Bisexual Strangers Swapping

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During Our walk, Jean and I came across a small wooded park alongside the river. We soaked our feet in the water, lay in the grass, and enjoyed the seclusion.

After about an hour, I felt Jeans hand caress my crotch. She undid my pants and slid Her hand into them. Gently grasping my now half-hard cock, I responded by caressing Her ass. We made out gently as I worked my hand down Her shorts. Gently rubbing Her asshole as She rubbed my cock.

It wasn’t long before both Our pants were at Our knees. Jean slowly stroking my rock hard cock. I had a finger from one hand up Her ass and 2 fingers from the other deep in Her juicy pussy. I was alternating between kissing Her mouth and tonging Her nipples. Her top lay behind Her. the sun glistening off Her saliva covered boobs as well as my pre-cum covered cock.

“May We join You?” We heard a tiny voice say, snapping both to attention.

Jean covered Her tits and We both searched for the source of the voice.

About 20 feet behind Jean stood a petite Women and a statuesque man. Both looked to be in Their early 20s. We are in Our 40s.She was maybe 5ft, long wavy red hair, baby blue eyes. She wore a loose halter top that was still stretched across Her firm and large braless breasts. Her nipples were the size of the end of my pinky. Her pleated skirt lifted a bit in the front while She rubbed Her pussy. He was nearly 6ft, bussed short hair, nutmeg eyes. He wore shorts and no shirt. He was fit, but not bulgy or chiseled.

“Scott!” Jean snipped at me, Her bare ass in the grass, pants around Her knees, and 2 hands full of beautiful C-cup boobs.

My cock was still standing at attention and completely exposed. I motioned for Jean to take a look. She peaked over Her shoulder. I istanbul escort don’t know if it was the sight of the young stud, or the petite pussy rubber making her ample boobs jiggle. Jean released Her boobs and rotated towards them.

Jean motioned to the Girl to come to Her. Quickly She moved towards my Wife. Her top was off first, then Her skirt. When She and Jean connected an energy was released into the air. They kissed as hands explored each others bodies. Jean was soon as naked as the young Woman. Tongues worked into each others mouths as franticly as fingers worked each others pussies.

The fit Young Man approached. I was on my knees, cock in hand, watching the Lesbian scene before me. The Young Man stepped up beside me. His shorts pulled tight against his seemingly large cock.

I reached up and took a grip in the bottom of His shorts. Slowly pulling down, they strained to release His raging hard-on.

The Ladies were already a few moaning orgasms in when the Young Man lay me back on the grass. He stepped from His shorts, then removed my pants. He stepped above me and lowered His face to my cock. As His cock reached my face, I opened my mouth.

His hoy mouth engulfed my cock and began to bob. I took His into my mouth. His bobbing was matched by His hips. As His mouth went farther down my cock, His cock went deeper into my mouth. As the Girls franticly and passionately fingered and cropped and moaned, I was part of a slow, methodical fuck. We matched sucking power…We fondled each others balls, we soon had 2 fingers in each others assholes.

The Girls were almost fighting to be the one in control. One grinding on the others face before a struggle ending with the other grinding. Flingers in pussies escort bayan and assholes followed by tongues in each. Missionary and frantic fingers followed by 69 and slurping mouths. They were all over the place and loving every position and every moment.

I was slowly being face-fucked while slowly being sucked. We both deep-throating the other. Gently, slowly. I began to feel His cockhead swell. His slow strokes getting quicker. His bobbing on my cock getting quicker. I could feel an orgasm growing. Within moments of my cock erupting down His throat, He thrust His cock balls-deep into my mouth. Pulsation after pulsation down my throat as I milked His prostate.

Nearly a minute of intense simultaneous climax and His cock slid from my throat, but not my mouth. He removed mine from His throat. We both caught Our breath without losing each others cocks.

I could see the Young Woman had Jean face down and ass up eating Hear ass and fingering Her pussy. The familiar orgasmic sounds coming from my wife reinvigorated my hardon. The young mouth released my cock. He repositioned and lowered His asshole around my cock. As He leaned back, I took His growing cock in my hand. Each time His ass was lowered around my cock, my hand stroked down His. The rhythm was faster this time. We were both grunting and sweating.

Jean now had the Young Woman tied up with Her body. She was alternating between slapping Her ass, slapping Her tit, slapping Her face, and slapping Her pussy. All the slaps made the young bald pussy gush, but slapping the pussy made it nearly squirt. They were both covered in grass and sweat. Panting and groaning. I saw jeans pussy being violently fingered.

The cock in my hand swelled. The asshole around escort istanbul my cock clenched. Long ropes of cum shot out and landed on my chest and face. My own cum filled the young ass. My hand milked His cock, His asshole milked mine.

When He stood up, I rolled over in time to see Jean, literally, dragging the young girl by Her hair towards me. She was put on He back in front of me…presented to me. Jean Put the Woman’s legs under Her arms, then sat on Her face. My Wife began grinding Her pussy on the face of the bent-in-half Young Woman. Her pussy presented to me as a sign of victory.

I was on my elbows and knees. I had just begun to lick the battered Young pussy when a cock was shoved against, and quickly into my ass. I was being treated like a bitch by the young Man equal to how my Wife had made His HER bitch.

The Young face made to shine by my Wife’s orgasm juices. The orgasmic gushes from the young pussy were to delicious to not swallow, and y asshole being brutalized by the young cock. Gripping my hips to slam deep with more power. My free hand stroking my cock while I had 3 fingers worked into the young asshole.

I blew my load into the grass as Jean fell exhausted from the Woman’s face. Her quivering lags falling to my sides…3 fingers still knuckle deep in Her ass. My ass still being relentlessly pounded. my face rubbing the wet, swollen pussy with each thrust and withdrawal.

Finally, my ass was filled to capacity by the young stud. He collapsed to the side as I lay my head on His Woman’s pussy.

One by one, we each got up and rinsed off in the river. It took all 3 of Us to get the Red-Heads hair untangled and cleaned out. Jeans wasn’t too bad. Hardly a word was spoken the entire time. The 2 girls held each other alot. The stud and I exchanged a couple looks and nods.

After We had all gotten dressed and were about to go Our separate ways, Jean offered, “Same time next week?”

The redhead smiled. “We’ll be here. Don’t start without Us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32