Avon Calling

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I was just looking in the fridge for something to drink after a rather hectic last hour. I had expected to be in and out of my current job quickly, but had an unexpected visitor that made my job much more difficult. “Ah, a nice cold beer looks good.” Suddenly the door bell rang the familiar ‘ding-dong.’ Now who could that be? One interruption is bad enough, but two??

I opened the door and there stood a rather lovely lady with a case over her shoulder, short red skirt and matching jacket, and white blouse showing a very nice pair of large breasts. “Hi, I’m Jenni. I have an appointment to see Miss King. I’m her Avon representative,” she said with a big smile on her face.

At once I knew her presence needed more investigation. “Come on in. I’m Rob, Miss Kings friend. She had to run to the store. Have a seat. Would you like something to drink? I was about to have a beer myself.”

“Well we’re not supposed to drink while on business, but it is tempting. Ok, why not. I’ll have a beer too,” she said with a nervous smile.

I reached in the fridge and took out two cold ones. With my back to her I opened the beer and dropped a pill in hers. Swishing it around to dissolve the pill, I turned back and handed it to her. “Here you go bottoms up.”

She took a long swig. “Umm, that does hit the spot.” And then she took another long drink. “Why don’t I show you some of my pamphlets after all Valentines Day is right around the corner.” She showed me some of the specials they were having then took another long drink. “Strange, I feel a bit light headed.”

“Oh, you’ll get over it,” I told her.

“Wait something is wrong here. I feel awfully tired for some reason,” she said as her eyes began closing.

“You should. I slipped a micky in your beer.”

“You did what?” She tried to stand only to find her legs too weak to hold her weight and fell back into her chair.

“I slipped you a micky,” I repeated. “Oh by the way, my name is sort of Rob. My whole name is Robber and you see you interrupted my work. But I just had to see those breasts of yours, so I decided to stay a little longer.” With that said she fell asleep.

When she came to she was laying on a couch. Her hands and ankles wrapped in velcro cuffs all attached to a ring forcing her in a hogtie. Her mouth had been gagged with a scarf with a large knot in the middle of her mouth, cleave gag style. She felt ridiculous letting someone take advantage of her. She looked around and didn’t see or hear anything so proceeded to try and escape. After a few minutes she was able to get one of the cuffs around her wrist free. After that it was easy to remove the others. She had just stood up and was about to remove her gag when her attacker came into the room. She stood and ran to the door, but he was on her before she could reach the door handle.

He forced both hands samsun escort behind her back and pushed her down a hallway to a small room that had a computer and other home office items. There were two chairs one soft office type, the other a hard bottom and back. Of course she was pushed down on the hard back chair.

He forced her hands behind the back of the chair and using a short piece of rope tied them cross wrist and using the ends tied them to the top of the chair back. He then took a long piece of rope and tied her right ankle pulling it up the side of the chair until only the toe of her high heel touched the floor. Taking the other end of the rope behind the back of the chair legs he tied the other end of the rope to her left ankle so it too was pulled up tight and on her toe. Next he took another rope and tying it to the middle of the ankle ropes at the bottom, he pulled it up to the top of the chair back and back down to her wrist. Now her wrist and arms were pulled very tightly up the top of the chair back and her feet were now raised off the floor. She was very tightly bound and had no way of getting free.

The effect it had on her clothing was apparent. Her legs being spread wide with her ankles tied the way they were caused her skirt to raise to her hips so that her black panties and thigh high stocking tops showed. Her blouse was pulled tight around her large breasts, about to pop the buttons.

He took a velcro blindfold and placed it across her eyes. He then removed her scarf gag, but before she could say a word, he placed his mouth over hers and gave her a long hot kiss. Even in this condition something inside of her tingled. When he removed his lips she felt him force a ball gag between her teeth and tie it in place. Now she knew she was totally helpless. She had never felt so vulnerable before in her life.

She could hear him move about her, looking at her, studying her. She heard him move the office chair along side of her and him take a seat. “So Jenni, are you having a good time yet?” She shook her head no. He reached out and grabbed hold of her large right breast and began rubbing it for over a minute. She could feel the tingle return and a soft moan escape her lips. He again asked her, “So Jenni, are you having a good time yet?” This time she still shook her head no, but not as fast as before. He then turned his attention to her left breast and proceeded to do the same. Again asking, “So Jenni, are you having a good time yet?” Her breathing was more labored, the moan louder, but she still shook her head no.

He looked at her panties and could see a wet spot forming. He took the tip of his index finger only and slowly ran it up and down the wet spot. A very loud moan broke her lips behind her gag. He again asked, “So Jenni, are you having a good time yet?” escort samsun Her defenses were breaking down. She sat with her head tilted back not shaking her head at all. He knew he had her at his mercy.

He reached up and slowly started to unbutton her blouse pulling it up from her skirt. She was in a dream state and started to shake her head slowly no. He took both hands and placed one on each breast and massaged them before taking the front clasp and setting them free. He used his thumbs and index fingers to pinch and tweak the nipples and she moaned with pleasure.

“How could she let this stranger get to her like this?” she wondered.

Then she felt his hot lips form on her left breast and suck her nipple to erection while playing with her right breast. The only thing her heard was mummmph… Then he took his lips and placed them over her right breast and sucked. With his free hand he reached down and taking his middle finger pushed her thong panties easily to the side and slid his finger deep into her pussy.

A very audible moan escaped her lips. He knew she was ready for the taking. “So Jenni, are you having a good time yet?” This time she slowly shook her head up and down. She gave in to this robber, this burglar, this rapist. She knew it was wrong, but right now she wanted nothing else except to be pleasured by this man.

He became obsessed with her bound body. His finger was working her pussy over slowly at first. His lips sucked at her breast while his teeth nibbled on her nipples. He then took his index finger and joined it with his middle finger giving her a two finger fucking. Not slow, but very fast and very deep. His free hand working on her left breast, his mouth her right. Her head was moving side to side moaning her pleasure. She tried to hump her ass in conjunction with his strokes, but the bondage was too tight. She was near orgasm and he knew it But he had other things in mind for her. He stopped his play completely which brought her to attention. She tried to beg through her gag for him to continue to no avail.

Without warning she felt a hand cover her face and nose with a cloth with a deep aroma. She knew she was helpless to fight it and slowly he felt her body go limp until she was out. He worked quickly to untie her from the chair. He carried her body to a bedroom and laid her on the bed. He stripped her of all her clothing and laid her spread eagle on the bed. He took rope and walking around the bed tied each limb to the four corners. He left the blindfold on, but removed the gag. She was coming too when he took his drink and gave her a sip. When she was totally alert he took the scarf gag and stuffed it back into her mouth tying it in place.

He found all the play toys and ropes when he was searching the house earlier. He would have to thank samsun escort bayan the female owner. He had two vibrators one battery the other a plug in. He took the battery and without turning it on, slowly slid it back and forth until it was deep inside her. She was moaning with pleasure the whole time. She had never used such a large vibrator on herself in the past, although she had her own. He reached down and grabbed both of her nipples and pulled them hard causing her breast to extend upwards. Then he took them and bounced them up and down and all around causing her great pain and excitement.

He reached down and turned on the vibrator to high and he could see her suck in what breath she could under the gag with pleasure. Then to tease her more he took an ice cold beer bottle and pushed down hard on her right nipple. The cold sent shockwaves through her. He removed it and did the same to the other breast causing the same reaction from her. He then bent down and covered her breast with his hot lips easing the cold. He then placed the bottle right at the top of her pussy lips and sent a shock through her. She pulled on her bindings, but was going nowhere. He teased her like this for several minutes.

He then took the electric vibrator and put a special head on it. He turned it on, and while the battery one was still deep in her pussy making her very wet with cum, he used the electric one to rub her clit. This was too much for her. She was ready to cum. He could tell. He kept her in this state for quite some time. Each time he could tell she was ready to cum, he removed it. Then he repeated the process all over again. She was wild with pleasure willing to do whatever it took to get relief.

He bent down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to cum?” Of course she shook her head yes. “Then I have something for you to do first.” He removed his pants and kneeling beside her took off her gag and before she could say a word, he thrust his cock deep in her mouth. “Now suck me slave!! The sooner I cum the sooner I’ll let you cum,” he demanded.

She hadn’t had a cock in her mouth for awhile, but was eager to comply. And he was eager to help her using her face as a fuck toy pumping his cock back and forth in her mouth. Then without warning he shot his load deep in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

“Now slave you can have your fun.” With both vibrators he set off to finish her off while he sucked her large breast. Within minutes she was ready to cum. And what an orgasm she had. She came so hard she strained against the restraints. Her cries so loud the gag hardly worked. It was the first time she ever had multiple orgasms and by some stranger who was raping her. She passed out from the pleasure.

He removed the vibrators from her pussy and stood up. He could see she was out like a light. He removed her gag so she could breathe easy while out cold.

Standing up he walked down the hall and took a sip of his beer. He opened the door to the laundry room and turned on the light. Looking inside at the bound and gagged figured lying on the floor, then back towards Jenni in the bedroom, he said with a sly smile, “Ding-Dong!! Avon calling!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32