Well I Never! Day 01

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The following piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature.

If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

The names in this story, based on factual events, have been changed, even though the some of the main participants are no longer able to read my account.

Copyright (C) 2012 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


“Well I Never!”

Day One

“Well I never! . . ” Penny exclaimed. Her jaw dropped as she looked alternately from Vinnie to me.

“Bloody hell, our 65 year old mother died while she was fucking . . ” Penny shook her head in total disbelief. I was also extremely surprised – I had never heard my 40 year old sister swear before!

Vinnie sipped from his tea cup; then said calmly. “Sorry if that was a surprise Penny. We had been lovers almost since I moved in 5 years ago. I think Val preferred that the family didn’t know in case they misunderstood.” Vinnie’s English was free of any accent. He had lived mostly in South London but had moved out to Wiltshire after his divorce.

It had been almost ten years since father died and Mum had given herself an interest initially by doing an occasional bed and breakfast for tourists in her country cottage. She graduated to having a full time lodger as it paid better, more reliably and was generally less work. The first was a lady managing the setting up of a new business in the town. She stayed for nearly six months. There followed several similar arrangements until Vinnie moved in. His short stay turned into a pretty much permanent one.

We had both met Vinnie when we separately visited Mum once or twice a year each. He was always polite and friendly and showed consideration for Mum and her visitors. I liked him. Over the past couple of years I got to know him a little better, we sometimes went to the pub when I came to visit Mum. He was easy to get along with, especially when we talked football!

Vinnie’s father had come from the Indian sub-continent after the war and had married an English girl. Vinnie was their third and last child. I think the others lived in the north somewhere. Even during our evenings in the pub Vinnie had not given any clue about his relationship with Mum.

As Vinnie poured another cup for each of us he continued. “It was during her second orgasm!” He calmly offered the cup and saucer to Penny whose hands were visibly shaking. “More cake Penny?” he enquired.

Penny’s mouth was flapping open and closed. “Er . . no thanks Vinnie. Did you say her . . er . . second er . .?

“Yes. She often had several. It was most gratifying to have such a responsive lover.” Vinnie passed my tea and I accepted his offer of another cake.

Sitting down Vinnie looked sad. “Valerie was the ultimate lover. So kind and generous with her body and soul too. Never demanding, always considerate and giving.”

I wondered if Penny was about to have her own heart attack. Her high colour looked dangerous to me. Vinnie spotted it too.

“Maybe you would like a glass of water Penny?” he enquired.

Penny spluttered “Sorry Vinnie, it’s just that . . well . . I don’t know . . Well I never!” She hurried to the bathroom. Vinnie and I carried on the conversation until she returned. I think Penny had splashed water on her face, some had dripped onto her high-necked blouse.

“You OK?” I asked with concern. As the older brother by some 10 years I was accustomed to looking after my baby sister, even if she was now almost 40 years old!

“Fine, thanks” grunted the stoic response. That’s Penny, tough it out girl!

Vinnie looked at his watch. “Sorry I have to leave you to clear up the tea things but my train leaves at 3.30 and the taxi will be here soon.” He rose, placing his own crockery on the tray. “Most of my stuff went in the van this morning. I just have this case.” He gestured to the corner where a small overnight bag was draped with his fawn overcoat.

He continued “The rooms are all cleaned; Mrs Whatsit came yesterday.” I smiled, Mum always called the cleaning lady Mrs Whatsit whatever her real name was!

“There are clean sheets on the beds and basic food in the fridge. You’ll find loads of tins and packets in the larder too” Lefkoşa Escort Vinnie said as he picked up his bag in his left hand. He put his coat across the same arm and came forward, right arm extended. He shook hands with each of us; wished us good luck in sorting things out and promised to come back for the funeral. We had his mobile phone number so we could let him know when and where the service would take place.

“Hell’s bloody bells!” exclaimed Penny as Vinnie’s taxi drove away. “Can you believe that? Fucking at her age!” She was close to tears as we closed the door and went inside. I wrapped my arms around her in a brotherly hug.

“Come on Pen, Mum was happy. Vinnie’s a good bloke I’m sure he treated her right.” Penny’s tears flowed; her head was hard against my shoulder.

“Hey, what a way to go though, eh Penny?” I joked. That didn’t go down well; the sobs increased!

After a while Penny calmed a little. I sat in the armchair and she flopped on the settee. She was obviously still in a confused state about things so I tried to get practical.

“Where shall we start Pen?” I asked cheerily. “Do you or your girls want any of Mum’s stuff?”

Penny’s daughters were 21 and 18, the older was just graduating from university, the younger just starting. Both might need furniture, crockery, cooking utensils, bedding or whatever.

“Yes, good idea Harry” said Penny, suddenly brighter as she focussed on something practical. “I’m sure they could use lots of things. I’ll have a look and start sorting. Can you contact the funeral director or whatever we need to do first please?”

Vinnie had left several appropriate local phone numbers on the pad. He had done well for us, leaving things so well organised. The funeral people said we needed to make decisions about burial or cremation, type of service and so on. I accepted their offer to pop round to help tomorrow morning. In the meantime I would talk it over with my sister. The woman on the other end of the line was calm and efficient; I suppose she did this all the time.

Using Mum’s little address book to find the number I phoned Mrs Whatsit to see if she had been paid and if she could keep up her service for a while longer until we had sorted out the cottage. I remembered Mrs W. as a jolly round little lady. She ‘did for’ a few people in the village. We fixed a day for her to come; I noted it on Mum’s kitchen calendar.

There was a Doctor’s appointment for next week marked up, I felt sure they already knew to reallocate the appointment but I phoned anyway. The receptionist was more helpful than most I had encountered. She gave her condolences and said how she would miss our Mum and then passed me on the Doctor who had signed the death certificate.

“Jim Bates here” he announced. “Sorry about your mother. She was a great patient. Always on time, always knew how to tell me about her problems and always took any medication I prescribed. You should have a copy of the certificate, you’ll need that to register the death. Do you know where to do that?” I offered my suggestion and Jim confirmed it.

“Let me know if there’s anything else you need, Harry” he said. I was impressed that he knew my name; Mum must have talked about the family with him. He gave me instructions on the best place to dispose of any left-over medications and we said goodbye.

There were other appointments – dentist, hairdresser and chiropodist. All were sad to hear the news and seemed genuinely sorry to lose Mum.

Time flew by, the evening was almost upon us before we realised. We had both been totally occupied and now discovered we were getting hungry.

“How about we go to the pub for a bite to eat in a while, sis?” I suggested.

Penny now appeared calm; completely focussed on the many practicalities. “OK, let me finish this bit and then freshen up first. What about seven thirty?” Penny suggested. I agreed and went back to Mum’s papers.

Mum had quite taken to computing quite easily so I switched on her PC. We had been using email instead of letters between us for a few years. I was impressed that it was a modern and quick machine. I checked her email inbox first. There was the usual junk and some genuine looking messages. Most were about forthcoming things in the village and nearby town. I replied to them, giving out the sad news as gently as possible.

The Kıbrıs Escort email address book was quite comprehensive; I think Mum must have used it for her Christmas card list. I realised it would be very helpful when we had the funeral date and time arranged, I could run through these contacts. Should I email or write formally? Talk it over with Penny, I thought; maybe at the pub. I could hear Penny in the bathroom and saw that time had moved on further. I was just about to shut down when I saw a folder marked simply `Stories’ and couldn’t resist having a look.

Wow, it seemed that my old Mum had written stories, erotic stories, lots of them! I didn’t have chance to read much as Penny was almost ready but enough to make me want to read more when the opportunity arose!

Ten minutes later we locked up the cottage and strolled down to the old thatched pub next to the river. It was less than a mile and took about 15 minutes as we strolled slowly in the evening warmth. Penny put her arm through mine and clung on firmly all the way.

The landlord remembered me and greeted us warmly while expressing sympathies for our loss. I ordered my usual pint of local bitter, Penny went for the chilled white wine. The menu was quite adequate for our needs and we ordered straight away. We chose a cosy table in the corner of the bar restaurant. During our first drink we made the usual small talk – family, holiday plans, current events etc. It was easy to talk to Penny, she had a lively mind when she wasn’t suppressed by her home life. We ordered our second round of drinks as the meal arrived. I had the home-made Beef she should have felt my expanding penis pressing her belly. Before she could rationalise that we were brother and sister I kissed her passionately. The kiss developed, faces writhing one way and the other, lips mashing, tongues thrashing.

Panting, we paused for breath. Penny growled. “Thank you Harry, I needed that. I want more, come here . . ” she grabbed my head and started another long writhing kiss. I was leaning back against a tree and Penny was pressing hard into my front, she was blazing with pent-up passion!

My arms were inside her coat so I ran my hands down to her bottom. Teasing and pulling slowly I raised her skirt until my hands held her bare cheeks. Penny’s reaction was not the indignant objection I might have expected. Instead she moaned longingly in my mouth while pressing her belly tighter against my straining cock. After caressing and squeezing for a while I slid one hand around her naked hip, keeping the skirt above my arm. Penny sensed where I was going and again surprised me by leaning slightly away on that side to let my hand reach her front.

It was awkward with her pressure against me but I found the moist heat of her pubic hair and ran my fingers up and down until I slid into the centre fold of her pussy. I teased around until I found the hood of her clitoris and gently found my way round until I hit the enchanting tiny nub with the tip of my finger. Penny froze against me, I held my breath.

“Do that again Hal! That is so exhilarating when you touch aaahhhh . . .” Her head went back as my mini-massage sent her crazy. Her hips bucked and allowed my hand better access. I slid a finger down and into her wet hole. I just dipped in a couple of times then took my wet fingertip back and caressed the clit afresh. Penny took off again. I had to kiss her to suppress her noise. I kept up the caressing and slight pressure; her clitoris had grown more erect. I longed to get my lips around it but didn’t think my darling sister was quite ready for that pleasure yet!

“Oh Harry, oh, oh Harry . . aaahhh … I think . . I have just had my very first orgasm!” Penny was rocking against my finger which slid back down to her juicy cunt and in again. My thumb applied light pressure to the aching clit.

“Harry, Harry . . it’s coming again. Oh God, oh fuck, it’s bigger. Oh Harry, it’s like flying too close to the sun, I’m on fire.” She raged against my hand for a few seconds then slumped with a long sigh. I eased my hand gently away and drew her close to me; kissing her face and murmuring sweet words about her lovely body.

“Harry, oh Harry” she whispered urgently. “Please, can you fuck me here, right here . . right now? I want your cock in me at the same place I had my very first Girne Escort orgasms.” Penny had never used such language! She didn’t wait for an answer. Tugging at my belt and undoing my zip urgently she pushed down trousers and pants together freeing my trembling cock. It was too dark for her to see but see wrapped her hands around it. “Hal it’s so big! How do we do this standing up?” I stepped out of my trousers, kicking them to one side.

“OK Pen. Face the tree and bend over a bit.” I instructed. I pushed up her shirt and coat up her back then ran a hand down her backside and sought out her labia. They felt gorgeous, swollen and ready for action. I caressed them, spreading her moisture everywhere. Penny was shaking with pleasure.

“Please Harry, hurry. Can you do me now? Please Hal” she insisted, looking back over her shoulder.

I wiped my erection across her dripping vagina and teased it into the magic hole. It was almost as though Penny sucked my cock into her cunt; it just slid straight up to the hilt. She was rocking and trembling so much that I had to wrap my arms around her to keep her upright.

“Oh Harry, I’m coming again. It’s fucking brilliant Hal, don’t stop, please don’t ever stop. Aaaahhh . . . .”

I thrust in and out, keeping my pace smooth and controlled while Penny took pleasure from every moment. On the in stroke my hips were slapping her lovely bottom but I wanted to reach deeper and deeper into my sister’s fabulous body. Why hadn’t we done this years ago I wondered as delight flushed through my body.

Inevitably the pressure built in my balls and driving as far into my beautiful sister as possible I exploded my own orgasm deep inside. I held her as tight as possible, our bodies quivering with the after-shock. Penny was pushing back hard, gasping and groaning. Slowly we caught our breath and regained some control of our trembling legs.

“I never knew it could be like this” she murmured breathlessly; her head hanging down with her hair reaching almost to the ground. She continued to wriggle back against me and I suspected she was still bouncing down through mini-orgasms. It was wonderful holding her against my groin here in the open air. The wind rustled through the leaves above us. Slowly Penny was recovering. She straightened a little and realised I was still embedded in her body.

“That is so wonderful Hal” Penny murmured. “Your dick is still hard, that’s amazing. Can we do it again?”

“Let’s go back and get comfortable” I suggested.

“So long as I keep that gorgeous cock in my pussy!” she moaned.

“Could be a tricky walk!” I replied making no move to retrieve my parked penis.

“I’m game” she replied, giggling.

“You’ll have to pick up my trousers down there somewhere, can you reach?” She bent forward and my dick jerked deeper inside her. I heard the jangling of the belt buckle as she retrieved the trousers.

“OK, Penny my darling, I’ll steer and let’s try to keep in step. This could be fun!”

I directed us back to the road, Penny was moaning. “Oh God, I’m coming again” but she kept shuffling forward. We must have looked like some strange pantomime horse as we hobbled to the cottage gate. Penny flicked the latch and pushed. She still held my cock inside her but there was a lot of juice escaping down my balls and legs. The next obstacle was a step in the path to the door. Penny stopped, unsure how to negotiate it. I wrapped my arms around her middle and with a lunge of my hips lifted and pushed her onto the higher level. The inevitable happened and my cock was pulled free with a splashy plop. Penny and I just fell to the ground laughing stupidly! It was absolutely crazy!

Staggering to my feet I pulled my disarranged sister upright and kissed her. I wrapped an arm around her waist and half-carried her to the door. The key was surprisingly easy and I carried Penny through the cottage door.

“Just like a bride – being carried over the threshold!” Penny giggled. “Usually it’s carry first, then fuck second, we are a bit out of sequence maybe we need more practise!”

“Well let’s put that right immediately” I suggested drawing Penny to me as I closed and locked the door. “Come here my beautiful bride; let me adore your sexy body.”

“Oh Hal, yes, do it here. Do it everywhere!”

I pulled her coat off her shoulders and lifted the dress over her head; she was already releasing the bra. Instantly she was naked and breathtakingly sexy. My top half was covered but not for long, the heap of clothes on the hall floor became our bed. Laying Penny down just inside the front door I knelt between her legs caressing them all the way to her soggy pubic hair.

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