Tales of Seth and Travis Pt. 01

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Ball Licking

The early June morning dawned misty but cloudless; it was forecasted to be one of those absolutely perfect late spring days with dry air, sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies. Nothing could be better.

Whether it was the weather, or just his state of mind, but Seth woke in a wonderful mood. He sang quietly to himself as he made his bed, tidied up his bedroom, threw some laundry in the hamper, and then went out to eat a light breakfast. He checked the usual array of websites in the morning to get caught up, and decided upon walking out onto his small apartment balcony that this was a day to be spent outside. He also decided it was a day for indulgence.

Back inside, he showered and carefully shaved. That process look a little longer than usual because of his extra concern. After all, one did not just get long, smooth legs without some care! He went into his bedroom, and rather than finding a pair of boxers, since today was a day of indulgence, that meant that he opened his special drawer.

His fingers lightly traced over soft, clingy materials – airy cottons, sleek satins, and hot little lacy numbers. What kind of panty-day was this? He looked and considered, all while his sissy clit swelled a little, not fully, but in some pleasure; every part of him looked forward to those days where he could happily wear panties under his shorts.

Seth chuckled, suddenly breaking character. He was never quite this frilly and definitely not this sissy on days where he did not wear panties. He had a conservative job at a conservative business, and it was a well-paying job and he liked it, which meant that his little forays into the world were carefully measured and protected. But he could not deny that wearing the sexy panties made his butt look terrific, and made him feel soft and sexy and unbelievably horny. He shuddered at the thought of it.

Finally, he selected a red pair of boyshort panties, the bottom bordered with a lace design. He snapped them on, and debated whether to wear his chastity. But he decided against that; he was kind of thinking about a hike in the nearby park, and he’d learned through unfortunate experience that hiking with his device on could lead to painful chafing. So, none of that. Just the panties.

He slid on a pair of shorts, and a tight tee-shirt top that showed off his flat, trim body. He was naturally fair-haired with a short, stylish cut, and the blond hair and light skin would trick most people about his shaved legs; if he was ever asked, he gave the ninety-percent truth – playing soccer for many years including college had pretty much ripped most of his leg hair out. He’d lost maybe fifty percent of his leg hair. But it was enough of an excuse for him to simply say that instead of looking strangely patchy, he just shaved it all.

He left the apartment and drove to the park, slung the pack with a sandwich and water onto his pack, grabbed his stick and got to walking. The warm day, the leafy trees, and the healthy activity all while wearing the red panties made him extremely horny. His sissy clit was semi-erect, which pushed it more firmly against the red panties, which increased the delightful friction and made him even hornier. But as tempting as it was to duck behind a tree and give into his horniness, for some reason today he decided to set it aside and push on.

The walk took nearly four hours. He felt a tiredness in his legs that came from walking about the ten rugged miles. His tracking device said he did about twelve hundred feet of vertical gain. At least his legs would look good, he thought with a tired smile. Some of his horniness had drained away, replaced by fatigue, but now in his car it returned, and he had a particularly juicy thought.

After unlocking his smartphone and checking on his account balances at the bank, he whistled happily as he put the car into gear and started the drive to the mall. What a perfect way to end a perfect day, he thought happily. New panties and an extended play session that evening! The thought of his made his sissy clit stiffen, and maybe even leak just a little bit of precummies.

He parked and walked into the mall. There were two stores that he preferred. He browsed slowly through the first one. The saleswoman there looked utterly disinterested in him; she was focused on her phone and picking her nails at the same time. Seth let his fingers run lightly over the silky, delicate materials, but none of the panties called out to him.

He left and went to the upper floor of the mall, into the larger and somewhat classier store. It, too, was practically empty. He supposed that nearly everyone was out enjoying the sunny weather. He was fine with that, as it allowed him to browse the delicate underthings in peace. There was a single older gal in the store, and the saleswoman in the store was assisting her but keeping half an eye on Seth.

She finally broke away. “Looking for anything in particular?” she asked him.

“Just looking to see what my girl might enjoy bayrampaşa escort that’s all,” he said as the oft-told lie rolled easily off his tongue. She did not blink, and only nodded in agreement.

“Okay well call me if you need anything.”

He smiled at her. She was pretty and had a cute but sort of bossy look about her. “Sure thing. Thank you,” he said politely.

She nodded and moved off, and after a bit Seth made three panty selections, and one negligee. He took it to the saleswoman who took the items and rang them up, accepted his credit card, and packed them up in a bag. “Here you go!” she said happily.

“Thank you!” Seth said warmly, and left the store. He went to the food court to get either an iced tea or a coffee, he wasn’t sure. He had spotted the lean, tall, young man kind of hanging around outside of the lingerie store, and that same young man was now walking up near him.

He stood next to Seth as they surveyed the board of the coffee shop at the same time. “Those were nice selections you made,” the young man said.

Seth turned to look at him. He was blushing a little. “Thank you,” Seth said cautiously. He was never comfortable when approached like this, although the blush in the man’s face suggested he ought not to worry.

“Were…those for your girlfriend?”

“Of course,” Seth smiled.

“What a lucky girl,” the guy said. He sighed. “I always have trouble selecting stuff like that for my…girlfriend,” he said. There was the barest hesitation there, and Seth sniffed it out.

Seth brushed his fingers against the man’s arm, and saw him jump and tense, and then relax a touch. “Would you like some…assistance?”

The man smiled widely. “I’d love some. Will you do that for me?”

Seth grinned. “Why not. My name’s Seth.”

“I’m Travis,” he replied. Seth and Travis turned to walk and return to the store. Seth glanced down at Travis’s legs and saw that they were as smooth as his, and maybe more so. Seth felt his sissy stick stir in his panties again. Had he just happened into a fellow panty-lover? The thought was arousing and delectable. He licked his lips at the thought of it.

They walked into the store. “What size are you looking for?” Seth asked.

“Oh, a six I think. She’s really an eight but likes it when I choose just a little smaller.”

Seth nodded knowingly, and appraised Travis again. Seth wore an eight; Travis looked skinnier than he, and Seth believed that his new friend’s interest in size six had nothing to do with a girlfriend. He felt his sissyclit get just a tad stiffer.

The saleswoman walked over. “Oh, you’re back?” she asked at Seth.

“My friend Travis here asked me to help him pick some panties for his girlfriend,” Seth said smoothly. “He said he liked like selections.”

The salesgirl turned and appraised Travis. “Oh, did he?” she asked, followed by a short, nearly-snide snicker. “Well since you seem to have him covered, I’ll step away.” The sales girl gave them both a rather sharp look, but left them alone.

They browsed and talked, and it was obvious that Travis’s tastes ran to the far more feminine. He chose a pink satin pair, a bright red pair and a white pair with matching stockings and garters. As Travis selected that lingerie, Seth could not help but to dream about seeing Travis in those panties and in that outfit, and wondered how endowed he was, and how experienced he was at having some delicious times, boys together wearing panties. It made Seth nearly shudder.

“Are you sure these are the right sizes?” Travis asked with some hesitation. He was holding the fabric delicately, and the slight blush had returned to his face. “And I wonder if they have this style,” he said holding up the bright red panties, “in more of a muted pink.”

“I’ll go find out.” Seth walked over to the sales girl, who was tapping at her smartphone. She looked up as Seth approached; her smile looked more like a sneer. “My friend has a couple of questions. He wants to know if that one style comes in a muted pink.”

“I don’t know, which one?” she asked coming from behind the desk and walking over. She saw Travis and approached him. “Which one, hon?”

Travis handed her the red pair. “Hmmm. A muted pink you said?” and Travis nodded. The blush was becoming a little more visible on his face. “Well, I don’t know. Do you want to come into the back with me so I can check? Your…uh…girlfriend will be happy if I did, go look that is,” the girl added. She looked Travis right in the face.

She leaned in a little closer. “Why are you blushing?” she asked. That made Travis’s face nearly explode into a hot crimson. His lips trembled a little, and it looked almost like he was going to cry. “These aren’t for a girlfriend, are they?” the girl said next. Seth was reminded of a predator, stalking its prey. “They’re for you.” She leaned in close, and put her hand on Travis’s arm. He tried to jerk away but he was trapped by this lioness on the prowl. escort bayan istanbul “Aren’t they? They’re for you, aren’t they…sissy,” she hissed softly.

Travis’s face was as red as a Santa suit. I could almost feel the heat emanating from his face. He was utterly tongue-tied. She moved in close, and was shielded from anyone seeing her next move. She reached out and pressed her hand against Travis’s crotch.

“Oh my god you’ve got an erection!” she whisper-hissed. “You are a sissy!” she proclaimed happily, a little more loudly.

Travis looked like he wanted to turn into a puddle on the floor, yet even Seth could see the tenting in his pants. The young man’s body was trembling uncontrollably, and Travis was on the verge of tears.

Just then, a matronly but decidedly good-looking older woman walked into the store. Seth watched her, and saw the woman note the three of them standing there, and angled off her direction to a different part of the store. But she looked back with both suspicion and some interest, obviously clued in by Travis’s bright red face that something was going on.

“You are, aren’t you?” the sales girl said again and more aggressively. “I swear I’ll yell it to everyone in this store if you don’t answer me!” she barked.

“Y…yes…” Travis whispered in a horrified tone.

“So these panties are for you, then?” the sale girl asked more loudly.

“Shh!” Travis said in a strangled tone. The matronly woman did glance over.

“This I have to see,” the sales girl said. Then, a little more loudly. “Yes, I think we have those in pink. Will you come with me so we can check?” She wagged her finger at Travis, who had no choice but to comply. Travis dropped his hands to block the front of his pants and the obvious erection he was sporting as he followed. Unsure of what to do, Seth kind of tagged along.

Just then, within hearing distance of the older woman – who was now in Seth’s opinion decidedly a MILF – the sales girl whirled and barked at Seth. “And you, you’re a sissy too, aren’t you?” she snapped.

The MILF looked up and over, and had a broad smile on her face. Seth felt his own face color up, but he’d been busted once before. The event was still shocking, but lacked the same intensity of that first time. Still, having the older woman overhearing this event enhanced both the humiliation and excitement of the moment.

“Yes,” I said simply. The sales girl smirked and looked down, and saw that my clit was stiff. “Another stiffie,” she said. “Jesus.” She rolled her eyes. “Both of you sissies, come with me.”

The MILF moved in. “Can I come with?” she said softly. “I have an affinity for young men in panties.”

“Oh you do, do you?” the sales girl laughed, now fully engaged in the bossy/brat role. “You have some ideas for these two?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!” she said with a broad grin.

“Well by all means, let’s go to the back with these two sissies!” We four marched to the back, and the sales girl shoved Seth and Travis into the last stall in the back.

The sales girl turned to the MILF. “Watch them for a moment,” she said. “I need to get the remote video to keep an eye on the store. I don’t want to miss anything back here, though!” she warned the MILF.

“Of course, dear,” the MILF said pleasantly. The sales girl nodded and was gone for about two minutes, and returned holding a small iPad that was showing a video feed of the store’s main floor.

“Now then, you two little sissies,” the sales girl said sternly, “take off your shorts. Let’s see what you have on right now!” she said in a triumphant tone of voice.

Seth moved more quickly and with a little more grace, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them, and letting them fall to the floor. The red boyshorts were displayed. “Oh my,” the MILF said softly.

Travis, seeing Seth move so confidently, found it in him to drop his shorts off too. He was wearing a pair of light blue panties, more of a thong type, his package bulging and visible in the front.

“Turn around, both of you,” the sales girl said. “I want to see your asses in those panties!”

Both turned, and displayed their bums to the two ladies. Seth knew that his ass was shaved smooth and looked good, and he heard a low wolf whistle from one of them. Hopefully that was for him. His sissyclit was now throbbing, and he hazarded a look down at Travis’s and saw the same thing.

“Nice bums, sissies,” the MILF said. Her voice was more cultured, as opposed to the somewhat higher-pitched younger woman’s tones.

“They are, aren’t they?” the sales girl asked rhetorically. “Fuck, this is making me wet seeing these two in panties!” she proclaimed.

“Me, too,” the MILF said but with a trace of sadness. “I don’t have the time to indulge right now,” she said quietly.

“Oh, but I do,” the sales girl said. “Listen, I hate to ask this, but could you go keep an eye out? I’m going to…get some use from these useless taksim vip escort little sissies back here,” she said. Although Seth couldn’t see her as his eyes were still on the wall in front of him, he heard the hunger in the younger woman’s voice.

“Certainly. However,” the MILF said, “you two sissies don’t leave until you come talk to me, too,” she added. “Got it?”

Seth replied for them both. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Ma’am? I like that. Very polite.”

“Yes, little red boyshort panty-boy was very polite,” the salesgirl agreed. “You shall be red and blue. Blue, since you seem to be a little more of a bitch, you get the short end, as it were.” She clapped her hands lightly.

“Blue, on your knees behind me. Red, on your knees in front of me.” The sales girl watched as the two sissies moved into their positions. “Now Red, put your hands on my knees. I don’t want you to touch that clitty of yours. Blue, you put your hands on my ankles. Same thing for you, bitch.” The sales girl hiked up her skirt, and yanked off clearly damp panties to reveal a bare pubic mound and obviously swollen and parted outer lips. “Clean my pussy, Red,” she ordered Seth, “and you Blue, clean my asshole!”

The two sissies moved in, and the sales girl used one hand to hold up her skirt, and the other she clenched her own wet panties in and grabbed at her own breast. She was almost immediately panting and moaning from the delicious sexual pleasure coming from having her pussy and ass licked at the same time. She bent down a little, spreading her legs, further exposing her lower body to the two eager sissies.

Seth had never tasted a hotter, wetter and more delicious woman. Whether it was the moment or whether this little gal liked her sissies, it didn’t matter to him. She was wet and tasty. Seth’s tongue found her clit and thrummed it, eliciting a long moan of sexual ecstasy. “Fuck Blue, lick my ass, get your tongue in there you bitch, or I’ll be yelling out to the entire fucking mall about you two little bitches!” she warned. Then, after a couple of sighs, she commented “That’s better.”

It did not take long; two tongues on two ultra-sensitive sexual regions of a young woman’s body, and she shuddered and cried out softly, clapping her panty-holding hand over her mouth to keep from screaming at full volume as a wet, messy orgasm exploded from her. She shuddered and moaned, and then finally had to step weakly away. “Stop stop stop,” she moaned. “Oh my god that was so good, so fucking hot, I haven’t come like that in a long time!” she sighed.

The MILF returned. “There’s a customer, dear.”

“Fuck!” the sales girl said. “Here, Blue, since you ate my ass, you stick my panties in your mouth and keep them there. Keep an eye on them?” the sale girl asked the MILF.

The MILF checked her watch. “Don’t be long. Of course, you won’t mind if I give them a little direction of my own, will you?”

The sales girl looked downcast for a moment. “No, go ahead,” she said. “Don’t let ’em cum, though. That I want to see.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have a really good idea for that!” the MILF giggled. The sales girl left. The MILF barked out an order. “Sissies, get down on your knees, facing each other. Closer. Closer!” she said in a slightly more imperious tone. “That’s better,” she said as Seth and Travis were on their knees, their knees practically touching, right in front of each other.

“Blue, take those panties from your mouth. Put them between your two sissy clits. Press close gurls,” the MILF said, “because if those panties fall to the floor, there will be hell to pay!” the MILF warned.

The two got close, and the sales girl’s panties were held between their stiff clits. “Blue, wrap your hands around Red’s waist, and cup her lovely bottom with both of your hands. Red, you do the same to Blue.”

The sissies crossed arms and grasped backsides. They were busy getting into place, and then they both heard the sound of the camera. They looked up in horror, at the grinning face of the MILF. “There we go!” she said, slipping her phone back into her purse.

The sales girl returned. “What did I miss?” she said barging in.

“Oh, nothing,” the MILF said with a wry grin. “I was just about to make them kiss and fondle their clits until they came into their panties and only from stroking their clits through their panties. I want to see that. But don’t make me wait, girls,” she warned.

“Holy shit that’s hot!” the sales girl said in awe. “You heard the lady, sissies. Kiss and play with your clits. Make your clits spurt that hot gooey cummies into your panties!”

The two sissies looked at each other briefly, but then their heads turned naturally, their mouths opening, and their tongues dancing. Each brought a hand to the other’s stiff clit, and played with the member through the panties. The kissing was hot, the finger-play hotter, and it did not take long. Their breathing was harsh and ragged, with kissing broken often for panting. The two women observing the game were both round-eyed with wonder and a good amount of lust. Finally, it was Travis who cried out softly, and it was obviously that he was filling his panties with a huge load of cum. Feeling all that cum made Seth explode, and then he too was filling his panties with semen.

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