A Special Touch

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At the age of nineteen, Aiden Johnson detested living in the city. Discontent filled his heart and he knew he was different than the other guys he grew up with. Feelings stirred in the pit of his stomach that he didn’t understand. He detested the daily news of gangs, drugs and crime that was constantly forced down his throat by the media. The constant sound of sirens, the hum of traffic and horns blasting in the distance. He felt like Denver Colorado was sucking the life out of him.

He knew he was different. He lost sleep over the smallest of transgressive acts of other people. The homeless beggars that lived under the bridge near his parents house always left him sad, even heartbroken at times. His so called friends teased and made fun of him for stopping to help an old, white haired woman make her way up the littered concrete steps in front of her dingy apartment building.

He knew there was more to life than what he was living.

After a long conversation with Lana, his mother, one Saturday morning. She suggested they call her younger sister Clara. Clara lived in the mountains of Colorado, a few miles from Vail. Aiden always enjoyed the visits to her little house when he was younger. An hour after the phone call, Aiden was packing a bag. Clara had invited him to spend the summer with her. He felt an excitement he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Aiden always liked his aunt Clara. After a two hour bus ride, Clara welcomed him with open arms. Her long, silvery, white hair and blue eyes set her apart from other people. Her sincere smile and soft voice always seemed to make everyone around her comfortable.

Clara’s husband had passed away when Aden was young. She never remarried. She lived alone miles from the big city, In a small log cabin in the woods. It was very cozy and comfortable. The smell of smoke from her fireplace was always comforting.

Clara spent hours in her garden every day. If not the garden she was walking in the woods, foraging for wild medicinal plants, cleaning something, or checking whatever she had simmering on the stove.

Aiden took over the job of splitting wood and keeping the box full next to the rock fireplace.

Her kitchen walls were lined with shelves, made of nothing more than flat wooden boards. The shelves held jar after jar of wild herbs, dried leaves, roots and powders of different colors. There were jars of dried bark from trees and wild mushrooms. Some jars were filled with teas she had made.

After a few days, Aiden noticed that in the early mornings Clara was nowhere to be found. It seemed she would just disappear for an hour, sometimes more.

Aiden asked, “Where do you go every morning? If I may?”

“Just getting right!” she answered.

He didn’t understand. Her blue eyes twinkled when she smiled at him. She pulled two chairs from her small kitchen table and set them facing each other. She sat on one and motioned for Aiden to take the other. He sat facing her and watched with curiosity as she took his hands in hers. Her long fingers were soft and warm as she rubbed the backs of his hands with her thumbs.

“Close your eyes!” She said, as she closed hers.

Aiden closed his eyes and sat in silence. After a minute or so, she whispered, “Pay attention to your breathing, don’t do anything to change it, just pay attention to it!”

He found it interesting, that he had never really paid much attention to his breathing. After a few minutes it seemed the world around him began to go quiet. His breathing slowed, it became shallower. He could feel his heart beating. He could feel Clara’s pulse in her hands. He could feel that her pulse was slower than his. Aiden took a deep breath, he exhaled. Relaxing, his heartbeat slowed until it was beating in time with hers. It felt as if they were one and the same heartbeat.

He felt her thumbs gently rubbing the backs of his hands. He opened his eyes to see her smiling at him. She had perfect white teeth and full lips. She never wore any make-up, she didn’t need any

“Tomorrow morning, I would like you to come with me. We will get right together!” she said, “I feel something in you I’ve never felt before.” She was searching for something in his eyes. “You have an energy in you. It feels very powerful to me!” She said as she got up and put the chair back by the table.

“Energy?” he questioned.

“It’s a gift!” she answered. “But it’s still in the box, I’ll help you open it!” She smiled.

She went on about her daily chores of cleaning the small house and tending to her garden. Later, Aiden caught himself staring out through the screen door, he watched her. She was bent over straight legged, pulling small weeds in the garden. He was looking at her butt. It was small and round. Her long legs made her butt look even more attractive. He realized he had been staring at his aunt’s ass, it shook him out of his reverie. It made him feel like he had wronged her in some way.

Aiden split wood and filled the box by the Ataköy Escort fireplace, then he stacked more wood on the small porch. Clara seemed to always be softly humming a song. Early that afternoon, they sat on the small porch eating a sandwich and drinking tea.

“I’m happy you’re here!” She told Aiden.

“Me too!” he replied, “I love the quiet and being in the mountains!”

After lunch Clara told Aiden that she was going to go to town and pick up a few things from the store, and that she wanted to stop on the way to see a neighbor friend to ask if they needed anything from town. They climbed into her old pickup and rattled down the bumpy dirt road for about ten minutes before turning off the road and pulling up in front of a small farmhouse. They were greeted by two large dogs that barked until she turned the truck off and got out. The dogs seemed to recognize Clara. They stopped barking. Excited, they sniffed and licked Aiden.

A woman that looked to be about the same age as Aiden’s mom greeted them at the door and invited them in. Her name was Nancy. Inside was a young girl about the same age as Aiden. She smiled at him when Clara introduced them. Her name was Sarah. Sarah had long auburn hair and huge brown eyes. She only nodded and smiled at him. She seemed shy, but she had a welcoming smile.

They didn’t stay long. Clara asked Sarah if she wanted to come along for the ride but she declined. The trip to town took about half an hour. They picked up some groceries, Clara stopped by the hardware store, then the feed store for a bag of seed for wild birds. On the way home, they dropped off a couple things for Nancy.

Early the next morning, Aiden woke up to the smell of some concoction simmering on the stove. Other than saying good morning, Clara only handed Aiden a cup. “The taste is not pleasant, but it’s good for you! Try to drink it all!” She said, as she poured herself a cup.

It tasted like moldy dirt to him. “This is horrible!” he said, “What is it?”

“Very special wild mushrooms, just drink it!” she said smiling at him.

Half an hour later they were walking up a small trail through the woods. It was just getting light and the morning air was damp and cool. The morning dew had softened the leaves and moss that would have normally crunched under their feet.

On the side of the mountain, looking east, Clara sat down on a big, flat rock looking across a meadow. The sun was coming up but had not climbed above the mountains in the distance yet. She motioned Aiden to sit next to her. Clara took his hand in hers as they sat in silence looking across the valley.

He felt different, everything was clear and crisp, the colors all seemed more vivid and brighter. The droplets of morning dew that covered everything looked like tiny diamonds. He felt a calmness and a sense of contentment. “Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing.” Clara said in almost a whisper.

Aiden closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath that seemed to ripple through him from head to toe, it was almost orgasmic. He didn’t understand these intense feelings he was having.

“It’s the tea!” Clara said as if she could read his mind. “It’s strong medicine to help us see and understand.” in almost a whisper she said “Just relax and enjoy it!”

They sat in silence as the sun peeked over the mountains and warmed their faces. Brilliant colors flashed through closed eyelids, the sounds of birds was like listening to an orchestra of a thousand instruments. The slightest breeze seemed to be greeting the morning as it softly hummed through the needles on the pine trees.

Clara brushed her thumb across the top of Aiden’s hand, it seemed to melt into him. His attention was drawn to the feeling. He felt himself melting into her. He felt like he was merging with her body somehow. He could smell what she was smelling, hear through her ears, he could feel the sun on her face. He began to explore, to move through her like a warm ball of energy that he could see through and move around at will. He moved through her lungs, her heart and brain. He moved down her torso into her hips. Something drew his attention. The ball settled between her legs. He felt her squeeze his hand. It was like he was looking through a window. He felt himself looking around inside her womb. She began to tremble and squeeze the ball of energy inside her. He could feel himself being squeezed inside her.

Tiny electrical sparks exploded around the blue ball of energy as he watched from Inside it, from inside her, like an intense lighting storm that charged every nerve in their bodies. Clara jerked her hand away from him and a slight scream from her lips sounded like thunder as he was hurled back into his own body. Opening his eyes in fear, he saw Clara wide eyed and staring at him. She was breathing fast, deep breaths, panting and gasping for air. She stared at him with a questioning look of disbelief.

“Are Ataşehir Escort you okay?” He asked. He was filled with fear and worry that something bad had happened to her.

“Good Lord!” she said, trying to catch her breath. “I’ve never felt anything like that!”

Again he asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! How did you do that?” She asked as she tried to stand up on wobbly, weak legs.

“Do what?” Aiden questioned

“I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had! EVER!” she replied, still trying to catch her breath. Clara stood. Taking deep breaths, she braced herself with her hands on her knees. “What the fuck just happened?” she asked.

Aiden had never heard Clara say fuck before. It just wasn’t her to cuss. She was dazed and confused. She swayed on her feet. Aiden stood to help steady her. Clara still had a frightened look of disbelief in her eyes. They began slowly walking back down the trail. She stumbled but caught herself. Aiden took her hand to help her. They stopped a few times and sat in silence, in no hurry to get back to the house. Clara was quiet most of the day. They both fell asleep late afternoon feeling totally exhausted for some unknown reason.

The next morning Aiden found Clara sitting in the garden. He went out and sat on the ground beside her. “Are you okay?” She asked him.

“Right as rain, I’ve never felt better!” He said, “You?”

“I feel better than I have in twenty years!” she replied. “But I feel like I had sex with my nephew yesterday and that bothers me!”

With a questioning look she said. “I’m still not sure what happened.” Aiden shrugged his shoulders. “The tea?” he questioned.

Clara, braiding her long hair with it pulled over her shoulder replied, “That’s what opened the door, I’m sure the mushrooms were part of it, but there has to be more than that!”

“I’ve been thinking.” she drew a deep breath. “I have been studying herbology most of my life, that’s what I do, I help people with their illnesses.” “That’s what my mother and great grandmother did, and her mother before her!” “I need to know what happened yesterday and I need to know if you can do it again.” She paused, “I need to know if you can do that at will and with other people.”

She looked at Aiden waiting for his reply. “Aiden, I need to know what you were seeing, were you aware of what was happening? What were you seeing? what were you feeling?”

He cleared his throat. “I remember your hand on mine,” he said. “It felt like we melted together,” he paused, “Then I felt like I was in a small ball of energy floating around inside you. To me it looked like a ball of sparkly, blue fog and it was like I was in the ball looking out. I could see through it, I could guide it, I was somehow attached to it.” He took a deep breath, “I could see things, It was like I was in the ball Looking out.”

“I looked at your lungs, your heart and liver, I looked at your spine.” He looked down at the ground, embarrassed, he told her, “I was moving down through your body just looking around when the ball settled in your vagina. It was like I was pulled in, then lightning flashed and you screamed. That’s when it all ended.”

Clara smiled. “My grandmother told me that her mother had this gift but it has always seemed far fetched to me.” “I know that there are people that are gifted but this is extraordinary!” Clara was getting excited.

“The mushrooms I gave you are very hard to find, the mycelium they grow from is fragile and seldom survives winter.”

“I need to know if it was the mushroom tea, or if you can do what you did at will.” Her eyes wide with interest. She held out her hand. Aiden took a deep breath then reached out and took her hand in his. They closed their eyes and sat in silence. After only a few seconds Aiden began to feel himself melting into her. He pulled back and let go of her hand. Clara smiled at Aiden. “I felt that! this is incredible!” she said. “We must experiment, We must learn from this, you must learn to use your gift, you must!”

They sat, Clara excited, Aiden felt butterflies and uncertainty. He was afraid and confused.

Clara spoke, almost begging. “I have a pain in my body. Can you tell me where it is? Can you tell me what’s causing it?” She held out her hand again. Aiden, not sure about any of it, took Clara’s hand. He closed his eyes and waited. He relaxed and within a few seconds he felt them melting together again. He began to see the small ball, It began to sparkle as it slowly moved from the pit of his stomach. It drifted into his arm then into her hand, it began drifting up her arm. Aiden could see from inside the ball of blue, sparkling fog, through the sparkling mist. He wondered through her chest, then her neck and head. The sparkles were blue and silver. He moved down through her torso taking his time, wandering around in awe. He moved quickly past her crotch area then down her right leg past her knee. When he Avcılar Escort got to her ankle the blue and silver sparkles turned red and orange. He stopped and watched the colors for a moment, they began to turn silver. He moved to her foot. The sparkles turned blue. He moved back up and again quickly passed her vagina, not wanting to linger there too long and cause her to scream again. He moved to her left leg. The sparkles stayed blue all the way down to her foot. He moved back up to her other arm, still nothing but beautiful blue and silver sparkles. He was more aware of what he was doing now, he wasn’t just wandering around through her aimlessly. He opened his eyes and let go of her hand.

“Your right ankle!” He said. “It’s not broken!” She began to smile then tears flooded her eyes. “This is the most incredible moment of my life!” she said. “How do you feel?” She asked him. “Does it make you tired? headache? sick to your stomach? Anything?”

“I’m fine! He told her, “You?” Clara smiled. “I feel wonderful, in fact my ankle feels better.” She squeezed his hand. “Would you be willing to try on someone else? Maybe some animals?”

Aiden smiled “Sure, it’s kinda fun!” he said. But in his mind the thought of possibly hurting her, or hurting anyone for that matter made him unsure.

That afternoon Clara drove down the road to Nancy and Sarah’s. She came back with both of them. They both had a puzzled and curious look on their faces. Clara had told them what had happened. Clara was well known for miles around as the best naturopathic doctor in the area. People respected and trusted her. But the story about Aiden being able to look inside people seemed crazy to both of them.

Clara pulled the two chairs from the table and asked Nancy and Aiden to sit facing each other. She knew of some health issues that Nancy had. Clara asked Aiden to see if he could tell her what they were.

Clara said her and Sarah would wait outside.

As soon as Clara and Sarah were outside, Nancy asked him if something had happened to Clara. She had a concerned look in her eyes. “Has she had a stroke or something?” She asked. “This whole thing is crazy!” “Nobody can just look into another person, much less go inside them and see things. This is crazy! What happened to her?”

Aiden didn’t like her sarcasm. He held out his hands hoping he could prove her wrong. Nancy hesitated, but she finally reached out and took his hands. “Close your eyes and try to relax. He said. “This could take a little while.”

They sat in silence for a couple minutes. Aiden just wasn’t feeling it. Then it started in his hands, he could feel his thumbs melting into the back of her hands. He smiled to himself.

This time he noticed two small, shimmering blue balls. One in each of his hands. They passed into Nancy’s hands then began drifting up her arms. They appeared like a blue mist with swirls of silver mixed in, swerling like tiny clouds. When they reached her shoulders they merged into one bigger ball between her shoulder blades. He was feeling more comfortable and seemed to have more control over it. He was more aware of his own body this time.

He moved the ball into her head. Her brain sparked blue and silver with the exception of a yellowish, orange sparkle that seemed to just appear in random places then disappear. He moved down her back until he was at the base of her spine, then into her stomach, then her liver, kidneys, heart and lungs.

Her lungs had areas where the sparks turned yellow and orange. He moved down between her legs. Thinking about her sarcasm, he decided to linger there. He settled in her vagina. He felt a tingle in his penis. The ball engulfed her vagina inside and out. He felt her hands squeezing his, they were jerking as if she were trying to pull them away but she couldn’t make herself let go. His penis tingled and twitched. Her hands squeezed his harder. The sparkles on the ball seemed to be jumping off of it now. Then all of a sudden the same lightning flashed that had happened with Clara. Aiden smiled to himself, he knew she was having an orgasm. He knew Nancy would be a believer now. He held her hands tight, and he held the ball in place. He felt like was fucking her with pure energy. He heard a whimpering scream, he felt her hands gripping his tight, and jerking almost as if she were being electrocuted. He held her hands tighter for a few more seconds before he let go of her. The ball vanished as soon as he had let go of her hands.

Clara and Sarah came running in. They found Nancy having a seizure, still sitting in the chair. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, she had frothy drool leaking from the corner of her mouth. She was gasping for air and twitching.

“What happened?” Clara demanded. “Aiden! What the hell happened?” “What’s wrong with her?”

“She had an orgasm!” He answered.

Clara held Nancy to keep her from falling out of the chair. Sarah was wide eyed but had a grin on her face. As Nancy began to come to her senses she put her hand between her legs and began humping at it as she rubbed herself. It was obvious when she came out of it because she realized what she was doing and yanked her hand from between her legs.

Sarah had to keep herself from laughing. Her mom had been being a bitch as always. Sarah found humor in her mother’s predicament.

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