didn’t say anything. How could I tell her that I needed time to be alone and jerk off? Jerk off to thoughts of her in that gold bikini. Now I would have her alone in that bikini, but no relief.

“Please Danny! I think that I will die if I have to sit in that shack for one more day.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

“You won’t regret it. I wont bother you at all.”

Fat chance, I thought. She was going to get me all hot and bothered and I was already regretting it.

The next day after breakfast I made a beeline for the dock and the rowboat. Lefkoşa Escort I figured I would be half way across the lake before Trish knew I was gone, but as I settled into the boat I saw Trish running down the dock.

“Thought you were getting away without me, huh?”

I gave her a forlorn look.

“Come on Danny. You promised.”

“Okay,” I said as I scratched my head, “Get in.” she just smiled that adorable smile of hers and did so. I just shook my head as I sat there watching her smile. “What the hell are you so happy about?”

“This will be fun. You’ll see,” she said with a giggle.

“Yeah,” I said sarcastically.

I tried to make it so very boring. I just motored out to the middle of the lake and anchored. She just sat there grinning. “This is it?” She asked.

“I told you that there wasn’t much to see.”

“What’s with the cushions?” She asked motioning to the ones that I had lying on the bottom of the boat.

“Oh nothing really. Sometimes I just lay out and take a nap.”

“Really?” she remarked as she made her way onto the cushions. She sprawled out on them like she was Cleopatra, queen of the Nile. “This is really comfortable. You should have told me to wear my suit. I could get some serious rays out here.”

Even just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, she was killing me. I knew that tomorrow she will be less attired and I would be left to just gripping my throttle.

The nest day, since I already lost any chance at privacy, I took her to one of my private spots. She had on a shirt over her bikini, but she soon stripped it off as the heat of the day descended on us.

She lay on the cushion at the bottom of the boat and I tried not to look at her body as she stretched out in front of me.

“What is this place?” she asked with little interest.

“Trish. Nothing much, but I like this place because a couple of hawks have made a nest in one of those trees.”

She half-heartedly looked over her head at the trees behind her, but she wasn’t impressed. She was no the nature lover.

She had a splash of freckles across her cheekbones to accentuate her green eyes, and another splash across her chest to accentuate her breasts. . Her hips were perfectly proportional to her flat stomach, and her legs were long and toned.

“Don’t look,” I thought, “she can’t torment you if you don’t look.” With that she stretched out and arched her back. Her breasts, so full and firm were straining against her suit. “Look for the hawks,” I told myself, “look for the hawks.”

She then opened her legs and hung them over the gunwales. I could see the outline of her labia through her suit. She was completely exposing herself to me. She had to know the show she was putting on, but she didn’t seem to be aware.

She was fidgety. She started to fuss with cups of her bra. “I hate wearing bikinis. I feel like I’m completely naked in one. Girls only wear them to show off their bodies to boys. Well, that and to get a good tan.”

“There are no boys to show off to around here?”

“You’re not a boy?”

“Are you saying that you’re showing off your body to me?”

Trish smiled. The fact that I turned the discussion around on her amused her. She didn’t answer the question though, which I thought was strange.

“Have you talked to Taylor?” Taylor was my girlfriend back on Long Island.

“Not since Sunday.” Sunday was the only day that our parents would let us make long distance calls.

“You miss her don’t you?”

“Yeah. I’m afraid that she won’t wait for me. There are a lot of guys who are hitting on her at home.”

“She’ll wait for you. She’s lucky to have you.” I gave my sister a quizzical look. “You’re a very good looking guy. She drooled over you for a year while she waited for you and Loren to break up.”

“How do you know?”

“Are you kidding? She must have asked me every week if you two were still going out. She waited for that long. She’ll wait another couple of weeks.”

“You really think I’m good looking?” I said with a sly smile.

Trish just shook her head and didn’t answer at first. I looked away from her. I couldn’t stand it. She was so beautiful and sexy.

“Yes I think that you are good looking,” she conceded. “Your just about the best looking guy in town.”

“Even better looking than Justin?” Justin was Trish’s boyfriend.

“Maybe, but in a different way.” She smiled at me. There was a minute or two of silence. “What about me?”

“What about you?”

“This is where you give me a compliment,” she insisted.

I thought for a second. How effusive should I be? She was very flattering to me. What the hell? “Trish you are probably the most beautiful and sex….” I cut myself short. Shit, I went too far.

“What were you going to say?”


“Sexy? You think that your sister is sexy.”

I blushed from her teasing.

“I’m sorry. Forget it.”

She sat up on the cushions and crossed her legs. Her cleavage was starring me Girne Escort right in the face. “No I want to know. When your own brother calls you sexy, that’s something.” She teased some more.

“Forget it.” I regretted it already. She wasn’t going to stop.

“In what way am I sexy? You said that I was beautiful and sexy. That means it’s something beside my looks. Do you like my figure?”


She stretched out in the bottom of the boat. “Do you like my legs?” I gave her no answer. “My ass?” She turned over on her side so that I could see her ass. Still I gave her no answer. “My breasts?” She put her hands on her sides and arched her back so that her tits stuck out. “Which is it?

She was teasing me, but did she know what she was doing to me?

“Yes.” I finally gave her an answer.

“So you like my whole body? I don’t know if I should be out here with you dressed only in a bikini. I don’t know if you can be trusted. Can you?”

“Can I what?”

“Be trusted.”

“Is that really a question?”

“I just want to know that I’m safe around you. Out here all alone, half naked. It’s been a long time since you’ve had the company of a young lady, and we know how you guys get when you get…” she let the end of the sentence drop off.

“What about you?” I countered. “When was the last time you and Justin fooled around?” Trish’s demeanor changed. The smile left her face and she became despondent. “I’m sorry,” I apologized. “You miss him?”

She lay back on the cushions. “More than you can know.”

“I’m sorry Trish,” I repeated.

“We were together that last night before we left for this God forsaken place. I didn’t realize how much I would miss the physical part.”

I just sat there with a stunned look on my face. I never imagined my sister having sex. Except with me of course.

“Why do you look so stunned?” she said with a look of disgust on her face. “You guys think that you are the only ones with needs.”

“I never thought about it.” I conceded.

“Yeah. That’s the problem with most guys. They never think about it. You and Taylor are intimate, right?”

“Yeah.” I was wondering where she was going with this conversation.

“Well if she did it only because she loved you, then you wouldn’t get it as much. Would you?”

“I know Taylor has needs. I take care of her needs.”

“You just didn’t think that your sister had needs.”

“No. I never thought about your needs. Do you want me to start thinking about your needs?” Trish didn’t answer. She just smiled. “Does Justin take care of your needs?” I continued.

“OH BOY!” she rolled her eyes. “The way he touches me…” she let her sentence trail off. “Oh God. Maybe we should head in. It’s getting a little too hot out here.”

I started the motor and headed for the house, but the alcove was secluded and far away. It would take us some time to get back, especially with an electric motor. All the way back to the house Trish lay on her stomach and I had an uninterrupted view of the curve of her ass.

Two days later was Friday. Friday was the day when my parents would take their weekly trip into town. The town was over ten miles away through some mountain roads.

Now I use the term town loosely. It had a Post Office, and gas station, a small grocery store and a coffee shop, but that’s about it. There were more buildings of course, like Churches and schools, but they had little interest to a couple of teenagers.

When we were young we would look forward to the weekly trip into town, but that novelty wore off long ago. In fact the week before I had begged off and didn’t go.

My parents and sister were gone for hours, and I had the whole place to myself. I brought out those old Playboy magazines and went to town. My intentions were to do the same this week.

It came as some surprise, that when I got to my parent’s car to say goodbye that morning, Trish wasn’t in the car.

“Where’s Trish?” I asked.

“Oh she’s not coming honey. I guess it’s just your dad and me today. We’re going to have lunch at the coffee shop after we go shopping. It’s just like we are on a date,” My mom said with some enthusiasm. She really was still a geek.

“Oh God,” I thought, “There goes my quiet day alone.” I walked into the house and lay out on the pullout couch in the living room despondent. But my attitude changed a little when I saw what Trish was wearing.

She had on a white string bikini. It was a lot more daring and revealing than her gold number. I remembered this suit; it was the same suit she wore last August, when she was trying to get Justin to ask her out.

“That’s a different suit?” I asked as she walked by me.

“Oh this is an old suit. I don’t wear it much because it’s uncomfortable.” Yeah I thought, I guess it is a little uncomfortable with a permanent wedgie. I remembered how cute it looked when her ass cheeks were always poking out the bottom.

Sure enough she walked into the kitchen and those same Magosa Escort adorable ass cheeks were saying hello to me. I felt the first swelling of an erection as I lay on the bed.

Trish walked back and forth from her room to the kitchen and back again. I could see the outlines of her nipples through her bra, but what really put me over the edge was how flimsy the bathing suit material was and how it just barely covered her pubic mound.

The last time she walked into her room she closed the door, but she came out again after a few minutes. This time though she had on a pink midriff sweater instead of the bikini bra.

It wasn’t just any pink sweater though. Like I said it was midriff and it showed off a lot of her stomach. It had buttons in the front and she had only three of the four buttoned.

The best part about the sweater was that it was made of very loose wool and it seemed extremely soft and sexy. It wasn’t just a sweater, but a little pink erotic cloud. She was mesmerizing in it.

“Nice sweater.” I chimed in as she walked by me again.

“Thanks.” She turned around to face me. As I looked up at her I noticed the soft outline of her cleavage. My eyes traced down her torso and followed the flatness of her stomach to the line of her hipbones, “I love this sweater. It’s Angora. It’s so comfy and cozy.” She continued.

“Why is it I never saw you in it before?”

“It’s the buttons. They have a bad habit of popping open without warning.” I noticed the buttons. They were knitted out of the same wool as the sweater, and the buttonholes were knitted too. They were just barely holding the buttons now.

“Still it’s very…” I searched for the best term. “sensual” was the best I could come up with.

“Yes,” she mocked me. “It’s very sensual.” She laughed and walked away. I watched her as she pulled the bathing suit material out of the crack of her ass with both hands.

Depressed, I grabbed some of the Playboy magazines that I had secreted under the pullout mattress. I was “reading” them as Trish passed by again.

“What you got there?” She asked playfully.


“Ooh Playboys. I love Playboy magazines,” she said as she plopped down next to me in bed. The feel of her body next to mine was incredible. Her long hair was softly brushing against my cheek and shoulder as she leaned in on me. “Where did you get them?”

“I found them in that old abandoned garage in the woods.”

“Wow, they’re old.”

“1970’s,” I said as I snuck a glimpse down Trish’s sweater. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“The pictures are beautiful, but they’re kind of fuzzy like they are not in focus.”

“They did a lot of air brushing back then.” Now I’m lying in bed with my sister. She hardly had any clothes on, she’s brushing up against me, and we are looking at pictures of naked women.

“Still, the women are beautiful,” Trish continued. I turned the page to the next girl. “She’s not so hot. I’m prettier than her. Even Taylor is prettier than her.” That comment was to let me know that she thought she was prettier than my girlfriend. She was probably right.

“Oh you are, are you?” I teased.

‘”Most definitely. Let me see.” Trish grabbed the magazine out of my hand and sat up with her back to me as she looked at the picture. “I also have a better body.”

“Trish give it to me,” I yelled as I leaned over and grabbed the magazine from her hand. Only she didn’t let go of it, and when we came down she was laying on her back with her left arm under her, and I was laying on my side on top of her other arm.

The force of hitting the mattress dislodged the two of the remaining three buttons. I was lying next to my sister and she had only one button buttoned on that wonderful sweater.

I could see most of her breasts and just the outline of her areolas. With her arm pinned behind her back, it was forcing her to arch her back. The pressure of her breasts against the material was making that last button just barely hold.

“Danny!” she cried as our eyes locked. I was filled with lust as I saw her breasts framed in that pink cloud. I knew that that button was about to go, and when it did I would finally get a look at my sister’s tits.

I also knew that all I had to do to make it give way was to get Trish to arch her back just a little bit more. Trish bit her lip as she saw that look on my face. She knew what was going to happen next. .

“Danny, no!” she cried again as I pulled her arm just slightly toward me. With a little bit of pain in her voice she grunted and arched her back. The button strained in its hole, and then popped.

That beautiful sweater fell away and her tits were there for me to see. They were perfect with pink areolas and nipples.

“My God, they’re beautiful,” was all I could say, and I let go of Trish’s arm. To my surprise she didn’t try to cover up. She just pulled her arm loose and lay there.

She just lay there biting her lip and looking up at me. I didn’t hesitate. My hand cupped the bottom of her breast, while my mouth went instinctively for her nipple.

I kissed and nuzzled her breast until I heard my sister moan. It was barely audible at first, but it grew louder and louder with time. It not only got me hotter, but now I knew that it was something she wanted too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32