Wedding Pairing

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My older sister’s college roommate was getting married. There was family money and it was going to be a grand affair, taking over the entire country club for an afternoon and evening. Late in the game, it was discovered that the youngest bridesmaid, a niece of the bride, did not have an escort. Leslie took on the task of finding a suitable male and decided I would do. She called me and said I had been drafted for a special assignment on a Saturday in June and it was not negotiable.

“Where are you calling from?”

“I am at Matty’s house, working on arrangements. I promise you will have a good time. I haven’t met Amy but am told she is nice.”

“Leslie, if this turns out badly, I will see that Jeff takes you over his knee and…”

Jeff was a big bruiser of a football player, who also happened to be smarter than hell, went to Columbia Law, and had been lovingly married to my sister for a year.

“You wouldn’t! The last time he had to discipline me, I was sore for days.”

“Just remember that Jeff and I are scrimmage buddies, and he will learn of my misfortune in a hurry.”

Leslie sounded a bit stricken because she had done no intelligence gathering before foisting Amy on me, and was clueless about what she was getting me into.

Of course, it wasn’t just the wedding day. There had to be a Friday rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner, and I was required.

I turned down a ride, having decided my own car might be needed for a quick getaway. The bridal party was being hosted at the nicest hotel in town, and I showed up in coat and tie as instructed. There were at least twenty people in a conference room being introduced and looking awkward.

Leslie caught my eye and motioned me over. It wasn’t until I was ten feet away that I noticed she was standing next to one of the prettiest women in the room.

“Amy, this is my youngest brother, Alec. Alec, this is Amy Smith. She is headed to Amherst in the fall. The two of you are paired up for the duration of the wedding by imperial decree.” Leslie laughed and Amy and I said hello.

Before we could say anything to each other, the room was shepherded to two large buses that took us to the church.

We sat together towards the back. Amy took my hand and said, “Why don’t we pretend this is a blind date and we each have decided to make the best of it?” She had an instant smile and dark eyes that flashed at me. I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers fleetingly. “I’m already thinking this might work out. We don’t have to drive or pay, just follow orders and stay close to the bar.”

Amy was digging in her large shoulder bag and coming out with heels. “I really hate these, but bridesmaids don’t get to wear sneakers.” She smiled and bent over with a light kiss as she edged by to be directed about the procession.

Forty minutes later, the rehearsal was over and she was sitting on my lap changing out of the heels. I liked the package. “You’re some kind of jock.” I whispered in her ear. She wiggled and said, “You are too. Where did those biceps come from?” The arm I had around her for support tightened.

We took the very last seat in the bus returning to the hotel, where she leaned back and pulled my head down. “You kiss very nicely. This seems to be more than a blind date.”

My hand was creeping up her side and she moved it to caress her breast. “Are you staying at the hotel? Do you need a roommate tonight?”

I kissed her again and said, “Certainly not. Escorts are supposed to behave themselves.”

“That’s Ataşehir Escort what I had in mind. I am a damsel in distress. I was going to drive home after the rehearsal but it’s almost an hour, and you are going to get booze into me, and it won’t be safe. You are required to protect me.”

The makeout session would have gone on, but we were arriving. She sat up and gripped my hand firmly. As we descended the steps of the bus, I noticed she had on very fashionable black sneakers.

“You are just kidding around with me. Those sneakers are for running away.”

“Watch your mouth. My elbows are sharp. Get me a glass of wine.” I really liked the way she flashed those dark eyes.

At least the rehearsal food was great. Too many toasts, but we expected that. Leslie stood and announced that dancing was next, and dessert would be served for those interested in the rooftop lounge a little later.

Amy folded into me very nicely. She whispered, “Tomorrow, I have to do this in heels. Tonight you get me in my stocking feet.” I looked down and the sneakers were missing. “I can’t run as fast this way. Maybe you can keep up.” She got on top of my shoes and I moved us around, as she told me she hoped to run track for the university. Her whole weight couldn’t have been more than a hundred and twenty.

“There must be a boyfriend around somewhere. I’m not going to get a second date, am I?”

The voice in my ear was soft. “I sent him packing. He only had one thing in mind, and I told him I wasn’t giving up my cherry yet.”

She shuddered and pressed herself tighter to me. “Why do I have the idea that you aren’t going to hit on me unless I ask you?”

“But we haven’t sorted out no means no and yes means yes.”

Her arms were around my neck and her lips were wet. I eased us toward the dark side of the room.

“I have the hots for you. Are you actually going to let me bunk in your room?”

“What will mother say?”

“Mother is in Europe with Dad. He is getting some kind of award. She asked Leslie to supervise me.”

I was trying to understand how my sister was supervising the bride’s niece when she stopped us and said, “Enough dancing. Let’s find a quiet place to talk. I’ll tell you something funny about Leslie.”

We settled in the farthest, darkest corner of the lounge with two amarettos on ice and some chocolates. We started in two chairs, but she was in mine, legs folded under, in a couple of minutes.

My arm went around her shoulder and I kissed the nape of her neck and made her twitch.

“You are doing bad things to my girl parts.” She undid two buttons of her blouse and put my hand inside. My fingers found a stiff nipple and tweaked it. “Yes. Like that.”

She went on, “I have a story I am going to tell you, but not until we are in bed together.”

I thought about the prettiest virgin in the wedding in my bed and got hard. She could feel me and said, “I’m glad somebody appreciates me.”

“For a girl who still has her maidenhead, you are pretty direct.”

“Yes, that’s part of the story I am going to tell you. Do you have enough patience to wait, or…”

“My girlfriend is a thousand miles away at summer school. I’m lost without her and have terrible back pressure.”

She pulled my hair, kissed my cheek and asked, “Do guys really have back pressure?”

“It makes a good story.”

“Tell me.”

“Leslie asked my dad, the doctor, one time. He said that the male sex drive is very strong, but probably Kadıköy Escort doesn’t have much to do with accumulated semen.”

“That’s very practical. Thank you. Do you believe in love at first sight?”

I kissed her while I figured out an answer. While the long kiss was going on, Leslie discovered us in the dark corner and sat down with her drink. “Looks as though the blind date isn’t going too badly.”

Amy said, archly, “Good supervision.”

Leslie laughed and reached out to squeeze Amy’s hand. “He might be an ok guy. He’s always been just the youngest brother brat to me.”

“I’m going to tell him the story about Jeff.”

“Amy! That is a deep dark secret between us!”

“It will be ok. Part of a bigger story I am working on. I don’t have a room here and have asked to sleep in his bed.”

“You poor girl. Call me on my cell if you need help.” Her grin was wide as she strolled away.

“Jeff is my uncle by second marriage. So that makes Leslie my aunt!”

I laughed and hugged her tightly. “What does that make me?”

“We don’t need more booze, take me to your room and we will figure that out.”

We were hardly in the room when she was backing into me, asking for help with the zipper on the dress. She gestured at my duffel and asked, “Do you happen to have a set of sweats in there?”

“Yes, but they’ve been worn once.”

“Good, I get to check out your man smell.”

I handed them to her and she disappeared into the bathroom. A slender body with well defined muscles.

I found a beer in the refrigerator, stripped to my boxers and climbed into the bed. I sipped the beer and considered my good fortune. Or at least, apparent good fortune.

The sweats were very roomy on her. But she had let her hair down, and scrubbed makeup off, and looked sexy as hell. She turned out the light, snuggled to me, and reached for my beer. I had left the drapes open and we gazed at the lights of the city from the fourteenth floor.

“Hmmm. This is good. In the interests of full disclosure, I have never been in a bed with a man before. I have never felt safe with a man before. And until a couple of hours ago, I would not have imagined behaving the way I am.”

I pulled her across my lap and worked on the back muscles, then realized I should be repairing the feet from their session with heels. I threw two pillows to my feet and positioned her feet first between my legs.

“Do that a few more minutes, and you can have me any way you want.”

I leaned forward and sucked on the freshly showered big toe. “Oh god, stop that. You are going to make me…”

I interrupted. “What accounts for your behavior with a strange man. It seems out of character.”

My fingers were still at work and she was twitching and shaking.

“How can I talk when you are seducing me?” She gave a great groan and turned over, burying her head. Throwing caution to the winds, I reached for the waistband of the bottoms and had them in my hands in a moment. In another moment, I had her under the sheets, spread on top of me.

“Eek, I am being molested. I thought you were a gentleman.”

She had an incredibly tight, muscled ass. I dug my fingers hard into her globes and she gave a little scream. “Nooo.”

I turned us on our sides and kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose and her lips. She collapsed backward and sighed. “This is not according to plan. You are supposed to be following instructions.”

“Guys are like that.”

I Bostancı Escort pushed my hand between her legs and rubbed. There was plenty of moisture. She had the sexiest little moan. “Jeff, I want you something fierce. Can we take our time?”

“I’m thinking about back pressure. Terrible problem.”

She giggled and climbed on top of me. I could smell her and she could too. My cock was fighting to get loose from my shorts. She slid herself back and took the shorts with her. The big hard cock was almost up to her small tits. She smiled and stroked it with both hands. She leaned close, “This is all new. Let me learn a little. Ok?”

I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound hopelessly sappy, so said nothing. Her tongue was exploring and I was rising up harder than ever.

“I read that girls always think this won’t fit, but then it does.”

I stared at her, “You’ve decided you are going to do it with me tonight?”

She pulled up the sheet and lay on me. Her cleft fit over the underside of my cock and she rubbed back and forth. “This is very nice.”

I kissed and said, “It gets nicer.”

“I don’t have to be afraid?” She shook a little up there on my chest.

My hands went back to the fine ass, moving it back and forth. I put a little maleness into my answer, “You are going to do this with someone soon, it might as well be me.”

She kissed me harder. “That sounds like you really want me.” She rubbed a little faster and gushed.

I turned us over and raised her legs wide. The sweat top with its logo looked up at me. Below it in the dim light from the window was a beautiful female sex, waiting to be taken for the first time.

“I do. I want you very much. But it doesn’t have to be me. Or tonight. You only have a first time once.” I smiled evilly at her and she giggled. She humped at me and before she knew what was happening, her gorgeous wet cunt had my cock buried in it.

“Oh Jeff! Oh my god, yes.”

Whatever was happening in her mind, the body was ready and wanting. Every thrust got a hip back at me. I held off to see if she was going to come on my cock. She was. She howled and shook and beat on me. I waited for things to calm down. Even with no fat, and lots of hard places, I was amazed at this body. Double amazed that she decided I was the guy to be her first.

I sat up against the headboard and found my beer on the night table. She still wasn’t moving. I caressed her head and ran my fingers through her hair.

I said, “Was that ok?”

She had the top off, trying to get closer contact than skin would allow. I pulled the sheet over us.

“Hmmm. Things are still shooting off inside me.”

The mess I made in her was dribbling out on my crotch. “Let me find a towel.”

“No. Stay there, I’ll be back.” Her hand was between her legs as she ran for the bathroom.

In the morning, she sauntered over to the bed and stood in the sun, hands on hips, flaunting her new womanhood. “I feel different.”

I smiled, “Matty and the bridesmaids are going to know right away.”

She sat on me, “Yes, I suppose they will.”

I pulled my knees up and leaned her back against them. The smile was seductive. Her legs were wide open and she wasn’t the least bit shy. “My mom told me a while back not to do this until I was ready. She said I wouldn’t want to stop at once. She was right.”

I said, “Your mother is a wise woman. There is a lot more to this than missionary position.”

“Do I get another lesson?”

I said, “You know, guys… how do I say this… guys need to refill their tank. Takes a little while.”

“But you don’t have to be a firehose every time, do you?”

I shook my head and she said, “Good, let’s go get some breakfast. I have to get organized for the wedding.”

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