After Party Ch. 02

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Here’s a conclusion for Ryan and Kathleen, at last! Please enjoy. The end was trickier than it should have been, so any thoughts or comment are appreciated.


Ryan slammed the bike into the rack and quickly uncoiled the locking cable. He hated being late, even though it seemed he often was.

He’d pushed the pace for the whole ride, so now he felt grimy and sweaty. As he grabbed his panniers and hurried into the university services building (the ‘Union’) he checked his watch to judge if he had time to manage a shower.

He stopped dead. He was just about one hour early.

He checked his watch again, but he knew it was right. The lunchtime crowds were still there and it was an afternoon lecture. Ah well, more time for a shower, he supposed. He walked through the double doors into the building.

As he walked in, he noticed Kathleen. She seemed to start as he noticed her, Or perhaps he was imagining it. He was pleased to see her.

“This is a nice surprise!” he said. “Did you know I’d be here?”

“I… umm, I know you always put your bike there. I thought I might see you if I wait…”

Ryan was a bit puzzled by her disjointed reply, but he let it go. He pointed over to the reception counter. “Well, it’s good to see you.” It was – more than he expected. “I thought I was late. Turns out I’m an hour early. I’m just going to get a towel.”

At the news he had time to spare, Kathleen’s eyes lit up. She smiled, then looked questioning at the mention of a towel.

“You can get one to use if you leave your card as a deposit. I’ve got time for a wash now, so do you want to wait a bit in the café and I’ll make myself more presentable.”

“Can I, can I watch?”

Ryan froze. Kathleen looked astonished she had said such a thing. In the late lunchtime bustle the question seemed to hang there. Ryan started to ponder it; oh man, we are getting it on! said one voice in his head. Another said, is this really a good idea? Take it easy, she was a demure virgin a few days ago. His body had decided already. Ah well.

“I guess, why not? It’s usually quiet there in the afternoon. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?” That made them both laugh.

In the shower room, he checked the coast was clear, then called her in. Kathleen walked past the toilet stalls to a tiled space with four shower heads. This amazed her.

“Do boys just shower together all the time?”

Ryan hadn’t given it a lot of thought. “Yeah, I guess we do.” He pointed to two shower cubicles past the communal area. “You can have some privacy if you want it. Let’s go there!”

Two persons made it crowded in the single cubicle. Ryan had to stand in the shower and hand his clothes to Kathleen, whose grin grew bigger as he handed over each item. Ryan grew more self-conscious with each item and started to think this was not a good idea after all. But something warm in Kathleen’s smile made him push on.

Naked, he faced the taps and ran the hot water, through his hair, down his face and over his bare chest. Absently he closed his eyes and turned to let the water play across his shoulders. He soaped himself down his front and between his legs.

Someone giggled. His eyes snapped open – he’d briefly forgotten he wasn’t alone.

“You got bigger when you did that! Do it again!”

He washed and rubbed his cock again. It was longer but not hard yet.

“Mmm, more still!” Kathleen approved.

“No – you do it!” The sense of being watched and admired was adding to Ryan’s arousal. He wasn’t going to stay submissive.

She stared at his cock, then leant forward to it. He stepped partly out of the water so she wouldn’t get wet. Tentatively she held it in her fingers, rolling the outer skin around and along its length. She tugged the foreskin over the head and felt the flesh swelling.

“Nice. A bit faster.”

It was now rigid and standing straight out from his torso. She looked at the dreamy smile on his face. She moved closer.

Their lips met. Ryan was surprised at the soft sensation. They kissed softly. Warm water ran through his hair, over his face and between their lips. They kissed more urgently as she caressed his cock. She moved off his face and he could see her eyes twinkle and the Casibom corners of her mouth turned up. She changed the position of her hand. He felt her fingers sliding on his skin.

Kathleen was enjoying her effect on him, he could see. Her eyes, her kisses, her little hand on his shaft, the warm water, everything was leading him up to his climax.

“Are you close to coming? Are you coming soon? Come for me!” Kathleen’s eyes had a naughty twinkle in them now.

He was. He came, muscles rigid, breath stopped. Kathleen pressed on, making his whole body twitch.

He could barely stand in the shower, which was still running. In a half-daze he watched her use his towel to dry her face and hands and pat down her breasts where some water had splashed.

“I’ll be seeing you in the Downstairs Café, after your class,” she said with a cheeky look. Then she was gone.


Ryan went to his lecture, but couldn’t focus. The events in the shower kept floating into his mind. He noticed his feelings too, when seeing Kathleen’s look as she worked on him, or his pleasure at simply running into her. He liked to write his lecture notes on paper (it let him draw linking arrows, or circles round important concepts); this time he was just doodling in the margins.

The lecturer was discussing the ancient Egyptian life-spirit, the ka. Ryan wrote it down as kathleen.


He hurried across to the Union Building as soon as he could. He couldn’t see her in the café at first, and for a moment disappointment rose up in him. The he saw her, head down, reading intently. He went up to her.

“Ah, it’s fine to see you!” she said with her deep laugh. “This book is so funny, I’m embarrassing myself laughing so much!” She showed him the cover.

“‘Three Men in a Boat’. That’s unusual reading – or is it a set text?”

“Oh no, it was recommended to me, and I’m enjoying it a lot.” If she realised the assumption he’d made about her, she didn’t show it.

“Another coffee?” He decided he needed to reset his approach after that gaffe.

Coffees on the table, they sat in awkward silence at first, neither sure how to move on. Ryan decided they’d have to go somewhere.

“Umm, thanks for the special shower!” he ventured. “That was pretty new for me. Had you done that before?”

Kathleen gave her deep chuckle. “God no! If you knew how far that was from my earlier life…”

And so Ryan learnt some of Kathleen’s story, of growing up in Ireland with strict but loving parents, of being taught by the nuns (“The nuns were good, really. The lay staff were hopeless.”), of not really knowing what boys were. “Hardly even heard any naughty words. My sex education was almost non-existent. I reckon I was taught abstinence education before it was a thing! I didn’t really know what it was, sex. I surely didn’t know how much fun it could be!

“We left Ireland as I started high school. I didn’t tune in much, just studied. When I got to uni, well, everyone seem to be thinking about it, talking about it… when I joined the choir – that was SUCH a bad influence!

“I loved the choir, even if with all the relationship lotto.” A clever way to put it, thought Ryan. “I tried to fit in, but somehow I often end up annoying them, like your mates at the party.

“But you now, you seemed different, special. I’d seen you a few times here and there. I wanted to say hello but I was too shy to speak. Yes, it seems so funny now, but it was true.

“I saw how easy you were with other people, or even your own company. I wanted to be like that. But I was terrified just to talk to you. Then the other night, the wine and the little machine in the Ladies was just enough. The way your friends ran off, that nearly broke me. But you stayed.”

They were both lost in thought, remembering the night. The more Ryan listened, the more he made sense of this woman.

“That night!” Kathleen went on. “My first time. You’ve started something in me I think… I was a virgin and a prude (I know I was!), now today I’ve seen a naked man in a shower, I’ve touched a penis. I’ve handled a cock, made it come, all for the first time and I’m getting a bit hot and flustered in a public place. I’m so ready for some more firsts!”

She Casibom Giriş shivered. “God Ryan will you listen to me sayin’ what I’m sayin’! I don’t know if you’re good for me or very very bad! I just know I want to do something with you!” She reached her hand across the table, then paused and fidgeted. He took the hand, before it knocked something over.

Ryan had a plan. He got her to stand and they moved to a table at the back of the café. The back wall had a bench seat all along its length, with tables placed at intervals opposite. They both sat on the bench. The afternoon sun came in at a low angle and gave everything a golden hue.

“Have a look round,” Ryan said. Kathleen scanned the half-empty room, then looked at him quizzically.

Look again,” he said and Kathleen gasped. He was now stroking her thigh, down the top and back along the inside. She clamped her legs together and trapped his hand. She could still feel the movement of his fingers.

Gently but firmly, Ryan moved his hand up between her thighs. Now he had reached the warm, tight fabric of her crotch. He stroked a nail against the fabric and listened to her breathing change. Slowly, casually he kept stroking. Kathleen swallowed and bit her lip.

He whispered in her ear. “Do you want me now? Really?” All she could do was nod. “Wait here. You have to keep stroking your thighs ’till I get back. And one other thing.”

He took his hand out and unzipped her fly. “You know what to do! Another first for you! I’ll be as quick as I can.”

A friend had told him about the music practice rooms in the basement. With a student card, you could book them for a half-hour at a time. With the door locked and the light off, your time was your own… he hoped it wasn’t too late in the day.

Back in the café with the key, he was surprised Kathleen wasn’t getting up. He slid in beside her, dropping the key on the table in front of them. Then he noticed.

Kathleen had stretched her t-shirt down to hide her hand. Her zipper and top button was undone. Her hand was deep in her panties. Her fingers moved amongst the hairs that were peeping out. She looked flushed. Ryan was impressed.

“Woah, this is exciting! I almost don’t want to stop you!” On impulse he kissed her lightly on the lips. “Let me smell you,” he whispered.

she drew her hand out. He held it in his, saw the sheen on the fingers, breathed the scent of her arousal. He kissed it like a prince greeting a lady in an old movie. She stared at him, then smiled when he took a tiny lick of her fingertips.

“I hope there’s more of that,” he whispered again.

She swallowed. “There is!”

They went downstairs.

There was no natural lighting, just fluorescent tubes along the ceiling. In the room with the light off, a watery light stole in through the small pane in the door.

He started to undress her. She watched him as he lifted her t-shirt off, to reveal her skin-coloured bra, dark against her actual pale skin. He stroked her arms and shoulders, then down her back. The soft, giving flesh brought back vivid memories of that other time, in a different Union, but the same urgency.

Suddenly she reached up and kissed him passionately. He surprised himself by responding, clutching her bare shoulders or running his hands over her back. She tugged at his own shirt and he peeled it off. She unclipped her bra and her generous breasts rolled out and swung on her chest. Skin to skin they hugged and kissed again.

She tried to undo his belt. In a second he had it open and his pants were coming down. Shoes kicked off, he stepped out of his clothes, then pulled her to him to undo her jeans. He found the button undone and the zip already down. He grinned. She poked her tongue out.

He wriggled her pants down, kneeling in front of her as he did so. He buried his face into her panties, breathing her strong scent and pushing his fingers into her soft thighs and buttocks. He felt her hands in his hair.

She bent over and kissed his forehead, then gently tilted it back so he was looking up at her.

“Now,” she simply said.

She knelt down to him, then sat. Ryan had noticed the rough carpet squares on the floor and spread their shirts out for her. Casibom Yeni Giriş She lay back on them and wriggled out of her panties. She looked up at him and beckoned.

As he lay down, she spread her legs for him. He knelt between her knees and reached into his pants pocket. He drew out a condom, just as she got one from her pocket. The same brand. They both laughed.

“Ah well, d’you think we might use the two of them?” Kathleen chuckled. “Just the one then, and make love to me.”

Ryan knelt over her. She guided his heavy cock low down between her lips. She held him as he slowly entered her

As fast as that, they were making love. The weird surroundings slowed them down, their desire urged them on. He felt her wide, soft thighs against his legs and watched as her tummy and breasts pulsed with his thrusts.

She ran her hands down her body, over her breasts and sides, down her thighs and up his sides. She felt his arm muscles tensing and flexing as he held himself up. She ran her fingertips over his torso and sensed his muscles flexing with each movement. She slid her hands back down, over her legs and round to his. She reached underneath and felt his balls swinging as he pushed into her.

Ryan could Just feel her fingers playing. He smiled to remember the first time and how much she had enjoyed touching them. He liked the attention too.

He reached forward and kissed her. As they kissed, she brought her hands up and held his head, their lips together as their bodies moved. He had an idea. “This is something I think you’ll like,” he said softly.

He took one of her hands and slid it down between their hips. He paused with his cock halfway out of her vagina. He guided her hand over her mound and through her curly pubic hairs, With his fingers over hers he could also feel her soft, slick outer lips stretched round his shaft. Between them he found her clit and rubbed it with her fingers, as he started thrusting again.

Kathleen’s eyes opened wide. Her mouth fell open. A tremor went all through her body, an urgency rose up in her. One hand gripped his arm, the other rubbed and strummed her clit, independent of him now. She gave a low moan. He moved faster.

Kathleen’s breathing was getting irregular. Her legs flexed and lifted up involuntarily, finally coming up and wrapping around his hips. He was slamming into her now, pushing his hips against her fingers. As well as her generous juices, he could feel a heat coming off every surface of her skin. With each thrust from him, Waves went up through her torso and chest and over her breasts. The carpet scratched his knees. Everything felt amazing: her tight wet pussy, her warmth, seeing the pleasure he was giving her.

He lost the sense of how long they were there. His body felt hers beneath him, warm and soft. His eyes gazed down at her, just as she gazed up at him. But then he felt the familiar tingling and urging of his climax coming.

She felt it too and picked up his urgency. She clutched him with her free hand as suddenly they were coming, together or one first they couldn’t tell. They cried out as they held each other.

Kathleen lay underneath him. Ryan was propped on his elbows, his head down, lips on her bare shoulder. He kissed it softly as he heard her breath in his ear. She kissed him. His body felt her soft body, all down its length. A warm patch here, a sticky patch there. He felt her hands playing in his hair.

“God Ryan, my fanny aches so much, but I want to fuck you and fuck you!”

“I reckon I want to fuck you too!”

“Jayzus, we will, surely! I want to get used to your bristly chin. I want to get used to you driving into me like that. I want to come like that lots and lots of times. But maybe three is enough for me at the moment.”


“Well, I still had a touch of you on my fingers after the shower. Nice smell, not much taste. Any case, I needed to give myself some attention after that. The ladies’ showers next door seemed nice and quiet, so I gave myself a couple of turns. I never felt like coming twice like that before… I guess the taste of you on my fingers, and the memory of you fucking me at the party, was enough!”

Ryan was propped above her now, admiring her twinkling eyes, her double chin, her big, soft breasts spread across her chest. He was astonished. He shook his head.

“Kathleen, I can see a lot of long nights with not much sleep ahead!”

“And afternoons.”

She pulled him down and kissed him.

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