Brad and Marsha Ch. 07a

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Note to the readers: with the new chapters I am adding to this story, just like the rest of the story, I have another version with pictures added to it. Again, if you would like a copy of the story with pics, just drop me an email!

DJ Makes Up His Mind

The next day was more busy than usual for Marsha. She had to drop the car off to get the oil changed, get groceries, pick up Brad’s dry cleaning, then rush home to try to get dinner ready before Dejuane and Brad got home for the evening.

Later that evening, Marsha was working at a frantic pace in the kitchen since she had been out all day running errands. By the time she got home and started on supper, it was already almost five o’clock.

When DJ returned home from practice, he heard his mom busily working in the kitchen, and he hurried down to see her. This morning he had to leave the house early for track practice, so he had not seen her since the previous night right after they had fucked. (Yes indeed, they had fucked! It still sounded crazy, awesome, and wonderful all at the same time when he though about it.) In spite of all these emotions, DJ had been worried all day about how his mother might be reacting to what had occurred.

DJ made a beeline for the kitchen, finding his mother working frantically on supper. She was wearing a thick and heavy sweater and a pair of blue jeans. As Marsha prepared the evening meal, she had her back turned to DJ as she worked on slicing a stack of vegetables.

DJ walked up beside his mother and leaned against the counter next to her. Marsha turned and glanced at him briefly before returning to her vegetables.

“Hi mom,” said DJ.

“Hello,” replied Marsha nonchalantly.

“Did you get all your errands done today?” he asked.

“Uh huh,” replied the young blond. “How was track practice?”

“Long and tiring!”

“Well that’s not all bad,” replied Marsha, returning her attention to slicing up the green pepper in front of her. She continued working in silence, intentionally avoiding DJ’s glances, her face was a bit flushed.

DJ decided it was time to press the issue a bit. “So….what do you think about last night?” he asked.

Marsha faltered for a moment, almost cutting her finger with the sharp knife in her hand. She paused a moment, collecting her thoughts, then resumed cutting.

“DJ, I think the best thing for both of us is to simply forget it ever happened. Pretend it never occurred at all,” she said, quietly and deliberately.

“Mom, you know as well as I do that we can never do that. We’ll NEVER be able to do that now! “

Marsha frowned a bit. She had dreaded this moment all day long. She knew she would have to face it, but simply did not feel up to the challenge.

“DJ, I think we can if we try, ” she replied weekly.

“But mom, you don’t understand! I don’t want to pretend it never happened!”

With that, Marsha stopped what she was doing, snapping the knife down hard onto the counter top. She turned fiercely to her son, with her face set firmly.

“Now listen DJ,” she started. She stopped herself, trying to calm down a bit. She didn’t want to be sharp or harsh with her son, she just wanted to make him understand what she had to tell him.

“DJ, what happened last night was a terrible mistake. It never should have happened at all. I realize looking back on it now that it was a mistake and it was all my fault for allowing things to go that far. Not only that, but I will never allow it to ever happen again. Not EVER again, do you understand?” she stared fiercely at him.

“But MOM – Why? I don’t understand?” moaned DJ.

“What do you mean WHY?!?’ asked Marsha incredulously.

“Just what I said! Why?” replied DJ.

“DJ, don’t play games with me now. I’m tired and not in the mood right now. You know very well why,” she hissed.

DJ gave him mom a sad look at this point. That look made her wish she had taken a gentler approach with this discussion already.

“Mom, I really don’t understand. Last night – for me – was like I had died and gone to heaven. It was the best experience of my life.”

Marsha felt herself blushing a bit at her sons kind words. As he spoke them to her, she realized that she also felt this exact same way, but that feeling that way was all the more dangerous for them.

DJ continued, “I loved what happened. And what’s more mom, I could tell that YOU liked it too. When we were doing it, I could tell that you came a whole bunch of times.”

Again Marsha felt herself blushing profusely.

“DJ honey, the fact that I had orgasms is really not the point,” said Marsha smiling gently at her son.

“The problem with what happened between us is that it is not right for a mother and son to love one another like that. Society uses an ugly word to describe what we did last night, do you know what it is?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of incest before. But mom, I have to be comepletely honest with you –” started DJ.

“The fact of the matter is, I absolutely LOVED bursa üniversiteli escort fucking you mom, and I want to do it again. I want to do it over and over again, it’s all I could think about all day long today – how you looked, how you felt, how it felt being all the way inside of you.”

“Oh my God!” moaned Marsha, as the visions of what her son was recalling became just as real to her in her own mind.

“DJ, we simply can’t do that,” she groaned. “What if your father ever found out?”

“Mom, let’s face it, if dad would have had what it takes to keep you happy, this probably never would have happened. We both have to admit this mom, we both needed it – and we both WANTED it – and I STILL want it.”

“Listen DJ, the fact of the matter is that we are not going to…”

As his mother began her sentence, DJ took his hand and slid it behind her neck, pulling her face to face with him. Before she was able to get half of the sentence out, DJ took his mouth and clamped it tightly against hers.

Just as DJ did this, Marsha’s lips opened in complete and utter surprise just as her sons lips completely engulfed hers. Her lips opening allowed DJ to slid his tongue forward, moving it deftly into her mouth.

Before the young blond had much time to react, DJ’s other hand slid quickly onto his mothers chest where his large hand made contact with her soft yet firm breast. DJ began gently squeezing her breast as she suddenly began struggling weakly against his advances.

Marsha felt herself growing angry at this point. She pushed franticly against DJ’s muscular chest, and tried to pull her face away from the unexpected kiss.

In spite of her anger, Marsha could almost immediately feel her excitement level begin to rise. At the very onset of her son’s touches, Marsha could feel her pussy instantly begin to lubricate and ignite as DJ continued to kiss caress his mother – gently, but firmly.

Marsha suddenly found herself backed up against the counter she had been working at, with nowhere to escape as DJ’s hungry mouth covered her own in a very sweet kiss that was making her swoon a bit. Before Marsha really could figure out what was going on, DJ’s hand gently slid from caressing her responding breast down the length of her body, and between her legs.

DJ placed his hand over his mothers crotch and cupped it tightly. Marsha suddenly became vaguely aware of a searing blaze of excitement that centered from her pussy, and shot out from there all the way up her spine.

Marsha felt herself getting lost in the kiss. She felt herself on the verge of getting carried away again. On the verge of surrendering to her big, strong, handsome, captivating son. On the verge of letting him take her once more. Take her, and do what he would with her….

Then suddenly, she caught herself! This was NOT going to happen again! She was a happily married woman, and she did NOT cheat on her husband – and certainly not with her own flesh and blood son, of all people.

Marsha was finally able to pull free from DJ. She twisted roughly away with a grunt, pushed him back away from her with all the strength she could muster, and staggered backwards into the counter behind her.

“DJ… Dejuane,” she gasped.

DJ smiled at his mom. He could see that she was breathing heavily and could also tell from her flushed expression that she was excited again. He was starting to recognize what his mom looked like when she was turned on.

“I know, I know,” laughed DJ.

“Honey, that was plain & simply a dumb thing to do! You KNOW your dad could be home any minute,” breathed Marsha.

“I know, I know,” repeated DJ. “I’ll just have to wait…” he grinned at his mom. With that, DJ turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving his mom alone and shivering ever so slightly.

Marsha shook her head in disbelief as her son disappeared out of the kitchen. It was definitely scary seeing this change come over him.

DJ had always been a shy, quiet boy without a great deal of self-confidence. Marsha seemed to have found a way to bring him out of his shell a bit.

Suddenly Marsha got a quick vision in her mind of DJ standing right next to her – totally naked – and totally hard. “Mmmmm,” moaned Marsha to herself as she felt her excitement growing again. Suddenly her legs unconsciously opened and closed, gently squeezing her moistening pussy.

“Oh my God,” said Marsha to herself as she caught her hand just as it was about to reach her groin. “I need to find a way to calm down. How can I calmly deter DJ’s budding sex drive if I can’t even get my OWN under control?”

In the meantime, DJ ran back up to his room to finish up homework before dinner. Just as he was settling in to work on his math, he heard his father’s car door shutting.

He knew he had a moment as he heard his mother’s usual greeting to his father, “Heeeey!! Has my BIG Strong Man come home at last?” DJ had to chuckle a little bit at the way his mom escort bayan worked to build up his dad’s fragile ego.

DJ gently and quietly crept into his parent’s room. His curiosity had been elevated every since he had caught a glimpse at the envelope when they were preparing for a garage sale a few weeks ago.

At that time, when he was helping his mother gather up some clothes for the sale, he had seen the big 8.5 X 11 flat envelope in the back of their closet – hanging from a metal lock box, with black marker writing on it: “PRIVATE”.

With the recent developments with his mother – DJ absolutely seethed with curiosity to know what was in that envelope. He had his suspicions, and he hoped they would prove true.

DJ knew he had at least 15 minutes to investigate. He was very familiar with his father’s nightly routine. After greeting Marsha, he would carry the mail into his den downstairs. He would look through the mail, separating the bills from anything for the family from junk mail to be thrown away.

He would take the good stuff into his bathroom where he would sit on the toilet, leaf through the mail, then change from his work clothes into jeans and a t shirt for supper. On his way out, he would stop & chat with Marsha for a few more minutes, helping her finish getting supper around (normally just nibbling on the food that was being prepared).

DJ crept into his parent’s closet without making so much as the slightest sound. He quickly flipped on the light, and hunkered down under the clothes, climbing behind them to the misc. crates, boxes, and trunks stored in the back of their closet.

He found it immediately! DJ felt his heart pounding as he removed the envelope from the metal lock box. The envelop wasn’t even sealed, so he was able to open it up without revealing that he had been snooping.

DJ could immediately tell that there were pictures in the envelope! “YES!” he said to himself as he pulled out a small stack of 8 X 10 pics, some black and white, some in color.

The first one on the top almost made DJ laugh out loud. It was an older pic, likely one going all the way back to when his mom & dad were first married.

It was a picture of his dad, likely taken by his mom. DJ could tell it was pretty old, because it was when his dad weighed a good 15 – 20 pounds less than he currently did. Brad, his dad, was laying on his back in the middle of the bed, he only had a pair of blue, black, and white stripped bikini undies on. The undies, however, were halfway down, and were being pulled by Brad himself down to reveal Brad’s complete erection!

Figure 1 – Brad

DJ couldn’t help but smile as he looked down at his father’s skinny little white dick. Now he could understand why his mom had made such a big deal out of it when she saw his big hard black cock. It was pretty obvious to DJ in looking at this pic, he was at least 2 and quite possibly even 3 times as big as his father. And that’s not even considering how much bigger around he was too.

Looking at this pic convinced DJ all the more that he needed to start helping take care of his mom. She had needs, and even though Brad was a nice enough guy – he simply didn’t have what his mom NEEDED. What his mom – Marsha – needed – not just wanted, but NEEDED was his big, hard, black cock. And he was going to supply that to her every chance he got from now on!

All he had to do was get her to get past her feelings of guilt. DJ didn’t know exactly HOW he would do that, but he new he could and that he would.

DJ turned to the next couple of pictures. They were both of his mom, nothing too involved, just her standing around with a naughty looking smile on her face.

Figure 2 – Marsha hamming it up for the camera

Granted, they weren’t too awfully naughty, but DJ could recognize that mischievous glow on his mother’s face. Just looking at these pictures made him instantly hard.

He flipped to a couple more. One was of Marsha putting on some kind of lotion in the shower, while another was her applying some makeup when she had gotten out of the shower.

In both pictures, his mom was completely naked and he could plainly see her awesome tits. DJ held the pictures closer up to his eyes in order to get an even better view of his fabulously built mother. God, he wanted her again – SO BADLY!

Figure 3 – Marsha getting ready to go out

There were several more pictures just like these of both Brad and his wife. Newlyweds just having fun with each other – taking naked pics just for the fun of it that had long since been forgotten.

DJ felt his cock throbbing at the sight of his slightly younger and very much naked mom. He could tell just by looking at her that she was extremely horny in many of the pictures. The woman was in heat – she had just gotten married, and she wanted to be fucked. A LOT. DJ wondered how long it took his mom to figure out that Brad’s little cock just wasn’t going to do it for her.

He still escort bursa clearly remembered that first night when she accidentally helped him masturbate. He remembered her telling him how his dad had a bit of a small cock and that for the most part, it didn’t make her cum when they made love. She also told him that she often would make herself cum!

All this information helped DJ put the pieces together for himself. His mom was a very sexual creature – and his dad plain & simply didn’t have what it takes to keep her satisfied. DJ had every intention of helping, as he stuffed his parents secret pictures back into their original hiding place. DJ stole one last glance at his dad’s skinny little white cock before putting them back and sneaking out of the closet.

Just then his dad called from downstairs. “DJ!! Get washed up for supper, it’s almost ready!”

“Be down in just a second,” called DJ as he gathered his homework together, putting it back into his book bag.

The entire house always smelled absolutely divine when Marsha cooked. That was one of the many reasons why Brad had fallen head over heals in love with his wife.

She was a heck of a cook. Brad always jokingly told her that she cooked so good that if he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was a big fat Italian gal – quite the contrary. But she could still cook like there was no tomorrow!

DJ already started to feel hungry as he ran down the stairs to meet his parents in the kitchen, as they did nearly every night for supper. As he entered the kitchen, he caught the tail-end of a conversation already in flight.

“….does it have to be tonight though? You just got back, and I’ve hardly gotten to see you at all,” complained Marsha.

DJ already knew what this was about, there was no need for any background. His father was being called out of town on business again. It happened a few times a month, and there was practically never any kind of advance notice.

You would think that Marsha would be used to it by now, but it still bothered her whenever her husband got called out of town.

The fact of the matter was, Marsha and Brad very much loved each other, and Marsha did not at all like sharing her husband with the road. She got very lonely when Brad had to leave her.

“Now honey, you know as well as I do that I have not control over this what-so-ever,” consoled Brad.

DJ could see the tears forming in his mothers eyes from across the room. It tore at his heart to see his mom this upset. But at the same time, he was privately dancing with elation in his own mind.

With his dad out of the way for awhile, DJ was more than confident that he would be able to more fully complete the transformation of his and his mothers new relationship.

He was no longer satisfied with things as they had been. Not even with an occasional amazingly crazy encounter with his mom. He wanted to have her as his full time lover.

“Can I help set the table at all mom?” asked DJ.

“I have plates out already. If you could get drinks for everyone and put the silverware out that would be wonderful DJ,” answered his mom as she continued stirring a pot on the stove.

DJ walked up behind his mom and put his arms around her, giving her a strong / solid hug.

“It’ll be OK mom. Don’t worry,” confided DJ.

Marsha relaxed into her sons strong arms. It felt so comfortable and reassuring that she also laid her head onto his strong chest.

Brad just stood in the kitchen smiling at his wife and son. DJ was really growing up, and he really appreciated the comforting words he offered his mother.

As mother and son broke their embrace, Brad walked up and hugged his son. “You sure are growing into one big strong man, aren’t you son?”

Marsha smiled at her husband and son. These were the men in her life, and she fiercely loved them both. The recent accidental sex with DJ had certainly been confusing, but none-the-less, she still loved him so much.

She would do anything for him, and she feared what might happen with her husband getting ready to leave for another week. That meant that her and DJ would be all alone in the house…with nobody to hold them accountable to anything.

Was she strong enough to keep their relationship pure as it should be? She felt that she absolutely HAD to. DJ certainly wouldn’t do it. He was a young man, full of hormones and desires. She was the adult. It was solely up to her to keep their relationship a plutonic mother-son love.

As she looked up at him, she suddenly got a vision of what he looked like – completely naked, and totally hard. She shuddered.

“Damn, this is going to be so hard,” thought Marsha to herself as she finished getting supper onto the table for her men.


Bed Time

It was time to go to bed. Marsha was exhausted. After fixing supper, seeing off Brad, then cleaning everything up, she was just plain beat.

DJ had showered, bushed his teeth, thrown on an old pair of gym shorts, and went looking for his mother to tell her good night. He met her in the hallway between the bathroom and her bedroom.

Marsha said goodnight to her son with a kind of quiet and calm wariness. It was obvious that she had already anticipated some kind of an approach from her son.

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