Cassie Pt. 02

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Jake had just pumped a huge load of cum down Cassie’s throat, while her husband Bill sat and watched. Bill had given his permission for a blowjob, but that was before he saw the size of Jake’s dick. He knew Jake’s 10 inches spelled trouble. Cassie wouldn’t be able to help herself. Just as he was thinking it, Cassie was proving him right. She had Jake’s massive cock in her mouth, getting him hard again, while she fingered her now-dripping pussy. In all their previous swinging, Bill and Cassie had had ground rules. No sex without permission. Always wear a condom. But it seemed that Cassie was about to forget both.

Jake was in heaven. Cassie had just given him the best blowjob of his life. He had shot a massive load of cum right down her throat. And here she was sucking him hard, again. Once Jake was hard, Cassie sat right down on his lap. She lined his thick cock up and lowered her tiny frame onto it. She had never had a dick this big, so she went slowly. Bill was in awe. Cassie never even looked at him, let alone asked him, before jumping on Jake’s huge cock. And nobody but Bill had ever fucked her without a condom. Bill wanted to object, but Cassie was moaning so loudly, he couldn’t get a word in.

Cassie slowly lowered herself onto Jake’s monster cock. Her pussy had never been filled like this, but she was soaked. Sucking that big cock had gotten her pussy so wet. It didn’t konya escort take long before Jake felt himself bottom out in her. Then Cassie started bouncing and grinding on his cock, like a woman possessed. She was writhing around, and moaning so loud that Bill was concerned about the neighbors hearing. But with what Cassie was doing, Jake had no plans to stop her, for the sake of Bill, or his neighbors.

Cassie didn’t take long before she was cumming all over Jake’s cock. She screamed as she came, digging her nails into Jake. But as soon as that orgasm subsided, she was looking for another one. She was grinding and bouncing. Then she turned around for reverse cowgirl. For the first time since she started fucking Jake, she remembered Bill was in the room. She made eye contact, and expected anger. But what she saw was defeat. Bill knew what kind of woman he married, and this was the proof.

In reverse cowgirl, Jake got a great view of Cassie’s bubble butt, bouncing and rocking, while she rode him. Jake saw his opening and went for it. He hooked his thumb into Cassie’s little asshole. She moaned, so he started working his thumb in and out of her ass, while she rode him. Cassie had never had much more than a small toy in her ass, but this felt amazing. Before long, she was cumming again, squirting all over.

Jake pulled escort konya out of Cassie’s pussy, and bent her over the arm of the chair. He used her cum as lube and lined his 10 inch cock up with her tight asshole. Finally, Bill took notice. Cassie never gave up her ass, even to Bill. He started to say something, but was cut off by Jake. “Bill, shut the fuck up!” Bill was shocked. Jake had never raised his voice at him, and Bill was now reminded that Jake was bigger, younger, and much more muscular than he was. He sat down, and did as he was told.

As Jake pushed into Cassie’s tight virgin ass, she moaned, with a mix of pain and pleasure. She finally told Jake why her husband was so mad. When Jake found out that her juicy ass had never been fucked, it made him want it even more. He pushed forward, burying his cock head in her little ass. It was the tightest thing his cock had ever been inside, and it felt amazing. He rested there for a second, to let Cassie’s ass get used to his girth.

After a couple seconds of rest, Jake started slowly pumping Cassie’s ass. Every thrust, he drove forward another half inch. Slowly but surely, he was inching deeper and deeper into Cassie’s virgin butt. Bill saw a look on Cassie’s face he’d never seen. It was pure ecstasy, mixed with agony. Her little virgin ass was being stretched to new limits, konya escort bayan and she was loving every second. Finally, Jakke buried all ten inches in Cassie’s ass. He left it there for a few seconds, to enjoy how tight she was, and to allow her ass to adjust.

Slowly, Jake started to take long strokes in and out of Cassie’s tight asshole. All the while, he started gradually picking up speed. Faster and faster, he pumped long strokes into Cassie. She was moaning loudly. These new sensations were overwhelming her. Once Jake picked up enough speed, he started adding some force behind his thrusts, forcing every last centimeter into Cassie. He took his time and enjoyed taking her anal virginity, but before long, Jake had worked himself up to pounding her.

Bill watched, helpless, as his friend Jake pounded his wife’s virgin ass. Cassie moaned like a pornstar. She started getting into it, and talking dirty. Practically yelling, “Fuck my ass!” Jake responded by pounding her harder and harder. Finally, Cassie screamed, “I’m cumming!” Jake saw it as the right time, and filled Cassie’s ass with cum. He pushed in as deep as he could, and emptied his balls in his friend’s wife’s virgin ass.

As Jake pulled out of her ass, Cassie felt some soreness, but in a good way. She whimpered slightly as she stood up, Jake’s cum leaking from her now-deflowered asshole. Jake turned her around, grabbed her lightly by the hair, and looked into her eyes. “I’m gonna come by and fuck that ass whenever I want. Do you understand?” Cassie nodded, eagerly. If she could, she would have fucked him again, right then and there. Bill sat there and started getting himself used to the idea of Jake being around a lot.

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