Better than Milk

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I opened the fridge to get the milk out and I realized I’m out of milk. “Damn, I need to run to the store and grab some before I head to work!” So I scurried to the bedroom, take the damp towel wrapped around my moist skin and let it unravel onto the floor, slipped on a short skirt, bra and a blouse and buttoned it up. “Ooohh, underwear…gotta have that!” I went into my drawer to pick out panties and I forgot it’s laundry day! “Fuck! Shit!…I guess no underwear to work today. I guess that will be my excitement for the day.”

I dried my hair quickly, applied makeup, slipped into mu high heels and grabbed my purse and out the door she goes. I walked fast, two block down, one block to the right to the grocery store and was praying that the wind didn’t knock my skirt up for people to see. I walk in and I see Shane, the owner of the store, ringing up a customer’s purchase. Shane is in his mid 50s, full head of hair, gray with a mix of brown. He is thin but toned. He always wears khakis, which are pressed and a crisp polo every day. As I walked by, I said hi to him, he looked up, smiled at me and winked, which is does to everyone.

I head to the area where the milk was, opened the door and leaned down to pick up a half gallon on the bottom shelf. As soon as I got up, I felt a draft under my short skirt and I forgot I didn’t have any underwear on! “Whoops!” I said under my breathe. I looked around to see if anyone saw my jewels. “Nope, whew!” I turned around and head back to the register.

I arrived to the register and Shane is no where almanbahis to be found. I put the milk down with a thud to get his attention. I waited a minute then I started looking around…”where is the hell is that man?!”

I heard a noise in his office, which isn’t far from the register so I bent down over the counter to see if I can spot him inside. “Hmmmm…I can’t see the inside of the office”. As I came back up, ready to holler his name, I felt a warm sweaty hand go up my short skirt and lightly grabbed my ass. At first, I panicked, thinking someone was robbing me but the touch pulled a rush over her. The hand squeezed the bottom of my ass, the thumb was almost touching my pussy lips while the other 4 were cupping my ass. I started to like it, I arched my back and I felt the other hand on her other ass cheek. Now, both thumbs were rubbing up and down my pussy lips and I can feel them swelling.

“Hmmmm…this feels good!” I slid the milk aside, against the register and I bent down on the counter so the hands could touch more of me. My hard nipples pressed against the cool counter. I felt the skirt flip up, exposing my bare ass. Then I heard knees hit the floor and both thumbs spread my ass to show my pussy hole. I moaned at the idea of both holes being exposed to a stranger, out in public. My hands grabbed the edges of the counter and began thrusting back and forth. I felt the wetness of his tongue going in between the crevice from the top of my ass down to my pussy lips. I felt his nose and lips pressed deep inside me, his almanbahis giriş tongue circled around my widened pussy, both thumbs slid in my hole. I positioned my legs farther apart to let his hands know to keep going. The thumbs go in and out of my wet pussy while I swayed my hips back and forth and.

The thumbs come out of my hot wet hole, the hands releases its grip from my ass and there was a pause. “That’s it?! Noooo, please, I want more!” I thought. Just as I was getting ready to stand up, a hand touched my left shoulder and pressed down to keep me against the counter. I felt a hot and wet pressure sliding up and down in between my ass cheeks. I arched my back more and I brought both of my hands around and spread my ass cheeks for him. I heard a low moan from him, assuming that I gained his approval. I felt his hard cock enter my pussy slowly. My eyes close to embrace every inch of him going inside me and coming out, back and forth repetitiously. He picked up the pace, he placed his hands on my arms while I spread my ass wider. He took one finger, wet it and started circling around puckered ass. He slowly poked his finger inside her tight hole as he fucked her. The idea of being fucked in the pussy while a finger moved in and out of my ass felt exhilarating. I envisioned two cocks, one in my pussy and one on my ass thrusting inside of me at the same time. He added another finger inside her ass. The added pressure made me lean my head back and let out a moan. He grabbed my long brown hair with his other hand, while he fingered almanbahis yeni giriş my ass and fucked me with his hard cock at the same time. His thrusts became deeper.

“Fuck! I want more!” I took one of my hands, took a finger and stuck it in my ass, joining the 2 fingers that were already inside of me. He leaned in, while yanking on my hair and whispered “I want to fuck you in the ass”. “Oh my God, yes” I moaned. So he took my finger out, his, pulled his dick out of wet pussy and gently glided it inside my hot tight ass. “Yes!” I screamed lightly. He put both of his hands on my hips, grabbed tightly and started fucking me harder and harder, his balls banging against my swollen clit. I started to moan softly and it became louder and louder. All the sudden, the thrusts became rougher, edgier and his hands tightened on my hips. The excitement was building up. “Fuck me harder” I said sternly.

A few hard thrusts, he came inside me. He pulled out of my worn hole and pinched my punished ass cheeks. I laid there on the counter to catch my breath for a few seconds. I lift myself from the counter, turns around to see who it was and he was gone. I got up, laid my skirt down and straightened my hair and shirt. Shane walks in from the office looking at me with concern. “Are you ok, Sarah?”

“Yes, I just slipped and fell but I’m ok.” As I straighten myself, I peek at Shane. He looks “normal”. He doesn’t look sweaty, his pressed pants are zipped and buttoned neatly so there is no way that he could have dressed himself that fast. I look around the store and no one is in the store. I pay for the milk and head back to my apartment confused yet feel amazing. My ass and pussy lips are swollen and the feel of them rubbing against each other just reminds me of wanting more of this incredible stranger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32