Alexis Takes Care of Daddy

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Author note: This is my first story post on Literotica. I’ve long read and enjoyed the stories on the website, but I’ve never taken the time to craft my own story. I hope you’ll share your thoughts on it.

It’s been a long time since I imbibed alcohol. It’s been far longer since I was drunk.

But last night, I was trashed. And a celebration turned into an unexpected sexual encounter.

First, a little about me.

I’m Steven, a 40-year-old accountant who lives a simple life. I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I cook dinner for my daughter. I clean the dishes, I watch a little TV and I go to bed. It’s not very exciting.

For the last 18 years, I’ve worked as an accountant at a medium-sized firm in Florida. I started working there the a week after my daughter, Alexis, was born. I’m nothing special to look at — 5-foot-8, 200 pounds with receding hair and blue eyes. I’m not hideous, but I could stand to do a sit-up or 50.

My wife — Alexis’ mother — left us 10 years ago. She didn’t like the boring, suburban life we talked about in college. Turns out, my wife wanted to live on the wild side. She didn’t like being a wife and didn’t like being a mother. She lives in Las Vegas now. Sometimes in jail — sometimes outside of it.

Since she left us, I’ve raised my daughter on my own. And that’s fine. I love Alexis — or Lexi, as she prefers — with all my heart, and my proudest accomplishment has been watching her grow up from a shy little girl into a confident college freshman.

I’ve spent the last 10 years doing my best at work to provide for her. Sometimes that means I work long, arduous hours, but I’m proud to say I never missed one of Alexis’ volleyball matches or school theater performances.

But I’ve also not spent a lot of time on me and my personal life. I haven’t been on a date since I married Alexis’ mother, and my free time has been nonexistent.

Until Friday night.

A group of co-workers for years have tried to convince me to go out for dinner and drinks with them, and I’ve long resisted. I had a daughter to take care of, so the late-night theatrics were not on my schedule. I prefer to be home when Alexis gets home. I think it’s important for me to be present in her life.

But Alexis is in her first year of college, and while she is still living at home, her dance card is pretty full. So for the first time ever, I relented, joined Girne Escort my co-workers and decided on a night on the town.

After dinner at a sushi restaurant, we bar-hopped until midnight. I didn’t drink a ton, but for someone who doesn’t drink, I had more than enough. By the time it was officially Saturday, I was wobbly on my feet, slurring my words and definitely in no shape to drive.

A younger co-worker set up a ride-sharing app on my phone, and a few minutes later I was stumbling out to my ride home. Twenty minutes later, we were in my driveway.

It took 10 minutes and about 20 tries to get the front door open. But eventually I succeeded.

As I walked into the front foyer, Alexis strolled out of the living room.

“Daddy, are you OK?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m fine,” I slurred. “I decided to go out with my workers, co-workers, tonight.”

The look of surprise on Alexis’ face was perfect. She’d never seen me go out, and she certainly had never seen me drunk.

Alexis, by the way, is 5-foot-4 and probably 110 pounds. She was a setter on the volleyball team, and while she was very good, she wasn’t interested in playing the sport in college. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She’s a B cup, a fact I know only because I’m often charged with removing her clothes from the dryer after they’ve sat in there for a day or two.

“I might have had a few too many drinks,” I said with a chuckle. “I’m heading to bed. Good night, sweetheart.”

Two steps forward, and it was very clear that I wasn’t going to reach my bedroom without assistance. Alexis immediately grabbed my arm as I stumbled and leaned me against the foyer wall.

“OK, Daddy, but you’re going to let me help you,” Alexis said.

“Sure, sweetheart, whatever you say.”

As she slowly walked me down the hallway, I swayed left and right. She guided me to the left, into my bedroom and led toward my bed. Gently, she turned me, so I could sit on the bed. But as I lowered myself to a seated position, the rest of my body gave out and I collapsed with my back on the bed.

“This is fine, Lexi,” I groaned. “Just leave Daddy here, and I’ll be fine.”

“Absolutely not,” she said. “Let me help you, Daddy.”

As I lay there — essentially helpless — Alexis untied my shoes and removed them. She pulled off my “dress socks and tossed them toward the hamper Magosa Escort in the corner of the bedroom.

Next, she unbuttoned my cotton dress shirt. She had to push and pull me over to remove it. I was not making it any easier on her.

“Thank you, Baby,” I groaned. “Just swing my legs over onto the bed, and I’ll get some rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Come on, Daddy, you’ll get your pants wrinkled sleeping in them,” she said. “Let me get those off of you.”

Because I went bar-hopping immediately after work, I was still in my work clothes. I had shed the tie at 5 p.m., but I was still in suit pants.

Slowly, Alexis reached toward my belt buckle and unfastened my belt. She released the button on my pants and pulled the zipper completely down. Then, she grabbed the tops of my pants and said, “Lift your butt up, Dad.”

She guided my pants below my hips, past my butt and pulled them to the floor. I stared at the ceiling, promising myself I’d never drink again and have my daughter undress me. This was embarrassing.

She pulled my pants down to my ankles and tugged them completely off. She grabbed a hanger from the closet and maneuvered the hook through the back loop of the pants and hung them onto the closet door.

“Now they won’t be so wrinkled,” she said.

While her back was toward the closet, I managed a peak down my stomach to my legs. It was at this point I realized my cock — not very big, but very hard — was poking through the front flap of my boxers. But my reaction speed was clearly off. I reached for the top of my boxes to adjust my little guy’s new-found freedom, but not fast enough for Alexis to see.

“Oh Daddy, it’s OK,” she said with her light, sweet laugh. “It’s not like I’ve never seen one before.”

This is not the conversation I want to have with my daughter at 12:30 a.m., drunk and with my pants off.

“Sorry, Alexis, I wasn’t expecting you to be undressing me. I didn’t expect a lot of things tonight. I thought I’d go out for a couple of drinks and then got wasted.”

Alexis walked toward me and sat on the bed, her leg pressing against mine.

“Daddy, you’ve spent so much time taking care of me and making sure I was good, that you really never took time for you. I’m glad you went out and had a good time. You deserve it.”

Alexis put her right hand on my left thigh and began Kıbrıs Escort to slowly rub it.

“You deserve a lot of things, Daddy,” she whispered. “You’ve sacrificed so much for me.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. “I’d do anything for you sweetheart,” I said.

“Me too.”

Before I could say another word, Alexis lean forward and kissed the tip of my cock.

“Woah, sweetheart…”

Before I could say anything else, she did it again. And then she leaned forward and slip the tip of my cock into her mouth.

“Lexi, we can’t do this.”

She released my cock and ran her fingers across my stomach and chest.

“Relax, Daddy.”

Then, she slid my cock between her gentle, soft lips, slowly pumping it in her mouth. Her hands gently caressed my thighs, while my cock bobbed inside my little girl’s mouth.

I knew I should stop this, but my thoughts were cloudy and my cock was hard and it felt so good. My beautiful daughter was sucking my cock, and I could — I should — stop this. Instead, my right hand drifted to the back of her head and I gently stroked her hair.

She continued to suck me, my cock now harder than ever. While it had been quite a while since I was with a woman, I was a still a man with sexual needs. Most of my sexual releases came in the shower in the morning, the hot water washing my cum down the drain.

Tonight, though, I wasn’t in the privacy of the shower. I wasn’t alone with my feelings and my needs. Alexis continued stroking my cock with her mouth, as my fingers gently ran through her hair.

As she sucked my cock, my breathe quickened and I could feel the need to cum was arriving soon.

“Baby, sweetheart, Daddy is going to cum soon,” I said through gritted teeth.

She pumped faster and faster, squeezing my thigh. I pushed down on the back of my head and felt myself explode inside of her mouth. I grunted as my cock drained into her mouth, the release exhilarating and exhausting me all at the same time.

Alexis slide my cock in and out of her mouth a few more times and then she stopped.

“Did that feel good, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, baby, of course it did. But we shouldn’t have done that. Daddies aren’t supposed to do that with their little girls.”

“I know, Daddy,” she replied. “But I’m not a little girl anymore, and I wanted to thank you for being so good to me.”

Alexis slide my cock through the front flap of my boxers.

“We can talk about it tomorrow, Daddy,” she said. She lifted my legs onto the bed and pulled the covers over my crotch and legs. “You need some rest.”

Alexis leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes, not knowing what to expect next.

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