Charles , Midori Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Midori poked her head into her apartment. As she had expected, her roommate was out, probably with her boyfriend. Charles followed her in as she went into her room to change.

“Don’t pee here,” she called to him as he sat in the living room. “You’ll need a full bladder for our game.”

Midori walked out of her room naked and smiled at Charles on her way to the bathroom.

“I’ll get something to drink, I guess.” Charles stood, watching his girlfriend go into the bathroom and hearing her start the shower.

“Let’s dig in.” Charles had taken Midori to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Charles had been drinking water while at her apartment, and he was feeling somewhat full. Midori had had a few glasses before they left, so she felt much the same. “So, what are your plans for the weekend?”

“I’m spending the weekend with you,” Midori said. “Also, I was hoping we could…well, move in together. See, Melanie’s new boyfriend has decided to move in with her, so I’ll be leaving soon. It doesn’t have to be any time soon, just before mid October.”

“That’s perfect timing. Mike’s planning to move out soon, so I was about to see if you wanted to be my roommate.”

“The roommate you can fuck every now and then,” Midori purred. “To love, life, and things we like! Kanpai!”

The two clinked their sake glasses and drank. Midori squirmed a little as she drank, feeling the pressure in her bladder. Charles noticed, but said nothing, knowing it was part of the game.

“All right, I’ll pay the bill and we can go,” Charles said. “Um, you are okay, right?”

“Of course I am.” Midori gave Charles a smile as she crossed her legs.

“You look like…” Charles leaned in. “You look like you might burst soon.”

“Yeah.” Midori smiled. “You know nothing of my skill. I’m going to hold it, and so are you.” Midori pressed on Charles’s bladder under the table. “Pay for the meal and we’ll go to the park.”

“What’s this game?” Charles was gently fidgeting while Midori simply sat with crossed legs.

“It’s just our good fortune that no one’s in the park on a balmy Saturday afternoon.” Midori gently pressed on Charles’s bladder. “The game is that we sit here and hold our pee. The winner decides the penalty for whoever pees first. No grabbing yourself, and no bladder pressing. Only leg crossing and movement, got it?”

“Got it.” Charles sat and crossed his legs. “I can hold for a while, and I’m pretty sure women don’t hold quite so well.”

“Like I said, you don’t know my skill.” Midori crossed her legs. “I can hold with the best.”

The two of them sat where they were for a few minutes. Charles began to fidget a little while Midori remained calm. Charles realized that Midori was deceiving him in the restaurant and she could probably hold for longer than he ever could. Determined to win, he sat there, doing everything he could to ignore the dripping noise his girlfriend kept making.

“I’ve always gotten off holding,” Midori recalled. “I discovered my fetish shortly after I started masturbating, like I told you. Between our parts, I’ve always thought peeing with a pussy is more fun. Dicks can be aimed more easily, but my lack of a hose means I can have more improvised fun.”

“Please…don’t yalova escort talk about it,” Charles managed. He was on his feet walking around with bouncy steps. Midori enjoyed watching her boyfriend’s ass as he fought his bladder.

“Oh, does that put you on edge?” Midori stood and bounced, mocking Charles. “Of course, even when I’m not jilling it, I like holding my piss. I’ll hold it in for as long as I can, then watch it shoot out with lots of force. It’s so satisfying.” She leaned in to his ear. “Sometimes, I can angle my stream so it hits my clit and I can cum as I’m pissing. It’s amazing. Too bad your anatomy doesn’t allow that.”

“Stop, stop, stop.” Charles continued dancing around. He could feel his resolve dissolving.

“Am I making it hard for you? Does me talking about peeing make you have to go? Just harden yourself, you big stud.”

“Fuck!” Charles doubled over, grabbing his penis.

“Ah, ah, what did I say about grabbing yourself?” Midori smiled.

“It’ll come out if I don’t.”

“Let go of yourself, Charles.”

“Fuck it, I concede.”

“Not bad. You lasted longer than I thought. Okay, go pee on that tree, and I want it to be the best piss you’ve ever taken.”

“Midori, I don’t…”

“No one’s here and I know you don’t want wet pants.” Midori pressed on Charles’s bladder. “I’m sure that sake and ramune are catching up to you. And you know you shouldn’t hold it in. Now get rid of it.”

Charles went to the tree Midori designated. He pulled out his penis and let out an audible sigh as he released his bladder. Midori smiled as she watched over his shoulder. She rubbed herself over the pants a little, already knowing how to punish him. As Charles shook himself off, Midori gently squeezed his ass.

“My turn,” she whispered. “And when we go back to my place, I’m going to enjoy punishing you.”

Charles put himself away and stepped back as Midori dropped her pants to her knees. She had apparently forgone underwear that day.

“So, when you move in, does that mean I can leave the toilet seat up?” he asked.

“If you’re a grown woman with reasonable control, you shouldn’t let yourself get so desperate that the second it takes to put the seat down is the difference between wet and dry panties,” Midori responded as she watered the tree. “Just my opinion, though.”

“I should have guessed.” Charles felt himself rise in his pants as Midori’s stream hit the spot next to where he had pissed. “So, what exactly are you going to do to me?”

“You’ll see when we get there,” Midori said as she wiped herself with a nearby leaf. “I’ll probably enjoy it more, but you’ll get something out of it, too.”

The couple entered Midori’s apartment, which was empty, as she had expected.

“Melanie disappears as she will, but if you need her, she’s there,” Midori said with a smile. “Okay, I’ll make us some tea. You go in my room and…actually, you make the tea and I’ll get it out.”

Charles brewed some tea for himself and his girlfriend. Midori went into her room and took out what she wanted Charles to wear. She returned to the kitchen and sent him into her room.

“Don’t come edirne escort out until you’ve put the whole thing on, and that includes the underwear,” she told him. “I’ll change, too.”

Charles went into Midori’s room and saw that in addition to one of her bras and a pair of her panties, she had left out a sailor uniform. Knowing that he was not going to get out of her game (and already agreeing to it, anyway), he quickly changed.

“Where’d you get the sailor uniform?” Charles asked as he made his way out of her room. “And please tell me this is your underwear.”

“Yes, the underwear is mine,” Midori responded. “I ordered the sailor uniform for a few cons ago when I cosplayed as Sakura.” Midori approached Charles with the tea. “Drink up.”

“That’s what you’re wearing?” Charles took the tea from his girlfriend, who was clad in her underwear. She was wearing the same neon green bra from before, but had also put on some red boyshorts.

“It’s all I’ll need for the game. Now drink.”

Charles drank his tea while Midori drank hers. As soon as they had finished, Midori took Charles into her room and lay him down on the bed.

“You went first, so you’ll cum last,” she joked. “The game is in three parts, the first two being for me. First, I get to fulfill a little fantasy of mine. Second, you make me cum. Third, you cum. Don’t stretch out my panties with your boner, now.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” Charles had gone flaccid. “So, what is this fantasy of yours?”

“Let’s make sure that uniform really fits you.” Midori brought Charles to his feet and looked him up and down. “Hm. The skirt is a little short and your underwear is not quite right.” She lifted the skirt up and smacked his ass. “But it’s a good thing that ass of yours is so smackable.” She smacked him again. “I’ve always wanted to spank a boyfriend, but putting you in a girl costume was just a little bonus for me.”

“Wait, did you do anything to the tea?” Charles asked.

“It’s not drugged, if that’s what you meant.” Midori spanked Charles again. “I just put some sugar in yours because I know you like it that way.”

“Ok.” Charles stood there while Midori kept spanking him. “Have I been a bad schoolgirl?”

“You pissed on school grounds, you nasty thing.” Midori pulled Charles’s bandanna out of his pants pocket and tied it around his eyes. “Now comes the true punishment. You have to make me cum. I’m going to lay on the bed and you have to find and finger my pussy. Easy enough. The panties stay on for a little fun. However…if you do a good enough job, I might let the girls out.”

Midori lay down and guided Charles’s hands to her breasts. She was hoping he would squeeze them a little, but he instead moved his hands to her panties. He reached inside, feeling her pubic hair and her clitoris.

“Well, there’s your clit,” he said.

“And you know what they say about women with large clits,” Midori said.


“We have the prettiest pussies and the best orgasms. Now get to it!”

Charles gently ran his thumb over Midori’s clit and slipped a finger into her vagina. She shuddered from the pleasure and urged him erzurum escort to continue. Charles began pumping, and Midori squeezed his fingers in response. She took one of his hands and placed it on her breast, hoping he would give her some pleasure there. While Charles was not much of a breast man, he could take a hint and squeezed Midori’s breast while continuing to finger her. Midori felt her orgasm building. Her breath grew puffy and her face grew red.

“Keep doing…it, Charles,” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes…fuck!”

Midori came powerfully. She had not masturbated since Thursday, hoping for that moment to be what she wanted it to be, and her wish had come true.

“Midori?” Charles asked. “May I remove my bandanna?”

“Yes, by all means.” Midori took Charles’s fingers and started licking them as he removed his bandanna from his eyes. “Soon I will allow you to taste my pussy. But until then, you’re going to jack off according to my stipulations. I kept my panties on, so to keep it fair, I won’t look at your dick. So I’ll put your bandanna over my eyes, but first, you get a little eye candy for that spectacular finger blast.” Midori removed her bra, allowing Charles an eyeful of her breasts. “Hope this gets your engine running, lover boy.”

“Not really, honestly,” Charles said.

“You don’t like my tits?” Midori pouted as she tied the bandanna around her eyes.

“I was never much of a tits guy. I like looking at pussies.”

“Oh. Well, she can’t wait to meet your dick. Get to it. But talk me through your jacking. My boobs are your fuel, my name is your toy, and my face is your target.”

“Isn’t a bit early for me to cum on your face?” Charles asked.

“No. Besides, I can’t have you cum in me right now. I think I’m ovulating. Now get to it.”

Charles removed Midori’s panties and stroked himself to full hardness. While Midori’s breasts were in front of him, he focused his mind to look back to when he watched her pee in the park.

“I told you my name is your toy,” Midori said impatiently.

“Come on, Midori, stroke me,” Charles whispered. “Make me cum. Play with my balls. Fuck, keep doing it.”

Midori gently cupped Charles’s balls as he continued stroking himself. She gently moved his hand until she was jacking him off.

“I thought I was supposed to jack myself off,” Charles managed.

“And rob me of the fun?” Midori laughed. “No way. Now keep talking. What do you want me to do?”

“Just…make me cum,” Charles whispered as Midori resumed stroking him. “Keep stroking my dick. I don’t care how you…fuck!”

Charles blew his load on Midori’s face. She opened her mouth, catching some of Charles’s semen. The rest dribbled down her chin.

“You know, if you don’t jack it so much, it builds and you can shoot bigger loads,” Midori told him. “It also helps the orgasm.”

“True, but I like jacking off. It helps relieve the stress, since I don’t smoke.”

“Well, that’s a with-me activity now. Of course, since I’m not a sadist, you can go to town on yourself on Saturday nights, whether I’m with you or not.”

“And how will you enforce this new rule?” Charles put his underwear on.

“Every time we go on a date, I’ll get a load from you. If you’ve cum before we see each other, I’ll know based on the amount and the force. And no, I won’t masturbate except on Saturdays, either. Gotta keep it fair.” Midori removed her bandanna. “If it’s all right with you, I’d like to spend the rest of the evening topless.”

“You know it doesn’t bother me.”

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