Adventures with Jenna

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Jenna and I fell in love the first time we ever saw each other. We didn’t even need to start talking. I knew I was going to go over, talk to her and have her come home with me that night and any night I wanted her to. I didn’t need to sell myself or anything of the sort. There was just a cosmic connection between the two of us. Later I found out she felt the same way. So when I did finally go up and talk to her the words flowed out of her mouth into my head made everything else around us in the crowded restaurant she worked at disappear. She was a waitress in the restaurant and I promptly ordered a drink from her while sitting at one of the tables adjacent to the bar. However, instead of just serving me the drink she actually sat down and started talking to me. “Won’t you get in trouble for doing this?” I asked.

“Yes, but my middle name is trouble, so beware” was her smart-ass answer. From that point I knew she was probably going to be more than my usual one night stand or my usual fuck buddy I’d usually try to go out and find.

The manager came over to Jenna mid-way through our two hour-long conversation and told her to get back to work. She said “no, I’m done for tonight” and there was nothing the manager could do. He knew she brought in business and there were many guys who came there just to stare at her and order a drink from her. If they couldn’t order a drink they were happy enough sitting at the bar or tables staring at her. She was Italian with a great body, big round tits and perfect long legs that could turn any gay guy straight.

We sat there and chatted for a long time while drinking together. She proclaimed she was off her shift even though she was supposedly on for another few hours. She told me just about every guy in there would come on to her. She did go home with some of them but tried to go elsewhere to have guys pick her up.

The big part of our conversation was we both understood one another because deep down we both were addicted to the same drug, sex. When I told her my stories of picking up bartenders and waitresses she told me about going up to the rich guys and using them for free drinks, sucking their dick at the end of the night or fucking them if she thought they were good looking… and then she would always leave them.

It was obvious we were going home together but for some reason I was convinced this wouldn’t be a one-night thing. Of course we did end up leaving together later that night but it wasn’t as easy for me to do as you may expect. During our conversation I asked her how old she was. She looked about my age, which is 25. However her response startled me…she was an 18-year-old high school senior working in the restaurant part-time in addition to attending the local high school in the area. Jenna was set to graduate in 4 months. When I was getting set to graduate seven years ago Jenna was in elementary school. I was still very turned on.

Apparently Jenna didn’t care much either as she told me how fond she was of older more mature men. I showed her just how mature I was when I took her back to my apartment. We walked inside and wasted no time grabbing each other. I took her hips and immediately pushed her against the wall taking control, which I thought she might like. I reached down inside her tight black pants and sure enough she was sopping wet. I took two fingersand swirled them around her already wet pussy, took them out and fed them into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers wet from her pussy as I sucked on her neck against the wall. Just knowing her pussy was that wet got me so hard. I had to taste it myself. Since Jenna had already sucked all the wetness off my fingers I just decided to go right to the source. I got on my knees and pulled her black pants down. She stepped out of the them and the boots she had on. I ran my hands up her long legs. They were so smooth I just started to lick them. I eventually started licking higher up her legs until I got to the inside of her thighs right near her shaven pussy. I was licking all around her thighs but not on her pussy just yet. I wanted to tease Jenna just a bit.

Jenna started moaning pretty loud. The moan sounded so good and I wanted her to keep doing it. My face was inches away from her young high school pussy. I just had to have her. I put my fingers in her pussy for a few seconds and then concentrated on her clit. The moans got louder and more out of control. Then I made my move diving head first into the youngest pussy I had since high school seven years before. I darted my tongue straight up in her pussy while stimulating her clit at the same time. “OH MY GOD!!” she started yelling over and over again. “SUCK MY PUSSY…LICK IT…MMMMMM!!” I could feel her juices start running into my mouth. I wanted her to make my face as wet as possible. She tasted so good…just like I remember girls tasting in high school. I loved how much this little high school whore wanted me to eat her pussy. The magical juices were really flowing into my mouth, as I couldn’t get enough of her.

Only çekmeköy escort a few minutes after I started licking her pussy Jenna let out one big scream. I knew immediately she was cumming as her body started to shake uncontrollably and she slammed her pussy down on my face and started rubbing it all around. Jenna nearly suffocated me but I didn’t care. She felt so good riding my face as she was pinned against the wall.

When Jenna finished cumming I stood back up on my feet and took my throbbing cock out of my pants. She gasped while taking it in my hand whispered right in my ear, “It’s so big and I need it in me right now.” She didn’t have to tell me a second time as I kissed her passionately on the lips. I loved the fact she tasted herself on my face and I was about to sink my cock into a little high school whore’s pussy. I positioned my cock below Jenna, took her hold of her hips, lifted her up just slightly, and thrust my body right up inside her soaking wet love hole. She began moaning even louder than before. Jenna was suspened a few inches off the ground. I was holding her against the wall as her legs went around my legs while my cock was firmly planted inside this young beauty. I kept pushing up and relaxing, up and relaxing…all the while hearing her moans echo throughout my apartment. My face was right next to her so I started whispering my dirty thoughts to her. “You like my cock inside you like this baby…like getting fucked by an older man…how do you like being my little whore right now.”

I didn’t say all that at once but it all came out of my mouth into Jenna’s ears while I had her pinned up against the wall just inside my door. To my surprise she started firing back at me with even more enthusiasm and passion: “YES!!! MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE HIGH SCHOOL WHORE. OH GOD!!” She sounded so hot when talked, moaned and spoke dirty. I then had to take her and carry her to my room so I cold fuck her really hard on my bed. I was slamming my hips viciously into her pussy. I was really getting into the fact she was in high school and just felt the need to teach this school girl a lesson by pounding the shit of her. I was fucking Jenna harder than I think I ever fucked anyone before. But Jenna was acting like a big girl and bucking her hips back at my thrusts not letting down and not letting me take control too much, although I clearly had her wrapped up in my little fingers.

Jenna had already came a few times since we got into my apartment when I started slamming into her on my bed. She could sense I wanted to shoot my load pretty soon and started talking again. “I WANT YOU TO CUM FOR NOW…DON’T MAKE ME WAIT…I WANT YOU TO TAKE THAT COCK OUT OF ME AND CUM ALL OVER MY FACE…MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THE LITTLE WHORE I AM.” That was all I needed as I took my swollen cock out of her tight wet pussy and straddled her chest and exploded all over her face. Some got in her eye but it was pretty evenly distributed throughout her face. When it all finally came out Jenna took my dick in her mouth and started licking it and then licked around her mouth for any excess cum she could reach with her tongue. Then she took her fingers and started scooping up some cum on her face and putting in her mouth so she could taste it.

After a few minutes of me still straddling her chest she got up, went to the bathroom and came back to my bed. We sat up talking for a while before going back down to business. I managed to fuck her in four different positions that night and managed to cum three separate times myself. We fell asleep together until about 4am when she woke up and went back home so her parents didn’t think she was dead on the street somewhere.

Jenna and I continued seeing each almost every day for the next couple of months. We developed a great relationship. She was my sex slave. She did anything I asked and we loved talking about our fantasies while we were fucking. She would tell me how she would pick up married guys at the restaurant she would work at, get their numbers but never really do anything about it. I told her how I would love for my little whore (that was Jenna of course) to go around fuck some married guys and come home to me telling me all about what happened. The idea got both of us really hot and bothered. She also mentioned she wouldn’t mind fucking a group of guys which included me or just me and one other guy. One of the guys she really wanted to fuck was her English teacher who was of course married. Jenna told me that she wanted to get experienced enough with anal sex so she could take two guys in her at one time.

Sometimes these fantasies would get dirty and pretty evil. We would talk about how hot it made us to think about me knocking her little high school pussy up…or how evil it would be for her to breakup a marriage…or even how downright dirty it would be stay after class and get fucked by her English teacher on the desk.

In addition to these fantasies was the one about Jenna’s best friend Sabrina. I had met Sabrina and she was really cevizli escort hot. She was short, had a great body and was just an overall beauty. When Jenna wasn’t with me she was hanging out with Sabrina. They went to the mall together, got manicures and pedicures and smoked weed together. Jenna had a secret crush on her friend. Sabrina was a virgin but would always say sexual things to Jenna which led Jenna to believe Sabrina needed a cock inside her. Jenna and I would have sex and she would tell me how hot she thought it would be so hot if we could take Sabrina’s virginity together. Jenna wanted to eat Sabrina out while I fucked her from behind. Jenna also mentioned how she wanted me to get Sabrina pregnant.

Everything Jenna mentioned was ultra-kinky and I loved every minute being with her. Even though it was mostly about sex we understood each other on a personal level which had never happened to me and I don’t thin had ever happened to her.

Sometimes I would come to her school during my lunch break, she would cut class and come to my car. We would have a wild fuck session in the back of my car for about an hour until I had to go back to work. Our relationship was kept pretty much secret until Jenna called me the next day with a big announcement.

J: Hey Baby

Me: What’s going on hun?

J: We kissed…

Me: Who kissed

J: Me and Sabrina dummy!

Me: No way! How did it happen?

J: We were just sitting in my room doing homework on the bed and all of a sudden I just did it. I leaned in and kissed her! I’m so horny, can I come over so you can fuck me!?

Me: If you’re not here in 15 minutes I’ll bust in my pants.

Jenna came over like she promised and we had some of the best sex we ever had. I pounded her really well from behind while I told her how much she wished Sabrina’s pussy was against her face. “OH YESS…I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME WHILE I EAT HER OUT.” Jenna started spasming all over my cock like she always does. Eventually I got to the point where I took my cock out of her mouth, she turned around and told me to shoot it right down here throat. I promptly did it and she swallowed everything I had to give my little schoolgirl whore girlfriend.

“That does it” Jenna told me. “I’m bringing Sabrina here so she can lose her virginity and we can fuck her together. In the meantime we’re going out tonight, I’m picking up a married guy and you and he are fucking me together!”

“I have no problem with that” I said already starting to get hard again. We departed a couple of hours later for a bar. Jenna had no problems drawing the attention from a number of guys. I just stood back in the corner and watched her in action. It made me so horny that nearly every guy in the bar would give his left arm to spend a night with her. We had been at the bar about an hour and a half when Jenna started talking to a guy for more than 10 minutes. This man was eventually the one she brought home. I already had the hidden camera set up in my room. Jenna and I had taped us having sex already and she wanted to tape this next encounter.

The plan was for me to meet Jenna back at my place after she left the bar with a guy. When she left I headed for the other exit and strolled toward my car. I sped home getting there a few minutes before Jenna and her “date” arrived. I started rolling on the mini-cam and the two of them walked into the bedroom about 5 minutes later. I hid in another room of my place and then walked in a couple of minutes after. Jenna already had this guy’s cock in her mouth.

“Hey baby, this is James. You don’t mind if my boyfriend watches and then joins in do you James?”

Looking shocked James just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t think that will be a problem.” Clearly James needed a piece of Jenna’s perfect body. I proceeded to sit in the chair next to my bed and watch my girlfriend take this guys cock all the way in her mouth. She was a professional when it came to sucking cock and this James guy very well knew it. I could tell he was trying hard to contain himself. Then Jenna pushed him back on the bed so he was lying down. Jenna climbed up his cock and started to ride this guy.

As the plan called for, I went a few feet to the side of the bed without James noticing and took his wallet out of his pocket pretty discreetly. Jenna had thrown his pants a few feet from the bed so I could do this. I took out his license and looked up his address and then quickly put it back. He didn’t live far from me. All the while Jenna was really getting into it with this guy. I could hear her moans starting to increase.

It was that time when I started stripping myself. My cock was already hard from watching Jenna. I went up behind her on the bed and started sucking her neck. “MMMM” Jenna moaned as she leaned back to kiss me still riding James’ cock. I started rubbing my hand down her back and then ran it over Jenna’s asshole just like she had always dreamed about. I poked a finger in her ass and she went wild. erenköy escort She started riding his cock even harder as my finger pushed deeper inside. “I need your cock my ass now baby” Jenna started to wail.

I quickly jumped off my bed, to the drawer of my night table and took out some lube. I put it on my cock and in Jenna’s ass crack. Jenna leaned down on James’ chest to lift her ass up enough for me to enter and complete the double penetration. I stood up but still kind of nealing down while straddling Jenna and James’ outstretched legs. Then I put myself in position and entered inside my girlfriend with my well lubed cock. I pushed myself in her asshole and Jenna let out a scream like never before. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM. I LOVE BEING FILLED BY TWO COCKS. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

I got really turned on because Jenna was. I loved feeling my cock going inside her tight ass as she was riding another cock with her pussy. We stayed in this position for a good 10 minutes, although looking back I don’t know how I managed to hold out like that. It was almost as if Jenna was suspended in mid-air between our two cocks buried inside her.

Jenna continued her screaming and must have cum a good three or four times. I wasn’t paying too much attention because I was concentrating on holding out. I could only imagine the pressure felt on James’ cock as Jenna was riding him into nothing by now. Then Jenna blurted out, “I WANT YOU BOTH TO CUM FOR ME…I WANT IT ALL ON MY FACE.” I pulled out of her ass while still stroking my cock. Jenna rode James for a little longer and then lifted up off him because she knew I was waiting to explode all over her face. Jenna knelt down on the ground right in front of the bed. I stepped over her on one side and James on the other. I was stroking my cock just inches away from James with Jenna’s face in between. I couldn’t take it anymore and the cum started flowing out of my shaft like old faithful. James followed in unison and started to cream Jenna’s face overlapping my cum. Jenna closed her eyes and got splattered by two huge loads of cum. I could tell she loved it as she didn’t back away and even opened her mouth to taste the mixture.

A few minutes after this was all done and as James was getting dressed Jenna interrupted him. “So how much money do I get for this?” she inquired. I started walking up to the wall unit in front of my bed and pulled the mini tape out of the hidden camera.

“Excuse me…” James replied

“Well I know your married…My boyfriend knows your address because he looked.”

“156 Plumb Rd” I interrupted remembering the license.

“And we will not hesitate to drop off this tape to your wife one day unless you give me, how much hun?

“Well he looks alright so we’ll only say $1000.”


“Well you have 24 hours to get it to me here or else we will tell…or show” Jenna said with a smile. James rushed out of the room without saying anything. The next day around 5:30 in the afternoon I saw James from my window drop something off in my mailbox. It was an envelope. I went down to grab it and sure enough a cool thousand in cash was stuffed inside. Not bad I thought.

I promptly called Jenna and she came over. I layed the money out on the bed, threw Jenna down and shoved my hard dick inside her while she lay on top of the money. We fucked like two wild animals in heat all over the money with our lips locked the whole time. It was so hot. I of course I came deep inside Jenna and she pretended she was getting pregnant by me like always.

After we finished Jenna asked “Where’s the tape from last night baby?”

“Over there” I responded pointing to my dresser. “Why do you want to watch it now” I said starting to caress her.

“Well not exactly. I’m in a naughty mood. I actually want to go take it over to his wife.”

“Even after he paid us the money?”

“Especially after he paid us the money” Jenna said laughing. I got really aroused by the thought of humiliating this guy for some reason that I started rubbing Jenna’s clit. We then proceeded to go for another round of sex. Jenna eventually dropped the tape off a couple of days later and we never heard anything else. We only assumed the tape was seen by the wife and something deliciously naughty happened.

The day after that was when our second naughty adventure went down. Sabrina and Jenna were over at Sabrina’s house hanging out. Sabrina’s parents were out of town for the weekend so there was a perfect opportunity for me to come over. Jenna told me to come over at 3. Jenna had planned on making her move around 2:45 which meant she wanted to be in an all out naked romp by then. I was simply told to come over with a hard dick, which was very doable.

I arrived around 5 minutes to 3. I opened the door to Sabrina’s house and walked toward the living room. I hear faint moaning which I didn’t recognize. I got all excited because I thought Sabrina was moaning. My suspicions and hopes were confirmed as I walked in on Jenna’s head between Sabrina’s spread legs. I just stood in the doorway, as Sabrina’s moans were getting loud. She was leaning back on the couch and her legs were spread and straight up in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32