Domestic Discipline

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I present to you the fantasy of mine that has been forming in my imagination for years. I hope you enjoy it!

Edited by angel love (thank you).

PS: note that English isn’t my native language, so that’s why the text isn’t perfectly written.


I’m lucky enough to live in a world ruled by Men, as it should have always been. I know very well, that Men’s role is to dominate and women’s role is to be dominated. There is no denying of this. It is the simple truth. Men in general are stronger and wiser than women, so it’s natural that They should have a higher place in society isn’t it? I have no idea, why any woman would disagree with the proper order. I’m grateful, that my Father and Teachers have taught me my place, so I know how to be a good wife to my Husband. Of course, each Man has His own expectations of His woman, so my education continued even after we married.

In the world, I live in, girls and Boys are taught their roles from the beginning. There are no coeducational schools, not only because it simply isn’t proper, but also because the teaching programs for Boys and girls are entirely different. Boys learn the subjects that will help them get a job like math, biology and algebra and also how to handle a woman. They have to know how to control and discipline, what should they demand and which behavior is unacceptable. Girls are learning how to cook and clean and also how to walk and move seductively, apply make-up and style hair. They are also taught the art of pleasing a Man and how to bow, kneel and show respect to Men in general.

If the Master is able to provide for His family, His woman is a housewife and rarely leaves the house. If the Master isn’t providing enough, they are simple, not requiring intellect and skills jobs for women like secretary or maid. A working woman is, naturally, still doing all the housework in her free time, since it isn’t suitable for Men at all.

My name is Katniss. I’m a thirty-three year old woman with firm c-cups and long legs. I’m in excellent shape thanks to my Husband, who demands that I work out an hour a day. I’m not to ever exercise in His presence though, since He doesn’t appreciate the sight of me red and all sweaty. I have very long, dark brown, straight hair, which today I put into a smooth ponytail. As always, mecidiyeköy escort I wear my housemaid uniform, which is very revealing. It has no shoulder straps and though it covers most of my breast, Master often pulls it down, effectively changing that fact. It has an extremely short fluffy skirt with white frills, which gives glimpses of my pussy when I move. I never wear any underwear, indoors or outdoors. It would only get in the way, and both my Master and I want my body to be as accessible as possible at all times. I wear high black heels with silver heels and sometimes black stockings. My make-up is delicately done up and my nails are always nicely polished. My Master got rid of most of my hair accessories. At all times there is a white leather collar around my neck – a symbol of my belonging to my Master. Since the ritual collaring on my wedding day I wear it with pride and true joy. It has my Master’s last name on it for other Men to know, whose property I am.

Let me take you into my perfect world, you will all wish to live in.

I was busy in the kitchen preparing Master’s dinner. One of my daughters was on her knees scrubbing the toilet floor, while the other one was at my Son’s service in His room. Everything was almost ready for arrival of the Man of the house. Everything was spotless and shiny, and all of us were looking perfect. My daughters were dressed just like me, but barefoot and collarless, as they weren’t married yet. Monique was nineteen and Jessica was eighteen. They both had nice young bodies and looked similar to me. They weren’t perfectly trained yet, but eager and quickly learning the proper behavior with, naturally, a huge help from their father and brother. My only Son, Edward, is a very handsome eighteen years old young Man. He is already just as strict and dominating as His Dad, looking up to Him and following His path. Of course, despite being Edward’s mother, I obey His orders with the same respect as my Husbands. Nevertheless, in presence of both Edward and Adam, my Master’s commands always come first and His satisfaction is my top priority. My daughters obey the same rules.

It was nearly six p.m. and I was hurrying to complete the meal. I needed a few minutes before my Husband’s arrival to inspect the girls’ appearance. I finished the dinner and vip escort istanbul headed out of the kitchen. I summoned the girls and quickly checked their hair styles, make-up and outfits. Everything was in order, so I motioned to the door. We kneeled in a row on the hallway floor facing the door. I checked if my girls were doing it properly and their school apparently was doing a good job. Their thighs were spread wide, ankles connected, butts slightly lifted and sticking out, back arched so their boobs would stick out as well. With hands behind backs, head deeply bowed and sights focused on the floor they looked simply adorable.

I got into similar position and we waited exited and joyful for our Master’s arrival. Finally, the knob moved and my Husband entered the hallway. Although I couldn’t see His face, I judged from His footsteps that He was in a good mood and I smiled widely. Nothing could make me happier than the happiness of my beloved one. He was so caring and thoughtful and I desired nothing more than to repay Him with my obedience and respect.

“Now this is what every man should come home to at the end of a long hard day,” He beamed with pride as His girls smiled.

Then Master came over to us and gave each of us a firm but gentle slap on the cheek followed by offering His hand for us to kiss. When He finished, we could undress Him – I took the coat while the girls took Sirs shoes off, kissing His feet. When in the presence of any Man, a woman’s head is always to be bowed, back arched, butt and tits sticking out and hand folded behind her back.

“Mmmm, something smells good,” said Adam heading towards the kitchen. We followed Him, ready to serve. “I’m starving! Girls, it’s the dinner time, don’t disappoint me,” He joyfully threatened, slapping my ass as I walked by.

“Yes, Sir!” we answered enthusiastically and got down to serving the meal, while Master was resting in the living room. When everything was ready, I called the Men. Jessica and I pulled the chairs for them and They sat down. While the Men were eating, we stood at attention ready to refill their glasses or look to any other needs. Men are always to have Their needs satisfied first. Then we eat when they have had their fill.

“Good girl, you did well! It’s delicious!” Master praised me. sarıyer escort

“Thank you, my Lord,” I answered modestly with my head respectfully bowed and eyes still on the floor.

“I’m not entirely happy with the soup, though. Try adding more salt,” suggested Edward.

“I’m sorry Sir. Thank you, Sir,” I said while Monique hurried to pass Him the salt shaker.

When they finished, we pulled their chairs again and waited for further instructions. Edward dismissed us and locked up in His room. Adam was in the mood for some entertainment, so we followed Him to the living room. He seated Himself on the sofa and pointed to the floor in front of Him saying “Katniss.”

So I went on all fours to serve as a footstool. Then He instructed the girls to show Him, what they’ve learned at school and pointed to three huge dildos sticking out from the floor, installed for us to improve our felliato skills.

“Honey, if I wanted a plain footstool, I’d buy one at Ikea, arch this back nicely,” Master demanded kicking me with His heel, “and show me some respect properly,” He added pushing my head even further down with another foot before offering me it for a gratitude kiss. “I wouldn’t mind some movement down there, so shake that pretty ass of yours for me. That’s right.”

I was trying my best to both move my butt seductively and keep my back as still as possible to provide Him comfort and obviously I was succeeding, because I felt Him slapping my ass with His foot encouragingly. My butt was bare by then, cause He had rolled my skirt up to my back as soon as I went down.

“We don’t need that either, do we, honey?” Master asked rhetorically, pulling the top of my uniform down with His foot, letting my heavy breast hang down and bounce a little because of the butt shaking I was doing.

Then Sir focused His attention on my daughters, who were eagerly working up and down on the dildos. “Get those thighs a little wider out there! Oh yeah, good girls. Backs arched, butts sticking out. Pull the tops of your uniforms down, please, so I can see those juicy tits working. That’s good. Your Daddy is proud of you, little ones. You are ready to be owned.”

Encouraged, the girls sped up and arched even further, but knowing better than to speak with their mouth full, didn’t answer. “I’m sorry to see, that marks on your asses are nearly gone. But don’t worry, we will deal with that later. You need your daily punishment to keep your heads in place.”

He turned TV on and sighted delighted with the three of us making every effort to meet His expectations.

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