Back to the Future Ch. 03

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The next morning I got up early, I crept downstairs while mom and dad were still asleep and went into dad’s office. His office was full of books and papers and generally very messy. I decided that the only way I could find out how the time machine worked was to read his book. I found it on a shelf it was just a huge folder full of papers that had been stapled together. The front page read `Time and Affinity’, this unpublished book was dad’s life work and how he had achieved the science of time travel. I flicked through the hundreds of pages and was not sure what I was reading. It was full of science formulas and complicated diagrams, but about two hundred pages in I found what I was looking for.

It was a detailed diagram of the car and all the parts that were on it. The next hundred pages described what each part did and how it worked. It detailed how nuclear power was used to accelerate the car to faster than the speed of light, which is what sent the car into the past or the future. The onboard computer acted as the cars brain, it programmed the car to go to a certain point in time. I scanned through the pages that gave instructions on how to operate the car. I had hoped it could all be done by pressing buttons in the car but I found it needed a key, just like a normal car. This key ignited the nuclear fuel tank and launched the car into time.

I quickly used dad’s photocopier to copy the most important pages of the book, the ones that told me what to do once I actually got into the car. I then put the book back and left the office. The next problem was to get hold of the key.

Dad had told me once that when he time travelled, the world around him did not move a second forward. He could leave at exactly 12 noon and re-appear at exactly the same time, although in his time he could have been gone for days, weeks or years. In other words he could travel through time for as long as he wanted and return to exactly the same second that he had left. So all I had to do was steal the key and then the time machine, go back in time and then when I was ready just return without have missed a second of my life, or more importantly, anyone knowing I was gone. After Dad left for work I watched mom wash her car. She had on a tight t-shirt and those amazing denim shorts, she looked so hot. I watched her bend over the hood of the car and wash the windscreen. Her ass stuck out in the air and her massive tits strained at the t-shirt to bust loose. My cock got so big and hard as I watched her. I thought about how desperate I was to stick my cock right up her. I imagined her bent over butt naked and holding her ass wide open so I could fuck her.

My mind was running wild with thoughts of my mom on the end of my huge pole. I watched as she got down on her knees to wash the wheel rims. She got into the most amazing doggy style position with her ass jutting out high in the air. My cock was throbbing in my shorts and I needed to cum badly.

I went into my room and yanked down my shorts. I took my 9 inch cock in my hand and started to jack it off. The sight of my mom washing the car coupled with my memories from the other night was all the inspiration I needed.

I shut my eyes and concentrated my mind on those amazing images of my mom bent over that hood, with those tight denim shorts riding up around her perfect ass, That t-shirt clinging to her huge pendulous breasts and how fantastic they had looked the other night slapping together and bouncing around as she fucked that big dildo up her wet gleaming pussy.

I remembered so vividly when she had bent over on all fours on the bed and unknowingly put all of her pussy and ass on display to me. I could see that juicy wet cunt as she fucked that mighty dildo up herself and how it caused her ass to spread each time she thrust it in.

My cock was so hard and stiff in my hand, pre-cum oozed out porno izle the top and it gave me enough lube to continuously slide my hand right back over the full length. Up and down I pounded my fist thinking of my mom and how much I wanted to fuck her sweet pussy.

I had become so absorbed in jacking myself off I had not heard mom come in from outside and come upstairs.

I heard a loud knock at the door and mom said, “Baby, are you alright?”

I stopped jerking my cock and jumped to my feet.

“Yeah Mom, I’m fine.”

“Well baby come down when you are finished I am making waffles.”

`When I was finished!!’ what did she mean by that? Had Mom been listening outside my door and heard me jacking off?

Just then I looked at the keyhole in my door, I had been jacking off right in the line of the door. If mom had got down to the keyhole she could have watched me. I suddenly felt my heart race as I imagined her outside the door spying on me, just as I had done on her. Had she watched me jacking off on my big thick cock?

I was so horny and needed to cum really bad but I wanted to see mom, maybe her face or eyes would give her away if she had been watching me.

I pulled my shorts back on and tried to hide the bulge from my still hardened cock by pulling my t-shirt down. I opened the door and went downstairs.

Mom was already in the kitchen and the smell of the waffles filled the air.

“Hey Baby,” she said as I walked in.

I went over to where she stood and looked her in the face, she turned her head and smiled at me but her eyes betrayed her. She did not look me straight in the eye but instead her gaze fell lower down my body, mom was staring directly at my crotch.

She tried to look away and pretend she was looking at something else but her eyes kept flicking back towards my shorts. We talked about nothing in particular and I looked away from her so that she could stare at my crotch thinking I had not seen her.

I still had a noticeable bulge in my shorts and mom’s gaze was making me hard again. I caught a quick glance at her chest. Her nipples were so hard they were protruding through her top. They looked so full and amazingly big, it just made me even harder.

If she had been watching me through the keyhole, she had already seen how big I was and she obviously liked big cocks because of the huge dildo she had been using. I went and sat at the table and ate the waffles she had cooked. She seemed to be having trouble looking me in the face; she just glanced quickly at me and then looked away, with an almost embarrassed look about her.

After we finished eating I stood up and went to leave the kitchen.

Sitting watching mom across the table, her really big tits looking so fantastic in that tight t-shirt and her nipples so hard, I had got another huge hard-on again. As I stood up, I thought I would let mom check it out, so I didn’t try to hide it. I leaned backwards as I slid out of the chair. Her eyes went straight to it.

She went wide eyed at the sight of the huge stick bulging from my shorts. She tried to look away as I stepped away from the table, but I caught her sneaking another quick glance at my crotch as I went to turn and walk out of the room. I rushed upstairs and closed my door. My heart was thumping out of my chest and my breathing was erratic. I had just given my mom a deliberate display of my hard cock… and she seemed to like it.

I yanked down my shorts and took my thick throbbing cock in my hand. I started to jack it off and shot my huge load just seconds later. The sight of mom looking at my bulge and knowing she may have been spying on me was just too much to handle.


Later that night I was lying in bed, still trying to work out how I could get into dad’s lab and steal the time machine. porno The incident with my mom in the kitchen earlier had made me even more determined. Mom obviously found me attractive and like she said if I wasn’t her son!!!

Well that was a problem I could do something about, in the here and now I was her son and I could not change that, but by using dad’s time machine I could travel back to before mom even had a son and maybe get to fuck her. If only I could get into dad’s lab.

It was just after midnight when I awoke, I had only been in bed for about an hour, but something woke me up. I could hear a continuous and regular knocking against my wall. It was like a loud tapping noise, so I got out of bed and went over to the wall. It sounded like someone was knocking against the wall in mom’s room. I went over to my door and quietly opened it. I stepped out into the hallway and shuffled along to mom’s bedroom door.

I could hear those distinct moaning sounds again, like from the other night. Deep heavy breathing moans and groans. My heart beat quickened as I imagined mom laying there naked again, fucking herself.

Then I heard her say out loud in a deep and moaning voice,


I got down onto my knees and brought my eyes to the keyhole. The room was dimly lit, just a small bedside table lamp was on, but it gave me all I needed to see that mom was getting fucked, but this time not by a dildo but by a real cock.

My dad was laid out flat on the bed with his eyes shut. He had his arms thrown back over his head and was holding onto the headboard,

“So that’s what I could hear knocking against the wall,” I thought to myself.

My mom was sat astride of him and was bouncing herself on top of him. His cock was sliding into her pussy as she brought herself down on it and then pulling almost completely out as she rose again. Her epic tits were bouncing wildly around, slapping together every time she sat down hard on his cock.

“OH FUCK BABY, I LOVE YOUR HARD COCK!!” She said, as she began to ride even harder and faster on his dick.

I had a perfect side on view of the action; her ass slapped down hard on his thighs and made a clapping sound that filled the room. Her ass quivered every time she came down on him, impaling her pussy on his cock.

She had her hands running over his chest as she thrust her ass up and down on his dick. Her hair flung wildly around her face and shoulders, her tits jumped forward and sprung into the air every time she brought herself up and then crashed back down against her chest as she bounced back down hard, slapping her ass cheeks against his upper legs.

I sat on my knees outside the door watching the amazing sight through the keyhole. My cock sprung to life and was so hard and stiff it actually felt painful to keep it imprisoned in my shorts, so I reached in and whipped my big fat fuck stick out. I took the length in my hand and began jerking off as I watched my mom impaling herself on my dad’s dick.

“God yes I love a nice hard cock,” She said in that deep moaning voice, as she continued to thrust her pussy hard and fast on top of him.

She lowered her body down so that her magnificent tits where swinging and smacking together just above my dad’s face. He just lay there with his eyes shut and his hands over his head, he appeared completely uninterested in this big titted babe that was bouncing so hard on top of him.

As mom leaned forward I could see dad’s cock as she kept sliding herself up and down on it. Mom’s pussy looked wet and gleaming, her ass big and well rounded. I kept jerking on my cock watching them fucking.

Then mom pulled herself up high and dad’s cock flopped out of her cunt and lay on his stomach. Dad’s cock was nowhere near as big as mine and looked old and wrinkled.

Mom rokettube threw her leg over and climbed off of him. She turned around and threw her other leg over him and climbed back on, she was now in a reverse cowgirl position, with her ass facing him, not that he noticed, he just kept his eyes shut the whole time and his hands on the headboard behind him.

Mom grabbed his cock and guided it back towards her pussy. She gave it a few quick jerks along the length of the shaft before rubbing the palm of her hand over the head.

I heard her moan out in a hoarse voice, “Mommy wants this cock back up her baby.”

I stopped jerking my cock, my heart beat raced faster, had I heard her right? Did she really just say? “Mommy wants this cock?”

I grabbed my cock again and continued to jack myself off, I wondered if mom seeing me with a hard-on today had made her horny and that’s why she was fucking my dad, was she really imagining it was me fucking her? Did she really wish it was my cock?

I watched through the keyhole as she again impaled herself with his cock, She sat down hard on it taking his entire shaft right back up her.


That was it she really did say that, I could feel my cum about to explode, my mom was thinking about me. My dad still laid there with his eyes shut, seemingly oblivious to what she was saying. I watched mom bounce even harder and faster on his cock, her moans got louder and deeper. Her ass quivered and shook each time it slapped down against him. My mom had her eyes shut to and I wondered what she was thinking. Was she imagining my big cock was thrusting in and out of her cunt? Did she really want me to `give it to Mommy’?

I could hardly contain my excitement; I had to bite down on my lip to stop my own groans of pleasure from escaping my mouth. My cock throbbed and twitched as I pounded my fist up and down the whole 9 inches.

I watched intently as my moms huge tits bounced wildly as she rode my dad’s cock with so much intensity. Her whole body shook as she let out a loud deep moan as she came over his cock. Her head flung forward and her massive tits swung like two pendulums as she exploded on him.

“OH SHIT CUMMMMMMMING BABY,” She said in a loud whisper, swallowing the words as the orgasm rushed through her.

Her ass crashed down on him one final time as her tits gently shook as she slowed down.

She fell backwards and threw her leg over him, his cock popped out of her pussy as she rolled over and laid next to him. She leaned her head over and kissed him on the cheek but he just kept his eyes closed, it was like he had been asleep the whole time.

She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Her huge tits lay heavy on her and kind of fell to the side of her chest.

I had been trying to hold back my own moment of orgasm but I could hold it no longer, I leaned back and shot my load right up my stomach and chest. It was a big heavy load and my balls tightened into me as I came.

I looked back into mom’s room and the light had been switched off so I got back to my feet and crept back into my room. I fell onto my bed and took several deep breaths. I had just watched mom fuck my dad but saying those amazing things. Had she really just fucked my dad thinking about me?

I cleaned myself up and waited for about half an hour, to try to make sure they were both asleep, then I crept downstairs and went into the kitchen. My mouth was dry and I needed a drink.

I opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water. As I drank it I noticed dad’s coat thrown over the chair by the table. I walked over to it and picked it up; I was just moving towards the coat hanger to put it up when I heard a loud clattering sound. I looked down and lying on the floor was a set of keys that had fallen out of his pocket.

I reached down and picked up the keys, these were no ordinary keys though, these keys were the answer to my prayers, they were the keys to his laboratory and attached was a big black key, it was the key to the CAR.


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