Caught Ch. 02

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I thought my marriage would be over when my wife discovered my addiction to interracial pornography. To my surprise, not only did my wife accept that I liked to watch black men have sex with white women but she actually began to like it. Both my sexy white wife and I became so wrapped up in fantasies of interracial sex that in the heat of my passion I confessed my long suppressed desire to see her in bed having sex with a black man. My wife whose name is Anna, was normally very sweet and conservative, was swept up in our shared passion and agreed to fuck a black man with me present to watch.

Before I get into the story of how I began to search for the right black man to have sex with my wife, let me explain a little bit about Anna. My wife Anna is a very pretty white woman with naturally tan skin and brunette hair, she is a very sweet and actually very conservative woman. She’s a petite woman, about 5 foot and 105 pounds. Her curvy body, ample breasts and gorgeous legs make her a very hot lady. On top of that my wife is always exceedingly well groomed and well dressed. In public or even among close friends she doesn’t like to talk about sex and will actually turn red if someone mentions it. In private my wife is a different woman, she loves to talk about sex and likes to be fucked. In the years before my addiction to interracial was revealed she was content to be fucked by me.

I learned that Anna had horny moods when she would be interested in anything that involved sex, and it was in one of these horny moods that I introduced her to interracial pornography. My wife was quickly hooked by the sight of well hung black men having sex with pretty young white women. It wasn’t long before talking about and watching interracial sex was a major part of our sex life. During one hot session of foreplay I let her know my desire to watch her having sex with a black man and in high state of horiness and arousal my wife agreed.

After we made the agreement that Anna would do it, we went about our plan as if we were possessed. My wife having sex with a black man was the main focus of almost every conversation we had. I loved it and for some strange reason it made my attractive wife even sexier to me. At night before bed when my wife walked around with only a t-shirt on I would stop and look at her sexy legs and think about her playing in our bed with a black man. The fact that she wanted to let a black man ram his cock into her pussy made everything she did totally arousing for me, no matter how mundane it was. I would watch her wash the dishes, and think “there is my wife who is going to screw a black man.” Or she would be sorting clothes for the laundry and I would day dream of her throwing her arms rapturously around her new black lover and get an incredible erection. Even sexier was knowing my wife had similar thoughts.

“While driving home from work today,” my wife began to say during supper one evening. “I couldn’t stop thinking about black cock.”

“Tell me about it, baby.” I asked her as my dick became rigid.

“I was listening to the radio and then all of the sudden I just started thinking about black cock.” My wife blushed and laughed to herself for a moment. “I thought to myself, what is going on with me, I keep thinking about me and a black man–in bed.”

“That gets me so turned on when you say that,” I replied.

My wife smiled. She looked really horny. All our recent talk was keeping her in a excited state of horniess. Anna had a naughty sparkle in her eyes the kind I hadn’t seen before. She turned her attention down to her plate but I knew her mind was still focused on the same thing.

“So how are we going to do it?” She asked as demurely as she could.

“I want to find someone for you,” I told her. “And there are a few other things I want to do to make the night special.”

“Would you mind if I offered some possible…” here she paused with a nervous smile. “…some possible candidates?”

My eyebrows lifted. It hadn’t occurred to me that she might know some black men she would like to get to know better. For one brief instant I suffered a pang of jealousy but then the thought of her thinking about black men she would like to sleep with aroused me deeply. “I’m listening.”

“I was thinking about Antwan,” she began. “He’s the guy from my old job who used to hit on me all the time. He was a very nice guy even though he was always trying to flirt with me. He gave me his number once and I think I still have it somewhere.”

Antwan was the black guy from her old job that was always after her. How ironic I thought to myself that his flirting, which my wife mentioning to me got me back into interracial pornography, might be what gets him into my wife’s pussy. The more I thought about it the sexier it seemed to me. Seeing her going to him for sex after all the times she refused him definitely made me hot. Looking at my wife and her lust filled eyes I could see she thought the same.

“You want Antwan, izmir escort don’t you?” I said cracking a wide smile to match my wife’s. “You want his black cock?”

Its hard to put into words how sexy my embarrassed my wife looked when as I asked her. Outside of our bedroom she was so bashful about anything sexual. I could almost see the inner struggle between Anna’s good girl side and her sexy naughty side. Her eyes looked at her plate while she blushed and she delicately cleared her throat. I wondered for a moment if she might be having second thoughts about everything when looked deliberately at me and straight into my eyes with her big brown eyes.

“Yes. I want Antwan black cock,” she said without hesitation. “He was a very nice man and I’ll know he’ll be quiet about it.”

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Back at my old job one of the other ladies who worked there told me he had slept with one of the other women there. From what I heard it was because the woman he slept with liked to talk about it and not him, he kept quiet about which I like.”

“Why did she go talking about it?” I asked curiously.

Anna blushed again briefly. “She really liked it and couldn’t help bragging about it. She told the other girls that he was big, strong and very passionate. He behaved like a gentleman but in bed treated her like a slut.”

“Oh I see,” I said with a smile. “So you would like to try him and see if the rumors are true.”

“Yes,” she said looking back at her plate. “If that’s alright with you? I don’t want to do anything unless you’re okay with it.”

I got up from my chair came over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and neck. While my wife sat at her chair I got down on one knee, hugged her and gave her reassuring kisses to her neck and face. She put her arms around neck as I kissed her.

“I”m more then okay with it, baby.” I said my heated desire doing all the talking again. “Nothing will make me happier then to see you and Antwan fucking each like crazy in bed together.”

My wife opened her mouth in a bright white smile and her eyes drooped in pleasure. “Mmmmm I love it when you say that, it makes me so horny I lose my mind.”

“What? That your husband wants to see you take a black man’s cock in your pussy?” I said while undoing her blouse.

“Mmmmm, yes sweety.” She moaned as the speed of her breath increased.

“Well I do, baby. It makes me very hot to know that you have been thinking about a black man to fuck already. If you want him I want you to have him. It seems to me that the two of you have unfinished business.”

“Yes, sweety. I used to think of Antwan even before. Wondering what would it have been like. And after watching all that interracial with you and those gorgeous white women fucking those beautiful black cocks I know that I can’t stand not knowing anymore. I want him sweety. I love you but please forgive me I want his black cock.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, baby. I want the same thing and we are going to make it happen.”

“What about us? Is this going to ruin our marriage? I worry about that too.” My wife said with what touched me as genuine concern.”

“I love you too, baby. This isn’t going to ruin our marriage. This will make it better. People in relationships change and have to adapt to stay together.”

“But won’t this be like cheating on you? Haven’t I always said how much I hate people who cheat on their spouses,” my wife said as she seemed to cool off.

“It isn’t cheating if I’m okay with it. Its only cheating if you do it without my knowing.”

“Then it will be ok? Our marriage I mean?” Anna asked.

“Our marriage will be ok as long as you don’t mind having great sex with a black man for me to watch.”

My wife looked at me and laughed. “If that makes you happy then I can’t wait to be a slut for you.”

So it was decided that Antwan would be my Anna’s black lover. It was a situation that suited me fine. Antwan didn’t work where my wife did so that eliminated any feeling of discomfort that might have caused. He lived in a different area which was again good but not so far as to make traveling difficult. My wife also felt confident about his discretion which was very important to her. Anna was very self conscious about how people viewed her. She knew that Antwan never talked about his affairs even though some of the women he slept with did.

My wife, who I thought it was cute had his phone number handy already, wanted to call him that night. I on the other hand wanted to stretch the experience out and savor every delicious moment of it. I had a plan for my wife’s interracial sexing and didn’t want to spoil anything by rushing it.

The first part was getting my wife physically ready. While she was fit and definitely didn’t have any weight problems, I thought some added exercise would give her more endurance for what I hoped would be a long night of interracial escort izmir passion. Puzzled at first my wife soon got into it and it became like a ritual for us. Every day I would coach my wife through stretches and various exercises. After awhile I could see that it was really turning her on to be working out preparation for sex. And watching how motivated she was to break a sweat in order to be in her best shape for her future black lover made me extremely hot.

And while it was silly it was also very sexy and kept up my wife’s sexual desire. There were times when it seemed she was getting reluctant. The more time she thought about it the more I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen. We even had a fight or two about it, but like many of our other fights in the past my wife always came back to me looking for love and I never turned her away. While having sex on top of Anna I would continue to tell her how much I wanted a black man to fuck her and she would close her eyes clearly imagining another man fucking her. And as I stroked in and out of my wife I heard her whimper “Antwan” while having an orgasm and I cummed immediately. It was now a couple of weeks after I got my wife to start working out and time for Anna to give Antwan a call.

Anna was very nervous about calling Antwan. Up until now everything we had done could still be just considered kinky fun. Calling Antwan was a major step in moving towards her interracial sexing and we had to take it very carefully.

Anna and I went out for coffee to our favorite place. We relaxed and browse through various stores like we normally did. We didn’t say anything to each other about interracial sex or the fact that Anna was going to call Antwan. We carried on like we always did. Anna and I held hands as we walked around. We talked a little bit about politics and other stuff. We strolled through a park and admired the decorations of flowers on display. Eventually we came up on a bench and sat quiet with Anna snuggling up next to me looking at a nice fountain.

“You know I’ll always love you, Anna. We don’t have to go through with this if you don’t want to,” I told her and felt better for saying it.

“I’ll always love you too, Jim.” Anna said looking into my eyes and then resting her face against my shoulder.

Anna remained quiet for several minutes and for a little while I thought that this would be as far as we would take our interracial adventure. I felt a mixture of disappointment and relief. A part of me said I didn’t want to go any further, and that I didn’t want another man putting his hands on my wife and that I sure didn’t want another man’s cock in her pussy.

“I’m ready to call Antwan now,” my wife suddenly said interrupting my thoughts.

I smiled as my dick became very hard at her words. My addiction to interracial sex held too much sway over my head now and it seemed my wife was in the same rapture. She was already standing up from the bench and pulling my hand to follow her home so she could call the black man she wanted to fuck her while her husband watched.

When we got home my wife was smiling and giggling all over. Anna’s behavior was like a teenage girl getting ready to call a boy she liked. I was intoxicated by her excitement and was almost giggling with her. Pensively but anxiously she took our phone and dialed in Antwan’s number while I stood by holding her from behind with my hands on her hips. We had rehearsed a few days before as a sexy game the things that she should say when she called him but I was sure everything was forgotten now that she actually was.

Anna bit her lip while waiting an answer and held her close enough to be able to hear the ring tone.

“What up?” I head the deep voice of a black man say.

“Hello,” my wife began tentatively in her sweet voice. “Is this Antwan?”

“That’s right. May I know to whom I am speaking?” Antwan asked.

“I’m sorry, this is Anna, we used to work at the same place,” Anna said nervously.

“Oh, Anna.” Antwan said his voice perking up. “I should have know it was you what with that sexy voice an all.”

My wife laughed nervously and I felt so aroused by it.

“Yes its me, Anna. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.”

“No not at all, there is no bad time to be speaking to you.”

Again my wife laughed softly and smiled. She twisted her body back and forth in apparent arousal. The sound of Antwan’s voice was having a intense affect on my wife.

“You gave me your number and said I could call you if I ever felt lonely and wanted to talk to someone. It just so happens I am and want to talk to you.”

“I’m all yours, Anna.” Antwan replied.

After that my wife pulled away from me and laid herself more comfortably by the sofa. I sat down next to her on the floor and did my best to listen in on their conversation. They talked at first about the place they both used to work, sharing gossip and such. At first my izmir escort bayan wife seemed very nervous but to my surprise became comfortable very soon.

In the course of the conversation my wife revealed that she was married and it didn’t seem to bother Antwan in the slightest. Throughout the talk Antwan quite boldly and repeatedly complimented my wife about how sexy he thought she was. Anna seemed to love it. They reminisced about the past and that is when I learned that my wife had once slowed danced with him at a work related party. I hadn’t known that part and was stimulated by it as I watched my wife talking fondly about how she enjoyed it. After many hours past during which Anna and Antwan caught up about old times the conversation turned toward the present. My wife took the initiative here.

“I feel bad about having been so rude to you in past when you were only trying to be nice to me and was hoping maybe I can make it up to you by being your friend. I would like to keep in touch with you too and maybe we could get together.”

“Absolutely,” Antwan said. “Keep in touch beautiful and good night.”

“Good night, Antwan.” My wife hung up the phone with a smile and turned to me with a wide grin.

My heart was beating fast as I looked at my beautiful white wife shivering with excitement after speaking on the phone to a black man she wanted as a lover. Her brown eyes were shining like stars and full of vigor.

All the rest of the night Anna could not stop talking about Antwan. For me it was a surreal experience to listen to my wife talk longingly about another man I knew she wanted to have sex with. I felt jealously mixed with incredible horniness. It gave me an erection to hear my wife talk about all the funny things Antwan said to her. And when I would look at her staring dreamily off into space and biting her lip as she thought about Antwan it only intensified my desire for my wife. That night while Anna and I made love, she kept her eyes closed and kept calling out Antwan’s name while we had sex. I loved it. My dick was rock hard while I pounded Anna’s pussy as I looked into my wife’s face while she was imagining being bed with a black man.

For the next couple of weeks my wife was constantly on the phone with Antwan or chatting with him over the internet. There were times when I went to bed while she was on the phone and I would wake up in the middle of the night and still hear her talking to him. Once, unbeknownst to my wife, I masturbated in bed while listening to her soft voice and laughs talking. It is an indication of how strong my interracial addiction was that it excited me to hear my wife talking with a black man she wanted as a lover.

It was a great time. My wife Anna became so bubbly and wistful. Antwan must have been very funny because Anna was always laughing when she spoke with him. Many a night I walked by Anna chatting furiously on the computer with Antwan, barely noticing me and fixated on typing. Anna shared with me that she and Antwan had been getting to know each other better and that she learned a lot about him that she didn’t know before. Anna told me that Antwan told her he had a crush on her when they worked together. She said that Antwan said he wanted to be her friend now and that she had coyly told him her husband was “okay with us being friends and maybe more”.

After that things began to heat up. The tone of my wife’s voice on the phone became much sexier and it seemed the topic of conversations also became racier. I began to notice my wife calling him “honey” and “coco” on the phone. Anna confided in me that Antwan was calling her “sugar”. One late night while I was going over some papers I heard my wife give him a kiss over the phone as they said good night and I thought it was the sexiest thing I ever experienced.

I took digital pictures of my wife to send to Antwan over the internet. At first the pictures were just of Anna at various places looking great in dresses or jeans. Then I started taking pictures of Anna posing in lingerie which we had great fun shopping for just for the pictures. I had a constant hard on helping Anna pick out lingerie to wear for the pictures we were sending to Antwan and enjoyed watching her model them. At the same time Anna was getting pictures of Antwan which she had tremendous fun ogling. I found it amusing that Anna seemed especially attracted to Antwan’s rear end which she jokingly referred to over the phone as “coco buns”. He was shorter then me but very well built and as we discovered in pictures he sent to my wife that he was also very well hung. Finally I started talking nude pictures of my wife for her to send to Antwan and then one evening I watched as she performed a strip tease for Antwan over a web cam. I ended up actually typing out her chat as she dictated it and reading Antwan’s responses to her as she stripped naked for him.

By now my wife Anna was out of her head in lust for Antwan and the time had come to make arrangements for their first meeting. I knew nothing in the world was going to keep Anna and Antwan from having sex now. Anna had throughly explained to Antwan that I wanted to witness their first sexual encounter and he didn’t seem to mind. All that was left was to work out the final details of where and when.

End of part two

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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