Domme Club Humiliation

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I would never say that life was routine with Mistress Monica. She kept me on my toes—or, more literally, on my heels—at least around the house. On days when I got home from my law office before she got home from her corporate job, I would immediately take off my suit and tie and put on one of the frilly aprons Mistress preferred me to wear at home, and a pair of heels to match the bra, panty, and garter set that she had chosen for me to wear under my business suit that day. Then I would set about to prepare her dinner.

There was little variation on our daily ritual. She would text me when she was leaving her office. Even though it was a ten minute drive, she required me to kneel in waiting for her in the hallway as soon as I received her text. I would present myself, in whatever lingerie she had required me to wear that day, near the door holding a glass of wine balanced on a small silver tray. When she walked in from the garage she would most often ignore me at first, sometimes smirking at my condition, especially if I had an (uncontrolled and unauthorized of course) erection making a small dent in the front of my panties. Then she would give me a once-over, pat me on the head like the little pet I am to her, take her glass of wine, make a display of her first sip, and then ceremoniously turn and lift her skirt for me to kiss her panty-covered ass. She would either then dismiss me to complete her dinner or give me further instructions, and I would thank her, once again, for being my Mistress.

On days when she preceded me home I most often would find her seated in her easy chair, heels off, feet on her ottoman, with her glass of wine already in hand. On such days that I was expected to hurriedly strip off my business clothes down to my lingerie and then wordlessly go to her. If she presented her feet to me I was to massage and worship them. If she hiked up her skirt and opened her crotch to me I was to place my face between her legs and stay there until she instructed me otherwise. Sometimes she would read or make phone calls while I took in her scent from the moist gusset of her panties for up to an hour.

What I am going to tell you about started with one of those evenings. I came home to find Monica’s car in the garage. A bit early, I thought. I had imagined that I’d be the first home and that I’d soon be standing in the kitchen in one of my lace aprons preparing her dinner. I saw her briefcase in the hallway when I came in through the garage. I pulled off my shoes and slacks, took off my suit coat and shirt and tie, slipped on my white mules from the hall closet, and checked my matching peach bra, panty, and garter set (with tan nylon stockings) in the mirror before going to my Mistress. She was reading a magazine and did not look up. She took her feet from the ottoman, scooted forward on her chair, and spread her legs, exposing the crotch of her nylon leopard print panties to me. I knelt and buried my face in her scent. My cock immediately responded by growing to its full three and five eighths and pushed against the front of my panties.

She rocked ever so slightly against the nub of my nose and moaned, continuing to otherwise ignore me. I wanted to tear her panties aside and bury my tongue in her, but I knew better. I wanted to fuck that pussy, but I hadn’t been allowed to do that in years. I’d only been allowed to orally pleasure her, and only when she granted such privilege. Sometimes she allowed me to watch her fuck herself with a nine inch dildo while she humiliated me for what I could never provide her. She’d make me stand in front of her and masturbate while she pleasured herself, denying me ejaculation while she orgasmed multiple times. Pushing those thoughts aside, I enjoyed the moment—the scent of her pussy filled me.

After some time I felt her hand near my head. Her fingers slipped to the side of her gusset and pulled it aside. With her other hand she grabbed the hair at the back of my head and pulled it back, “Look at it, Tom, do you like what you see?”

“Yes, Mistress, very much, Thank you for allowing me to see your pussy, Mistress.”

“Would you like to worship my pussy, Tom?

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Would you like to be allowed to fuck me, Tom?

“Yes, Mistress, yes, yes, yes…”

“Poor Tom, you know what I’ve told you, I do not desire small cocks, so until you grow beyond six inches, at the very least, it will be only your tongue that will enjoy such pleasure. Sissies don’t fuck women, Tom, they serve them. What are you, my love?”

“I am a sissy, Mistress, your sissy.”

“That’s right, Tom, my sissy. Now would you like to worship my pussy, my womanhood, that special warm çapa escort juicy tight hole, that pussy where you’d like to put your pathetic little cock? Would you like to worship it, Tom, while you imagine what it would be like for your cock to slide in and out of it, while you fantasize about what it would feel like to fuck a real pussy and cum inside a woman instead of losing your load inside of your panties?”

By then I could hardly speak. The front of my panties was wet with pre-cum. “Yes, Mistress. Please, please, let me worship your pussy.”

“Just one thing first, Tom. I’ve been recording this. Turn around. See the video camera on the TV stand. I’m recording this as a demonstration for the Domme Club. I just need your permission to use it for my friends as a training video. I’m sure that you don’t object, now do you?”

I turned my head and saw the camera. My cock began to shrivel just a bit. These were the same women who had seen me on display, who had seen my small penis, who saw me around town, who already knew I wore panties and a bra every day, who already knew that Monica dominated me. They knew who I was, but I had no idea who they were. Any of the women I encountered any day already knew the truth about me, and now would see, on video, just how desperate I was for Monica’s pussy. I turned back and looked at Monica. She was beautiful. She smiled, comforting me, reassuring me, seducing me… Her breasts…were…huge. Her pussy was…exposed…wet…waiting… inviting…

“Do you want to worship my womanhood, Tom, the place that you are not allowed to fuck because your cock is inadequate?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Then it is understood that I will use this tape as a training video for the Domme Club?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then eat me, Tom, but silently, slowly. I have some things to tell you.”

I put my face back between her legs. I extended my tongue, tasting her for the first time. My body started to quiver and tense. Feeling this, she grabbed my head with both hands and abruptly pulled me away from her crotch. “Do not ejaculate in your panties. I want you to stay aroused and hard.”

I focused, licked, concentrated on satisfying her, my cock still throbbing with excitement.

“You know, Tom, there is a new Domme in the club. She rides her husband like he is a horse—calls it equestrian training—because he is such a stallion. Although he’s very, very submissive, he has a nine inch cock. Nine inches, Tom, nine inches. Just think of that next to yours.”

I quickened my pace on her slit, couldn’t stop myself from panting. She noticed.

“The gals told her how I’d put you on display for a meeting. We had quite a laugh at your expense, sissy. We’re thinking of having a meeting where we put you and the stallion on display side by side.”

I stopped my oral worship, horrified.

“I did not tell you to stop, Tom. Yes, nine inches. I’ve seen pictures. It looks like a perfectly satisfying cock. Just think, if only you had a cock like that you would be able to fuck me like a real man…course then we’d still have your premature ejaculation problem to deal with, wouldn’t we…”

I was sucking her with a renewed fury. She could feel me tensing again. I wanted to cum, wanted to soak the front of my panties, wanted to defy her for ridiculing me.” She could sense that I was close.

“Get control of yourself, sissy! Stand up!”

Her anger woke me from my subspace. I stood and faced her, head down.

“Turn towards the camera.” She pointed towards the large wet spot on the front of my nylon peach-colored panties. “See, ladies, pre-cum. If I hadn’t stopped him right now he would have lost his load from the taste and smell of my vagina and from the humiliation I just put him through. Now that’s what we call pussy power. He is a humiliation slut.”

She leaned over to a bag next to her chair and picked up one of my panty girdles and held it for the camera. “I often have Tom tuck and hold himself with a panty girdle when he eats me. This prevents his cock from being overstimulated by rubbing on his nylon panty. He has ejaculated when tucked, but it is far less likely because tucking prevents a full erection. Plus, I find that it is humiliating for a man to have his cock tucked away out of sight, giving him a feminine appearance, a flat front to his panties like a woman.” She laughed as she handed me the girdle, “Put it on, Tom, you know the drill. Hurry, so you can put your tongue back to work.”

I hurried, confused by my excitement at the humiliation of tucking and pulling on the white long-leg panty girdle in front of the camera, but anxious to get back istanbul escort bayan to burying myself as deep in Monica’s wet slit as possible.

“Mmmm, that’s better, sissy, now we don’t have to worry about an accident from your little cock. Now listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you.”


That is how I found out that Mistress Monica was going on a business trip the next day. “Remember how we had a masturbation problem the last time I went out of town on business?” she asked me, all of this being recorded on the video with my head between her legs. I nodded, sliding my head up and down in her wet slit as I did so, not really sure if she wanted an answer.

“The women of the Domme Club and I have hatched a little plan for our amusement that I think you might actually like. I am going to allow you to wank your little prick while I am gone.” I could feel my cock stirring and bulging against the tight spandex crotch of the girdle.

“Yes, Tom, instead of sneaking around and masturbating while your Mistress is gone you will be masturbating for the camera. I’ve set up a web address and given the password to all of the members of the Domme Club. At 9:00 PM any of them that choose to do so may log in to watch you follow your masturbation instructions on webcam. Won’t that be fun?”

I sucked her more vigorously and she had a little difficulty speaking, “I will send you an email…oooh, yes, sissy…with instructions on how your supervised masturbation will…oooh, you are so good at eating pussy, oooh…just how your masturbation will be happen. Okay, faster now, get me off—finish it—yes, yes, yes! Give me a good hard orgasm, sissy! Suck, sissy, suck! On my clit. Oooooh sissy, sissy, suuuck. Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She pushed my head away, and breathing heavily, eyes closed, leaned back in her chair. I waited for several moments, my cock throbbing between my legs, proud that I had given my Mistress such pleasure.

I waited a long time, uncertain even whether she had fallen asleep. Eventually she opened her eyes, smiled, lifted her ass from the chair momentarily and slipped her panties off and placed them over my head, crotch over my nose. She said, “I will be gone just one night. I leave in the morning. Now go and prepare my dinner. Keep the girdle on, and keep my panties on your head. I find it quite amusing.”

Monica was doing all of this because I had admitted to her that I had jerked off the last time she was gone…or was it that really the reason she was doing this? Maybe it was to demonstrate her authority over me to the Domme Club, to further humiliate me, or because she knew me so well that she knew that, amazing as it was, I’d find it extremely erotic. I had admitted that I had masturbated without her permission because I wanted her to control me, I wanted her to control my cock, I wanted her to dominate every aspect of our bodies and our sex lives.


So, here I am. Monica left early. She texted me from the airport, “Just checked the website—everything is set—the Domme Club gals are excited to see your humiliating wank. I left your undies for the day on hanger in closet. Love U.”

I went to the walk-in closet. Next to my suits was a hanger with pink clothespins holding a matching pink thong and bra and a new pair of Hanes control top Silk Reflections pantyhose. I hate pantyhose. Monica knew that. There was a note, “I know you hate pantyhose, Tom—don’t want you too excited—the control top will help. :-). Love you in pink.”

I took them off the hanger, grabbed a shirt and the suit, and went to the bedroom to dress. Finished, I turned to go downstairs. I got out of the house as quickly as I could. I’m pretty sure that one of the women at the office, (maybe all of them were) is in the Domme Club—just from how she looks at me, but it might just be my imagination. There seemed to be something a little extra in her greeting and smile that morning. At noon I got a text from Monica, “Your evening chore list is in your panty drawer. Wear proper uniform, MM”

Great. Work all day and go home and change into a maid’s uniform. Did that mean I was going to have to jerk off while dressed like a French maid? At least I could get out of the pantyhose since Monica insisted that I wear garters and stockings with my maid’s uniforms.


That evening I completed my chores as directed, standing at the ironing board in five inch stilettos carefully pressing Mistress Monica’s skirts and blouses after I had done the laundry, hand-washed her panties and stockings and carefully hung them to dry. I kept one eye on the clock as 9 PM approached. At 8 I had received a five word güngören escort text from Monica, “The Domme Club is ready.” At 8:30 this text, “Check email.”

The email read:

Wear your largest breast forms. Have clothespins, lube, 4 inch butt plug, bath towel, and your tightest panty girdle ready. I left you a pair of my soiled panties in ziplock – in bottom of my panty drawer. I want them over your head when you turn on the camera at 9. Have cell phone ready for verbal commands, Mistress

As I hurried to gather the items as instructed my cock began twitching excitedly in the confines of my pink nylon panties. The idea that I was going to be allowed to cum overwhelmed the idea that I would be masturbating in front of an audience of unseen women, many of them the same women who had inspected my small penis.

9:00 arrived. I turned on the camera on the laptop, positioned it on the bureau so that I would be in range. My phone rang with Mistress Monica’s ringtone

“Put me on speaker,” she commanded, in that no-nonsense tone that she took on when she was about to discipline me. “Adjust the camera to focus on you. Use the clothespins to pin your skirt and petticoat above your waist. Kneel on the bath towel, crop your panties to halfway to below your pathetic little cock. Reach behind you and insert the plug.”

I did as she instructed.

“We have eighteen members of the Domme Club logged in right now watching you, Tom. Do not disappoint me. I see your cock is shriveled and small. Are you frightened?”

“Yes, Mistress, frightened, and excited both.”

“As you should be,” she said, and laughed. “You may take some lube and begin to fuck your hand like sissies do. Show the women what naughty boys do when they think they can get away with it. Fuck your hand because you aren’t allowed to fuck vaginas.”

I poured lube into the palm of my right hand and began softly stroking my cock and it quickly responded.

“Now take your hand away to show all of us again how small it is, Tom. How small it is fully erect.”

I moved my hand away. My cock involuntarily twitched with the humiliation of this.

“Now Tom, I want you to slowly stroke yourself while I tell you a very special secret. Jerk yourself off like the sissy you are while I tell you this…remember my telling you about the new Domme with the submissive husband with the huge cock, the husband that she rides like a horse?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I was stroking my cock, wanting to cum, not sure where this was leading.

“Well, Tom, I’m not really out of town. I’m actually over at Mistress D’s house right now. She has her husband, hooded and spread-eagled on the bed. His nine inch cock is erect and waiting for me to mount it.”

She stopped for effect, and I stopped stroking out of shock.

“I didn’t tell you to stop, Tom. Keep fucking your hand. You see, while you fuck your hand I am going to fuck this nine inch cock. Mistress D. has forbidden her slave from ejaculating and he has been trained to last a very long time…so I am going to mount him now…wait…reverse cowgirl…his Mistress has lubed it for me…ooow!”

Tom was kneeling, stroking, in his maid’s uniform, peach panties pulled just below his balls, his large breast forms protruding so far he could not even see his own tiny cock. He listened, waiting for further instructions from his Mistress. All he heard for several minutes was sounds, sounds of gasping, sounds of pleasure, and sounds of amazement proclaimed from Monica.

“Oh, Tom, I, I, I’m having a, a, a little difficulty getting it all the way in. I haven’t quite all the way down on it yet. Wait, here we go…yes. It’s in, It’s in. Yes, now I’m rocking. Oh sissy, it’s huge. I’m being fucked by a huge cock while my sissy husband fucks his hand.”

I kept pumping my hand. I wanted it to be me fucking Monica. I wanted it to be my cock.

“It’s huge Tom. I’m going up and down on it now, in and out, up and down. Omigod. I’m going to cuuuuum. Don’t you dare cum, sissy! I’m cuuummmming. So quick. I came so quickly just from being fucked by such a huge cock.”

I hear a woman’s voice in the background, must be Mistress D. “He can keep going. I won’t let him shoot his load. Ride him for another orgasm if you’d like.”

I hear Monica’s voice in that dreamy tone that I hear from her only when she is highly aroused, “Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to keep riding. One more hard orgasm from this huge cock, then I’m going home to my sissy’s tongue.”

I heard the sound of slapping flesh through the phone. I heard Monica moaning in delight. “It’s huge, Tom, it’s huge. Okay, Tom, jerk off your tiny thing. You have my permission to release when you hear me orgasm. We’ll cum together, husband and wife, me being fucked by a real man with a man-size cock and you fucking your hand. Oooooh. I looooove big cocks. Ooooooh. And sissy tongues. Shoot your sissy load, Tom.”

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