A Night of New Experiences Pt. 01

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This is my first actual story I’ve written, erotic or otherwise. Feedback will be very welcome.


The night has arrived. You’ve had butterflies all day know what was about to happen this evening. You must have spent hours going through your wardrobe looking for the perfect outfit to surprise him with. You look at the time, and realize you only have a few minutes until he should arrive. As the bra clasp clicks into place, there is a knock at the door. You take a deep breath to calm yourself still upset that you didn’t have more time to prepare, will he notice? Will he care? You approach the door.

As soon as the front door had closed, his left hand was behind your lower back pulling you towards him. His right hand approaching your face. His thumb brushing your cheek just above your lip and his fingers curving around your neck just below your ear landing softly. His hand moves to the back of your head, and he pulls you forward, your lips embracing.

You both separate, breathing heavily and lying on the bed side by side, naked and perspiring slightly. A breeze crosses over your body making you shiver slightly, “crap, I left the window open, can you close it?” you ask him. He gets up, closes the window, and grabs his backpack that was on the chair beside your computer. He opens the main section and pulls out some rope secured by what looks like cloth. You look down at the floor at the end of the bed and see your underwear beside his “well that was a waste of time”, you thought.

“Lie down on your back”, he demands. He grabs your left foot by the ankle and moves it to the corner of the mattress. He does a quick loop around your ankle with the rope and then secures it to the bed frame. He moves around the bed, and repeats his actions to your right leg. You give the ropes a quick tug towards each other. It seems you can move your ankles around 10 inches towards each other. He takes notice and with a smirk on his face readjusts the ropes pulling your leg further apart. He keeps an eye on your face whilst pulling on the ropes with both hands. The moment your eyebrows twitch he stops and ties the ropes off. He wants you secure, but not in constant pain.

He repeats the process with your arms, but unlike what you were expecting; above your head at a 45° degree angle, they are horizontal to your shoulders. He ties them to the frame and asks you to try and move. You try, but they are secure in place. You are going nowhere.

Using the last of the rope, he places it just below your chin and around the back of your head and fastens it to the headboard. Your unsure why but he simply says “I don’t want to slipping down the mattress, you will see why soon”. Finally, he places 2 pillows under your upper back and head so you are lifted off the mattress slightly. The rope strain on your wrists but they only slightly hurt from the friction generated.

“Are you ready?” he asks. He looks controlled, but in his eyes, you can see he is just checking you are mentally ready for what is next…You nod. He gives you a reassuring smile and then pulls the cloth that was securing the rope over your eyes and ties it behind your head. You try and move your head to see what’s happening. Maybe you can peek under the blindfold but all that achieves is him pulling it down slightly blocking out all light. All is now dark. He moves his head next to your left ear and tells you, “Don’t worry, this is going to be fun”. He puts headphones in your ears and puts on some music. You try and listen to any movements and focusing on him but all you hear is what’s coming out of the headphones. Your completely powerless and at his mercy.

You can feel him moving around the room from the vibrations on the floor, but you’re not exactly sure where he is. Nothing happens for what seems like an eternity, has he left the niğde escort room? Everything seems to stand still.

You feel something hot land on your stomach just below your belly button and you try to crunch up but your unable to move. It’s hot, you try and squirm free but all that does is spread whatever has dripped onto you. It doesn’t feel like its burning, so you try to calm down a little. The drips seems to be moving up around your navel, between your breasts and then suddenly stop. A few seconds later, you feel a heat approaching your right breast from the outside of the room. It gets hotter and hotter. The heat starts to become unbearable. You try to move to the left away from the heat. You move only ever so slightly but the heat doesn’t seem to get any hotter. It’s extremely uncomfortable, but not painful. He tips the candle right over your nipple and you can feel a cascade of hot wax spread over your breast. You cry out at the sudden increase in temperature and your breathing becomes rapid. The wax slowly begins to cool down and harden. The candles heat vanishes, to then reappear at your left breast just as you were recovering. Once again, you try and squirm away as you did before knowing what is about to happen. But this time, the heat doesn’t vanish. “What is he doing?!” you think. “So close to my breast with such a high heat”. Just as you are about to shout for him to stop, your nipple touches something extremely cold. You gasp at the sudden change and relief from the pain. It circles your nipple for around 10 seconds to cool it down, and then, just as quickly as it disappears, It’s replaced with what seems like a waterfall of wax flowing over your nipple down your breast and finishing it journey by pooling in your belly button. It’s so hot you cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Whilst the wax is cooling, he takes his hand and runs it down the right side of your body past the breast, over your waist, and down to your knee. His hand moves over your knee to the inside of your thigh. The tip of his fingers move in swirls ever so lightly. You can barely feel them moving up your thigh. Your breathing becomes more shallow and your nipples under the wax begin to ache. His fingers stop halfway up your thigh, they switch sides and begins again just above your knee. Every time his fingers get slightly higher, but never enough to give you what you want. You keep trying to slide down to force his hand higher but all that does is make the rope tighten around your chin making you stop. Whilst his fingers are moving, you can feel his face getting closer to your neck. You feel a light breeze as he blows on side of your neck under your ear making your hair stand on end. You can feel him getting closer. His lips touch your skin and it feels like an electric current has just passed through your body. He begins to kiss your skin like its the most important thing in the world. The kisses are short and focused and every time his lips meet your skin, you can feel them parting slightly and his tongue slide over your skin before disappearing again.

His mouth starts to move south over your collarbone and to the top of your breast. You can feel him remove the wax from your nipples with his free hand and put it on the bedside table. With a primal surge, he suddenly takes as much of your nipple into your mouth as he can and you feel the ache in your nipple die away with the attention its receiving. You gasp as you feel a sudden coldness. It only lasts for a few seconds to be replaced with the hot interior of his mouth. Again, your nipple turns cold and slightly softens as the numbness spreads. He has a small ice cube hidden inside his mouth. You can feel him crunch the cube between his teeth and then return the coldness to your nipple. He tightens his lips around your nipple and sucks as hard as ordu escort he can. It stings as he stretches your nipple inside his mouth. Combined with the ice, its a very arousing feeling.

He removes his mouth from your breast and takes your nipple between his thumb and fore-finger and begins to pull. He watches as your back starts to arch to try and get some relief from the pain. Just as your about to cry out, he lets go and you fall back to the mattress with a thump. You want to relax from the constant barrage of torture your nipple has received so far but he just begins to repeat the process with your other nipple. This goes on for around 2 minutes switching between breasts. Your nipples feel raw and painful but one last time he takes both nipples and pulls. This time the pain is unbearable and you ask him to stop. He pulls ever so slightly until you cant arch your back any further out and lets go. You crash to the mattress and you feel a single tear roll down beside your ear. He gives both nipples a quick kiss and stands up.

You feel him climb onto the mattress and readjusting his body towards your head not sure what’s about to happen. The mattress just behind your head begins to compress and you realize you are now between his knees. What’s he planning on doing?

You can feel his body moving, is he arching his back? His lips connect with yours. Both of your mouths open and your tongues dance for what seems like only a few seconds. You can feel his left hand’s Index and middle finger, together, touch just under your chin. He sits back up leaving your mouth still open in surprise at the sudden departure of its partner.

You can feel the pillows below you being moved further down your body so they now rest under your entire back. Your head is now floating and you must use your muscles to keep your head horizontal. The fingers on your chin start to push towards him making your head arch back. You’re not sure what he is wanting you to do, so you try and move your head up out of instinct, but all that invites is the palm of his other hand press against your forehead pushing down hard. You stop resisting and allow him to take your head where he wants. You feel your head touch the mattress but instead of further down he now pushes your head back towards the pillows. It hurts from the unexpected position but you don’t have any choice but to do what he wants. You can feel his hand around the rope as he slowly lifts it over your head making sure not to move your blindfold.

The air begins to change, and your nose picks up what’s about to appear. A strong scent of musk and sweat and then the tip of his cock touches your lips. You can already tell from the amount of pre-cum that is now smeared on your lips from the initial touch how horny he is. He takes his finger, and wipes it along your lips and begins to apply what he removed just between your lips and nose. He means for you to smell him all night, even after the night of pleasure has concluded. He takes his thumb and forces it between your lips and teeth. You can feel his thumb on your bottom teeth as he begins to pull open your mouth. You resist not wanting to have your mouth so exposed but as you resist he simply grabs one of your nipples and squeezes. The pain from earlier re-emerges and you have no choice but to open your mouth. He removes his hand from your nipple and runs it up over your chest, your throat and then over your chin. you begin to realize what’s about to happen. Your open mouth, a straight neck. All that does is give him easy access to your throat. You discussed the idea with him on numerous occasions but not once did he actually suggest doing it?! With a swift motion he plunges his entire length down your throat giving you no time to prepare.

You gag with the sudden intrusion in your throat but with his entire rize escort length embedded there, there is not much you can do. Something you had not anticipated just occurs. With his dick in your throat you cant breath. He knows it and will use it to his enjoyment. He starts to massage your breasts and watches you squirm under him. As you start to panic and try move your arms and suck in some air, he pulls out so only the tip is left in your mouth. You take a deep breath, a second, a third. As soon as you start to breath in for the fourth time, he pushes himself fully into your throat once again. Unlike last time he, withdraws quickly to the entrance of your throat and pushes himself back in. You try and take breaths when your can but you can still feel yourself getting light-headed.

You really start to get concerned with the lack of oxygen your getting, “maybe this was a bad a idea allowing him to restrain me”, you think. You feel your grasp on consciousness start to slip, but he suddenly pulls out completely. You take a deep gasps of air and start to see spots in your vision. The darkness of the blindfold only making the dots even more pronounced.

He start to stroke your cheek with one hand running his other hand down the side of your neck below your ear in a calming gesture. A minute passes and you start to feel your breathing return to normal. Once again, he takes his thumb and parts your mouth. You don’t resist this time. Is it because you know what will happen or are you just too exhausted to fight back?. He positions his cock just past your lips, but this time he doesn’t push all the way inside. He holds himself there as if expecting something to happen. He gives your cheek a few slight slaps to get your attention. “What does he want?” Your restrained, you cant move your body or your head, “the only thing I can do is open my mouth and use my tongue”…That must be it!

He gives you a few more slaps but this time they are rough and sting. He’s getting impatient. You stick out your tongue to taste the tip of his cock. The moment you touch his head you can feel him tense up. You push your tongue under his foreskin and lick around getting as much contact as you can. The slaps change to a stroke of the cheek. He positions his cock closer to your tongue and allows you to get to work. You feel relieved that you figured out what he wanted. Every so often he starts to thrust forwards. You can tell he is getting frustrated by the lack of friction but there is nothing you can do with only your tongue and no head movements.

You feel him readjusting himself away from your tongue and moving more central in your mouth. You take a deep breath expecting him to push fully into your throat. He trusts once, deeply into your mouth past your tongue. He gets just to the entrance of your throat and pulls back. He does this again and again. His thrusts start to become more rapid. With both hands, he grabs the side of your head and your arm just beside your armpit and starts to fuck your mouth. At this point, he doesn’t care that it’s your mouth. Right now, all it is, is something for him to dump his load in. You can sense he was close to cumming as you could feel his dick throbbing inside your mouth. You feel his legs tighten and his balls retract upwards. With a much stronger than normal force, he pushes as far into your throat as he can. It almost feels like he could reach your stomach. You feel him unload in your throat and you can feel it flowing down into your stomach in spurts. He’s far too engrossed into his own bliss that you start to struggle for breath. “How long will he be, please hurry up”, as you can feel the last few twitches in your throat. He collapses on top of you and roles off to the side onto the mattress between your mark and leg. His dick falls out of your mouth as you take a gasp of much needed air.

You have the biggest smile on your face…”fuck me”, you say in content happiness from that experience. A small amount of cum escapes the side of your mouth and dribbles down the side of your face but at that point you don’t even care.

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