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What follows is the true story told from three points of view. I’d say three eye witnesses (but one of them was blindfolded). It tells the tale of a young lady’s first threesome and first bisexual adventure. It tells the story of a submissive lady’s adventure with her Daddy Dom and his surprise for her visit and it tells the story of one very lucky Dominant and his adventures with two amazing young women! All three points of view were written by the people involved. We hope you enjoy reading – we’d say we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it – but that seems very unlikely!


**Nick’s Story**

Nick woke up incredibly excited. For the last few weeks he had been chatting to and playing with his sweet little princess. After a crazy beating of the odds he had found someone he used to know as a kid and played with again but this time the playing was definitely not childlike. His Princess was tiny at four foot ten but perfectly formed! She had lovely perky breasts (34D but with lovely nipples), a tight little pussy and the most gorgeous smile! He adored playing with her because she matched his naughty side perfectly. He had quickly become her Daddy Dom and they were exploring what that meant.

Today she was driving up to see him. That was the only downside to their kinky relationship. She lived quite a long way away. He messaged her good morning and they briefly chatted about how exciting today was going to be. Nick had arranged a bit of a treat for her – they were going to play with another man today as well – Nick wasn’t bi at all (though his Princess was) but didn’t mind a bit of threesome play of the focus was in the last. And it was something his Princess wanted to try. As they couldn’t use his house they were meeting at the friend’s house and seeing how things went. Nick pottered round doing odd jobs and tidying as well as packing a few bits when disaster struck.

Due to a family emergency the guy could no longer accommodate them. Nick told Princess to still come up and messaged a few of the people he occasionally chatted to and played with or knew. At last he found someone willing to lend him a room even though they wouldn’t be home – very generous – but what surprised him was his Sweetie. They had been chatting a while and met briefly for some slightly naughty fun in his car. She had said it sounded like a fun day. On the spur of the moment Nick had invited her to join them – half serious/half joking. When she said she was interested he felt his cock get even harder. He knew she was bi curious and definitely curious about group fun. He set out what was happening and asked if she would like to join them. She wasn’t totally sure as she had to be somewhere but as luck would have it the house was close by to where she had to be.

She set out a few conditions – she had never done anything like this before – she wanted to be blindfolded the whole time and tied up so she couldn’t move. Nick could do that. He loved restraint play and had a few naughty things he could use. He made sure that she had safe words and signals set up in case it got too much, told her the place and suggested she should wear clothes she could get in and out of quickly.

Once that was organised he texted his Princess. She had said she was totally his today to use how he pleased. He hoped that she would be okay with this – he knew she was driving and would be stopping off half way there so he had time to cancel things with Sweetie if he needed to. He let her know the change of plans and that he’d organised a young woman (who’d never played with a woman before) to join them. He then tried to concentrate on housework but it wasn’t happening really.

It wasn’t long before he got a filthy horny message back from his Princess. She sounded so excited… Nick felt so excited, and incredibly happy to have found this amazing little submissive partner.

The time was ticking down and Nick set off a little early – he wanted to be there to greet them both. He pulled up into the pub car park where they had arranged to meet – about a minutes’ walk from the house. He sat flicking through things on his phone when Sweetie texted that she had arrived and could see his car. He invited her to come and sit in his car to chat but she seemed really nervous and stayed in her Car. Then his Princess arrived and he got out meeting her carrying a bag with a few things in it.

He gave her a hug and then started walking to Sweetie’s car. He planned on suggesting to her that she didn’t have to stay if it was too much too soon and that she could go if she felt uncomfortable but just before he got there she stepped out of the car to meet them. She looked nervous but resolute!

“Hi Sweetie.” He said. “This is Ruby, my Princess.”

With them both introduced he led the way to the house. As he walked he couldn’t help but marvel at the differences. Sweetie (who was only just over twenty) was five foot six, short dark hair; lovely breasts that he knew from experience were pierced. She was wearing the short black dress that she had worn the first time; Nick loved how it looked on her curves. Pendik Sınırsız Escort His Princess (who was very early thirties) was wearing cute pink stilettos, the quirky but cute dress she’d had made and something underneath that he couldn’t see all the details of yet but it looked naughty. As they walked there was polite but nervous conversation and giggling but no one freaked out which was a good start.

They arrived at the house and Nick let them in, taking his shoes off he led them up the stairs and the bedroom specified. It was clean and tidy, a large bed in the middle and small ensuite bathroom next to it. He put down his bag and coat and turned. He kissed his Princess first and then let her organise herself as he turned to Sweetie. He pulled her to him and kissed her again – checking she was okay. Then he stripped the hoodie off and slowly pulled her dress up and over her head revealing her gorgeous naked body. By this point he was achingly hard. He knew his Princess was watching and flashed her quick look to make sure she was okay. There was a look of longing and lust on her face that drove him wild. He grabbed the restraints and blindfold from his bag and let Sweetie round to the side of the bed. He looked up at his Princess – she was still stood watching them! “Why are you still dressed Princess?” She apologised and started to get undressed whilst he focused his attention back on Sweetie.

Once here he had her lie down and fasted the manacles around her wrists then tied them to the leg of the bed so her arms were tied above her head. He checked she was okay then slowly put the blindfold on her – making sure she couldn’t see then double checked she was okay and gave her a brief kiss. Aware that he was neglecting his Princess a bit he looked up and almost gasped. She was stood in one of the sexiest outfits he had ever seen. It was some wet look material / forming a kind of suspenders belt and open cupped bra. There were no straps though – just chains and strips of leather. On those sexy little legs of hers (that he loved having up in the air) she was wearing beautiful stockings. It took a single heartbeat before he had her in his arms, lifting her kissing her and putting her on the bed beside his Sweetie.

He kissed his way down her body slowly until he reached that gorgeous little oust and then for the first time ever he ran his tongue over her slit. He couldn’t believe how wet she tasted and how good. He started eating her – aware that Sweetie couldn’t see but could hear all of Princess’s moans as she writhed under him. He reached out to gently stroke Sweetie’s clit whilst he ate his Princess – then just as his princess started rising towards a peak he rose up and swapped positions. For the first time he got to eat his Sweetie and she tasted just as divine. He mercilessly played with Princess’s wet hole as he ate Sweetie. Loving the whimpers and soft cries that he elicited from them both. He stayed there for a while – only briefly leaning up to tell his Princess to play with Sweetie’s breasts – she didn’t need asking twice and soon his Sweetie was moaning even louder.

Hard as a rock Nick needed to fuck now. He knelt up and grabbed a condom then ordered and guided his Princess between Sweetie’s legs. She knelt down greedily sucking on her wet pussy as Nick slid the condom on then rubbed his cock up and down Princess’s wet hole. She wiggles her ass at him in delight and he thrust in deep making her squeal. The sound muffled by her mouth being driving into Sweetie’s wet cunt. He started fucking her slow and deep with the occasional slap of her ass just for fun. This was the best view ever… looking down he could see his cock driving into his Princess, her on her knees between the gorgeous Sweetie’s legs – both of them lost in ecstasy as they moved together. It didn’t take long before he could sense his Princess rising timing of her orgasms. He fucked her harder go on her permission to cum. She exploded and it pushed him over the edge. He drove his cock into her fast and hard – unsure but from the noises he though Sweetie had just had a mini orgasm and had squirted in his Princess’s mouth. He exploded, his thrusts slowing to deep and hard as he tried to fuck his cum deep inside his Princess.

He slid out of her slowly, slipped the condom off and pulled her off Sweetie – giving them both a moments rest. Just like the other day when he first fucked Princess his cock was staying pretty much hard. He guided it to his Princess’s mouth and let her suck him, getting him fully hard again in seconds.

“Get a toy from your bag for being a good girl – you’re choice Princess.”

He smiled as she gleefully got off the bed to grab something! Meanwhile Nick had picked up another condom and rolled it down his hard cock. He had never fucked Sweetie before – today was their first time. He kissed her softly and moved hip her body until he was over her. “Do you want me to fuck you still Sweetie?”

“Yes!” Came the lust filled reply.

“Yes what Sweetie…”

She knew what he wanted and as he kissed her cheek she whispered “Yes Sir.”

With Pendik Suriyeli Escort that he spread her legs wide and pushed his cock deep inside her. His Princess was back on the bed now and to his surprise had attached nipples clamps with a chain to her gorgeous nubs. He pulled on the chain making her gasp which he swore made him even harder as he drove into Sweetie. Fuck they both felt good. He was a very lucky man. He fucked her deep and slow. His Princess handed him a pinwheel that she had brought with her and he instructed her to kiss and play with Sweetie. Which she eagerly did. There was no hesitation in his Sweetie now. His cock was deep inside her and she was kissing his Princess like her life depended on it. He rolled the pinwheel over them both teasing them, toying with them as he slowly fucked Sweetie’s tight hole.

He played with his Princess for a bit whilst fucking Sweetie but knew there was something else he wanted to see now. He slowed his thrusts and leaned down to whisper in his Sweetie’s ear.

“Would you like to eat my Princess Sweetie?”

“Yes Sir…” the response was quick and without hesitation.

He untied her from the bed but kept her wrists bound and the blindfold on, carefully he and Sweetie guided her until she was kneeling between Princess’s legs. She lowered her mouth and started to taste her first ever pussy. She must have been doing something right because Nick watched his Princess flop back into the pillows in absolute pleasure. He lifted Sweetie’s ass slightly and drove his cock back into her. God – it was the same view but reversed – he didn’t know which view he liked best. This way round or the reverse. He fucked Sweetie harder now, loving. How she was making his Princess whimper and cry out.

“Cum if you need to Princess.”

She smiled back at him then her eyes lost focus as she exploded. Not just an orgasm but a full on squirting, mind blowing climax. She thrashed around and went rigid then flopped back into the bed. Nick was a little shocked as only he had ever been able to make Princess squirt in her whole life… now she had done it on his Sweetie’s tongue. Fuck it was so hot to see. As his Princess flopped bonelessly on the bed his hard cock drilled into Sweetie faster and harder she moaned loudly. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and her own little climax and squirt. They were definitely going to have to change the sheets.

He slowly slipped out of Sweetie. They had about twenty minutes until she had to go. He knew she would need time to calm down and come down. He pulled them onto the bed either side of him and cuddled up. He slowly removed the wrist cuffs and after checking with her that was okay removed the blindfold. The giggling this time wasn’t nervous but the wow giggles that come after something amazing. He encouraged the two women to kiss and they didn’t need asking twice- their kisses were long and passionate as Nick caressed them both. They looked incredibly together and obviously had such chemistry. After a few more minutes where he joined in the kissing he reluctantly pulled back. If they kept going she would be late and he knew it was too important. He helped her Sweetie dress and walked her down kissing her goodbye and making sure she was okay before she left. She was still flushed and buzzing and obviously loved it all. She asked if she could join them again next time and he knew Princess would happily agree to that after her amazing orgasm on Sweetie’s tongue. One last kiss and she was gone.

He quietly made his way back upstairs to find his Princess curled up dozing on the bed. She looked so cute and gorgeous. He enjoyed the view for a few brief seconds before sliding into the bed and wrapping himself around her – telling her how amazing she was.

“For being such a good girl you can choose – Daddy’s cock or Daddy’s tongue?”

The instant reply was cock and so he guided her mouth to his cock – he was still semi hard even after all the fucking. As she sucked on his cock he remembered something they had talked about and lightly slapped her across the face. The look of shock in her eyes had him worried but then the shock disappeared in an instant to be replaced with a dark burning lust he’d only seen on her face once before. That sent him almost fully hard instantly and he filed that away for later use. He’d only cum once and so was hard almost instantly in her mouth. Quickly another condom was slipped on and he pulled her on top of him. She slid down his cock and he loved how her eyes widened as he stretched and filled her. He fucked her slowly as she rode him, playing with her breasts and nipples, teasing her, loving the feel of her on top for a change. She was obviously enjoying it as well but he knew what he wanted to do. He rolled her into her back, lifted her legs and drove into her. She gasped.

He fucked her hard and fast, pinning her fists and driving into her. He grabbed her throat and drove his thick cock up inside her tiny helpless body as he used her tight little fuck hole. “Who do you belong to Princess?”

“You Daddy, I’m yours.”

He Pendik İranlı Escort growled in response and fucked her even harder, a hand on her throat and a hand in her hair. She asked if she could cum and he sure need in her eyes. But he was Daddy – he chose when. “Not yet…” she looked at him in shock – he knew she normally got a yes every time but this one was going to be spectacular. “Please, please…” He could tell she was on the edge of losing it.

“Now Princess… Cum for me.”

She exploded, thrashing under him as she squirted all over his cock. An intense orgasm ripping through her as she collapsed. He pulled out of her slowly and cuddled her. As her orgasm faded she snuggled into his arms.

“I wish we had time for you to take me ass Daddy.”

Nick thought about it – he didn’t have any lube and they were short on time. “I don’t think we can Princess.” Then she looked at him with those pleading big eyes. “On your knees Princess. Instant safe word if it gets too much.”

He guided his cock to her ass. “Reach back and spread your cheeks for me beautiful.” She did as she was told – it looked so tiny. He knew he had made her use one of her plugs last night – they had thought about this today. He slowly started to push, stroking her back and soothing her as his very thick cock slowly penetrated her ass. It took a bit but soon his cock was fully inside her. She was whimpering and in pain, she started to shake so he slid quickly out of her and cuddled her into him.

“Thank you Daddy. At least we got to have you in there for a bit.”

“Next time with lube and more time Princess.”

They cuddled for a long while, lost in each other’s arms before their time was up. Nick helped her dress, straightened their room and he led her back to her car. Just before she went he gave her a little Kinder Egg. “A treat for my Princess as I did promise you an Easter egg.” Her face lit up and he kissed her goodbye. Wondering what their next adventure would be.

**Ruby’s Story (Princess)**

Today had arrived! My planned road trip to see my Daddy, after much deliberation and consultation I finally picked something foxy to go under my pretty dress. I knew Daddy would love it.

It felt quite strange, as slightly different to my usual style but I felt so sexy. Halfway into my journey (already wet and excited!) I pulled over to fuel up and saw a text from Daddy. Little surprise he’d mentioned my visit to someone he occasionally met with and they wanted to join in was that ok? Oh my goodness me yes it was ok, it had been so long since I tasted the sweet juices and soft curves of another woman.

The rest of the journey was torture I was so wet and excited and a little nervous. Would she like me, would it feel ok sharing Daddy. We all met at the house and Daddy introduced me to his Sweetie I was knocked out she was absolutely stunning we both looked at each other and giggled. This was a first for her and she was as nervous as I was.

We went upstairs and I set my bag down. I looked up to see Daddy lifting her dress to reveal no bra and beautiful breasts. Daddy kissed her and for a split second I felt a little jealous though not sure of who! I realised I was more just impatient to join in. I watched as Daddy blindfolded and secured her to the bed. He looked over at me and scolded me Princess why are you still dressed?

Oops I had been momentarily distracted there.

Quickly I lifted my dress to reveal the open cup wet look and chained bra and suspenders belt, with stockings and naughty me – no knickers! My pink stilettos contrasted nicely against all the black. The look Daddy gave me said it all.

Very quickly Daddy crossed the room and gave me a deep kiss, he reached up between my legs and chuckled at how wet I was. Onto the bed Princess lie down next to Sweetie.

Daddy plunged his fingers into Sweetie and I heard her moans and gasps, the sighs she was making were only succeeding in making me hornier. Daddy leaned down to start eating her as I watched. I was aching to touch myself; Daddy grinned and told me to play with my boobs, something I happily did. Then his fingers reached out to hit my sweet spot. I was starting to build when he stopped. He informed me that Sweetie was going to cum first today. I suppressed a sulk happy that my playmate was enjoying herself and also hoping I might get to be the one that made her cum.

Great minds think alike because moments later I was ordered to get on my knees between hers, I bent down and tentatively took my tongue to her, she was wet and slick and oh so sweet, my tongue started to find a rhythm as I listened to her moans and felt her buck underneath my teeth.

Suddenly I could feel Daddy’s hard shaft pressing at my pussy I wiggled my bum at him and it as my turn to moan as he quickly sunk down into me and filled me, the pressure from him forcing my head further into the beautiful pussy in front of me, more moans were coming from both of us, I plunged a finger into her hole and grinned as she gasped she was so wet I found that sweet spot and started massaging my finger there as her moans intensified. Daddy suddenly started thrusting into me harder I sunk a second finger in and then a third the pace of my fingers matching the pace that I was being fucked with. I suddenly felt juices on my face, around the same time a shudder behind me and a much slower thrust from Daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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