Catching the Wife Vol. 03

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Adriana Chechik

As the evening rolled around I got ready for my date with Marisa. Dressing nicely I was going to leave early to make sure I was there on time. Checking myself one last time in the wall mirror I opened my front door. Just as I was about to step outside I saw my wife’s car pulling up into the parking lot. As quickly as I could I slammed it shut making sure she hadn’t seen me. Why was she here? I rushed over to my kitchen window peering out through the blinds. I saw my wife step out of her car; man did she look good. Wearing light make-up that only enhanced her looks. A pair of low heeled black pumps, white stockings, and a nice sleeveless black dress that showed some cleavage that went down to her lower thighs showing off some of her nice legs.

She headed right over towards Jerome’s place. I could hear his door open then close again as he let her in. Right away I ran out the back door of my apartment to see what was happening. Darting to his patio I peered around the wooden partition into his living room. I could see Jerome standing by his front door but not my wife. He was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that fit so tight you could see almost everything he has. In less than a minute Marisa walked over coming from the bedroom with her cell phone in hand. She had mentioned she left in some where by mistake last time we spoke; must have forgotten it there during her recent visit. Jerome said something of which she seemed to disagree with. As she moved to the door to leave he blocked the way. He was again asking her something which she shook her head no to as she lifted her wrist pointing towards her watch. I guess trying to say she didn’t have time. Jerome then moved out of her way. I figured he was going to let her leave but how wrong I was.

As Marisa walked to the door reaching for the knob Jerome quickly grabbed her hand. Spinning her around he pressed her entire body against the door so she was now facing towards me. Marisa looked to be fighting against him as she tried to get away. Jerome was far too strong though holding. Bending down her started kissing her neck then her lips. Marisa still wasn’t having any of it as she continued fighting. Jerome grabbed her hands pinning against the door above her head. Holding them there with one arm he moved his free hand slowly down until he was playing with her left breast. She kept fighting as he trailed his hand from her breast down her side. Reaching around he gave her ass a squeeze before he moved his hand even lower. He began pulling at her dress tugging it higher and higher up her thigh. Soon the tops of her white thigh high stockings were showing. Not stopping there Jerome kept pulling her dress up higher until her lacy black thong was exposed.

Once he got it that high he forced his right leg between her knees pushing them slightly open. That gave him the access he needed. He moved his hand to her right thigh first feeling it up and down. Jerome slowly slid his hand to the inside of her thigh then upwards towards her crotch. He started rubbing Marisa’s pussy over her thong running his finger up and down. Taking his hand away from her crotch he reached higher pulling at the waist band of her thong tugging it lower and lower until it was down to the top of my wife’s stockings. I could clearly see her smoothly shaved pussy. Jerome once more moved his hand to her crotch as he slipped in his ring and index fingers spreading her lips open. He then slid his middle finger between rubbing her clit. He started slow picking up speed stopping only to slide his finger into her before rubbing again.

As I watched I saw a change in my wife’s body. Marisa wasn’t so stiff and gradually I noticed she struggled less and less until it looked as if she stopped fighting all together. This was confirmed when she opened her legs slightly wider to give him better access. When Jerome finally broke the kiss she just stood there not protesting. Marisa’s eyes were closed, head resting against the door behind her as I could see what looking like moans antalya escort escape her lips. Jerome now released her hands playing with her breasts as he continued rubbing her pussy. In a matter of minutes I heard her scream out loud as her body began to shake coming to an orgasm. It hit her so hard that it looked like she had a hard time standing afterwards. Once she finally caught her breath Jerome leaned in kissing my wife deeply as he pulled he panties back up and readjusted her skirt. When he pulled back I could see the unbelievable desire in my wife’s eyes, wanting more then just that. Jerome pointed to her watch making her look somewhat disappointed. Giving him one last kiss I watched as he moved out of the way allowing Marisa to open the door and leave.

That’s when I ran back to my place and waited for my wife to leave before going out to my car. Driving off I made it to the restaurant somehow before her. Sitting there alone I waited for her to show. Less then five minutes later she walked in and headed over toward the table. After greeting her we sat down together. Marisa right away apologized for being late telling me she got held up. Yet all I could picture in my mind was the sight of her getting fingered by my black neighbor not even thirty minutes before. Asking her if she found her cell phone she said yes that it was at a friends house.

We spent well over an hour there talking and eating. All around it was a good time. We said our good byes in front of the restaurant and I headed straight for my car parked around the street. Looking back at my wife I saw she was still standing there and was talking on her cell phone. Not thinking much of it I started for home. By time I got there it was already dark and pulling into my lot I saw Jerome leaving his place with a big grin on his face. Getting into his car he waved at me as was leaving. Figured he was heading off to one of his favorite clubs or bars for the night. Getting inside I was soon fast asleep in bed not waking up until late the next morning. Towards the end of the day I ran into Jerome in our parking lot. As usual he was excited to tell me about what he had done. After covering what I already knew about what he and my wife had done before I went out with her he told me something that blind sided me. He said that he had done that because it would leave her wanting more later one and it had paid off for him.

Jerome told me he was home watching TV when he got a call from Marisa just as he had hoped for. He told that she asked him come over to her place for a change. At first I didn’t believe it and told him so until he started explaining where she lived which sounded exactly like our house. He said when she opened the door she was wearing a robe but once he got in she took it off and was completely nude except for her stockings and heels. With a big smile on his face he said it wasn’t long before they were having sex on her living room floor. Once they were finished having Jerome told she asked him to spend the night there. Jerome told me he readily agreed going to bed with her. When he woke up she was making breakfast for the two of them in this sexy little black laced top night gown. When they finished he told me he took her hand, led her back to the big four poster bed they slept in and fucked her again. He said the best part is he always lasts longer the second time and fucked her for over twenty minutes straight before cumming. He was glad that the neighbor didn’t live too close because she was moaning and screaming her head off the entire time. Once he finished the second time he got dressed and came back home. Before parting he said to me with a wink ‘I told you size matters when you know how to use it.’

I wasn’t at all sure what to say. During the coming week I spoke to my wife several times and she never once mentioned what had happened. Just acted as if everything was normal. I asked her if she wanted to go out again this coming Saturday but told me she couldn’t. antalya escort bayan Her friend’s wedding was that day. Before long the weekend was here. After I got home on Friday evening I ran into Jerome again. He was going out tonight asking if I wanted to join him. As usual I passed spending my night watching TV, more so since it was supposed to pour down rain later on. Towards the end of the night I was dozing off and was about to head for bed when I heard a car quickly pulling in. Walking to my window I saw it was Jerome coming home. Getting out of his car he moved to his trunk and just stood there staring down towards the street. I wasn’t sure what to think until in a matter of moments I heard a second car coming up. Needless to say I wasn’t too surprised to see it was my wife.

When she parked next to him he walked over and held the car door for her. When Marisa stepped out I thought she looked hot. Wearing a pair of black heeled boots, a plaid green skirt, and a green low cut V-neck short sleeved shirt that showed a lot of her ample cleavage. After closing the car door Jerome moved up to her bending down kissing Marisa deeply. As they stood there several times I saw Jerome’s hand move up to touch her breasts but each time it was pushed away. I could tell this was annoying him. Without warning he grabbed Marisa spinning her around until she was facing towards the building. Tilting her head to the side he leaning in kissing her neck. At the same time he wrapped his right arm around her stomach pinning both her arms to her body. In that position she couldn’t fight as he moved his left hand up cupping her left breast and started playing with it. Jerome has large hands but even they appeared tiny against my wife’s big tits. As he played with it she tried her best to get free but this didn’t last long before she relented relaxing into him. When Jerome saw this he moved his other hand up as he now fondled both of he breasts at the same time. By now her nipples were so hard even though I was about twenty feet away I had no problem seeing them sticking up pressed hard against the material of her top.

Jerome now moved his left hand up to her neck. It was quite a contrast of his darker black skin against her pale white. He then slid it back to her chest but this time down and under the front of her shirt. I could now see the outline of his hand playing with her right breast under her shirt but still over her bra. Marisa just stood there grinding her ass into him. One thing I know about my wife is she loves having her breasts played with. Sadly it began to drizzle breaking up the party as Marisa pulled away. The two of them quickly headed for his place and out of my sight.

Despite the weather I wanted to see what was happening. After getting my shoes on I quietly snuck out my back door softly walking through the yard. Coming up to Jerome’s bedroom I slowly peered inside. Sadly his bedroom lamp was off but the door was open with enough light coming in from the hallway to see what was going on. It had only been three maybe four minutes since they went inside. And yet there was Jerome laying on the bed already completely nude. The one thing that stood out or should say stood up was the sight of his huge black dick. Hard as a rock and pointing right to the ceiling. A couple seconds later I saw Marisa approach the end of the bed near his feet; also totally naked.

Jerome looked down at her as my wife crawled onto the bed moving up towards him. When she got halfway she stopped and grabbed his dick in her right hand. My wife’s hand looked so small wrapped around that black pole. Asking him something which Jerome nodded in agreement Marisa leaned over his dick. Lowering her head I watched as she ran her tongue up, down, and all over it. Then she slid the head between her lips and into her mouth as she began giving him a blow job. I could see Marisa’s head bobbing on his cock doing her best to give him pleasure. She looked like she was doing escort antalya a good job at it too until Jerome grabbed her hair pulling Marisa’s mouth off. He said something to her then she moved further up the bed. Marisa got on her knees then straddled Jerome placing one leg on either side of him.

Marisa was now above Jerome and reached between her legs positioning his dick. When she got it where it needed to be I watched as she slowly sunk down onto him. Both of them got this look of pleasure as my wife worked his cock into her until she was fully impaled. Once she got him in all the way she slowly rocked back and forth on him. Jerome began playing with her breasts with his right hand at the same time rubbing her clit with his left. Even through the closed window I could hear Marisa’s moans getting louder and more frequent. I don’t know how he does it but he had her cumming in only a couple of minutes. She yelled out as her entire body shook when it hit. Taking a moment to catch her breath Marisa leaned her upper body down placing her hands at either side of Jerome’s head. Jerome grabbed both of her tits as she start sliding up and down on him.

As I stood there watching my wife ride this large black man my dick was again rock hard. I had planned on staying there until the end when the weather got even worse and it started to pour on me. On top of that several strikes of lightly came from the clouds in the distance so I thought it best to get back inside. As pissed as I was missing out on watching I thought I should at least listen. Grabbing a glass cup from my kitchen I rushed into my bedroom. Placing the open end against the wall and my ear on the other I was able to hear almost as well as if I were in the room with them.

Marisa: (breathing heavy).

Jerome: Oh yeah.

Marisa: (moaning)

Jerome: Feel good baby?

Marisa: Yes.

Jerome: Oh fuck Marisa, you’re so fucking hot … that’s it … keep it up baby.

Marisa: (moaning)

Jerome: Like riding my big black dick don’t you white girl?

Marisa: Yes

Jerome: Does it feel better than your husband’s?

Marisa: (breathing heavy)

Jerome: Answer me Marisa!

Marisa: Yes … so much better.

Jerome: That’s what I wanted to hear … keep it up Marisa I’m getting closer … ride me harder, faster.

Marisa: (moaning as the movements of the bed were getting louder).

Jerome: Keep it up baby.

Marisa: Feel good?

Jerome: Shit yes … getting close … going to pull you all the way onto me and shoot my black seed deep inside your tight white cunt.

Marisa: I want it baby … cum for me … cum … cum … cum

Jerome: Oh fuck … almost there Marisa … here it comes … aaahhhhhhh! (letting out a long deep moan as all the movement stopped).

Marisa: That’s it baby, give me all that hot black cum … feels so good, so hot.

Jerome: (laughing).

Marisa: What’s so funny?

Jerome: Nothing, just felt so fucking good. I’m not sure what it is but you are not just the hottest white girl I have ever been with but the hottest of all of them. I think I should have been fucking red heads from the start. And not to be crude but I have never felt a pussy as nice as yours. You’re almost a dream, nice legs, big tits, cute ass, pretty face, and you love sex as much as I do.

Marisa: (laughing) Glad to know you think so highly of me.

Jerome: I’m starting to go soft already so you better get off soon before it starts leaking out. You know when I cum I cum a lot and it seems no matter how deep I shoot it into you stuff always comes back out. And I don’t want to get any wet spots on the bed. I have to sleep here tonight (laughing).

With that I heard Marisa leave the room and the bathroom door closing. When she came back in they kept talking for several minutes until Marisa said she had to leave. Jerome sounded unhappy but understood that she had to get up early for her friends wedding. After she got dressed they said their good byes. Soon afterwards I heard her car leaving the lot. By that time I found that I still had a raging hard on. Jumping into bed I began to masturbate to what had just happened. Picturing in my head my wife riding my black neighbor got my to cum very quickly. When I finished I rolled off to sleep and got ready for another day.

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