A Stimulating Life Ch. 09

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Being a naked sex slave is physically demanding, humiliating, and frightening…but also sexually exciting.

During the time I was the property of Victoria Wellington, I was kept constantly naked and I was surrounded by other slaves who were also naked. Of course, every slave on her estate was drop dead gorgeous, with firm, perfectly shaped buttocks, long, lean muscles and smooth skin that glistened with sweat from the constant labors we were forced to perform.

The endless parade of naked bodies was a constant visual stimulation for my male libido. And at night I was chained spread eagle so I couldn’t touch myself or attempt to alleviate any of my sexual tension.

There were rare occasions when my cock would go soft, however, Victoria had rules in place and any male slave who was seen to have lost his erection would immediately be surrounded female employees who would place their hands on his naked body and stimulate him until his cock was painfully erect.

I’m twenty-two years old and I’m constantly being sexually stimulated, so maintaining an erection is typically easy for me. However, there was one occasion when my cock went soft and within seconds the flaccidness of my cock was noticed and four of Victoria’s employees marched over.

“Inspection pose,” one of them demanded and I immediately I stood with my legs spread far apart, my hands behind the back of my neck, my fingers intertwined, my elbows pulled back and chest thrust forward, leaving my naked body vulnerable and available for Victoria’s employees to do whatever they wished to me.

“If Mrs. Wellington sees your cock in that sad, deflated state, you’ll be punished,” one of the women said to me. Then she smacked me sharply twice across my naked backside and ordered other employees to stand at either side of my hips and pull my buttocks apart.

From the casual and assertive way that the first woman took charge of my humiliation, I assumed that she had more authority than the other women who laid hands on my body. And while my buttocks were spread far apart by two women, a third woman with cold lubricant coating her fingers stood behind me and forcefully pushed first one, and then two fingertips against the pink, delicate flesh of my anus.

A large crowd of spectators formed around me and watched with great interest as I felt both fingers spear me and probe deep into my ass. With so many people watching the humiliating impalement of his anus, I felt degraded and helpless and I failed to suppress a moan.

I gasped as the fingers probed and explored my sensitive orifice. I tried not to squirm, but the fingers inside me found so many responsive nerve endings to poke and prod and there were so many people ogling my naked body and taking joy in my humiliation it was impossible to impassively remain still.

“Hold still,” the tallest of the four women demanded, her beautiful face framed in flowing waves of platinum blonde hair, “We want your cock to be properly hard and erect. And that requires your quiet compliance.”

The blonde woman who admonished me was easily as tall as me and had a commanding authoritarian voice that seemed to bypass the logic center of my brain and directly took control of my muscles. It seemed that I was incapable of disobeying her. She was easily six feet tall, slender, but with lean muscle and a strong, athletic build. Her eyes were a vibrant, electric blue and when I met her gaze I felt the strength and determination behind those eyes.

After that, I could no longer meet her gaze and I looked away, my breath was ragged, my lower lip trembled and I did my best to hold still for the beautiful and intimidating woman as questing fingertips deep inside of me pressed against my prostate gland.

Then, the tall, blonde valkyrie of a woman casually wrapped her left hand around the base of my cock and slowly pulled, drawing my cock up and squeezing the shaft. My cock responded almost instantly, becoming thicker as she held it in her grip. My cock swelled and hardened and stood at attention.

“That’s much better,” the impressive blonde said as she continued to grip my cock and twist it in her grip, “That’s a well-behaved pretty boy.”

My cock continued to grow as the intimidating woman played with it and the head of my cock became purple and swollen and a clear bead of viscous liquid appeared at the opening of my urethra.

I gasped and panted, and dozens of well-dressed spectators stood on the lawn and watched as my naked body was played with. I obediently kept my legs spread wide while the fingers inside of me pumped the responsive, rounded flesh of my prostate gland.

The crowd continued to grow in size and the number of inquisitive eyes became overwhelming. Perhaps fifty people had gathered to witness my humiliation and the crowd of onlookers was still growing. And as more intrusive eyes showed up to gawk at how my naked body was being violated, the more naked and exposed I felt. My legs were spread wide, slender fingers were buried deep within my intimate anal cleft, pressing sensually against that hidden fikirtepe escort gland, eliciting a moan from my boyish lips each time her fingertips rubbed against it.

I felt my face flush and redden with embarrassment as I was sexually abused in front of fifty or sixty prurient well-dressed spectators. Most of those who gawked at my naked humiliation were women, but there were a few well-dressed men who smirked as they enjoyed my degradation.

The woman gripping my cock proceeded to grab my erect penis with both hands and pull my foreskin down the rigid shaft until it was stretched as tight as humanly possible. I writhed as some of the curious onlookers moved in for a closer look at my torment and I gasped as the fingers inside me pushed harder against the flesh of my prostate gland.

Some of the people in the crowd began to take pictures as my penis began to throb violently. My tormented moans and the trembling of my limbs was grand entertainment for them. They loved to watch naked boys suffer for their amusement.

And when I was red-faced, panting and near to ejaculating, the athletic blonde released her grip on my cock and the probing fingers were withdrawn from my ass. My cock was so hard that it ached, and my legs felt wobbly. I arched my back and felt the anguish of the powerful orgasm inside me being denied.

“Your cock should always be this hard,” admonished the athletic blonde with the intense, blue eyes just before she smacked my erection with her right hand, “Don’t allow it to go soft again.”

I had little time to recover from my arduous ordeal. Another female employee ran up awkwardly in leather riding boots and insisted that she had a message from Mrs. Wellington.

“She has guests who want to see the slave,” she said, “this slave.”

She gestured at me and it was decided that I would be delivered on a leash and with my wrists handcuffed behind my back. A metal collar was secured around my neck with padlock and a leash made of chain links was attached to my collar. My wrists were secured behind my back and it was declared that I was ready to be presented to Mrs. Wellington’s guests.

“Come along, Pretty Boy,” said the tall blonde as she tugged on my leash and pulled me helplessly forward.

Naked, bound, collared, fully and humiliatingly erect, I was led across the lawn. There were people here and there watching me, enjoying my naked humiliation as I was led along on a leash.

A svelte young man in a double-breasted suit was drinking from a rocks glass as I was led past him. When he took notice of me, he smiled, raised his glass, and blew me a kiss.

A young woman in equestrian gear saw me being led around on a leash and greeted the imposing woman who was pulling me along, saying, “Looking good, Heidi!”

The two women chatted briefly. I squirmed uncomfortably as Heidi’s companion eyed my naked body from head to toe with a hungry, predatory look. And then Heidi’s associate playfully smacked my bare buttocks before Heidi tugged once more on my leash and I was forced to follow her.

I was led past more onlookers who openly scrutinized my naked body, taking in every detail as I was forced to walk past them and into the main house. Once inside, Heidi led me down several corridors and opened the doors that led into an office.

“In there,” she said as she unclipped the leash from my collar and unlocked my handcuffs. I walked inside. Heidi stood in the corridor and closed the office doors. I looked around and the first thing I noticed was Mrs. Wellington, sitting behind a large, mahogany desk.

“You may approach,” Mrs. Wellington said imperiously. I was naked and collared. I had learned a long time ago that naked slaves needed to be respectful and subservient to imperious women. Therefore, even though I hadn’t been ordered to approach her, I proceeded as if I had and ambled quickly and quietly towards her on my bare feet.

When I was within an arm’s length of her, I was ordered to stop and then she snapped, “Waiting position.”

I had been taught nine different slave positions during my slave training. The waiting position meant that the slave must stand with his or her legs far apart, head up, eyes down, arms behind the back, elbows bent and hands raised up so they don’t cover the buttocks in any way. I assumed the position without thinking. A slave trainer named Mistress Faith had drilled slave positions into me for endless hours before I was sold at auction. I could assume any of the nine slave positions when ordered as reflexively as blinking when my eyes are dry.

“Today you have visitors,” Mrs. Wellington informed me, “I’ll have them sent in shortly, but first I feel we should set the scene. Would you prefer to be impaled on a one bar prison, bound bent over with your ass high in the air, or bound suspended from the ceiling, with leather strap buckled tightly around your wrists?”

“It’s rare that a mistress asks a slave for their opinion about such things,” I replied, suspecting some sort of a trap.

“That’s true, dear,” gebze escort Mrs. Wellington replied, “Normally, a slave’s preferences are considered unimportant and a slave just has to endure the whims of his master or mistress, however, I’ve grown fond of you. You’ve worked hard and you’ve shown true talent as a pony. I feel a certain degree benevolence is due.”

I thanked Mrs. Wellington for allowing me to have a choice in how I was bound and chose to be suspended from the ceiling. Mrs. Wellington then pressed a button and a trapeze bar smoothly descended from the ceiling and halted its descent when it was at the level of my nipples.

“Just stand over there and hold your hand out in front of you, dear,” Mrs. Wellington said, “I’ll strap your wrists to the bar.”

My wrists were buckled tight and secured to the bar. Then Mrs. Wellington returned to her desk and pushed another button, causing the bar to go back up, taking my arms up with it. The bar continued to rise until my body was stretched taut and my heels left the floor.

“You look quite appealing like that,” Mrs. Wellington said as she examined my stretched nudity, “Your muscles strain as you’re pulled up and the curves of your body are shown off. You made an excellent choice.”

I felt more exposed and vulnerable the way I was bound. Then Mrs. Wellington pressed a button on her phone and told one of her subordinates to send the visitors into her office.

I squirmed restlessly as I had no idea who was being admitted into her office and had no idea what they would do to me. I was naked and helpless. Anyone could do anything to me.

A door opened, and I looked over a naked shoulder to try and catch a glimpse of the people who would be witnessing my naked humiliation.

“Well, isn’t he beautiful?” I heard a female voice ask and then I saw the face of a young, attractive woman come into view.

I didn’t recognize her, not even when she walked around and stood in front of me. She looked exotic, with long, dark hair that cascaded in waves, honey-caramel colored skin and eyes that were alight with vivid interest.

“You may touch him if you like,” Mrs. Wellington said to the exotic woman and then suddenly her hands were all over me, her palms and her fingertips slid smoothly across my upper thighs, then she cupped my ass and squeezed my buttocks, she ran her hands across my abdomen and across my torso, fondling my smooth chest before playing with my nipples.

I’m kept constantly naked and in a constant state of sexual tension, so as this woman ran her hands all across my body, my breathing soon became irregular and when she cupped my scrotum and played with my balls, I was unable to suppress a moan.

“He’s so smooth,” she said as she ran her hands across my chest, “No hair on his chest, no hair on his balls, no hair anywhere.”

“Men look far more boyish and beautiful and naked when you shave or wax them,” Mrs. Wellington said sagely, “All that body hair just gets in the way.”

Then the woman cupped my ass with one hand while she grabbed my cock with the other and began to rub her thumb across the swollen, purplish head. I shuddered and gasped as my painfully erect cock throbbed in her hand.

“He’s highly responsive,” Mrs. Wellington opinion as I squirmed and felt my entire body awash in erotic, tingly sensations.

“He’s a slut,” I heard another female voice say from behind me. I twisted my head around, attempting to see who had said that. Looking over my shoulder was difficult in my bound state, however, the woman who called me a slut obligingly stepped out where I could see her.

“Cassandra?” I said as I got a good look at her. Cassandra was one of my fellow dancers from the Chandler Theatre. She was dressed casual in running shoes, blue jeans, and a black t-shirt. Meanwhile, I was stark naked and exposed. She flashed a playful smile at me and then I felt my face flush feverish with embarrassment.

“I told you he was adorable,” Cassandra said to the exotic female and then she turned back to me and said, “This is Gina. She’s an Uber driver. She heard Nari and I talking about you being a naked sex slave and she said that she wouldn’t charge us anything for driving us if we brought her along and let her meet you in person.”

My legs trembled slightly as Gina continued to play with my balls. She held them in the palm of her hand and raised them up slightly as if weighing them. My cock and balls had been shaved, and Gina gushed at how smooth they were. It occurred to me that Cassandra had just said that she was talking to Nari in the car. I wondered if Nari was there in the building. And before I say anything about that out loud, Nari walked into my field of vision as well.

Nari was another dancer with the Chandler Ballet Theatre. He was irresistibly beautiful, he was also my boyfriend. When we first met he was an extreme sexual submissive, but recently his personality had changed and he was becoming much more dominant.

Nari seductively touched one of my thighs and pulled my leg towards him, leaving içerenköy escort my genitals even more blatantly exposed than before. He used both hands to life my leg up high and Gina chose that moment to grab the shaft of my cock.

“He’s so hard,” Gina marveled as she tightly gripped my swollen member, “It’s like his penis was carved from granite.”

And while my legs were spread wide, Gina worked her fingers into the furrow between my buttocks and rubbed a fingertip across the delicate flesh of my anus. I flinched at the unexpected contact on such an intimate part of my anatomy and Gina got an amused smirk on her face

“Oh, he’s adorable when he does that,” Gina said and then she pressed her finger against the soft flesh of my anus much more forcefully, causing me to flinch once again.

“We love him very much,” Cassandra replied, “I love to watch him squirm and whimper when he’s all naked and helpless like that.”

Gina continued to examine my naked body all over. Her hands roamed across my naked body, feeling me up from my nipples down to my knees. She seemed to enjoy my nipples very much, rubbing and pinching them until they became swollen and stiff and I cried out in pain. I squirmed and twisted in my bonds as she continued to pinch and twist my nipples until they became red and hypersensitive, and then she trailed her fingers over my taut stomach and down to my cock.

She pinched the head of my straining cock, causing me to squirm some more. She then proceeded to pinch my tightly stretched foreskin. I whimpered in agony as she abused my cock and then she stopped and commented, “I thought that all the pain would make his cock go soft, but he’s harder than ever.”

Then she scooped up a dollop of precum from the head of my penis and held it up to my lips. Mrs. Wellington ordered me to open my mouth and lick the cum off her fingers. With everyone watching, I felt embarrassed, but I opened my mouth and sucked my sticky juices off of Gina’s fingers.

Next she ran her hands all over my thighs and up and down the curves of my buttocks. She commented on how men are prone to objectifying women and how it was only fitting that she had the opportunity to objectify me. She told Nari that he must be proud that he had a boyfriend with such a firm, perfectly shaped ass as she stroked her hands up and down my glutes. Then she pinched my right buttock near the sensitive flesh were the curves of my ass meet the backs of my thighs.

She enjoyed the whimpering sound I made when she pinched my bottom, so she did it again. Then she slipped a finger between my ass cheeks and prodded insistently at my delicate, pink anus. I felt a fingertip pressing against my asshole and she said, “He has a very beautiful butt. I’m kind of jealous that you have a cock you can use to impale his ass and I don’t.”

Her finger wriggled around, forcing my asshole open and then I was impaled. She withdrew the invading digit, but a few seconds later, she impaled my anus with two fingers. I squirmed and moaned at the intrusion and Gina laughed, amused at my reaction.

After she had made a thorough exploration, she turned to Nari and said, “I was hoping to see his ass all red and covered with whip marks. He’s hardly marked up at all.”

“The more obedient a slave is, the less they get punished,” Mrs. Wellington explained, “Also, Scott has amazing skin. He recovers much faster than the other slaves after a whipping. The red marks and welts fade from his skin in about half the time as marks and welts on the other slaves.”

“I’d very much like to see Scott with red marks on his skin,” Gina said congenially, “Would it be horrible of me if I requested Scott be whipped just for my entertainment?”

Mrs. Wellington laughed cheerfully and replied, “Dear girl, it wouldn’t be horrible at all! I paid a great deal of money for this slave and one of the advantages of slave ownership is that you can whip your slaves for the most trivial of reasons…even the entertainment of a guest.”

Everyone agreed that indulging Gina’s desire to see me whipped was a good idea. Mrs. Wellington had a number of whips in her office. Nari examined the whips that she had on hand and chose the one that he preferred to be used on my naked skin.

“This one won’t hurt too bad,” Nari assured me, “Of course, because it’s such a mild whip, it may take a long time to get your bottom and the backs of your legs in good color.”

I moaned. What Nari was promising me was a long, hard whipping to get my skin in “good color”. It was going to sting, and I was going to squirm and writhe in a shameful manner as I was whipped…all for the entertainment of some Uber driver.

Mrs. Wellington wielded the whip against my backside. She had a great deal of experience when it came to whipping slaves and the blows came fast and furious, slicing across my buttocks and then across my thighs and then across my poor, abused buttocks once again.

“Aaaahhhh! Aahhhh! Ow!” I gasped in pain and my legs kicked out, leaving me swaying from my wrists as my body jerked around, traumatized by the pain. My naked body recoiled from stinging blow after stinging blow, however, the way I was bound made my writhing pointless. I didn’t have enough freedom of movement to evade any of the scalding blows that were being laid across my naked skin.

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