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Dear Diary,

Today was training day with Daddy.

We’ve both been busy, so it’s been a few days since we’ve gotten to play. Usually, after it’s been a few days, he gives me a big treat. Today, though, he said that he’s been spoiling me, and he needed to remind me of “the nature of our relationship.” I guess he had a tough day at work.

After I made him dinner and gave him a nice, long back rub, he had me lay down on the bed. I thought he might be doing a back rub reward for me, too, until he started touching me so gently I wasn’t sure if it was him for a moment.

“Cutie,” he growled. “I’m gonna teach you the meaning of self-control tonight.”

The way he said it sent shivers down my spine.

Daddy had me lay there for what felt like hours while he teased up and down my spine, along my sides. Sometimes he would circle my hip before roughly grabbing my ass when I wasn’t expecting it.

I could feel it getting sticky between my thighs, and it got harder and harder to stay quiet, but Daddy wanted me to control myself so I had to try my best for him. He continued to tease me relentlessly. Somehow, he seemed to know when I started to get into his pace, to expect what he was going to do, and he switched up what he was doing. He started spanking me once I was expecting something else, softer at first, but so rough after a while that gaziantep escort my ass never had the chance to stop tingling.

By the time he started spanking, I was so wet that I was getting the bed sticky. I think he noticed, because he started teasing my thighs, too, just close enough to brush my pussy. I couldn’t stop my hips from bucking forward a little, which earned me another spanking.

“Don’t you know giving into lust makes you a bad girl?” Daddy hissed at me. “I know you’re a little whore, but you need to control yourself.”

I love it when daddy calls me names.

I stiffened my body, trying to be good, but he gave me a disapproving look every time that I moaned. I pressed a pillow to my face, trying to keep quiet. After that, though, Daddy got more aggressive, like he wanted me to give in!

He had me lift my ass in the air for him so he could keep smacking it and playing with it, even though it was far past raw. I couldn’t keep from falling forward into the pile of pillows when he sunk his teeth into my ass; Daddy really likes marking me. After I pulled myself together (and after another punishment spanking), Daddy finally started to touch my pussy.

“Wow.” He said flatly.

I peeked back at him, hearing the disapproval in his voice.

“I didn’t realize I was playing with such a goddamn cock-hungry slut.” babelan.net

I hid my face in shame, but my pussy betrayed my excitement. Why do I love it when Daddy humiliates me so much??

But I can’t have been that bad of a girl, because Daddy surprised me by shoving his thick, meaty, rod all the way into my pussy. It went in so easily with how wet I was… I almost came just from that! Of course, he wouldn’t let me off that easy.

He yanked me back by my neck and held me tight to him while he pistoned in and out of me, not giving me a chance to get used to him.

“If you love cock and cumming so much, then do it, bitch.”

He squeezed tighter around my neck as his cock filled me up, making naughty squelchy noises in my wet pussy. How could I disobey? I came for Daddy on the spot, but he didn’t stop at all, not even to give me time to breathe. He just dropped me face down on the mattress, grabbed my hips, and thrust into my deepest parts again and again, making my eyes roll back in pleasure.

I love being Daddy’s little fucktoy.

He made me cum I think 12 times before I lost consciousness… When I woke up, he was still fucking my sore, sensitive pussy with me laying on my back now. He pinched my clit when he saw I woke up, and twisted hard.

“So fucking inconsiderate. All you fucking cumsluts know how to do is please yourself.”

I was mortified by what he said, but even moreso as my pussy twitched around his cock while he said it.

“Yeah? You even like it when I insult you?” He smacked me across the face. “What a dumb. Fucking. Bitch. Are you fucked up in the head or something?”

I pulled a pillow across my face, trying to hide my mixed excitement and shame as Daddy continued to berate me. I could feel myself getting close to another orgasm, but I couldn’t let Daddy down again. I set the pillow to the side and was about to offer my special mouth service to Daddy when he gave me an evil look.

He swung my legs up over his shoulders and started ramming into me, filling me all the way up and then some.

“Don’t fucking cum yet, you fucking whore. Come on, you’d better fuckin wait.” Daddy grunted while he was thrusting.

All I could do was mewl back in response.

“You ready? I’m gonna fill your slutty pussy up, maybe you’ll get lucky and become a mommy tonight. You know the rules. 3… 2… 1…!!”

Daddy pressed his hot, throbbing dick as deep as he could inside of me, his hips still thrusting a little as he filled his cum-dump’s pussy with his thick, delicious jizz.

All the while, I was experiencing the best orgasm of my life, my pussy spasming and clamping tightly around Daddy’s amazing cock.

“I belong… To Daddy…” I managed to moan during my orgasm… Just like Daddy taught me.

He kissed my forehead after, and said my favorite words.

“Such a good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32