Camping Trip Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1: Loading

“Ashley, we will be leaving in 5 minutes.” I called up to my little sister.

“Ok DAD, I am coming.” punctuating ‘Dad’ with the adolescent mockery I have grown to expect from my her. This was her first summer back from college and, as a gift, I promised her a trip up to a cabin for her and her friends.

“You’re lucky I am not dad. I’d spank your ass for the way you talk to me.” I said.

I saw her at the top of the stairs. Of course, she had to bring every single piece of clothing she owned in two huge suitcases. Just enough for a single week in the woods. As she tried, and failed, to lift the massive suitcase off the ground I meet her at the top of the stairs.

“Well you sure do act like he did.” she said in an exhausted huff. “And kind of look like him too. I guess you spanking me wouldn’t be too far off.” She said with a smile, and chuckle, as she reached out and scratched my beard. She wasn’t fairly accurate, being a stout introverted bearded bookworm, I am look and act similar to my dad before he passed. Both of us taking the quiet dominant role in our work, and life. Even sharing the same passion for writing.

“Papa Bear.” A pet name we used for me dad, and I seem to have slowly acquired.

“Go get in the SUV, your counsel waits their queen.” refer to her senior prom queen status, giving her a smack on the ass as I did. She yelped and descended the stairs giggling. I bent down to grab her suitcase. “Christ, these things are heavy.” I said setting off after her.

“I am surprised to hear you’re actually into this, Chris.” Scott said, sounding like an arrogant jock as usual. He was Ashley’s boyfriend; star high school quarterback, and star rookie quarterback his first year of college. He was a decent guy, if he could ever get the arrogant tone out of his voice.

“Surprised I’d agree to put up with you delinquents for a weekend at the cabin?” I said, tossing one of Ashley’s suitcases his direction.

“Let’s just say I’m doing my brotherly duty.” Heaving a bag into the back of the SUV.

“Whatever you say man. It’s still really cool you doing this for her.” He gave me a pat on my shoulder.

“No need to touch me Scott.” I said shrugging his hand off. I didn’t have a problem with Scott per say, I have a problem with people. Well more the interactions with people. Small talk, unless stories, unneeded physical contact, all got on my nerves and pushed me further into books and learning.

“Sorry man.” Scott said apologetically.

“You’re ok kid. Just a preference of mine.” Throwing him a quick smile before walking to the front of the SUV. That’s when I spotted an unknown woman in the passenger seat. She looked to be about 18, young and tiny. Redheaded, freckled cheeks, and an overall bookworm look about her; this thought seemed a bit heavy handed when I realized she was, indeed, reading a book.

“Who’s the girl.” Stopping my sister before she can climb into the back seat.

“That’s Rachel, she is my roommate. Shy girl, reads about as much as you do. I thought maybe you two could talk about that.” she gave me a smirk before opening the back door.

She’s setting me up. Really? My kid sister set me up to meet a girl? I couldn’t help but let out a bit of a chuckle. As I climbed into the driver’s seat, she gave me a sideways glance and continued reading her book. Well hello to you too. I thought to myself.

Even though personal interaction with people annoyed the hell out of me, I still had to partake as most of us do. To make this easier on me, my dad taught me how to read a people. People, in and of themselves, are stories; vocal fluctuation is the emotion, words the dialogue, body language the hidden meaning, and the combination of the three a sentence. This made interactions with people into my own code cracking book as a teen. As an adult, I use it for knowing what someone wants without having to talk too much.

Rachel was wearing mid-thigh shorts, a tank top with a bra built in, flip flops, minimal makeup and a single leather bracelet. Dressed for comfort, not to impress. To me, she was beautiful; her tiny frame, small breast, pale skin, and modest apparel was very appealing. I often depicted woman just like her in my erotic fiction. Normally a young bookworm, falling in love with a dominant daddy figure, and showing him how kinky she really was. A typical guy reach for dominance and teaching, something I have actually been able to experience in real life. The sound of door closing hard brought me out of my fantasy world.

“I didn’t think I would ever find a spot in the back for my bag. Jesus Ashley, did you pack enough?” That was Ashley’s old high school friend Sue. A “Tomboy with a fashion sense” as she liked to be called. Which was true enough, she would be the first one wrestling with the teens in high school. Even though it was really an excuse to be touched and groped for her. Her ‘head turning fashion sense’ gaziantep escort was actually just an excuse to wear as little as possible. Today’s enticing outfit was a curve hugging halter top yellow dress that came up to about mid thigh. She was dressed to impress, but who? Probably anyone we came across.

“Oh, don’t even start. I saw that suitcase you carried. Its not much smaller than mine.” Ashley rebutted.

“It’s still smaller and only one.” She teased.

“Thanks for taking us, Chris.” She said as she is reaching out and patted my shoulder, adding a flirty smile when I looked in the rearview mirror.

I nodded “Welcome.” I have to admit, I’ve always liked Sue. Despite her extremely extroverted personality, she is a nice girl. And knew when to push the envelope or let it pass by.

“I see how it is. You’re ok with her patting your shoulder.” Scott fanning hurt.

“Grow a pair of tits like mine, and guys let you do a lot to them.” Sue said sticking out her chest and shaking them at Scott and Ashley. They all laughed, but I notice Rachel just squirmed a bit in her seat.

“Hey squeaks.” Sue said giving Rachel a hug around the seat. She grinned giving Sues arm a pat.

“Squeaks?” I said raising an eyebrow in Rachel’s direction.

“She quite as a mouse until you do this.” Sue said, then poked Rachel in the side. She let out a high-pitched squeak, the whole SUV started rock with everyone laugh in it. Rachael’s’ face turned bright red, as she covered her mouth and looking at me embarrassed. I placed a reassuring hand on her thigh, squeezing slightly. She was by far the cutest woman I have laid eyes on. Innocent, cute, and shy; I felt my cock stiffen as she looked at me, I had to look away and busied myself with starting the car to pull out.

The laughter started to die down in the car as we pulled away. Rachel returned to reading her book, as the old friends in the back, caught up and reminisced about the old day. We set out on our way to, what I hoped to be, a fun and quiet vacation.

Chapter 2: Pit Stop

“Fill the tank Scott.” I said as we hit our first and only pit stop of our journey.

“Sir, yes sir!” giving me a mocking salute.

A chorus of groaning, yawning, and stretching sounded as we piled out of my SUV. I took this time to use the gas pump as a back scratcher, lean against it and working out the knots and hitches, that have been growing for the last hour. Though the SUV is spacious, three hours on the road takes a toll on most people, and we still had two more hours to go. Everyone looked tired, except for Rachel. She was still infatuated with her book. Halfway through the trip she ask if she could put her feet on the dash, but she has yet to move from the position. Sneaking peaks at her elegant smooth and pale legs kept me occupied. A welcomed distraction from the miles of highway that greeted me the first half of our trip.

“Easy big guy. We still need to use that pump you’re using as a back scratcher.” Scott said, placing the nozzle into my SUV. I gave him the finger with a chuckle. Looking back to Rachel sitting with her legs propped up on the dashboard, twirling a strand of hair as she read her book.

“Planning on stretching your legs girly?” Ashley said, appearing in the window next to Rachel.

“After this chapter.” she said not looking up from her book. Ashley shrugged, turned around and walked with Sue to the shop, leaving Rachel to read. I stepped around the front of the SUV and stood beside Rachel’s window.

“We won’t be here long.” The sound of my voice must have startled her, she jumped and almost drop the book, as she looked at me with a ‘deer caught in headlights’ look.

“Stretch your legs, grab a snack, use the bathroom.” She hesitated for a split second before dog earing her book, and stepping out of the SUV. I held the door open for her; as she stepped down I truly got to see how small she really was. Top of her head barely stood shoulder height to me. She looked even younger than before. She never looked me in the eye, just politely said “Okay.” in a soft voice and went in after the girls.

“How in the hell did you do that?” Scott said from the other side of the car.

“Hmm?” I said when I walked around to his side.

“That girl would have sat there for hours reading, she ignores everyone. How did you get her to hope to so quickly?”

“How did I get you to fill the tank? I am sure you have to piss.” I said with a smirk.

“Like a fucking race horse.” He said realizing how bad he had to go, and started bending his legs in.

“So how did I get you to fill the tank before pissing?”

“You asked me to.”

“No, I told you too. It was not a command, nor an option. It was not rude or soft. Control your vocal fluctuation kid, people won’t know what hit them. Now go piss, I’ll finish.” Scott literally ran for the gas station. konya escort

The gas station was basically dead. The sole gas station attendant was reading a guns and ammo magazine, paying little to no attention to us. Rachel and Ashley were walking around picking out snacks while Sue finished up in the only bathroom available I suspected, since it looked like Scott was about to piss himself next to a bathroom sign.

I made a beeline for my drug of choice, coffee. Filling a paper cup, I briefly closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. The dark and bold coffee smelled heavenly. When I opened my eyes, I saw Rachel and Ashley trying to quietly laugh at my display of ecstasy and whispering to each other. I replaced the pot on the warmer and hunted for a lid.

“Oh shit, I think I forgot my wallet.” Ashley said frantically searching her purse.

“Fuck!” She cursed.

“I’ll take care of it.” Walking up behind them

“It’s all going to be together.” I told the clerk. He was around my age. As he set the magazine down, I noticed he had a porn mag stuffed inside guns and ammo. Probably the only thing to make these days go by.

“Did you leave it in the SUV?” Sue asked.

“I don’t think so.” She said, obviously annoyed with herself.

“Thanks Papa Bear.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before putting her snacks and drink in her purse and heading for the SUV.

“You going to pay for me also, Papa Bear?” Sue asked with mocking innocents.

“Have you been good?” Putting on my best fake dad voice.

“No. She said with huge grin. I chuckled and gestured for the clerk to ring it all up.

“Oh thank you!” She said putting her things on the counter. She stood on her tiptoes to throw an arm over my shoulder, deliberately pushing her breast into my arm and finger too close to my face. The smell was unmistakably pussy. After recovering from my shocking realization, I looked towards her, she locked on to my eyes and winked.

“Pack of smokes also, please.” She said to the attendant. “I really could use one.” Fuck I could also after that.

“Pack of smokes, shorts.” I told the attendant. Sue kissed my cheek.

“Thanks, Papa Bear.” She put one of her pussy soaked finger in her mouth with a wink. Before grabbing her things, and walking out. Still filtering what just happened through, I turned back to the attendant.

Rachel stood behind me looking at her shoes, holding a bottle of water and bag of chips.

“Those too.” I told the attendant. Rachel head shot up.

“You don’t have to. I can” She started to say but I cut her off without looking at her.

“I know. My treat” I said, looking her way, I gave her a sincere smile. He cheeks grew red but she smiled back.

“Ok boss, that’s $86.37 with gas.” The attendant said. I handed him over a hundred-dollar bill. Grabbing my change and coffee I turned back to Rachel. She was staring at my wallet intent.

“Need something?” I asked. It seemed to shake her from her thoughts.

“No no. Thank you very much.” She sounded a bit embarrassed, and then added “Papa Bear.” Damn this woman is really awkward and cute. I gave her a reassuring smile. I gestured towards the door and we walked out. For as shy and awkward as she is, she had a grace about her walk. Maybe she was a dancer at one point, that sold account for her slender frame.

“Chris, Come here.” Sue’s voice, hidden around the corner of the shop, snapped me out of thoughts. I followed the smell of smoke to see Sue leaning against the brick wall, puffing on a cigarette.

“Do you want one?” She offered me the pack. I took one, and pulled out my zippo to light it. I am not an avid smoker, but I will enjoy one now and then.

“Did you finish yourself off” I asked, looking at her knowingly. Exhaling in frustration, I already knew the answer.

“No, Scott pounded on the door so much I couldn’t finish.” She said resting her head on the wall.

“Do you know want to know what turned me on so much?” She asked, slowly lifting and dropping her skirt. I took another drag off my cigarette.

“I have been reading some of your erotic BDSM short stories. It turned me on so much! Thinking about being tied up, dominated, played with, and publicly humiliated.” She let out a low moan as she ran a hand up her skirt and pressed her fingers to her pussy. I stood there expressionless, of course I could feel my jeans tighten from my erection. She took notice, lifted her skirt, revealing she had on white panties. Almost transparent from her soaking wet pussy.

“My favorite story was about the slut that was forced to wear a butt plug to work. When her master called her, she was to take it out and masturbate for five minutes but not cum. It was so hot I had to give it a try.” She turned around and bent over. Lifting up her skirt, the outline of a black butt plug was visible.

“I am so fucking kayseri escort horny! Do I get to cum yet?” She asked as she slide a hand into her soaking panties and played with her clit.

“Please sir, I want to cum for you. I want your permission to cum so fucking badly.” Her voice was trembling from arousal. Carefully massaging herself.

Shocked as I was, with this unexpected event, I kept my composure. I’ve always known Sue held some kind of interest for me, but this is unexpected. I felt my cock swelling even more and straining against my jeans, as I contemplated how quickly I could fuck her before our absence was noticed.

“Hey you guys can’t smoke back he…” The gas station attendant rounded the corner and stood in shock. Sue jumped up straight and smoothed down her dress, embarrassed. Then an idea crossed my mind.

“Did I tell you to stop?” I said looking at Sue’s bright red face.

“No, but…” She started to respond.

“If I wanted your mouth to work, I would jingle my zipper.” I cut her off.

“Hey Robert, want a story to tell your friends about?” I said taking another drag.

“I uh… sure?” He said nervously.

“Continue where you left off slut.”

“But…” She started then looked at me stern expression and stopped. She faced the wall again and bent over.

“You enjoy being on display.” I took a final drag from my smoke, dropped it and stomped it out.

“Yes, sir.” She moaned while stocking her pussy.

“Do you enjoy seducing strange men?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you want to cum?” I asked.

“More than anything, sir.” She moaned the last word.

“You have three minutes to cum and meet me in the SUV slut, no longer.”

“Yes, sir.” She started to finger herself faster and play with the plug.

“You sure about this man?” Robert looked nervous but very aroused. I turned towards him and smile.

“Might want to get your phone out. I doubt she’s going to last much longer.” He gave me a quick nod and urgently pulled out his phone. Sues breathing was heavy as she masturbated, still facing the wall. Threading my fingers through her hair, I pulled her head back to whisper in her ear.

“Let this be your first lesson. There is a time and place for this sort of display. Now is a wrong time.”

“Yes, sir.” She let out with a moan. I pulled the back of her panties down, exposing the plug. Tapping the bottom hard enough to send it deeper inside of her.

“But it was a delicious surprise.” I said and kiss her neck.

“You have two more minutes, leave your panties with him.” Letting go of her hair. I walked back to SUV, giving Robert a reassuring pat on the shoulder as I passed.

Ashley and Scott were kissing by the rear passenger door. Rachel mindlessly eating her chips as she read in the passenger seat.

“Where’s Sue?” Ashley asked.

“Finishing her smoke as she talks to the cashier around back.” I said opening the tailgate. Rummaging for nothing, just buying one more minute until she finishes her task.

“I’ll go get her.” Scott offered.

“No need, just give her a minute.” I said.

“She probably blowing him anyway, I don’t need to see that.” Scott said mockingly. Ashley laughed and punched him in the chest. Seems as if no one would put it past her.

Few seconds later, I saw her walking around the corner with the cashier. She was smiling ear to ear and a bit flushed.

“You’re in a good mood, what happened?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, nothing just flirted and get his number. I might need to take another road trip soon.” Sue said joyfully. The girls laughed with glee. As Sue came around to the tailgate next to me, Scott and Ashley climbed into the backseat.

Sue sat on the bumper, and lifted her skirt. No panties insight, and her pussy was glistening with cum. I gave her a sideways smile. Nodded and motioned for her to get back in the SUV. She hopped off the tailgate and kissed my cheek before climbing in the back seat. Carefully readjusting to keep her pussy well hidden.

“What was that about?” Ashley asked looking over the back seat.

“Your brother bought me stuff, had to say thank you somehow.” Sue said with pride.

“You just like him, like you have for years.” Ashley accused, and they laughed again.

“Found your wallet.” I said, getting into the driver seat.

“Oh my god! Where was it?” She asked.

“Being crushed under Sues bag. Might have died if I didn’t spot it.”

“Thank you!” She sounded relieved.

Looking over at Rachel, I noticed something different. She seemed a little stiffer. A little less relaxed and more red in the cheeks. Finally, I took notice of exactly what she was reading. ‘The Crack of Silence’ it was my last book published. About a silent dom, and quiet shy sub. They asked me to tone down the sex, but the book was still almost straight bondage smut. Was it arousal that has her so stiff and red?

“We going to leave? Or are you going to just stare and Rachel for the weekend?” Ashley asked irritated. I snap out of my head and pulled out of the gas station. The road will give me something to focus on, and needed distraction from the exhibitions of Sue, and wondering what Rachel would look like strapped to my bed.

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