A Night In

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Big Dicks

She decided to wear for the date a black Basque made of satin with transparent lacy bra cups, and with a tightly clinched waist, long black suspenders; the matching thong-cut black satin panties finished the underwear ensemble.

She pulled on the Basque and fastened the series of hooks into the eyes at the back, using the tightest of the three possible positions. As she worked her way up from the bottom to the top and the feeling of constriction increased, she felt her excitement growing with it. She settled her breasts comfortably into the bra cups, which pushed them up into a deep cleavage.

Sitting on the bed, she unwrapped a packet of stockings. They were silky and soft to the touch. She rolled one into a pocket then inserted her toe; amazed at the way the glossy material seemed to transform her flesh, encasing it in sheen of shadowy black. She rolled the second stocking on in the same fashion, and then clipped the front and side of the stockings into the long suspenders that hung down from the hem of the Basque.

She stood up and examined herself in the mirror. The dark blonde hair on her pubic bone seemed to be framed by the Basque at the top, the long black suspenders at the sides and the stocking tops at the bottom. The suspenders snaking over her hips made her legs look even longer, the welts of the stockings had made her thighs look soft and creamy. The black panties were laid on the bed. She picked them up and stepped into them, drawing them up her legs and over her hips. Her clitoris reacted strongly as the silky material nestled in against her sex.

The panties revealed the crease of her pelvis and clung tightly to the triangle of her pubic hair. She ran her hand down over the gusset of the panties to try and soothe it but this only made matters worse and it throbbed energetically as her fingers stroked her labia. In the mirror she watched as her hand glided down between her legs, caressing the black satin. Thoughts of him excited her.

She dressed quickly now, eager to see her lover. She wore a red dress; it was a sleeveless silk sheath dress with a turtleneck and teardrop cut out that revealed a lot of the cleavage that the tight Basque created. The skirt was just long enough to cover the tops of her stockings…but only just.

As they walked to the car, he pulled her close into his side, his hand resting on the curves of her hips; the feel of her warm soft body and scent of her perfume awakened his senses. This lady always thrilled him with her presence, whether it was her humour or the fact that she seemed to know intuitively how to please him, and sometimes exactly what he was thinking. He couldn’t turn around and say that he was in love, but if this feeling as he walked along the street close to her soft curvy body was love, then at this moment he wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

He opened Eskişehir Escort the car door for her and watched her legs swing round to enter, his eyes caught sight of the tops of her stockings, and the familiar stirrings in his groin began. Sometimes just her smile did this to him, and now he had the unpleasant knowledge of a car drive to the restaurant and a whole meal with a raging erection. Damn, he thought, I should have just pushed her back into the room when I saw her looking like this.

As he got into the drivers side, he saw that she was sat twisted from the waist so that she could face him.

“Baby, all of a sudden I don’t feel hungry for food…can we go back inside and just stay in this evening?”

His insides lurched as her green eyes spokes volumes more than her few words. His eyes were mesmerised by the way her lips had stayed parted as if suspended in time after her last word. Gulping, he got out of the car and joined her as she did the same and stood in the chilled night air. Towering above her, he held her close, his gaze holding hers as he bent to kiss her. Oh, god those lips of hers, so soft and supple, how they reminded him of two beautiful kissable pillows. Giggling, she took his hand and they walked back to her house.

It was the sight of him in a suit that had done it; the crisp white of his shirt had flattered his face so well, his tan glowing in the soft light of the room. His body looked so wonderful encased in the black silky looking suit. His dark, wavy hair straying down onto his face slightly, she just couldn’t resist him.

Once they had got back into the house, they kissed again, her hunger showed in the way she pushed herself against him, her hips rocking in a rhythm of their own need against his leg. Her arms snaked around his neck as she started to pull him towards the lounge. Once in the room she stood away from him and reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it slowly up and over her body. As the dress reached her hair, she paused. She stood there, hands up in the air holding the dress, her nearly naked body exposed to him, her breasts raised to the point of almost spilling from their prison. As the dress broke free and she could see again, she smiled as he stood watching her.

“Oh wow darling, you look good enough to eat,” He almost growled as he stepped towards her. His hands reached out to touch the pale skin of her neck and chest; his ran his fingers over the mounds of her large soft tits. He put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to him as he saw her eyes close in desire.

She felt weak as he held her with one hand, the strength of his grasp made her stop still as if waiting for a command. Right then her whole body felt as if it was his to use, and oh she hoped so much, abuse.

Swinging her around, he pushed her firmly against the Eskişehir Escort Bayan wall, his eyes watching her breath causing those delicious creamy mounds to move faster. With one swift yank, he pulled the front of the Basque down and set them free. There was no way anyone would consider these tits perfect, not quite firm, yet not sagging, just soft voluptuous pillows of delight. His large hand grabbed at her, and pushed her tit hard and close to her chest, his thumb and forefinger pinching roughly on the nipple. She moaned in excitement as his mouth moved to encompass her large pink nipples. Her head span as his teeth and tongue played with her. She whimpered as his teeth pulled the delicate flesh from her body, as his hand toyed and squeezed on the other tit. She almost purred as he began to suck strongly on the nipple, the exquisite pain as his hungry mouth almost devoured her. Moving her hands to his head, she began to run her fingers through his hair, and over his strong neck, pushing his jacket from his shoulders, till he shook it free and allowed it to fall to the floor.

She began to laugh as he buried his face in between both tits and just seemed to revel in them. She joked about his being her tit man as he rubbed his face deep in the cleavage, his tongue running over them as he moved about.
He stood and placed the palm of his hand on her softly rounded stomach, making her stand straight with her back to the wall. His fingers curled into the waist of her panties and pulled them down swiftly and with an expert fluidity. He walked from her and picked up a dining chair from the other room. Placing it slightly to her side, he hooked up her leg and planted her foot firmly down upon it. Leaving her stood there with her pussy exposed and her tits hanging free. His eyes just hungrily roamed over her body, his cock raging as he saw her flush from his scrutiny. He loved the way that this fiery woman could sometimes be reduced to an almost virgin like state once stood exposed like this to him.
Kneeling down, he nuzzled his mouth against the soft flesh of her stomach, and his hand caressed the creamy flesh of her exposed thigh. She gasped as he assaulted her pussy with his tongue. One hand held the lips open wide as his tongue moved in long slow strokes from her clit to her cunt hole. He moved his other hand up to her wetness as he continued to stroke. With force he rammed four fingers deeply into the tightness of her cuntal walls and began to thrust them into her, making her whole body move harshly against the rough wall.

Oh God how it hurt, yet how good it felt, almost as if she were splitting in two, but she knew that he knew what he wanted and that no matter what this glorious man did to her, she would enjoy it. She screamed as his teeth gripped her clit and bit down, she almost collapsed as he began Escort Eskişehir to shake his head side to side, delivering to her the most fantastic sensations she had ever experienced. The large hand was still thrusting into her as her orgasm came, if not for his hand and head supporting her she would have fallen, as her sweet juices splashed over his hand and onto his waiting tongue.

He delighted as she came with her usual flourish, he adored the way she squirted like an ejaculation, his tongue lapped eagerly at her sweet nectar. Standing up, he bent to kiss her, swapping her taste to her mouth. Her juice from his cheeks and chin rubbing against her own face as he kissed her hungrily. The knowledge of her cum all over their faces was just heightening their state of arousal.

Tenderly he pushed down to her knees in front of him. He let go of her and unbuckled his belt, and pulled it free from his trousers. Bending over her, he pulled her arms behind her back and tied the belt around her wrists, securing her hands tightly behind her. Slipping his free hand into her soft, almost short, dark blonde hair to raise up her head, he opened his fly and pushed his pants down out of the way to allow his cock loose from the tight confines. It sprang free, and its hardness slapped at her face.

Her mouth instinctively opened, and took the head of his beautiful cock in. His hand in her hair dictated the movement of her head, but her lips and tongue was her own domain. As he began a slow rhythmic rocking of his hips, she lolled her tongue around his member, stopping to suck now and then, she dipped her tongue into his cum hole to lap at his hot pre-cum, and began to now suck and nip his cock with her lips. Forming for him with her mouth a cunt to fuck. His thrusts began to increase in strength and she struggled to keep up with him, she held her breath as his movements began to get jerkier, with a hard thrust she gagged as his cock shot to the back of her throat and he banged into her in a frenzy, his tight balls resting on her chin as his load of hot seed began to splash deep into her throat. He withdrew quickly and watched as his cum splashed at her face and down over her breasts. One arm supporting him with the wall behind them, he moved to stroke the remains of his cum out and over her, which she tried to catch with her tongue. His soft contented grunts echoed around the room as she nosily cleared all the cum that she could from her face, and his cock.

She knew that the nosier she was the happier he would be, so she slurped and guzzled his cum with all her might. Kneeling down in front of her, he wrapped his arms around her to loosen her from the belt. Then he moved to kiss her, their tongues lashed at each other as they shared his taste. Catching their breaths, they moulded against one another.

Recovering, he pulled her to her feet and swooped her up in his arms, cradling her soft body against his. He carried her up the stairs to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Lying down beside her, he removed firstly the remains of his clothes then stripped her too. They melted into a passionate kiss and began again the process of their mutual delights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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