Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 03

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Author’s Note

All characters in this part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series are over the age of legal consent.

This part is actually the seventh part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series. Parts one to four are about how Amy discovered her passion for Exhibitionism at the age of thirteen. As Literotica only permits stories about characters over the age of consent I have had to rename part seven as part three. It is quite easy to find the original parts one to four by searching the internet.


Part 3 — The summer holidays

We final left school with loads of tears and hugs. I even got a hug from the history teacher. He whispered, “thank you” as he hugged me. I miss those history lessons.

We had quite a few weeks to wait before we got our exam results, then the panic to get into a University, then a few weeks to get organised and go.

Ben was home and happy as he’d passed all his exams and was going back for more. The daily fucks were keeping me relaxed. During the first week Ben, Katie and me decided that we needed a plan for what we were going to do over the holidays so that we didn’t just waste the time.

We made a list that we kept from our parents as it contained quite a few things that would horrify them.

The top of the list was a holiday in the sun. I didn’t think that we had enough money and I said that it wasn’t fair to ask our parents. The others agreed, but first we had to find out how much it would cost. We agreed that it would be cheaper if we went to a popular resort and if we all shared the same room. No arguments there, but we couldn’t let our parents know. We spent a couple of hours on our PC, worked-out what we thought we might be able to afford, then worked out how much we all had. We could just make it, and we booked it on the internet very easily.

It was booked. We were going on an 18-30s type holiday in San Antonio in Ibiza — for 2 weeks. With Ibiza’s reputation we just knew that we were going to have a fantastic time. When we told our patents we told them that we had 2 rooms, one for Ben and the other for Katie and me. They were happy for us and told us that we deserved a good holiday because we had all worked very hard. They said that they were proud of us. They also gave us some money towards the cost.

Sewing It was only 3 week until we went, and top of our list was for me to make Katie and me some thong bikinis, skirts, tops and dresses. All either partially or totally see through.

Katie and me spent a whole day searching for suitable material. We went to dozens of shops before we finally got what we wanted.

Katie and me then spent 3 more days making an assortment on thong bikinis, all of which were strings that tied at our hips and the tops tied behind our necks and backs.

For the actual straps / strings I bought 2 rolls of thin nylon rope, one white and one black.

All the tops had triangle that would slide to give maximum or minimum coverage of our breasts. Of course, none of them had linings. I really like 4 of the thong bikini bottoms types and I am very grateful to Katie and Ben for suggesting some of them.

The first design has the bottom of the triangle of material missing. When standing up it looks just like a normal thong. Even when I walked round the house and back garden there was no hint that it isn’t a normal thong. But, when I lay down on my back the top of my slit is clearly visible. When I open my legs my whole pussy is totally visible and framed by the strings. I guessed that this one would get worn quite a bit. I made 6 of these in 3 different colours.

The second thong bikini bottom design doesn’t have any material in the triangle, just the strings at the side.

The third thong bikini bottom design couldn’t really be called a thong. It is just 2 pieces of string. One that goes round me and the other that joins the front and back. It disappears in between my pussy lips and rubs my clit as I walk.

The fourth thong bikini bottom design also couldn’t really be called a thong. It’s just two loops of string that tie round the top of each leg and are joined at the top of my butt crack.

I made 6 of the first one and 2 of each of the others. Ben loved watching us try them on.

Most of the tops that we made were halter tops. All tie at neck and back. Some fully cover our breasts and others have a big ‘V’ at the front that can be adjusted to show lots or little cleavage. When I say ‘fully cover our breasts’ I mean that they fully cover the tops of our breasts. They can be adjusted to show as much of the bottoms of our breasts, including our nipples, as we want.

The other design of top that we made was a girly version of a man’s string vest. I got the idea from my Dad. He’s had one for years but doesn’t wear it very often. The length of all of them is such that when I’m stood up they don’t quite cover all of my bum or pussy when I wear a belt with them. The mesh is big enough so that my nipples fikirtepe escort poke through.

There are 5 types of skirt that I made, all are low-risers.

The first ones are made of very light cotton. They have a 2 inch waist band then flare out for another 8 inches. The slightest breeze blows them up.

The second design is a bit heavier and a bit tighter than I planned. They are 9 inches long and to get round the tightness I put splits in them, front and back. Both splits go up to 1 inch above decency. These are only slightly see through and were designed for wearing when it isn’t REALLY appropriate to be obviously naked underneath.

The third deign are wrap round, like the ones that little girls wear over their bikini bottoms. These however are 8 inches long and there isn’t enough material for them to go all the way round us and overlap. They are 3 inches short. When we wear them it is very obvious that we have nothing on underneath. 2 sets of these are only slightly see through but the 3rd is totally see through.

The fourth type of skirt was the hardest to make. I started by getting a 2 inch wide strip of tough, lacy edging; a bit like a 2 inch cotton belt. I cut this and sewed the ends together so that it fits reasonably tight round the top of my legs — right at the level of the horizontal crack that appears at the bottom of my bum when I walk. I got Katie to walk around wearing only this bit to see if it would stay in place. It did, even though it restricted her leg movements a bit.

I then started on the back part of the skirt that goes from hip bone to hip bone. Its 6 inches deep at my bum crack and 4 inches at the hips, plus the 2 inch ‘belt’, just enough to leave a little bit of the top of my butt crack visible. It sits low on my hips, and the back section is a bit baggy.

The front panel was more difficult. I wanted the top of the front panel to follow the lines at the top of my legs until the front panel was 2 inches deep across my pubic bone. This makes the part over my pubic bone a total of 4 inches deep.

I had to experiment with the tension of the elastic of the waist band because I didn’t want the skirt to fall down on its own, nor did I want the tension pulling the skirt up and exposing me all the time. I made the top parts out of semi see through material.

I made one other outfit for both of us to wear. It’s a sort of skirt and top and they took about 5 minutes each to make. They consist of 3 triangles of material.

The one that covers our breasts is about 10 inches by 5 inches. It lies on top of our breasts and is held in place (if you can call it that) by a string that ties behind the neck. Now I know that you will be thinking that it would just flop down and end up between our breasts. I got round that problem by sowing a long thin bit of plastic in to the top that I found in our garage. Ben tells me that it’s a big cable tie used by electricians to tie lots of cable together.

The bottom part consists of 2 rectangles of material. The rectangle that covers our bums is 10 inches long by 6 inches deep. The front one is 5 inches by 4 inches. Both these are slide able on one string that ties at one side. By tightening and loosening the bow we can wear these as high or low as we want.

I only made us 2 designs of dresses. We figured that we could have more fun in skirts and tops.

The first design was complicated to make and took a bit of experimentation to get it right. It is alternate (semi and totally see though material) vertical strips. That part was easy but I wanted to be able to wear the dress either way round. One way my butt crack would be covered but not my pussy and nips. The other way round my pussy and nips would be covered but not my butt crack. I eventually got this right then made the top to have a deep ‘V’ front and back. Sleeveless of course. This was my ‘little black number’.

The second design is a ‘respectable’ design and the material is a fine black mesh. You have to look closely to realise that you can see though the mesh. Nipple can be seen, but cannot poke their way through.

Needless to say that all this sewing was done when Mum and Dad were at work.

Swimming A week before we went on holiday Katie suggested that we try out some of the thong bikinis before we went. I thought that only the first type was one that we MAY be able to get away with in this country. We went to a pool across town so that there was less chance of seeing anyone that might know us or our parents.

We got changed and walked out to the pool. I kept looking at Katie’s crutch and I couldn’t tell that the bottom half of her thong was missing. The dark patches of our areolas were clearly visible. We were also looking around to see if we could see any other women wearing thong bottoms. We couldn’t.

We jumped in the pool and were swimming about and messing about. It was great to feel the water on my pussy. One time that Katie’s breasts came above gebze escort the water I saw that her bikini top was completely transparent and I could easily every little bump round her nipples.

We got out of the water and went to queue for the slide. It’s not a big one, but better than nothing. We were in a position where people could see the backs of our thongs, i.e. bare backsides. No one said anything to us but the 3 boys that joined the queue behind us were looking and sniggering.

Going up the steps I realised that if I opened my legs a bit the boys would be able to see my pussy. So I did. I nudged Katie and motioned for her to do the same. She realised what I was trying to say, smiled and did so. More sniggers from the boys behind / below us.

At the top the lifeguard (a youth in his early twenties) did a double take as he realised that he could see our bums. I wonder what he thought as we walked passed him and jumped on the slide. It felt great as my bare pussy rushed through the water.

As I got out of the water I realised that my thong had moved up a bit and I suspected that the top of my slit was now showing. I adjusted it a bit as I got out. As we were walking round to have another go, one of the older lifeguards came up to us and told us that we were inappropriately dressed and asked us to leave. In effect, he threw us out.

We walked back to the changing room (it’s a shared one with lots of cubicles to get changed in, and a communal shower at one end). We decided that as we were already being thrown out, they couldn’t do much else to us, so we got our clothes, went into a cubicle, took the bikinis off and walked to the showers.

We got quite a few people looking at us as we showered naked but we didn’t see any more staff.

After we’d been on holiday I had an idea that could give us some exposure, but at the same time appear to be ‘decently’ clothed. Instead of wearing the thong bikini bottoms to go swimming, I would make Katie and me a little ‘swimming skirt’. Yes, I know that the idea of wearing a skirt to go swimming is horrible, and that no self-respecting teenage girl would be seen dead in one, but it’s the ideal garment for us to look decent when we’re standing out of the pool; but at the same time allow us to expose ourselves when swimming, climbing steps to slides, and sitting on the side of the pool.

Katie and me went shopping, then we got to work. Basically, they are micro skirts made of a thin, purple man-made material that doesn’t hold water. They have an elasticated band at the top and then flare out. They are 8 inches long. When we are stood up, and they are worn low on our hips, our bums and pussies are covered. Worn higher up, of if we bend over, our goodies are exposed.

We went back to the swimming pool that we had been thrown out of and had a great 2 hours swimming. It’s a great feeling swimming with my pussy uncovered. Whenever we got out of the water we were decently covered as the material fell back to its ‘decent’ position, but whenever we jumped in the skirt was up round our waists.

It was fun on the steps up to the slide. We made the day of a few teenage boys and men. We also got a few ‘surprised’ looks and sniggers from teenage girls.

Cycling One other thing that we did before going to Spain was a bit of cycling. When Ben first suggested it I realised that I hadn’t used my bike for years. Ben got it out and made sure that it was all in good working order. He also went over to Katie’s and brought her bike over.

Ben had this idea that if we raised the saddle high enough we would have to slide our pussies from side to side as we peddled. I have to say that riding a bike in a short skirt with no knickers, and with the saddle too high, is ‘interesting’. Katie loved it too.

We also got quite a few looks from motorists as our little skirts flapped about in the wind.

One day when we decided to go for a ride in the country, Ben had me wear the remote vibe. Wow, what an experience that was.

Reading in the Park There’s this little Park in the middle of town. On 4 of the few days when it was sunny we took a book and our sunglasses there and lay on the grass reading and sunbathing — trying to start our tans.

We wore our usual short skirts and no knickers and when we lay down our skirts always ended at pussy level. For some reason we always lay with our feet (apart) facing a path that people walked along. With our sunglasses on, and pretending to read, we were entertained watching people’s reactions when they saw what they could see.

One time, 2 youths who were riding their bikes through the park saw us and came back and stopped where they could see up our legs. They got off their bikes and sat on the grass and stared at us. Well, if they’d gone to all that trouble, who were we to deny them a good show? We opened our legs wide and let them stare at our pussies for ages until someone walked along the path. I even pretended that I had içerenköy escort an itch on my pussy and gave it a good scratch.

Medical check-up Mum thought that it would be a good idea for me to get a full check-up before I went to University. She booked an appointment at our Doctors. When I got there I found out that there was a new doctor there, a man in his thirties, and he was the one that I had to see.

The check-up started with questions about smoking, drugs, drinking and my general health; then he went on to ask me about my sex life. Was I sexually active, what types of sex, how often, what protection did I use etc. If he’d have looked in my notes he would have seen that I have been on the pill for years.

When the questions were over he asked me to undress and climb on the examination table. He was watching me as I dropped my summer dress revealing that I was naked underneath. He smiled and said something about ‘the healthy option’.

I climbed onto the table and automatically put my feet in the stirrups. I could feel my hard nipples almost throbbing and my open puss getting wet.

When he started checking my breasts he seemed to take forever squeezing and prodding them. He even squeezed my nipples, which sent a warm little shiver through me.

I was starting to enjoy it and was disappointed when he stopped.

After some checks in my mouth and ears he told me that it was time for some vaginal checks. That thought gave me a little rush and as he put some rubber gloves on I thought that if he doesn’t get a move on, he’s going to have to cope with me cumming.

As he slid a finger in me and probed all around, I couldn’t help myself, I let out little pleasure moan and I could feel myself getting very wet.

Then he surprised me by pushing a finger up my bum and probing around up there.

When he pulled his finger out he went to pick up a tube of something, then he had second thoughts and picked up this spreader thing instead. I guess that he thought that he wouldn’t need any lube.

The spreader thing was cold as it went in, and then felt good as he spread my puss wide. I had to bite my tongue and fight to not cum as he bent down and had a good look inside me.

I was glad that it didn’t take long as I was getting soooo close to cumming. The thought of cumming in front of him felt good, but for some strange reason at that time, I just felt that I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I survived without cumming and before long he was watching me put my dress back on.

Teasing Dad and Katie’s Dad and brother. We only had a couple of sleepovers over the holidays, but when we did, we made sure that life was hell for the men in the house. Neither of us fucked the other’s father, but we sure made them wanted to fuck us.

One time that Katie was sleeping over at our house and Ben was there, my Dad looked quite embarrassed when Ben sat and watched us flaunt ourselves in our little T-shirt nightdresses.

Dares Katie did a really rotten trick on me during the summer holidays. She dared me to meet her in the centre of town at 4 o’clock one Saturday morning. She told me that the only clothes I could wear were an old dress or skirt and top, and shoes. She promised me that she would be wearing the same.

I had to sneak out of the house at 3 o’clock and get a bus. Fortunately we both live on bus routes that run right through the night on a Friday and Saturday night.

I had to stand around for about 10 minutes before she turned up. Yes, she was dressed in old clothes.

We walked and talked about the fun of being naked and flashing people, and before long we were in this park that has a big pond in the middle, complete with ducks. There was no one around and Katie dared me to get naked and run around.

I always enjoy being naked out in the open, even if it was still dark, so I did. I danced around and before I knew it I was about 25 yards from Katie who was beside the pond holding my clothes. The next thing that I saw was Katie throwing my clothes into the pond and then running away from me. I could just hear her shouting that she would see me at home.

Stunned, I just stared at her disappearing into the distance thinking ‘what the hell is she doing’?

I stood there for a couple of minutes expecting her to come back. When I final realised that she wasn’t I went over to where she had thrown my clothes into the pond hoping that I could get them out. When I got there I couldn’t see my clothes, but I found my trainers. At least she’d left them.

I sat down and put my trainers on as I worked out what I was going to do. It was about 2 miles to my home. I thought about finding a policeman or stopping a taxi, but ruled both of those options out as I thought that the police would lock me up, and then there would be the embarrassment of them calling my parent to come and get me. I didn’t trust a taxi driver to not rape me; anyway I didn’t have any money. Using the bus was also out because of the lack of money. The only thing left was to walk.

I knew that I would have to be quick to get home before it got light, but at the same time make sure that I didn’t bump into my Dad who always starts work early and my Mum who started work a bit later.

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