Britney the Meathole

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*NOTE: There’s not a whole lot of story to this one, just kinky, nasty sex – sort of a gonzo story, so if that’s not your thing be warned. All feedback is welcome.*

I watched the young woman strut into my office and knew immediately that here was someone special, someone different, someone to make things interesting for me. I have the knack for noticing that in a young woman, having filmed and directed over a thousand pornographic movies in the last ten years. She was confident and brash and yes, I admit beautiful, albeit in a very trashy cheap way. That’s not meant too much as a knock on her though, because that was surely the look she had set out to create for herself. I mean she was dressed in a bright pink bra top and matching mini-skirt and had a very tarty white PVC jacket on and white stilettos. Her make up was fairly caked on too, yet underneath I could see that she actually was quite pretty and her blonde hair (which showed too many dark roots to be classy) was long and cut sweetly around her features. I pegged her at 21 maybe 22, certainly no older.

I ushered her in and had her sit across from me and asked what I could do for her – though I knew exactly what I could do for her, it was the only reason these girls came and kept coming, they wanted fame and fortune and saw their looks and bodies as their ticket to that.

When she spoke the image just got worse, she had a trashy, lazy southern accent and cursed with nearly every second word. Her name was Britney, she heard I made real extreme movies and did I want to shoot one with her.

“Well Britney, my dear, they are really very extreme. I cater to a very, shall we say, specialised market and not every girl can handle the stuff I ask them to perform, you know.”

She knew that, she had seen many of my films and wanted to do all that she had seen and more. Then she took out a tape of some scenes she had done with a rival Director who I thought was just a little less hardcore than I was.

“OK Babe. Lets have a look at it.”

I still wasn’t sure about her suitability, it took a certain mentality of performer to do what I had them do and sometimes they just couldn’t handle it. I slid the tape into the player in my office and settled back into my chair to view the action unfold on the big screen on the side wall of my office. Britney crossed her legs and snapped her bubble gum noisily.

The screen burst to life with Britney looking a little younger and innocent but a whole lot more beautiful walking into a bright bedroom.

Britney shoved the man down onto the bed and stood before him, a Goddess in heat. She flicked the thin straps of her light Summer dress off her shoulders and let the fabric drop down her curvaceous body to the bedroom floor. She was wearing no underclothes and was gloriously naked as she sank to her knees and roughly tugged at the mans flies and released his raging erection. Looking deep into his eyes, her beautiful iris’s conveying her slutty side, she licked her cherry red lips and engulfed his cock into the wet warmth of her mouth. She worked his member like a porn star should and soon, too soon, he shot his load down her throat and the last vestiges spunked onto her lips for Britney to lick clean with the dirtiest smile on her face that I had seen for a long time.

She knelt before her lover smiling and using her hand to encourage his now limp dick back to life and at the first signs this was happening she stripped him of his clothes and got onto the bed on her hands and knees before him, presenting her perfect bubble butt for him to fuck doggy-style. He needed no further invitation and within seconds they were rutting on the bed like wild animals.

It was pretty standard porn but I liked it and more importantly I liked the nasty look Britney had as the guy thrust powerfully into her with rapid strokes and she moaned and squealed her obvious delight and pleasure, I saw some definite possibilities with her.

The guy came noisily inside Britney and she got up and with his cum dripping down her inside thigh stood and walked out of the room and in a clever tracking camera shot we followed her seamlessly walking into the next room.

In the next room Britney was already submissively nodding to a large man, her body looked amazing.

The action unfolded as the large man advanced on Britney as she sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed her head and shoved her back onto it. He reached around her and played with her breasts, revealing her magnificent breasts, revealing how stunning her rack was. Her partner was obviously a breast man as he paid them great attention, roughly pawing them with his big hands then bending over and putting his mouth to use in licking, kissing and biting them. Britney reacted as if she was loving this attention.

Abruptly the large man withdrew his mouth from her chest and stood back, pointing that Britney get on her knees in front of him. She slipped off the bed and with a obedient Mersin Escort expression on her face knelt before him. Once there she busied herself with his belt and zipper and in seconds his manhood came out into view. Britney was amazed at it’s size, it was ten inches long and at least three inches in girth, she had never seen anything that wide before. She slowly started to lap at its tip with her tongue, gently easing the helmet into her mouth. Carefully, Britney swallowed more and more of his cock until most of it was buried in her mouth and throat.

She serviced him orally in his fashion for at least ten minutes, during which there was rarely a second where his cock wasn’t deep in her throat, his big hairy balls bouncing off her chin, while pre-cum messily began to seep out of her mouth. The man’s movements became more erratic and it was clear he was about ready to cum when he withdrew completely from Britney’s mouth. He held his cock in place, aimed at her face and shot a massive load of sticky white cum over her face, strands and splodges splashing onto her face, into her hair, up her nose and into her eyes.

Britney used her tongue to lick as much of the goo from her face and into her waiting mouth.

Britney then used her tongue to enthusiastically clean up the man’s used cock. He then spoke down to her and at his command she stood up and wriggled around revealing her peachy backside . Again the man spoke to her and she crawled on the bed and got down on hands and knees with her bum facing the man. She kept that position as he finished removing the rest of his clothes and by the time he clambered onto the bed his cock was regaining its previous stiffness.

He used his fingers to work Britney’s asshole and then without warning inched his manhood into it and quickly established a rhythm as he assfucked her. He pounded into her hard for a good fifteen minutes before climaxing once again and collapsing forward onto Britney. They lay there motionless for a few moments before he withdrew his cock and once again she used her mouth to clean him up.

The film faded to black and Britney announced to me proudly “That was my first film and they were brothers. Like it so far?”

I nodded and thought that I was starting to get turned on and knew it took a special girl to get that from me. I stared back at the screen as it came to life again.

“I play a prostitute in this clip.”

Britney sat on the edge of her bed wearing nothing more than a set of lacy black bra, panties and stockings awaiting her partners.

A knock at the door was followed by two people coming into the room. Leading the way was Christina (a sexy slim blonde that I had used previously), wearing a red velvet dress than displayed her bare shoulders and cleavage to perfection. . Finally, in came the male star, a large Hispanic guy, Armand.

The couple moved up to Britney, the man toying with her shiny, blonde hair.

Britney moved to her feet and stood behind Christina and slipped her cool hands into Christina’s dress and slowly peeled it down her statuesque body, revealing her pert breasts then her shaven pussy, as she had not worn any panties. Christina stepped out of her dress and stood looking like the most desirable woman on earth.

“Lick her breasts whore” demanded Armand, pushing Britney’s head toward Christina’s jugs.

Britney’s wet mouth enveloped Christina’s right nipple and quickly she was licking and sucking it like a seasoned pro as Christina moaned slowly at her touch. Britney licked every inch of Christina’s breasts sensuously as her co-star loosened his clothes. Seeing this, Christina suddenly thrust Britney’s face away from her and ordered her to get on her knees and release his cock from his pants. Britney did as ordered and soon was at eye level with his huge, semi-erect, manhood.

“Lick it Bitch” ordered Christina as she vigorously started to finger herself watching Britney be their obedient slave.

Her mouth stretched and accepted his now hard cock in and he thrust it deep and gagged her with it immediately. He showed no concern at her situation as he thrust deeper and deeper, forcing her tongue to work overtime. Christina kept masturbating and they kept on filming until finally Armand started to spasm a bit and he withdrew his cock from Britney’s mouth and once free launched a massive spray of his cum all over her pretty face. It came in three huge busts and almost covered her face.

Christina smiled and sprung over and began to greedily lick the stuff off of Britney’s face and once she had gathered the lot in her mouth ordered Britney to open her mouth and in one amazing French kiss transferred the whole sticky load.

As Britney swallowed the whole load Armand got behind her and ripped her lingerie off and threw it away. He then lifted Christina up onto the bed and anally entered her, as he built up a hard rhythm he ordered Britney to get her face in behind him and to start licking Mersin Escort Bayan his arsehole out. As if her future depended upon it she got down there and enthusiastically started to lap away at his big hairy arse. His big cock buried in Christina’s arsehole while Britney tossed his salad was too much for him and once again he pulled out and shot a load of cum onto Christina’s asshole.

He turned, pulled Britney from his bum and thrust her face into Christina’s backside and ordered her to lick up his cum from there – which she did with no complaint. From that position Christina manoeuvred herself so she sat atop Britney’s face and she ground her shaven cunt into Britney’s mouth and demanded that she bring her off with her tongue. By now a second male had entered the scene and had stripped off and he manoeuvred his body under Britney’s and fitted his large cock into her arsehole and pushed it relentlessly upwards. Armand recovered sufficiently to slide his cock into Britney’s pussy and in that position they writhed and bucked until the two men and Christina all came almost simultaneously.

As nearly did I as I squirmed in my chair so turned on was I. I signed her on the spot and started to question her about what she was and wasn’t willing to do on screen. That was easy, she was willing to do anything I wanted on screen she wanted to make a big name for herself. I felt like saying that that would probably screw her chances of anything mainstream but so what, this little slut wanted it hard, I’d make sure she got it hard. A week later and I handed her the scenes I wanted to shoot with her, her eyes widened and lit up as she read what I had planned for her, and I knew this would be one of my filthiest, dirtiest, sexiest, kinkiest movies of my career.

Friday 12:30, Britney arrived as ordered, she got out of her car and stood looking at the house she had been directed to come to. She was wearing a tiny black dress that showed off all her natural curves. She had on a pair of high heeled black shoes and as she made her way up the broken down path to the front door did not notice the man who had come round to stand guard over her car to prevent it being damaged or stolen.

Britney knocked on the door and it was immediately answered by me , who ushered her into the dilapidated sitting room to their left. In that room were four young , muscular men. They saw Britney and were literally licking their lips and drooling.

I instructed Britney to strip there and then.

“Britney why don’t you take your clothes off and show the boys what a prime slut you are. I want you to really get into it, think of yourself as a stripper in a club. Boys keep your hands to yourselves – for just now.”

As Britney slowly, seductively rubbed her hands all over her nubile body and began to peel her expensive dress and underwear off, the four men sat wrapt by what they were watching. I was busy with a very expensive video camera capturing the whole sexy scene. Before long Britney stood in the centre of the room naked, showing her fantastic figure, her terrific tits and her beautiful butt. I instructed Britney to play with herself and masturbate in front of her audience all the time thinking about how desperately she wanted to be fucked by them. This lead to another ten minutes of incredible footage and by the time she had brought herself off all four men had gravity defying bulges in their trousers.

I put a dog collar around Britney’s neck then handed one of the men the lead and he led her on her hands and knees though to the bedroom like a dog. The bedroom was also on the lower floor of the house and except for a large bed was bare and very tatty, with torn wallpaper and stains on the walls. I followed the procession, filming it all the way being careful not to be in shot. I paused the tape as I spoke to Britney.

“Britney until you leave this room you will be a wanton slut that craves big, hard cock. You will take everything these men give you and more and you will love it, have a nice big smile on your face at all times there isn’t a cock in your mouth. These men know what to do and will fuck you in every variation you can imagine (and a lot you can’t) and you will strive to match them thrust for thrust . You will act as if I am not in the room. Do you understand?”


“Alright.Begin by tearing the clothes off them as you cannot wait to get to their juicy manhoods.”

With that I started the tape rolling again and settled down to enjoy the action. And what action there was to enjoy.

Still wearing her collar and leash Britney got to her knees and eagerly began loosening the men’s belts. One by one four enormous penis sprang up and a delighted look came over Britney’s face. In seconds she had one in her mouth and was greedily sucking on it while the other three whacked off, soon the first man was fully hard and he withdrew from her mouth and got down and penetrated her wet cunt. He was immediately replaced Escort Mersin by a 10″ dick in her mouth and she was soon enthusiastically being stuffed from both ends. Soon the other two guys got in on the action and from there on Britney took all the cocks in every hole and every variation.

There was no stopping her, she was a sex machine and she readily accepted every heavy load of cum that spurted in her mouth, ass and pussy. Second time around she took a cock in the ass and a cock in the pussy at once while the two free men struggled to fit both their dicks in her stretched mouth. Then she did double vaginal and double anal penetration. All of this was superbly captured on film. Before long the beautiful features of this blonde goddess were covered in thick, creamy cum, which made a tremendous visual image.

For the next part of my film we returned to my studio and prepared to get even more extreme, Britney seemed to be really looking forward to it. So was I.

Within the hour Britney had been made up by a make up girl and strolled into the studio set where she was greeted by twenty naked and well-endowed male porn stars, all itching to start the film. I explained there was no script just a whole heap of kinky and extreme set pieces. We would kick things off with the scene that I would open the tape up with once I edited all our footage.

The tape starts with an unnamed guy standing facing the camera introducing the female star, Britney saunters sexily into shot and he grip her hair and pushes her to her knees in front of him. With a harsh tone in his voice he commands her to take his trousers down, which she does, releasing a pretty small, hardening dick. He then turns around, bends over and orders Britney to lick his arsehole with her tongue and to the amazement of everyone who sees the film for the first time she does exactly that. Britney rims him deeply and enthusiastically for the duration of the opening credits and at their end he stands up, spits onto her face and laugh at her dismissively as if she is a totally worthless slut.

The tape fades then comes back up with Britney dressed and standing in front of twenty well hung male porn stars , they chant “Strip. Strip. Strip” at her and she obeys until she stands before them completely naked. One of the men comes forward and pulls Britney to her knees, he ruggedly slaps his monster dick back and forth on her face and crudely insults her with names like “cock sucking cunt”, seconds later he plunges his 10″ penis down her throat and is fucking it hard. As she gags he continues the verbal tirade (like I said I don’t make ‘nice’ movies). He stops and Britney gasps for a breath but it is fleeting as he slaps her again with his stiff dick then sticks his cock and his scrotum into her mouth.

As she deals with this a second and third man come forward, one lies down and slides under her and spreads her pussy lips and shoves another big dick inside her while the other expertly parts her ass cheeks and without much thought rams his 8″ dick up her exposed arsehole. Very quickly all four bodies are caught in a relentless, sweaty rhythm. Two more men come forward and present their dicks for Britney to masturbate at the side which she just about manages to do. The cameramen have never seen a dirtier slut than this before. Nor have I and it is turning me on again as I direct the action.

The guy in her throat climaxes and sends torrents of salty cum down her gullet, he pulls out and slaps her face with his messy dick contemptuously . He retreats and the guy in her ass pulls out and puts it straight from her dirt hole into her mouth as one of the other guys replaces him in her shitter. This continues for an hour or so and by the end each man has shot a load into one of Britney’s orifices. The scene fades with her lying exhausted on the ground, seminal fluid seeping out of her onto the plastic sheeting on the floor.

Next scene has Britney smiling her cute smile into the camera and kneeling on the plastic, one by one each of the men in the room (there are now 109) come up to her and ejaculate onto her face and tits . By the finish her pretty features are almost entirely white and sticky. Meanwhile the loose cum is being gathered in the plastic and deposited into a plastic pig’s trough in front of Britney. I orders her to position her face over the trough and five men come forward and try to clean her face off with their streams of piss. Once all five are finished Britney dips her head and begins to drink from the trough, and she drinks and drinks even when the guys refill it with cum and piss.

All this is too much for me and as per my script, I step on screen and perform a quick striptease, peeling off my blouse, skirt, stockings, bra and panties and accept a huge strap on dildo from one of the guys and as she guzzles from the cum filled trough slip my plastic cock into her well used arsehole and proceed to fuck her harder than any of the men had previous to me. But make no mistake, for every thrust I gave she matched my moves or more and shoved her speared body back towards me as hard as she could. I hook my long finger nails into her slimy, dirty blonde hair and pull back harder calling her everything I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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