Bitchy Woman

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Summary: Liz learns that a witch’s bite IS worse than her bark…

Anyone who is under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

Author’s Note — Thanks everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy!


I shot a withering look over my shoulder at my idiot boyfriend. “Hurry up, Chris! If we miss this sale, I’m never going to forgive you!”

Chris fumbled with his bags, clearly uncomfortable from the three bags he was holding in each hand. “But….but Liz…can’t we just go home? It’s getting late, and we’ve already bought so much…”

He started to say more, but I sighed and stopped in my tracks. Turning around, I gave him a full-on glare, and he gulped and lowered his eyes. I just barely kept myself from laughing; Chris was a nice enough guy, I guessed, but he was so spineless. Truth be told, I should have dumped him weeks ago, but it was tough to resist the urge to let him spoil me…but he was getting so annoying lately. I’d probably have to break if off with him in the next few days…but more important than that was this sale! I resumed my brisk pace; I just had to get to that store before it closed, and we were only about halfway through this dumb park.

Lost in my thoughts, I stepped awkwardly on some ice and felt my heels begin to slip. Flailing my hands, I barely managed to regain my footing before I heard a snap, and I suddenly was standing lopsided. Looking down, I saw the problem; one of my damn lifts had broken off! Great, just great!

Chris rushed to my side, huffing and puffing from all the bags. “L-liz, are you alright?!”

I slapped the idiot away as I took my heels off. “Fantastic! Now we’re probably going to miss the sale; I wouldn’t have broken these stupid things if we had just left earlier, like I wanted to! And now you need to buy me new shoes tomorrow!”

Chris bit his lip, looking at the ground. “Sorry, Liz…here, it’ll be OK, let’s just…get to a bench, or something, maybe we can fix them…”

I sighed, but he had a point. Grumbling to myself, I began to walk barefoot down the path, holding my heels at my side as I looked for a place to sit. The park was deserted, which was annoying; where was a cobbler when you needed one?! Jeez, everything was conspiring against me.

Finally, I spotted a bench, and we headed towards it. My heart sank when I saw it, though; it was occupied by a woman languidly sprawled on it, sipping some coffee. That wasn’t what bothered me, though; she looked like she had just came from a Halloween party, even though it was May. She was clad in a ridiculous dark robe, and an honest-to-God black pointed hat. She was pretty, I suppose, and she didn’t really look that much older than me, but she was clearly some kind of weirdo. She looked up at me as I approached, and I had half a mind to just keep walking. But her mouth opened in concern, and she quickly tried to gather herself up.

“Oh dear, you broke your heels too? I swear, this ice is awful; I just bought these shoes, too, this whole sidewalk is really dange-ah!” Her rambling story was cut off by a cry as she rose to her feet and slipped on the ice in front of the bench, losing a grip on her coffee, which of course splashed right on my brand new coat.

I stared down at the ruined fur collar, clenching my fists before glaring at her. The woman’s face turned pale. “Oh…oh God, I’m so sorry, I swear, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry, I’ll pay for everything; how much was it? Just name a price, I’d be happy to cover it all!”

Chris had rushed up behind me, setting the bags down and pulling out a few tissues, dabbing lightly at my jacket. “Oh baby, are you OK? You didn’t get burned or anything did you?” He turned to the woman leaning against the bench. “And are you OK? This whole park is way too icy, it’s really da-“

I turned around, and it took every ounce of willpower not to slap Chris. “Shut up, shut up, shut up! Who cares about that skank, you moron!? Look at me, my coat is ruined!!!” He flinched back from my words, and I felt a vindictive surge of satisfaction. I spun around to the creepy woman. “And you…you stupid bitch, how could you be so careless?! Are you you an idiot, or just blind and clumsy?!”

The woman drew herself up, looking hurt and angry. “Hey, I offered to pay for the coat; the name calling is not necessary…”

I stamped a foot on the cold ground, fuming. I wasn’t going to let this weirdo talk like she was above me! “I don’t want charity from a stupid cloaked fetishy bitch!!” I shouted at her. I reached into my coat pocket, drew out some change, and threw it at her. The coins struck her in her ample chest, and fell to the sidewalk with a clatter. “Here’s some Marmaris Escort money for a new cup of coffee, you brain-dead slut,” I sneered at her. I turned back around to Chris, satisfied. “Come on, Chris, let’s just go home.”

But Chris didn’t answer me. In fact, he was just standing there, slowly breathing, but staring off into space. I snapped my hands in front of his face, waving my fingers. “Hello? This isn’t funny, you jerk; don’t think we’re not going to talk about this later.”

“He can’t hear you,” a cold voice from behind me said. “I thought it would be better if he didn’t bother us.”

I turned back around to see the creepy weirdo standing up, staring at me with a blank expression on her face. For a split second, I was scared; what if she was a junkie or something? But then she reached into her robe, and pulled out long piece of wood. I stared at it dumbly for a second, then I burst out laughing. “Oh jeez, you’re taking the witch thing a little seriously, aren’t you? A wand? Are you kidding?”

The woman waved the wand around in a circle, muttering to herself. I felt myself flush with heat, being ignored by this creep. “Hey! Ms. Bitchy Witchy! Quit waving your stupid dildo around the air and say something!”

The woman finished whatever she was doing a few seconds later, giving her wand a small nod before putting it back in her robes. The she looked at me, and gave me a small, chilly smile.

“My name is Diana,” she said to me. “And you are not very nice.”

I was still tingling with anger and heat…how dare this woman talk to me about being nice?! And why was Chris just standing around like a drooling moron?! I opened my mouth to say something, but Diana held up her hand.

“Apologize, bitch.”

I was stunned. Nobody…nobody spoke to me like that! “You stupid slut! I’d never apologize to a fetishy cumdumpster like you in a million billion y….ye-ye…ah…ahh…” I let out a whimper, holding my stomach…why was I still feeling so hot…?

Diana let out a small chuckle. “What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

What was happening…? I let out a little whine as I felt myself flush with heat, dropping to my hands and knees…I felt something click in my mind, and the heat vanished. I looked up at the smirking woman from the ground.

“What the heck was that?” I mumbled out, struggling shakily to my feet. Or at least, I tried to. Once I got to my knees and started pulling myself up, my head began to buzz, and I lost my balance, tumbling back down to the ground with a cry. The next two attempts weren’t any better, and I started to pant, squirming on my hands and feet, my butt embarrassingly high in the air.

Diana viewed me with a wry smile. “Ready to apologize, bitch?”

I fumed up at her, narrowing my eyes. “The only bitch I see is you. Chris, help me up!”

Diana sighed, crossing her arms. “I already told you…Liz, was it? I already told you that he can’t hear you. Simple sleep spell; he’ll wake up feeling great. That’s not really important, though; what is important is improving that attitude of yours…or at least, making your appearance match it. Being stuck on all fours is one thing, but we can make it better. “

“What’s that supposed to m-me..mmm..mmmmnnn?” I began to reply, my words cut off by a low moan as my body once again flushed into heat…my arms and legs especially. I rubbed them against the ground, trying to shake the pins-and-needles feeling; for some reason, I even heard a strange ripping sound behind me. Finally, the sensation seemed to die away, slowly vanishing. My hands and feet still felt strange, though…warm, and a little itchy. I rubbed one hand on top of my other one absentmindedly, then let out a gasp. I looked down, my eyes widening as I saw what I had feared.

I had paws. Two great, big, fuzzy, brown paws.

“Ah…w-what…?!” I gasped out, looking down at them. The fur wasn’t thick, and ended at my wrist…but they were absolutely ridiculous looking, wide and fluffy. Suddenly remembering the ripping sound, I looked over my shoulder to see two more paws where my feet once were, the tattered remains of my socks clinging to them.

I gasped back up at Diana, and was enraged to find the woman smiling pleasantly down at me. She knelt down, a hand rubbing at one my hands…paws. “Aren’t they cute? Really fitting too; bitches need nice, soft paws…I mean, it’s a shame they aren’t really useful for doing anything, but from what I saw, that won’t be a huge change for you. Last chance to say you’re sorry.”

A sudden flash of anger surged through me…I didn’t care who or what this freak was, there was NO way she could treat me like this! Growling, I swiped at Diana, knocking her flat on her butt. She let out a small cry, and I felt a rush of satisfaction. Who’s the bitch now, huh? I thought to myself. “I don’t know what you did, but you’re going to undo it right this second, before I get an…annn…ah…ahh…ahh…?”

Something Marmaris Escort Bayan was wrong…my tongue felt weird and heavy; my whole mouth did. I started to pant, trying to say something, anything…what was wrong with my mouth?! Without even realizing it, my mouth had opened up, my tongue out as I panted. I closed it quickly, trying to calm down, but…God, it felt so heavy! I couldn’t keep it closed for long, and after a few seconds I had to start panting again, my mouth hanging open as I stared wide-eyed up at the witch.

Diana smiled even wider. “Cat got your tongue, Liz? I meant what I said when I told you ‘last chance to say you’re sorry’. Bitches can’t talk, after all…just cute little doggy barks. And wow, you’re really getting into the whole panting thing, huh? That will happen whenever you’re excited.”

“Woof!” I yelled up at her…or, at least, tried to. The bark that emerged from my lips surprised me so much that I nearly fell over. “Arf? W-woof! Woof! Grrrrr!” All I could do was make stupid dog sounds! It was like my tongue was too heavy to move properly.

Diana began to pace around me, looking down at me. “I don’t know what you’re saying…I don’t speak dog, sweetie. But I’ll give you one more chance…show me you’re sorry, like a good little bitch.”

I didn’t wait for her to finish. I turned, pouncing up at her. If I could knock her over again, I could get her in a position of leverage, and make her fix this. Then I would show her who was the real bitch!

The witch reached into her robe, fast as lightning, and withdrew her wand. Flicking her wrist, she bopped me on the forehead, right between the eyes. With a surprised yelp, I fell back on my butt, whining and pawing at my face. You slut, that stung! I thought to myself miserably. “Mmmnnn, mmmnnnn! Woof!”

Diana gave me a stern look, crossing her arms at me while I shifted back up to my hands and feet. “Bad dog. Baaaaaad dog.”

Suddenly I felt my face heat up…why did I feel so embarrassed about being told that? Then the heat spread…not just my face, but my whole body…I started to pant again, my body trembling. “Ahh? Ahh…ahh…ahh…”

Shaking her head at me, Diana sighed. “All you had to do was say sorry. You could have prevented all of this, you know. But even when I give you a few chances, you don’t take them. All you’ve done is show me that you’re a mean spirited bitch…and I’m going to make sure you look like one.” And then she snapped her fingers.

Instantly, I felt the the cool night air, and I knew what happened…the damn witch had made my clothes vanish, and now I was trembling and nude. I let out a whimper as I tried to shift my arms to cover my modest breasts, lowering my head, but all I managed to do was rub them together, squeezing them between my arms.

“Ahh? Grrr…nnnn…!” I started to pant harder as the heat suddenly flared, completely vanishing a second later. Some parts of me felt wrong, though, but I couldn’t put my finger on it…I looked up at Diana in confusion, tilting my head as I stared at her, my mouth hanging open.

She gave me a small smile, nodding. “Yes, I’d say that’s pretty good…but let’s see what you think, shall we?” She snapped her fingers, and I heard a soft sound behind me. Turning clumsily around, I found myself face to face with 5 full-length mirrors, angled so that I could see my whole body…and what had happened to it.

I gaped at my face, my eyes wide with shock. I was painted up with the cheapest makeup I had ever seen. Bright blue mascara was applied heavily around my eyes, and my cheeks were thick with a deep red blush. And my lips! Oh God, they were bright green, and the lipstick was so thick I could feel it weighing down my jaw even more. I bit my lower lip gently, fretting…it was bad enough to be changed like this, but now I had to be made up like a streetwalker? Then my eyes traveled up, and I took in more.

My ears…my cute little ears…they were big,floppy puppy ears now; it was the only way to describe them. My brown hair was longer and shaggier than before, hanging down to my breasts, but even with that added thickness, I could still see the stupid fuzzy things sticking out, and I could feel their warmth as they flopped gently against my face.

My gaze swept back across my body, and my heart sank even more. I could see writing on me, but I couldn’t make it out in the mirror…something on my back, in bold black writing, then something lower, right above my butt…wiggling my hips, I tried to see what it said, and saw something that made me let out a startled bark. “Arf?!”

I had a tail. An awful, quivering, fluffy dog’s tail, sticking out just above my bottom. I could feel it now…how had I not noticed before!? Now I couldn’t help but notice as it wagged helplessly, and as I began to whimper, it drooped between my legs.

Diana kneeled beside me, putting a light hand on my back as Escort Marmaris I whined. “So, Liz, what do you think? A bit more of a fitting look, in my opinion. The make up really sells it…it’s permanent, by the way. I mean, it’ll smear really easily, but it’ll clean itself up and be looking good as new every night at midnight. And the tattoos turned out great, if I do say so myself.”

She snapped her fingers, and suddenly the mirrors reversed; everything was now backwards, the words on my back standing out clear as day. On my back, in thick curling letters, was the word “PRINCESS”. Right behind it were the words “PLZ TUG! <3", complete with an arrow pointing towards my new tail. Diana nodded, seemingly satisfied, and rose to her feet. She gave me a soft pat as she waved her hand, and the mirrors vanished as suddenly as they appeared. Then she strode over to Chris, still staring straight ahead as though nothing had happened. “Now, I think you look perfect, Liz, but I just need to check with your boyfriend here. I wonder what he would like…?” She leaned in and began speaking softly into his ear, and it looked like he was startled out of a deep sleep, blinking and looking around. My heart leaped int my throat. Chris would tell her to change me back, he could apologize for me! Then Chris gave me a strange look, and stared back at Diana. “Jeez, what did she do now? I swear, she’s such a handful.” Huh…? I let out a small woof, taking a nervous step towards Chris. He turned towards me suddenly, clapping his hands. “Stay, Liz! Don’t be a bad dog!” My tail drooped at his words, and I hunkered low to the ground….I wasn’t a bad dog…wait, why should that even matter…? Why was Chris acting like that, and why was I acting like it too…? Diana shook her head, giving Chris a polite smile. “Not at all, sir; she was being a little bitchy before, but it’s understandable when a dog is in heat…isn’t that right, bitch?” “Ah? Arf?” As soon as she finished talking, I started to wiggle my hips…something was wrong, something was really wrong…I was hot, but not like before; it was a different kind of heat…I started to whine, pawing at the ground in frustration as my moans rose in pitch. “Yeah, she can be really needy like that,” Chris sighed. “And look, she ruined your shoes!” He pointed down at the ground, where the witch had dropped her heels. Diana shrugged. “It’s no big deal…I mean, she’s your dog, you can punish her if you want…and might I say, she looks like a wonderful breed; a very healthy looking bitch.” I was having trouble following what was happening…I was so hot, so turned on that it was nearly painful…but it wasn’t my pussy that was aching, it was my butt…and when Diana finished speaking, another flash of heat went through me, and I nearly fell over, whining frantically as I panted, practically drooling from the feeling. What was happening to me?! Chris nodded, walking behind me. “She’s normally a good dog, she can just be really nippy when she gets excited. And thank you; she is a real beauty. I wish her breasts were a little larger, personally, but that’s just me.” Chris hunkered down behind me, and all of a sudden I was aware of just how good it felt to be next to his body…his deliciously warm, wonderful body. Moaning softly, I began to rub my bottom against his chest, wiggling my quivering hips back and forth, desperate to scratch my itch. I looked back at Chris, my eyes wide, and I panted with need. Diana glided up next to him, smiling down at me. “Well, how about this. You can punish her however you want, and I’ll give you a little treat for being such a good owner.” “Umm…sure, I guess…” Chris turned his attention back towards me, his face stern…he had NEVER looked that serious, not with me. What did she do to him…? “OK, Liz, I know you’re in heat right now, but you can’t go around being a bitch just because you don’t get your way.” Another pang of heat shot through me, and I gasped and nearly howled with lust. All I could do was press against Chris harder, shaking my butt against his chest, hoping he would give me the release I craved… What I felt, though, was a rough smack on my bare cheeks. “AH!? AHHHN!?! WOOF!!!” I barked in surprise and pain, whipping my head around. Chris had just spanked me! “I’m not a doormat, Liz; I’m going to take care of you, but you have to be a good girl too, alright? If I don’t do this, I’m giving you the wrong message. So…just please learn from this, OK?” With that, he gave me another hard slap, and I cried out again. But…but there was more…my chest jiggled a bit more, even though that blow didn’t seem as harsh as the one before…I looked down, staring right at my cleavage, and I widened my legs apart; I must have been pushing them together. But then I felt another slap, and I was given a front row seat at what was happening; with every spanking, my boobs were growing, slowly but surely. “Woof! Arf, arf, woof!!!” I began to bark frantically, torn with the need to rub my ass against Chris’s chest and the desire to get away from the rough spankings. I couldn’t get my paws to listen to me, though, and I began to get slapped more rapidly. SMACK!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32