Wild Alaska Ch. 02

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Self Shot

I would like to apologize to everyone for the delay on part 2 of this story. There have been a lot of complications in life as well as an involvement in an accident and a few surgeries that have prevented me from continuing with the story. I have had some positive feedback as well as some negative. I want to thank everyone for being so patient again, I apologize it took so long. I hope you will enjoy part 2, those of you who don’t, suck it up. It’s a fictional story and some details won’t be precise. All characters in this story are 18 or older.


Wild Alaska

Part II

The plane touched down in Anchorage at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The rain was beating down hard, when I stepped out of the terminal. The rain felt good on my face and there was a strong salty smell of the ocean lingering in the air. It reminded me a lot of home. I was pleasantly surprised at how mild the temperature was. I always envisioned this place to be freezing and covered with snow. I climbed into a checkered cab, and headed to my hotel.

“Where ya headed?” the cabbie asked.

“Lakefront Anchorage Hotel.” I replied.

As we pulled away from the terminal, he started making small talk.

“First time in Anchorage? He asked.

“Yeah, it’s not what I expected. I said.

He laughed, and stated that they get a lot of that from first time tourists.

“Let me guess, you were expecting snow, igloos and dog sleds? He joked.

I laughed along with him. He told me of some places to check out while I was here.

“What brings you up here anyways, if you don’t mind me asking?” he inquired.

“Looking for my sister.” I uttered, as my mind started to wander.

I wonder where she was and what she was doing. I didn’t even have a clue what she looked like. All I had was a name to go on. It only took about 15 minutes to get to the hotel. I snapped out of my daze when I felt the yellow cab come to a stop


“That’ll be $18.50.” he said.

I handed him a twenty, and told him to keep the change.

“Good luck finding your sister.” He said.

“Thanks.” I replied, as I climbed out of the cab.

I walked up to the main entrance and was amazed at what I saw when I entered the lobby. There was stuffed animals in glass cases throughout the main level. I’m not talking about your cute little teddy bears either. These were full size animals, living and breathing at one point in time. I stood in front of one glass case that contained a Polar bear. It was standing on its hind legs. I was 6’3″, and I had to look up at it. The thing was massive. As I walked through the hotel lobby, I was amazed at the wood work and glass work. I stopped in front of another glass case. There inside was a large Grizzly bear. I’ve seen pictures and video of them, but never quite realized how big they were. I would hate to run into one of them out in the wild. I stood there in a daze, starring at this massive carnivore, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Pretty large bear, huh?”

I snapped out of my daze, to see a beautiful woman in a tight hotel uniform. I noticed her name tag said Nichole.

“Um, yeah, I’ve never seen a grizzly that big before. ” I stammered.

“Oh, that’s not a grizzly.” She said. “That’s a male Kodiak.”

“What’s the difference?” I asked.

“Well, grizzlies are quite common here in the north, where as the Kodiaks are found only on the islands of the Kodiak archipelago islands in southwest Alaska.”

“I did not know that.” I responded


She had long and thick flowing auburn hair down to her ass. She was about 5’7″, with a very slim figure and smaller breasts, and her… Oh my god. I was standing there checking her out, and didn’t even realize it. I snapped out of my daydream, and I’m sure my face turned beet red by this time.

“I am so sorry.” I said.

She just smiled and introduced herself.

“My name is Nichole I’m the hotel hostess.” “You look a little lost.”

“Hi, I’m Erik, Erik Cooper.” I responded.

“I’m going to assume you’re checking in?” She asked


“Yeah, I am.” As I bend down to grab my bags.

“Where are you from?” she enquired as we started heading toward the front desk.

“I just flew in from Portland.” I said.

“What brings you up to Alaska, if you don’t mind me asking?”

As I walked behind her, I was mesmerized by her perfectly sculpted ass swaying back and forth. I had no idea she just asked me a question. I quickly realized when the conversation stopped. What the hell was wrong with me? I seemed to have the attention span of a hyperactive child.

“I’m sorry.” I said regretfully. “I was a little distracted by the beauty of this place.” I said.

We stopped at the front desk, and she asked me again.

“Oh, I’m here looking for my sister. I replied.

I went on to tell her about my search for her, and she offered to help out as much as she could. That smile of hers was amazing. She had the most beautiful Beşiktaş Escort deep blue eyes ever. Although, that’s what I said about Jenna as well. These eyes were different. They were more electric blue, but very inviting. I had to know more about her.

“Are you from Alaska?” I asked.

“No.” She replied. “I was raised in British Columbia, Canada.”

“Really?” I asked. “What brought you up to Anchorage?”

She laughed a little and replied, “This may sound stupid, but I followed my boyfriend up here.”

“Lucky guy.” I said.

“Not really, the bastard abandoned me alone up here for another woman.” She responded.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said

“Don’t be, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.” She said. “After getting my working visa, I landed a job here at this hotel. I’ve been here for the last two years now.”

After I was checked in, and I received my key card, Nichole walked me up to my room. On the way, we talked more about her life in Canada. I’ve never been there before, but heard it was quite beautiful. We arrived at my door, and talked for a bit longer.

“I upgraded your room for you.” She told me.

“Really?” I asked. “Thank you.”

I slid the key card into the door, and the lock clicked. I pushed the door open to reveal a huge suite. It had a gorgeous view of Lake Spenard and Lake Hood. I have never seen so many sea planes in one area before. You could hear the low drone from the planes as they came in for the night. There is something about the sound of the Dehavilland Beaver and the twin Otter that I have always loved. I turned to look at the rest of the room. It had a huge big screen TV, a beautiful leather couch and a giant king sized bed. The bathroom was fantastic, with a full sized shower and a jetted tub. I was overwhelmed by the room.

“I don’t know what to say, but thank you.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” She said with a smile.

“You need to let me repay you for your generosity.” I said

“And how are you going to do that?” she questioned with a sly grin.

I couldn’t believe it. Was she flirting with me? I was flattered to have the chance to spend some time with a beautiful redhead. First Jenna in Portland, and now I had a chance with Nichole. This was turning out to be an awesome adventure.

“Would you join me for dinner? I really hate eating alone.” I asked.

“Let me take you out and show you some of my favorite local sites. Then we can go for dinner.” She said.

“Are you normally this generous with all your guests? I questioned.

“No, but there is just something about you, that intrigues me.” She said.

“Really?” I said. “I’m flattered.”

“Ok, I’ll let you get settled in, if you need anything, Jacob is manning the front desk this evening. Just give him a call.” “My shift is done, I’m going home to get changed and I will be back in an hour.” She stated.

With that, she stepped forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. Her lips were so soft, yet firm. My cock started to stir to life.

“I can’t wait, Nicole.” I replied.

“Please, just call me Nikki.” She said.

With that, she turned and headed out the door. I turned to look out over Lake Spenard. It had stopped raining, and the clouds were beginning to part. I could see golden rays of sunlight piercing through the clouds over the lake. I turned and tossed my bags on the bed. As I unpacked, I thought about the events of tonight that were about to unfold. The thought of spending the evening with a beautiful brunette. I walked over to the full length mirrored closet doors. I pulled off my shirt and looked at myself. I ran my eyes and traced my fingers over my tattooed arm and chest. It seemed like a life time ago that it all happened. I raised my arms to stretch, and… What the hell was that smell? I sniffed my armpits. My god what a stink. I desperately needed to take a shower. I hope Nikki didn’t get a whiff of my stench. I quickly jumped into the shower and let the hot water wash over my skin. It didn’t take long for the bathroom to fill up with thick steam. I felt refreshed and invigorated. I turned off the water, and stepped out onto the ceramic floor. It felt cool to the touch. I looked at the clock beside the bed. I’m running outta time. I quickly got dressed and ran a comb through my hair. I started getting a little nervous as the hour was almost up. Nikki would be here soon. I walked over to the bed and stared at the clothes I brought with me. I finally decided on a black short sleeve cotton shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of black oxfords. Just as I finished tying my shoes, there was a knock at the door. I looked at my watch, she’s right on time. I walked over and opened the door. Nikki had on a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt. I could just faintly make out her nipples under the cotton.

“Are you ready to go?” She asked?

“Yeah, let me just grab my jacket.” I responded.

I walked Beylikdüzü Escort over to the chair in the corner, and grabbed my leather jacket. We talked more about what we should do and where we should go, as we made our way to the lobby. We walked out to the parking lot, the air was so fresh and clean. I loved that smell of newly fallen rain mixed with the smell of the ocean. We continued to talk some more, when I heard a distinct “chirp” sound. It was clearly a car alarm being deactivated. I realized we were standing in front of a forest green Toyota Tundra. I was shocked at what I saw. The truck was obviously modified and customized, because it was very heavy duty. The thing was huge. If I ever saw a bush truck, this was definitely it.

“You gotta be kidding, right?” I asked

She looked at me a little confused.

“What?” she asked. “You don’t like my truck?”

“Seriously, this is yours?” I asked?

“Yeah, this is my baby.” She said.

“I love it. It’s the perfect truck.” I told her.

“Originally, it was my boyfriends but after he split, I took over the payments and now she’s all mine.”

“I just wasn’t expecting someone like you to be driving a truck like this.” I said.

“What did you expect?” “I’d have some dainty, pretty little thing?” She laughed


“Growing up in British Columbia, we used to go off road all the time as kids.” “It’s in my blood and besides, when the snow falls around here in the winter, if you don’t have a truck, you’re stuck.”

I don’t know what it is about a petite woman and a jacked up truck, but she just got even sexier than before. We climbed up into the cab, and headed out into the city. I started to realize just how many really big trucks were around. We talked more about her childhood and growing up here in Anchorage for several years before they moved. Her father was offered a job in Nelson, British Columbia. I found out that she was also adopted and had three older brothers. Her father worked at the local mill, along with two of her brothers. The youngest of the three went off to college and was working as a chemical engineer somewhere back east. As for her, she didn’t want to be stuck in a small northern mill town for the rest of her life. She fell in love with a guy named Rob in high school, who ended up flying float planes for a living. He was offered a job in Fairbanks, and eventually, the two of them settled down in Anchorage. Then along came Tiffany, who pretty much lured Rob away from Nikki. They eventually moved back down to the southern states somewhere. She remained pretty tight with the local pilots in the area.

“Whatcha thinking about?” she asked, breaking me out of my thoughts


“Just admiring the scenery.” I responded with a smile.

I looked her up and down and thought to myself, how the hell could someone just walk away from her? There was obviously something wrong with him. She just looked over and smiled. Her window was open and her long hair was blowing around. She looked like a goddess to me. We pulled into a parking lot, down by the waterfront. We climbed out and I once again smelled the wonderful fresh salty air. There was a gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean. Nikki came around the truck and hooked her right arm through my left. There was a small little pub in front of us. It looked like one of those out of the way places where if you never saw it, you would have no idea it even existed. Above the door there was a faded wooden sign that read “The Flying Beaver.” Above that was a carved wooden beaver with wings.When we entered the pub, I was taken aback by the rustic interior. It had a huge bar that looked like it was made from huge slabs of cedar and fir. Nikki and I sat down in a booth at the far end of the bar and ordered some drinks. I took off my leather jacket and made myself comfortable. Nikki looked up over the candle light that was burning in the center of our table, and noticed my tattooed arm for the first time.

“So what’s the story with the tatty, if you don’t mind me asking?” she enquired.

“Can I see it a little more closely?” She asked?

“Yeah, sure.” I said.

She got up and walked over to my side of the booth and sat down. She took my left arm in hers and closely examined it. She ran her finger slowly over the full length and bit her lip. My arm twitched and goose bumps started to rise from her delicate touch. I could feel the pressure in my jeans starting to build. I looked up into her beautiful blue eyes and seemed to lose all sense of reality. There was no other place in the whole world I wanted to be right now, but right here. I told her the story of my multiple tours in the Middle East, and the incident which claimed the lives of my brothers. I went on to explain my rehab, my discovery of the sister I never knew I had and my trip to Alaska to find her. When I was done, Nikki was staring at me with those beautiful blue eyes. There was a tear Beyoğlu Escort rolling down her right cheek. I reached up and wiped it away. I could see that she was emotionally shaken by my story. She quickly threw her arms around me gave me a warm hug. I could still hear her emotions in her breathing.

“I’m so sorry.” She said with a whisper. “I couldn’t imagine ever having to go through something like that.”

The embrace lasted for several minutes. I couldn’t help but smell the scent of her hair. It seemed to be a combination of exotic fruits and flower extracts. I have never smelled something so wonderful before. I did not want this moment to end. She released her embrace and sat back.

“It’s not your fault, so please don’t apologize.” I responded.

“I could really use that drink right now.” She whispered.

As the night rolled on, I met a lot of her close friends who were regulars at the pub. Most of them were some of the best bush pilots in the country, with amazing stories to tell. I don’t think Nikki and I bought one drink that night. I tried, but was told my money was no good here. The bartender behind the bar kept sending us drinks all night. They called him Lil’ Mike. He was anything but little. He stood about 6’4″, and must have been at least 300 lbs. or more. He had a shaved head with several tattoos across his skull and one of the biggest, bushiest flaming red beards, I have ever seen. This was one scary looking bushman and built like a brick shithouse. I found out later that him and Nikki and him were tight. He watched over and protected her like a little sister. Throughout the night, Nikki and I became closer, and more affectionate towards each other. By the end of the night, we were having trouble keeping our hands to ourselves. We decided to call it a night, I looked at my watch. 01:17 am.

“You got somewhere you gotta be?” she asked me.

“Nope, just curious.” I replied. “Besides, the night is still young.”

“Oh really.” Her eyebrow raised up. “Just what are you insinuating, huh?”

By this time, all my inhibitions were completely gone. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I was going to take it. I grabbed her around the waist with my left arm and pulled her closer to me. I slid my right hand behind her head and kissed her as seductively as I possibly could. She didn’t resist, she just let out a faint whimper as our lips touched. I swear there was a spark. Maybe it was static electricity, or maybe it was the raw animalistic desire between the two of us. I could taste the rum on her lips, they felt exceptionally hot to the touch. Her lips were on fire, maybe she really was a goddess. My heart hasn’t beaten this fast since I was in the Middle East, pinned under the armored vehicle. She suddenly pushed me away from her, looked me in the eyes and got up from the booth. I was a little perplexed as to what was going on.

“We need to leave now!” She demanded.

I thought to myself, did I step over the line? Was I too aggressive? She grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of the booth. I only had enough time to grab my leather jacket, before she literally tore my arm out of its socket.

“Bye Mikey.” She yelled and blew him a kiss.

“Later Nikki.” He yelled back.

We tore through the pub like it was on fire. We made it out to the parking lot in record time, and got to the truck. She grabbed me, spun me around and forced me up against the driver’s side door. She looked me straight in the eyes with this wild hunger I haven’t seen in a long time. A smile rolled across her lips.

“Now who’s being the aggressor?” I asked.

“Do you have any idea how wet you’re making me? She asked.

I grabbed her by the waist picked her up, spun her around and pushed her up against the truck door. I smiled and said “No, but I’m planning on finding out.”

“Oh really, is that so? She replied.

“Yes, that is so.” And with that, I leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Just then the rain started to fall down around us. It started off light but within minutes, it was a torrential down pour. She wrapped her legs tighter around my waist and started to grind into my already swollen cock. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair. Pulled her head back to expose that beautiful neck. I left her lips behind and worked my way to her left ear. I slowly made my way down her neck and started to bite her. She let out a loud audible groan and dug her nails deeply into the back of my neck. By this time we were soaked to the bone but didn’t care. The heat coming off our bodies was probably evaporating the rain as soon as it hit us. She whispered in my left ear, between her moans that it was time to head back to the hotel. I released my grip on her and lowered her to the ground. Our t-shirts were now soaked and clinging to our drenched bodies. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. I could see her ivory colored bra clearly through her shirt. Her nipples were standing at attention. She pulled her keys from her pocked, and I heard the familiar “chirp” of the alarm being deactivated.

She tossed me the keys and said “You’re driving.”

“You remember the way back, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, I believe so.” “Why am I driving?” I questioned her with a grin.

“Because I’m gonna need my hands free on the way back.” She replied with a mischievous smirk.

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