Bad Vibe: Continued Ch. 01

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This is a continuation of my previous story: “Bad Vibe: Aftermath”

It continues the story of Craig, his mother Amy, and Maude Richardson. It will make a lot more sense if you read that story first. The story “A Bad Vibe” is the first in the series.


Craig is a new freshman at the State University about two hours by car from his home. It has been an exciting few months since the night of the graduation party he went to with other members of his high school football team.

At the party someone had spiked his drink with a mild hallucinogen, Later in the evening he had rescued the school librarian, Mrs Maude Richardson, half way through a gang rape by the other members of the football team.

After escaping with Maude they had contacted his mother Amy and Maude’s sister, an assistant State’s Attorney, and the police.

In the ensuing weeks Maude had Stayed with Amy and Craig and by the time Maude had left town to take up a new position at the State University, Craig had begun to enjoy sex with both his mother and Maude.

He was a virgin when they started but after several hot threesome sex he felt like he knew it all. He was wrong.

He was now in the University library on his first night of his part time job there. Maude had helped him get a work-study position there. His shift was from 8PM until 10PM when the library closed.

The Graduate assistant that was training him set him to learning the computer system the library used. He couldn’t help but notice the GA, she was a few years older than him, tall, dark haired and quite attractive.

At the end of his shift Tara, the graduate assistant, told him that the head librarian wanted to see him in her office. She told him that it was normal for Mrs. Richardson (Maude) to want to see new employees.

Craig knocked at the door, realizing that he and Maude were now the only people in the building.

“Come in.”

He entered her office, it was large. Maude sat behind a large desk. The office also included some side chairs facing the desk and a small area with couch and easy chairs arranged around a small coffee table at the other end of the room.

Maude was studying some papers and didn’t acknowledge Craig for a half a minute or so, then looked up with a cold expression on her face.

“Hello Mr. Thorvaldsson, I am Maude Richardson, the Head Librarian, I asked you here so that I can get to know you better.”

Craig was startled with her reception, she was acting as if she didn’t know him, as if they hadn’t ever been naked together in bed, with his mother beside them urging the two of them on. He thought that he better play along with her.

“Yes Mrs Richardson, I hope that I can live up to your expectations.”

“I’m sure you can Craig, may I call you Craig?”

“Yes, Mau… Mrs Richardson.”

“When we are alone, you can refer to me as Ma’am, perhaps in time we can find some other way for you to address me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Tara said that you are catching on to our computer system very well, have you had experience in this type of system?”

“Yes ma’am, it is very similar to the system we had in my high school.”

“Of course as an employee you will find that you have far more access to other parts of the system beyond the mere looking up of books.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Craig you will find that there are only two other men working at the library, apart from the janitorial staff, do you know why that is?”

“Um, ma’am is that because you have a tendency to mistrust men?”

“Correct. So from now on, when we are alone together I insist that you must make yourself vulnerable to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am, what ever you say.”

“Excellent Craig. I want you to be nude. Please make yourself so.”

Maude went back to reading whatever papers were on her desk. Craig looked around, the curtains and blinds on the outside windows were closed.

He was a little nervous, but he remembered Maude mentioning this at his house, how she would probably be nervous being alone with a man, and would probably want to tie or restrain him, or put him in lingerie to make him more vulnerable and less aggressive.

He quickly undressed and placed his clothes on one of the chairs in front of her desk, his shirt draped over the back, his boxers folded and on top of his folded jeans, his shoes in front of the chair with his socks inside them.

Maude looked up and smiled. It was an odd smile, there was an aggressive tone to it, and Craig thought it looked like the smile a tiger might have just before it pounced on a helpless deer.

“Very good Craig, I do have a few things for you to wear. Put this on.”

She handed him a dog collar. It was the nylon type with a plastic buckle that snapped it together. It was thin and pink. He clicked it on.

“And this.”

She placed a very flimsy yet frilly garment on the edge of her desk. Craig picked it up. It was the top of a woman’s baby-doll nighty, except that it was very short. It was frilly and nearly altyazılı porno see-through. He put it on and it only came down to his belly button.

“Very nice. Now come over here, I have one more thing.”

He went around the side of the desk, she swiveled her chair to face him. She reached for his cock, already at half mast and growing quickly, and pulled him closer, between her spread legs. She didn’t let go of his cock, and put her other hand around his balls.

“Tsk Tsk, already growing out of control. What do you have to say about that,” she said with a straight face.

“Um, ahh, I can’t help it ma’am.”

Maude reached into a drawer and pulled out a pink dog leash, she handed it to him and told him to attach it to his collar.

“Very good. Craig, I hope you understand that I have to be in charge, even with you I need to feel entirely in charge when it’s just the two of us.”

“Yes Ma’am, I understand completely, I’ll do what ever you say.”


Maude pushed Craig back a few feet and stood up. She was wearing a white blouse with a frilly collar and some frills down the front. The blouse was tucked into a pleated dark blue skirt that came down to just below her knees. She wore tall boots with 3 inch heels.

Taking the leash she led him over to the couch and after having him move the coffee table she had him kneel in front of where she sat on the couch.

“Your cock tells me that you are very excited, are you excited Craig?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m very turned on.”

“Do you like being dressed in sexy lingerie, do you like having a collar and leash?”

“Oh yes,” he moaned.

“You enjoy being submissive to me don’t you.”

“Yes, I love you and I love being your slave.”

“It turns you on being in lingerie doesn’t it, you’re just a submissive panty boy aren’t you.”

“Yes ma’am, I love the feeling.”

“Good, lean forward and start licking, I want to cum quickly.”

She lifted her hips and pulled her dress upward, so that it was bunched around her waist so that when she lowered her bottom it was resting directly on the couch.

“Go ahead Craig, go ahead and eat out my dripping pussy.”

Craig did just that, he began to lick up and down her lips, then slid his tongue in-between them, she was already wet and her taste, musky and sweet overtook his senses.

Maude lay back and enjoyed it. She wasn’t sure how it would be, seeing him after nearly a month. When she was with him and Amy she felt no hesitation or worries, but alone with any man she felt nervous and frightened.

She had planned on seeing him after his first day, she had told everyone at the library that she would interview the newest employee after hours and that Tara should lock up after everyone else was out of the building.

Maude felt good, Craig was building her up slowly, the feeling of power that she had was intoxicating and she had fleeting thoughts of what she could do to Craig, she had a vision of fucking him with a strap-on dildo while his mother watched, then taking her while Craig was forced to watch while tied up.

The idea of having both of them at her mercy while she whipped them came to her. The thought excited her and without warning she came, she felt her juices squirting out over Craig, her pussy clamped and pulsed.

Her thigh and bottom muscles tensed and lifted her hips off the couch, pushing her pussy into Craig, she thought how wonderful it would feel to have Tara, no, Amy pushing a strap-on into Craig as he ate her.

Liquid warmth and fire flooded her body, then she collapsed back down onto the couch. Craig knew to take his tongue off of her clit and concentrated on softly licking around her lips, her inner thighs, and down her taint all the way to her anus as he tried to suck up all the juices that she had expelled.

“Good boy, good boy.” Maude cooed as she stroked his head.

She realized that her fantasies might be a little contradictory, but she also knew the difference between fantasy and reality. How the dynamics between her and Amy would work out depended on how Amy felt. She suspected that Amy liked sex in any form and wasn’t tied down to any one fetish, she liked them all.

She knew that Craig was submissive to her partly due to some twisted sense of duty, something about how his teammates had brutalized her, maybe he thought he could make up for it by doing whatever she wanted.

That wasn’t to say that he didn’t enjoy being with her, and she knew there wasn’t anything for him to make up for. Rescuing her that awful night left her in his debt, but she enjoyed sex with him, and it aroused her so much more to have a man submitting to her.

She didn’t think he would be so submissive with others though, not even with his mother. She thought that he probably was like her in that he enjoyed any variations with a woman as long as both of them enjoyed it.

A few minutes passed, before she felt the need for another orgasm, she pulled his head forward and he began sliding his tongue mobil porno up and down her slit as his nose bumped her clit.

Maude pulled her skirt loose and draped it over his head enclosing Craig in semi-darkness. He was enjoying himself, he loved the taste and smell, and now with her skirt draped over him the smell was intensified.

His cock was hard, precum was oozing and he was worried that he would cum the second that it was touched.

“Ohhhhh that feels good Craig, don’t stop, just there, use your fingers, mmmmmmm yes. Goood.”

The sense of power that she felt from making this tall handsome young man submit to her wishes, humiliate himself for her, was affecting her, making her want more and more.

In spite of having just cum minutes before Maude felt another hit, it rolled in, wave after wave taking her, flowing out from her center like the ripples flowing out from a stone thrown into a pond.

Her hips flexed, the powerful muscles in her hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks tensing and relaxing in time with the waves of orgasm that clenched and relaxed her vagina around Craig’s fingers.

She couldn’t stop the waves, they kept hitting and flowing through her while Craig kept thrusting his fingers into her, kept licking up and down her slit, with a soft nudge to her clit each time.

The aftershocks of her orgasm began to slow and then grind to a stop. Sensing that she was coming down, Craig stilled his ministrations, but kept his two fingers inside her.

“Good boy, good boy, that was wonderful, good boy.”

She caressed his head through her skirt, then pulled it back up revealing his head resting against her inner thigh. He slowly eased his fingers out of her pussy and put them into his mouth to suck.

She gently pushed him back and stood up. Reaching down she grasped his leash and tugged him into the middle of the room before unhooking it.

“Stay there kneeling, spread your knees further apart, that’s right.”

She looked at him for a few minutes, he couldn’t hold her gaze and lowered his eyes to the carpet, she had him place his hands on his thighs.

“Thank you Craig, those were very good orgasms that you gave me, very good. Now, I suppose, you would like to cum, even cum inside me, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I need to cum, please ma’am may I make love to you?”

“Not tonight Craig, perhaps some other time, how badly do you want to cum?”

“Very badly ma’am, I’m afraid it won’t take much, I’m very excited.”

“Good, I like to have you excited, but you see, I’ve cum very hard, and right now I don’t feel like fucking, and it is fucking that you’re thinking of isn’t it Craig, you want to stick your hard cock into my pussy and cum, shooting your messy cum into my pussy and then leaving me alone, that’s what you want isn’t it?”

“No ma’am, I mean, yes, I want to cum, but I don’t want to hurt you. Please ma’am, please let me cum.”

Instead of answering him she turned to her desk and picked up her cell phone and took a picture of him. He was kneeling with his knees spread apart, his cock was erect and pointing up at an angle, he was wearing a pink dog collar and a pink frilly shorty night gown that only came as far as his belly button.

“Perhaps the next time we meet I will let you cum inside me, but not today, if you want to cum you’ll have to jack off, go ahead, show me how you masturbate.”

Craig was excited, he hadn’t expected this, had assumed that she would just talk about his job in the library, but here he was in lingerie and dog collar, kneeling in front of Maude who was fully clothed, while he pumped his hand up and down his cock.

He had assumed that they might make plans to get together later, not just start off so suddenly. He loved it, what they were doing now was incredibly wild, he slid his hand up and down his cock.

“Mmmmm that’s good, when you cum I want you to catch it all in your hand, then you are going to eat it off of your hand. Does that feel good Craig.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Do you like wearing lingerie Craig, do you like jacking off for me baby.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I have more lingerie, nice sexy things I want you to wear, stockings, garter-belt, even bras. You’ll look so good, I think I’ll put some lipstick on, and eye shadow. You’ll look so sexy.”


She knelt behind him, pushing her mound into his bottom, putting her hands around him, under his nighty and began pinching his nipples.

“You’ll look so good all dressed up with make-up, I may make you serve my guests at a dinner party, they would love to see a little sex slave like you. Or maybe I would bring a man over, you could serve us drinks, when we had sex you could watch, even put his cock into my pussy.”

The things she was whispering into his ear were so perverse, so naughty, so unthinkable, but so exciting.

While she talked she put a hand under her dress, up between her legs, she ran a finger, then two up and down her slit, bumped her clit once, then twice, before sliding two sex izle fingers into her dripping pussy, she pumped them in and out a few times, getting them coated in her sweet smelling juices.

She continued to taunt him.

“You can watch him, a big mature man, with half your brains and twice your cock pump his erection into me, filling me up like you never could, reaching places that you never will, then fill me with his slimy cream.”

“Uhhhh uhnnnnn,” Craig moaned meaningless sounds.

She slid her wet slippery fingers out of her pussy, and then between his cheeks, searching for his tight, virgin anus.

“While he’s fucking me he’ll maul my boobs, leave scratch marks and hickeys on them, but he won’t kiss me, he can’t kiss me, because whores don’t kiss, he’ll just fuck me with his huge cock.

“He’ll fill me up, he’ll grab my butt cheeks, pull them up, he’ll leave scratches on his whore as he lifts my hips up off the bed as he pulls me up to his huge cock.”

One finger pushed in, slid in. Craig was in a trance, she was saying shocking things, dirty things, humiliating things, with each outrageous thing that spewed from her imagination his cock got harder, his balls got closer to exploding.

She slid that first finger in and left it for a second, then out, then in again, then out, and then two were inside him, pushing, reaching inside him, they found his prostate.

“He’ll cum hard, fill me with his cum, it will be too much for me to hold it’ll splash out of me, and when he’s done, completely emptied into my pussy, my cunt, do you know what you’ll do? Do you know what little Craigy-poo, my little lingerie clad sissy panty boy will do? Do you?”

“Uh, Uhhhhnnnnn.”

“You will clean me out, clean out all that disgusting cum, won’t you sissy boy, won’t you.”

Her fingers plunged deep, plunged onto his prostate. And he came. Hard.


Craig grunted and spewed his cum out, catching it in his hand, the slimy white cum filling up his palm and threatening to overflow as it shot out of him in distinct pulses.

He slumped, she pulled her fingers out, she got up and went to the tiny bathroom off her office.

When she returned he had fallen forward, onto one hand, his chest on the ground, his ass in the air, his knees spread apart. His face was turned toward the other hand, the hand that was cupped and full of cum.

He was covered in sweat, his thighs trembling, his balls emptied. He stayed where he was his palm full of cum in front of him. She stood in front of him.

“Eat it up boy, lap it up.”

He started to lick up his cum. He had eaten his own cum before, he didn’t mind it, the taste was bland, not at all like the bleach smell. The texture was the bad part, slippery and slimy as it slid down his throat.

When he was done she put two fingers under his chin and lifted, signaling him to stand. When he was upright she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. His arms went around her as well, and soon they were lost in the romantic kiss, tongues exploring each others’ mouths.

When they were done she turned her head sideways and lay it against his chest as he stroked her hair.

“That was very nice sweetheart, thank you for playing my game, you were wonderful.”

“I liked it too, er, uh, ma’am.”

She laughed softly.

“I do like the look of you in lingerie, but I would never show you off to anyone else, except maybe your mother, you would like that wouldn’t you.”

“I think so, yes, that would be cool.”

“And I would never humiliate you in front of another man like that. And for the record, you have a wonderful cock, it fills me up just fine. I couldn’t ask for a better one.”

He was still partly in that other place, the place of weird perversity, that fantasy place that she made so real.

“There was always a part, a deep hidden and quiet part that knew that ma’am.”

“The ma’am thing is good, I think we should continue with it, at least for now, except afterwords, like this. I hope you don’t mind, it makes me feel more comfortable.”

“I would do anything for you.”

“I know, and you have, you saved my life, you are already my hero, many times over. I can’t think of being with another man right now, not for a while anyway.”

“I, uh …”

“Shhh, shhh. Don’t say anything. I think I’ll be OK in a while, eventually I’ll be able to be with someone my own age, but until then you have me exclusively. But remember, you have to start seeing girls your own age.”

“I know, there’s so many girls here.”

“Don’t get a swelled head, and be careful, very careful. Your have some condoms don’t you?”

“yeah, mom gave me some.”

“You be sure to use them. If you catch anything I really will beat you with a belt, if you give me something I’ll use a bull whip and take the skin off your back.”

“I’ll be careful. I don’t think I’ll have to use them though, I’ve never been any good with girls.”

“Nonsense, get that out of your mind. You’re very handsome, any girl would be happy to go out with you. Why even Tara thinks you’re good looking.”

“Tara! She’s old. Uh, I mean. Um…”

Maude laughed, “She can’t be more than 5 years older than you, here I am old enough to be your mother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32