What To Do When Lacey Is Out

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With my heart breaking that I would get home too late to see my daughter before she left on her fuck date tonight, I almost jumped out of my car before I even shut the engine off. Four leaps later I was standing at the front door, fumbling with my keys, hoping Lacey would still be home. Naturally I couldn’t isolate the house key right away then I put it in backwards, but eventually I got it into the lock and twisted — and found it was unlocked. Damn, well, at least Lacey was still home.

Taking a breath, I pushed the door open and stepped inside. The living room was dimly lit by a single lamp against the far wall, like it would be if my 19 year old had already left, but I spied light in the hallway across the room cast from the bathroom. Dropping my keys on the foyer table, I straightened myself up and tried not to look too desperate while I casually strolled down the hall.

“That you, Daddy?” came the squeaky-high, sweet melodic voice of my only daughter and family member. It was from the bathroom.

Poking my head inside, I spied my petite, slender daughter leaning against the countertop, looking into the mirror while she was applying makeup — eyeliner, at the moment, but an open tube of lipstick and a jar of mascara sat in front of her next to the sink. My eyes moved from her pretty, small face in the mirror to her backside and her exquisite little ass, tightly wrapped in her low-rise jeans. Those two palm-sized buttcheeks poked out, her asscrack turned into a miniature valley from the ultra-tight fabric of the jeans. Around her hips and above the top edge of the jeans rose opposing black strings of her thong, arching high to expose themselves. I recognized the distinctive thin strings, knowing it was a new miniscule thong I picked up for her earlier in the week which barely covered only her bald cuntlips. Her date was going to go ga-ga when he saw it later tonight.

Above her low-rise jeans, my curly, long-haired blonde daughter was wearing a somewhat conservative (for her and my tastes, anyway) two-piece top. She had a light-blue blouse that, I could tell from her reflection in the mirror, was unbuttoned and merely tied around her chest just below her ribcage. Her de minimis 20-inch waist and soft flat tummy would be completely exposed between the tied-up blouse and her low-rise jeans. Under the blouse, so that her B-cups wouldn’t be left out in public, she had a pale pink strapless tube top. Undoubtedly, with the blouse off, her hard teenage nipples were going to be poking out of it. Very sexy.

She could see, in the reflection, her father’s eyes roving her ass and body. It drew a soft smile from her, while she continued to apply her makeup carefully. “You get stuck at the office, Daddy?”

“Yeah,” I groaned, in part from how fucking delicious Lacey looked and in part from the bullshit that kept me away from her for the last hour. “That fucking client in Oregon called, what the fuck does he care that it’s three hours later out here and some of us wanna get home on a Friday night?” My eyes went right back to my daughter’s small ass sticking out as she leaned forward. My cock was growing quite hard in my pants, what with her hot body in front of me and me knowing what she’d be doing tonight. “At least I got home in time to see you off, how late do you think you’ll be, overnight?” I had an instinct to reach over and grab my crotch, to straighten out my hardening penis, but it kind of felt good wedged at an angle in my underwear as it became engorged. The pressure of it stretching the fabric of my clothing served me for the moment.

Lacey smiled softly, while her eyes were staring at her reflection as the last stroke of eyeliner curved around her big brown orb. “I don’t think so, Charlie’s married and told her he’s going to the Pistons game, so he has to get back like a couple of hours after it ends.”

Her sexy explanation drew a chuckle from her perverted father, as I pictured her and some married stud fucking on a motel bedroom while they watched a basketball game to wait for it to end, and so he could at least pretend he knew what happened in the game. But I also felt sorry for the guy, knowing he had to limit his time with a hot fuck like Lacey because of some stupid wife who can’t give him what my unbelievably slutty daughter Lacey can. You know, I felt like a prick ten years ago when Lacey’s mom left me for her therapist, but I got to tell you, the silver lining I couldn’t know about back then was the ability to stick my dick into the hottest teenager on the planet night after night, for about a year running now. Unlike her date “Charlie,” if Lacey is home with me, we fuck until morning.

Somehow my eyes, locked onto her tight ass, caught Lacey looking at me through the mirror. That twinkle in her eye and wrinkle in her smile gave away some naughty idea in her head that she knew would arouse her father’s taboo lust. “Besides, Daddy, I’m going to meet my friend Joey tomorrow afternoon, and I don’t, you know, want to get all stretched out and all.” Then she winked, because she knew Girne Escort I knew all of the details to understand the context of her comment. Joey, one of her adult fuck friends; “meet” means, get laid; and “stretched out” means getting fucked so hard for so long that she’s too sore to put on a good performance any more.

All these thoughts of Lacey getting boned tonight and then tomorrow afternoon were definitely having their intended effect on me — my penis was now really stiff in my underwear and slacks. Standing against the doorframe of the bathroom, I was picturing some married cock entering Lacey’s hairless shaved slit from behind her stellar small butt. I love that look in Lacey’s eyes when she’s getting drilled seven or eight inches deep, and her little chin and lower lip start trembling as her orgasm approaches, until she’s squealing at the top of her lungs. It might not be my cock doing it to her for the next 24 hours or so, but it didn’t matter, I was so horny that she was going to have scrumptious sexual fun. Talking about the details with her only made me harder, too. In a slow, casual drawl, I asked in a completely natural tone about her upcoming date. “So — this guy you’re dating tonight, Charlie — he’s the guy you said last week saw one of your online cumfuckme ads?” Lacey maintained three or four ads on online dating services, most of them written with the help of her doting daddy, which regularly solicited responses from horny dicks in our area looking for a young slut to bang for a night. She’d had about five or six of these dates in the past, and a couple of the guys were now pretty regular dates for her. She even brought one by a couple months ago for Daddy to meet, although of course I pretended I had no idea he was sticking it to her.

My daughter put down her eyeliner and grabbed her brush, and stroked her long curly flocks a few times to give them more body. “Yeah, he found me that way, we talked on the phone already a few times. He has a GREAT dick, Daddy, he showed me pictures and a webcam movie of it, it’s like HUGE.”

Her father was all ears at hearing that, but I assumed no less, since she had her pick of just about anyone to fuck and pretty much wasn’t going to waist her time on a cock smaller than 7 inches. Unless the guy is fucking rich, like the prick who took her to Cancun last spring for a week. I could see her watching my reaction through the mirror, seeing the information sink into Daddy’s brain, as I absorbed visual images of a fat married cock fucking my daughter. She was playing with me, getting me aroused with the concept of what she was going to do, it was almost like she fucked other men just to make her father horny. Although obviously that’s just stupid, I like to infatuate myself with the belief that my reaction to her fucking around is at least a small part of the reason she’s such a slut.

Lacey enjoyed being the tramp with a full-disclosure policy, I could even see her slender ass wiggling a bit as she made herself wet inside her tiny thong while telling her father about her upcoming date. “And Daddy, we aren’t going on a ‘date,’ we’re just going to a motel to fuck.”

Oh, that got my erection twice as hard in about the span of one heartbeat. Which is ironic, because my heart skipped a beat as I became almost dizzy with excitement at the idea. “Is that right, Lacey? You sure you like him enough to just strip and get it on?”

She nodded at me enthusiastically. “Fuck yeah, we were on the phone like a couple of hours the other day, getting each other all bothered up, and he’s really hot for me.” Finished with dolling herself, she collected her small array of makeup and stuffed it into a tiny purse. Lacking sufficient room, I watched her smile as she fished out something already in the purse, which she discarded on the countertop. “Won’t need these,” she giggled as she pushed a small unopened box of condoms away from her, so they were in my view, “He’s married.”

Naked thick male cock cumming inside my horny daughter . . . wonderful thought, I was thinking as I stood there simmering in my lust.

A honk from our driveway interrupted my train of thought. Shit, that must be the man here to fuck my daughter, I moaned to myself. Indeed it was, Lacey stood upright and took one last look at her face and hair. Beautiful; with her exquisite thin features and soft lips, she didn’t need many layers of makeup to look gorgeous. But subtle shadows and the smudge-proof lipstick made her look a little more grown up than she was. Her slender body was delicious in the blouse/tube top combo over the tight low-rise jeans.

My blonde 120-pound daughter zipped up her purse and pulled its long, thin strap over her shoulder, as she moved into the hallway. Her hand intentionally reached out, tracing a soft path across my aching cock as she slipped past. “That’s him, Daddy, gotta be going.” She knew I would follow her to the doorway, which I did, making sure I was out of sight from anyone in a car in the driveway. My eyes kept staring Kıbrıs Escort at her small butt, until she was standing at the front door opening it a crack to peer outside. “Yeah, I gotta go now.”

I was a couple feet away and didn’t offer a hug or kiss; I just winked and pointed in the general direction of the car outside. “Go get laid, young lady.”

Lacey’s skimpy, plucked eyebrows furled down and her nose wrinkled while a big smile revealed her glistening-white big teeth. “See ya later, pops.” And with that, she disappeared outside, the door closing her off from me for a few hours.

I couldn’t help myself, I quickly slipped to the front windows and spied out of the corner. My penis was so fucking hard, I couldn’t help but reach down and start rubbing it. I could tell my underwear was already damp with precum leaking out of my hard shaft, and my balls were feeling constrained. Consistent with past practice, I was going to be going downstairs to the window-less TV room to watch porn, or maybe go play online or something, and get my cock off a few times tonight. Lacey’s fuckdates made me so aroused I usually had as hard a cum from them as when I do actually fucking her myself. I know it sounds weird, it’s just how her daddy is wired.

The guy had a nice ride, a Lincoln LS. Not a huge car but pricey; a good car for a successful father. One who, tonight, was going to cheat like a banshee on his wife. Lacey’s slender figure strolled down the driveway and, without pausing, climbed into the passenger seat. It was already dark outside and the street lights didn’t provide too much illumination, so I could only barely see the figures inside the car. The car sat there, not moving, and I started wondering if the sex was already happening that fast. I had a flash of an idea that it would pull into the driveway for a few hours, and I got hot at the thought Lacey would be getting fucked in the driveway while I was inside watching the car rock back and forth. But that wasn’t going to be, and after a few seconds — I am not sure how long, my brain was racing — the car slowly pulled away down the street.

Well, Lacey was off to get fucked, again.

My stomach rumbled for attention, but my cock was begging to get off too. I had half a mind to just go downstairs and watch some porn, but it might be four hours before I come up again to eat. Better to get something quick and go fuck myself in a few minutes. So, trying to ignore all of the sexy thoughts buzzing between my ears, I forced myself to turn and head for the kitchen for a little while.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lacey had to put her hand up to her mouth, to wipe away the messy saliva dribbling out the corners of her lips as she sat back in the nice car’s leather seat. Charlie’s mouth tasted sexy, some clean-smelling combination of mouthwash and toothpaste mixed his natural manly scent. The few seconds his tongue had been down her throat, wrapped around her tongue, she could tell how horny he was to fuck her. The kiss upon her entrance into the car wasn’t some timid, nice-to-meet-you kiss. It was an I-want-to-fuck-you kiss, of a man who a couple days earlier on the phone told her how hard he was going to stuff her cunt tonight.

She curled her legs underneath herself, sitting up higher in the car, so she could turn and face him while she leaned back against the door a bit. Already she felt her nipples stretching the tight thin fabric of her tubetop, and inside her jeans, her vagina was aching for attention. The man’s pictures hadn’t lied about him. He was tall, definitely over 6 foot, with slender shoulders but a very athletic physique. She’d already seen his handsome face and had no problem with the idea she’d be staring at it all night. He had a knit shirt and pressed slacks, very casual, but it was his air of confidence and experience that was the most attractive. Ever since they first started exchanging emails and talking, he wasn’t like, wow I want to fuck you; it was, more like, you and I would really enjoy each other. That note sounded perfectly with Lacey, who wasn’t doing this as a charity event for some guy stuck in a sexless marriage. This was about, well, fun, two people having a great time.

Her eyes having ravaged his body for a split second, Lacey grinned up at him as he was driving. “So, your wife has no fuckin’ clue?”

The 30-something year old turned his face to grin at her devilishly. “No fuckin’ clue, Lacey.” His hand left the steering wheel to reach out for a moment and rest on her knee, giving her a reassuring squeeze. Then he gunned the car into the main thoroughfare, paying attention to traffic a couple of seconds, before looking back at the young woman sitting next to him. “You said you’ve been to the Motel Belle Aira? I got a room there, if that’s, you know, okay with you.”

Lacey smiled at the two memories of her prior visits to that particular motel, knowing this third one would be equivalent. “Yeah, it’s fine, I mean it’s clean and all and not far away — do you have a key Magosa Escort already?”

He reached into his shirt pocket and retrieved a motel key, holding it out to show her. She giggled that he was so prepared.

“Hot,” was all she said back, happy there were no further arrangements necessary for the night to begin.

As the car raced through town, Charlie kept glancing over at her, clearly taken by how sexy she was, and at the reality of actually having this horny young woman next to him. Lacey could see the relief in his eyes, relaxing now that they were finally together. “Lacey,” he offered with a husky tone, “you are unbelievably gorgeous, I can’t get over how adorable and sexy you are.”

She blushed, not intentionally, and even felt a tingle shoot up her spine. “Wow, thanks — you are sooo sexy too, baby, I can’t believe your wife lets you out of the house alone!”

His response was a hearty laugh. “And I can’t believe your father lets you out alone!”

Lacey laughed back at that, for reasons he’d never know.

A couple of seconds of silence followed, as he looked around to drive past traffic, then he winked at her again. “I’ve hardly breathed since last time we talked on the phone. Work went so fucking slow today. Then I got the room on the way home from work, and the whole time at dinner, I was having this living nightmare that someone would find the key hidden in the car.”

“Well, this is no nightmare,” the young woman soothed with a purr, “it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be one good time, baby, all just for you.” Lacey loved making married men feel treated and special, she knew it was one of the extra pleasures they experienced that single men didn’t when they fucked her.

Obviously, he still wasn’t entirely believing it. “You, uh, sure you don’t want to go get a drink, or see a movie, or something? I know you knew what I look like, but, I mean, I don’t want to pressure you or anything–“

“Oh, no, baby,” the girl giggled, because his response was fairly typical of married men picking her up for the first time, “I’m good, if you just want to go back to the room, then let’s just go.” She waited for emphasis and added, “Let’s just go and fuck.”

He immediately turned to her and grinned, and his eyes looked at her chest then her crotch of her low-rise jeans. “You got a rule of how long you need to wear those after meeting a date?”

Lacey found the question adorable; he was not only respecting her lines, but he was suggesting his cock was ready to fuck her right now. “Baby, you can strip ’em off as soon as the door closes, I can’t wait to get naked — with YOU.” She saw him nod in agreement and even snicker, which made her pussy moisten a little bit more. “And, ok, let’s not call this a date? Cuz, to me, it’s not a date, that’s like the movies and dinner and shit. This is just you and me having fun.”

“Okay then,” the man agreed, “it’s not a date. It’s a — what — a naked get-together?”

“Mmm!” She let out a cackle. “Yeah — more like a, hot to trot, no limits, fuck over and over sweaty naked get-together!”

He let out his own little purr now. “Sound fuckin’ good to me, baby, fuckin’ good.” His eyes were looking out the car window to drive, but every chance he could he glanced over to her. “So tell me, honey, how long has it been since you had a good fucking? I mean from some hot cock, not your fingers.”

The girl tossed her curly blonde flocks over her shoulder and shrugged, at first having to think of the truthful answer but then thinking of what to actually say. Daddy drilled her last night, actually, the last few nights; but she’d just pretend she didn’t have that part of her sex life. “Uh, well, a weekend ago, I mean, not this last one, the one before that — I kinda had a get-together with a guy I know.”

“Yeah?” The driver of the hot car snickered. “A get-together, huh, was the guy your age or my age.”

Lacey laughed, because except for very rare occasions, there never was a guy her age in her sex life. “Older than me, like late 20s — he’s like you, married, doesn’t get enough at home, got a nice penis that cums a lot, he’s fun.” She smiled at herself while watching the man’s face, to see his reaction; some guys would get so jealous they didn’t want to hear details, even if they were getting it from her too. Other guys just liked hearing that she’s easy, or she was into men like themselves. Daddy was about the only man she’d ever met who actually got aroused by the mere fact she was fucking other men.

Turns out the guy next to her was in the first category. “Well,” he said, changing the subject, sounding pissed at the answer, “baby, I haven’t had a tight cunt for quite a while, you’re gonna get your little tight pussy stretched as open as it’s ever been, tonight — hope you wanna be fucked raw!” He didn’t even look over for her reaction, but laughed to himself. His statement about “months” without a tight pussy immediately were inconsistent with his first representations to her, in his very first email responding to her online ad, that he regularly laid teenage girls. Didn’t matter; she still thought he was sexy and the photographs of his nice, big-headed penis gave her all the incentive she needed to get naked with him. If anything, if he had the case of blueballs, he’s just fuck her and cum that much more aggressively.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32