Bosom Buddies

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“Terry, how are you man?” The voice at the other end asked.

“Nick?” The low voice on the other end asked.

“Yo, man, where did you disappear to? You left the base so quickly nobody knew where you were. All the officers kept mum. Are you ok? I just got back and had to visit your mum to get your location. She didn’t want to tell me where you were but I broke her down with charm. She said you had changed. Are you ok?”

“I am fine, Nick. Mum is concerned and there have been some changes.” Terry said quietly.

“Are you in Vegas?” Nick interrupted.


“No buts man. I need to see my best bud. I’ll call you when I land tomorrow.”

“But…” Terry started to but Nick had hung up. This wasn’t good. Nick Tarowski had been his best buddy for several years. They had shared in combat and had many adventures during R&R days. They knew each other almost like brothers. However close they had become, he couldnt find the resolve to disclose his gender issues with Nick. Because of this personal issue, Terry had been forced to leave his post in a hurry and didn’t have the time to say his goodbyes. His superior officer wanted him off the base immediately.

Nick arriving tomorrow would be heartache and joy. Terry didn’t want to face him like this. Except for his mother none of his old acquaintances knew that Terry was now Teri. His mother couldnt come to terms with this change. The many months of consultations, procedures, electrolysis and breast implant surgery were all now in the past. She was now Teri Knowles and had her name and ID changed legally.

Teri had left her mother and hometown to try to find anonymity and acceptance in Las Vegas. As Terry he had faced the gunfire of the enemy but could not face the ridicule and derision of his family and friends.

Teri needed to find a job that didn’t require a lot of employment history, paid enough and let her live alone until she had developed a level of confidence. She had found work as a receptionist in a smaller boutique hotel just off the strip. Whilst she wanted separation from her old friends, she had no such hesitation with strangers who didn’t know the old Terry.

Nick’s call brought her back to reality. He was the one person who might understand. Yet he might be so shocked that he would not want to see his old bud. Teri preferred to maintain the happy memories of Nick than to be hated by him. But it was no longer in her hands. If Nick was coming to Las Vegas then a meeting was inevitable. Teri didn’t know how she was able to finish her day.

After a restless night, Teri decided she couldnt avoid Nick. In some ways it would be a good test. She studied her body in the full length mirror: her auburn hair fell in waves to her shoulders; her face devoid of makeup looked androgynous except for the pearl studs in her ears; her proud 36c implants with big nipples suited her well; her waist was now down to 28″ and she could go to 26″ with a corset; her body was totally denuded except for a neat triangle at her crotch; her flaccid 4″ uncut cock hung down between her long kegs. It had taken some months to get the electrolysis, implants and waist measurements to what she wanted. There had been a lot of discomfort and pain but her efforts had paid off: the Teri before her was beautiful and the envy of many women around her. She very much hoped Nick would like her. She needed a friend.

Teri did not know Nick’s plans. She didn’t know if he would call her before he left or when he landed. She dressed carefully in a blue skirt suit with white blouse. It discreetly showed the bulge if her breasts. Matching 2″ heels and silk hose completed her attire. Her makeup was subtle and highlighted her features. It had taken months of daily practice and lessons from a beautician to get her day and night time looks right. She was the image of a well-groomed receptionist at an upscale hotel. Whilst she had agreed to shift work, this week she was on a regular daytime schedule 8 to 5 pm.

The text message came in at 11 am. On duty, Teri muted her phone. She noticed the SMS message at noon where she had a 30 minute lunch break. Nick would be arriving at 3.10 pm and his flight was on time. He needed an address and he would be there whatever time after Terry had finished work. He hoped he could use the couch. ‘Good,’ thought Teri. She wasn’t ready to share her bed just yet although they had shared a sleeping bag during some missions.

Teri replied to Nicki explaining she would be back by 5.30. Nick should keep an open mind. There was a lot he didn’t know. After sending the message she felt committed. She took home some beer and nibbles. She had given up drinking except for an occasional glass of wine. Nick loved beer and would guzzle it down. If things went well, they would go out or order pizza.

Teri was all nerves as she waited for the inevitable knock on the door. She imagined he would be there punctually. She found cause to look in the mirror many times to make sure she looked good.

It kaynarca escort was almost 6 pm when she heard the knock on the door. Heart beating fast she opened the door. Nick stood there with a wide grin,

“Hey bud…” Nick grabbed Teri and realized too late this was a lady. “Sorry, ma’am, I didn’t know Terry had company. Is he home?”

Teri gave out a languid smile. “He’ will be here soon. He said you like beer.”

“That would be great,” Nick said, admiring the svelte figure disappearing into the kitchen. He wondered how shy Terry had managed to hook a bombshell like this. Terry did say there were some changes in his life.

“So, when will Terry be home? I didn’t mean to intrude. He said he’d be back by 5.30.”

“Yes, I know. He told me to keep you company till he arrived. Tell me Nick, how long have you known Terry?”

“Many years. We served together in Iraq. He was a great guy but disappeared suddenly about nine months ago. I had no way to reach him till I came back and visited his mother. “

Teri had to get Nick another beer. She knew the moment of truth was fast approaching. She sat back down again and watched Nick. He was still in fatigues and appeared to be tired. The time change also would play a role.

“Nick, there is something you must know, “Teri began. “Do you know why Terry left so suddenly?”

“No, ma’am,” Nick replied. “I wondered about that for a long time.” Nick took a big gulp of beer. He was about to finish his send bottle. Teri rose and fetched him another. It seemed he would need it. She smoothed out her skirt and sat down again. Nick looked at her waiting for her to continue.

“Well, you couldnt know but Terry had a special condition that made him unfit for the army. He had to take some serious decisions and finally had the courage to face his commanding officer. As soon as he divulged his story, the commanding officer sequestered him. A sergeant accompanied him to the barracks where he was asked to pack his essential and personal items. The sergeant walked him back to the MP station and waited four hours until the next plane left for the USA.”

Nick looked at Teri. “How do you know all this? Why couldnt Terry tell me this? Where is he?”

“Do you remember the days of R & R you spent with him in Kuwait where you both bought rings for your future girlfriends?”

“Yes I still have it. Kelly and I broke up but one day I’ll find the right girl.” Now Nick took another gulp of beer. “When is Terry coming? He’s late.”

“Let me get a drink too.” Teri rose and went to the kitchenette. She was back soon with a glass of white wine for herself and another beer for Nicki.

“Are you married to Terry? He sure has shared a lot with you,” Nick said softly.

“Yes, we are very close. Just one minute, I’ll be right back.” Teri left a bewildered and semi drunk Nick and went to the bedroom.

Nick watched her move. Where in hell was Terry? He was almost two hours late. He finished the bottle of beer. He was getting a buzz.

Teri came back a moment later with a small black velvet pouch. She opened the pouch and shook out the ring onto the tissue paper it was bundled in. Nick looked at her with glazed eyes. He drained his bottle of beer. “You see Nick, I was there with you. Now, I am Teri, T E R I.” Nick looked at her speechless.

“I have one more beer and I’ll order some food.” Teri left for the kitchenette. She opened the last bottle and just topped up her glass when she heard the front door slam. She left the kitchen in a hurry but it was too late. Nick had disappeared. His backpack was still there and she assumed he would return after the shock wore off. She didn’t know if he would stay.

Teri was disappointed. She hoped the situation would be clear whichever way Nick chose to decide. She changed to a leisure suit and decided on a simple Rahmen dinner. She turned on the TV but her mind was elsewhere. She wasn’t surprised at Nick’s reaction but disappointed all the same time. She prepared the couch for sleep.

Teri dozed off and was woken by the ring of her cellphone. The TV was blaring. She didn’t recognize the number but it was local. It was past midnight.

“Could i please speak to Terry?” The voice asked

“This is Teri. Who’s this?”

“Ma’am this is Josh from Hooters on the Strip. We have a Nick here who asked us to call you. He is unable to make it back alone. He is smashed.”

“Could you please close his tab and put him in a cab? I’ll settle when they arrive.” Teri gave the address and requested a call back with cab number. Josh did call back 15 minutes later with details.

Teri watched from the window. As headlights approached she went down. Nick was wasted and had thrown up over his pants. The cab driver, Don, helped drag Nick up to the apartment. They stripped him down to his boxers. Don decided to leave and Teri gave him a very generous tip.

Teri couldnt bear to see Nick like this. She brought a warm wash cloth and cleaned küçükyalı escort him up. On further inspection she pulled down his soiled boxers and saw a good sized penis. It was the first time she had seen it as Teri although Terry had been in showers where naked bodies were common. Terry and Nick had seen each other’s private parts often. She cleaned the area around his parts and took his clothes to the washer. It was past midnight but she felt they needed an immediate wash. She went back to the couch, covered Nick up and went to bed.

Early the next morning Nick had not stirred. Teri left a note saying his clothes had been washed and she hoped he would call her when he was ready.

It was after 11 am when Teri received a text message. It just said he was very sorry and could he meet for lunch. He would come to her.

Teri didn’t want a confrontation. Yet she didn’t want to have Nick leave through lack of response. She replied to Nick that she only had 30 minutes for lunch and would be happy to meet. She would finish work at 5 pm. She indicated a small coffee shop near her office at 1 pm.

The coffee place was less than two minutes’ walk away but she left early to get a table. She found a table outside and waited. Nick was there promptly and greeted her quietly. “Hello. I am really sorry I lost it last night. Can I get you something?”

“Coffee, black please,” Teri said. Nick had a rueful grin and was probably suffering from a monster headache. He returned a few minutes’ later two coffees in hand.

They looked at each other for some minutes before Nick spoke. “I’m really sorry about last night. I just lost it. ” he continued to look at her eyes moving from the bulge on her chest to her perfectly made up face.

Teri looked at him directly. “Sorry you came or sorry you got wasted?”

“I am not at all sorry I came. Never had a lady undress me before when I was comatose,” Nick said with a crooked smile.

“I have to go back to work soon. I will be done by 5. If you want to wait, i can meet you later. If this is goodbye, then I’ll see you whenever,” Teri said quietly draining her cup.

Nick looked at her wistfully. “Is it ok to use your couch again? You won’t have to undress me.”

“Yes. I would like to talk more.” Teri removed a key from her chain and gave it to Nick. “We can decide on dinner later. Make yourself at home.”

Nick watched Teri walk away confidently. Her gait and shape gave no indication of Terry. Frankly, had he met her elsewhere, he would have made a play for her. He could not comprehend how Terry had become Teri. Terry had saved him from serious hurt several times. He had no idea how he could forge a new relationship or keep the original one.

Since Teri would not be back before 6.30 or so there was no reason to go back to the apartment. He decided to walk along the crowded strip. His mind was blank: he couldnt comprehend that his buddy Terry was now beautiful Teri. She looked very good and in other circumstances would have made a play for her.

The sidewalks were quite busy and noisy so he decided to turn into a side street. There a couple of bars and a bright neon light advertised an adult shop. He entered to thumping music. There were long rows of skimpy clothing, racks of DVDs and magazines catering to every taste imaginable. One long wall had a series of video booths. There was nothing he wanted to buy and so he went over to the video booths. He bought some tokens.

There were endless channels, big breasted women with plumped up lips sucking and being fucked. There were even videos that showed a busty blonde penetrated in all 3 holes simultaneously. She couldnt talk but her face indicated she was enjoying it. He scrolled and saw every variation imaginable. He was close to running out if tokens when he came across a video ‘Shemale Action’. Here there were many of the busty females being penetrated front and back. After a few seconds he noticed that these busty females all had large cocks. Some of the slender ones were beautiful even with their dangling penises.

His mind wandered if this is how Teri now looked. He knew these women would not have seen combat like Terry had. As he watched one of the larger shemale with cocks in her mouth and anus and her own cock in the mouth of another shemale, his tokens ran out. He tried to compare these females with Teri. There was no comparison: Teri was a perfect example of femininity hard as that was for him to believe. Those females were gross exaggerations of the female form.

He decided he would need to make it up to Teri. He had misbehaved last night. She coukd have left him to simmer in his own vomit. Like the old Terry had taken care of him. Teri was looking after him now. The outward appearance was different but the inner person had not changed. Why did he have such questions? He didn’t even know what questions he had.

He sent Teri a message that he would take her out for dinner. She should choose but he had no formal sancaktepe escort attire. Her response was a big smiley with the message that she looked forward to it.

Nick walked to the apartment. The 3 miles was hardly a challenge. He needed to understand and support his bud Terry. He wasn’t sure he could call Teri a bud. Somehow that didn’t sound right. But he had no other words for her. He had about 45 minutes before Teri was due back. He took another shower. Shaved and wore the only decent shirt and slacks he had brought with him.

Teri arrived as predicted and smiled to see Nick all dressed up. “Nice,” she said with a big smile. “I guess I’ll have to dress up a little too. I made a reservation for 7 pm at a little bistro not far from here. We can have a drink before that.”

“Sounds perfect,” Nick replied with an equally big smile. It was a long time since he had a date. He hoped he could forget the old ‘Terry’ and think of Teri as a date. He would try hard.

It took Teri about 30 minutes. She had a beige skirt, brown silk blouse and a beige bolero jacket matching her skirt. Her makeup was discreet, her heels around 3″ and she looked very much the elegant lady. Nick couldnt keep his eyes off her.

“Stop staring,” Teri said with a smile. “Do I have something on my face?”

“No, no, sorry, but you look great,” Nick said, “not like….” Nick stopped himself.

Teri smiled graciously. “I understand. Let’s put this behind us and enjoy. I would like to let you get to know Teri.”

They went downstairs. “Can we walk? It’s about 10 minutes.”

“Sure,” Nick replied. Ten minutes was nothing for him.

They walked mostly in silence. Nick couldnt believe he was walking next to a beautiful girl who used to be his best male buddy. He needed to forget that thought. He didn’t want to waste another evening.

Two doors from the bistro there was a small bar. They had 40 minutes to their reservation. It was still early and the bar wasn’t overly busy. Nick bought the white wine for Teri and a beer for himself. “Can we start again?” Nick asked quietly.

“Absolutely,” Teri said clinking glasses. “Let me start.” She looked at Nick with a piercing gaze. “Don’t ask questions till the end. Ok?”

“Then let me get more drinks.” Nick got up and got another round. “I’m ready.”

Teri moved nearer to Nick until their knees were touching. She took a sip of wine, looked directly at Nick and started in a low voice. “I always felt different and started to borrow my sister’s stuff when I was in my teens. Of course I got caught. But I couldnt stop. My parents thought the army would cure me and they forced me to enlist. Those years were the hardest of my life. I tried to put this behind me and be the ‘man’ my parents wanted. I couldnt stop thinking about it even though I had no opportunity to express my true feelings and self. So, I spoke to the doctors and had some evaluations done. My doctor advised that mentally I was thinking like a female and he wrote a report recommending a transition. The result was the commander wanted me off base immediately. He would give me a good discharge and authorize benefits if I left immediately. So I had no time to say goodbye and left. Came home and surprised my parents. They were not happy and didn’t want anything to do with me. I had hair removal electrolysis and implants and decided to move here to start a new life. Nobody asked questions about my work history etc. and I started this job.” Teri took a big sip of her wine. “I know this is not what you expected but I am Teri now and am building a new life. I am happy. Our table will be ready soon.” Teri got up.

Nick still sat looking at Teri. “One question: have you gone through…”

“If you mean have I lost my boy parts the answer is no. Not sure if and when it’ll ever happen.” Teri saw the uncomprehending look on Nick’s face and added, “Many live happy lives without going through that final surgery.”

They sat at a small table for two and ordered. Teri ordered an appetizer as an entree and Nick a pasta. Nick ordered a small carafe of the house wine. “One more question.”

Teri raised her eyebrows. “Yes?”

Nick was serious. “Do you have a partner now? I don’t…”

“No, I don’t have a partner or even a close friend at the moment. I just got here about a month ago and settled into this apartment and found a simple job. Haven’t found anyone who might understand my story.”

“I am trying hard to understand. What about your training in signals?”

“Too many questions and lack of opportunity here. Don’t think I’ll pass a background check so easily. Will see later. So tell me about you and what you got up to since I left.”

Nick took one last spoonful of his pasta. “Same old routines. More policing than fighting. As you know things can change fast over there. But just a little less dangerous. Decided eight years are enough so got discharged.”

“So what are your plans?” Teri asked looking thoughtfully at her glass.

“No plans. Have same problems as you. No friends and have a mum in Iowa but she’s not in best health. We weren’t on best terms since I decided Army was better than college.”

They finished their dessert and ordered coffee. “Where do you want to live?” Teri asked.

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