Club 3 Lambs

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Chrissie woke groggily, with quite a bit of discomfort and not a little horniness. She was hanging in total darkness and silence as always, but knew that this was deceptive. She was blindfolded, had extremely good noise reducing earmuffs on. She was also gagged with the usual eight-inch-long cock-shaped gag. She also knew that she was one of several dozen girls in the room similarly trussed up.

The gags and sensory deprivation apparatus were not the only thing they were all bound with. They all had their arms bound behind their backs at the elbows and wrists tight enough to force their shoulders back and their breasts out. Or it would have forced their breasts out if they were not all hanging from them. Each night, a small bell-shaped glass object was vacuum sealed on to each nipple, and was in turn hooked to small chains running to a hook above each girl’s head, pulling their breasts taut. Ropes were then wound around the base of each breast and also looped around the hook. As the hooks were winched up towards the ceiling, the girls were lifted off their feet, and their full weight pulled painfully on their tits.

There was some respite from this at first, as a sort of adjustable stand was pushed up below them and took some weight off, but this was only temporary, and was a cruel implement of bondage in and of itself. The girls’ knees were pulled up to either side of their painfully stretched breasts and a strap was wrapped around their torso to hold them there. Each stand was topped with a gigantic butt plug which Chrissie guessed must be 6 inches across at the widest point. The tip of this plug was wedged into the opening of each girl’s vagina as the platform was lifted. With their arms and legs so fully bound, only the muscles in their vaginal canal kept their full weight off their tits, and even the tightest girl there slowly weakened and stretched as the night wore on. All the girls hired at Club 3 Lambs had large, firm, perky tits and a tight pussy when they started, but getting “put away” at night took its toll on everyone, which was kind of the idea.

As she waited to be released, Chrissie hung alone with her thoughts, which inevitably turned to how she’d wound up employed at Club 3 Lambs. She had always been something of a cocktease in high school. She started as a freshmen with a petite five foot tall frame, vibrant red hair, green eyes, freckles, a plump little ass that filled out jeans VERY nicely, and an amazing pair of D cup breasts. She credited these attributes for getting her head cheerleader her sophomore year, and getting elected homecoming queen at her junior and senior prom. It also helped that she had filled an F cup bra at only five foot, two inches tall by the time her senior year rolled around. She also barely graduated.

Chrissie’s problem was that she was cunning, but not terribly smart. To get her school work done, she would invite one of the nerdy boys in her class over to ‘help’ her, then once they got started she would ask them to keep going for a bit while she took care of some chore.

Her favorites were taking a shower (with the bathroom door open so they could see her outline in the translucent shower stall glass), folding laundry (which always seemed to have a LOT of thongs in it), and getting changed into pajamas (which was a pair of shorts and a tank top she had outgrown years ago). As tight as the ‘pajamas’ were, she had a cameltoe easily visible through the thin jersey knit fabric, and was constantly in danger of popping out of a top that barely covered her nipples. Somehow, they never insisted she get back on task and just finished it for her. This was, of course, a useless strategy when it came to tests. Her dismal performance was especially bad given the rural area she lived in was NOT known for its academic performance standards.

Once she finished high school, knowing that college would be more of the same, she decided to head out L.A. to become a model, an actress, or maybe a reality TV star. Her, and another several hundred thousand girls from all over the country, and quite a few from outside it. It was only after she arrived that her huge tits and perky ass failed her for the first time. It turns out that fashion designers don’t want to work with boobs of any significant size, the only acting job she was offered was porn, and the only bite she got on reality TV was from a show that thought she’d already BEEN in porn.

As her debts mounted, and her pathetic return to the Midwest seemed more and more certain, she brought up her situation to her landlady, Vicki. Vicki was perhaps in her mid thirties, blonde, statuesque, and very peculiar. For one thing, she seemed pretty relaxed about collecting rent, almost as if she didn’t need the money. For another, the rumors about her that Chrissie had heard from some of the male tenants were strange. She occasionally accepted sex in lieu of rent if the man was good looking enough, but she NEVER took off her top, and ALWAYS wanted anal. One of the men said he’d even REQUESTED Nevşehir Escort her pussy once, but had left both of them unsatisfied when he couldn’t keep it up. He told Chrissie she was just too loose. She was told this while said guy was balls deep in HER pussy, and he was NOT small.

Her landlady Vicki was the one who told her about Club 3 Lambs. It was apparently named after a fraternity in some old movie as an inside joke. It was owned by some nerd who’d managed to make a LOT of money in Silicon Valley and come up with an idea that other rich nerds took a liking to. Vicki told her the idea was that these guys could vicariously get back at all the cheerleaders, prom queens, and general cock teases that had tormented or ignored them back in high school. You had to have actually been a cheerleader or part of the homecoming court, although having been head cheerleader AND prom queen would get her bumped up the list quite a bit. You also had to meet certain physical requirements, chief among them being large, perky tits, and be no older than twenty to get hired.

Vicki then explained the job requirements. Just hearing them listed was enough to completely scare Chrissie away from the job. Until Vicki told her what it paid. Apparently the perception that Vicki didn’t need money was entirely correct. She owned six apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area, and had only bought them to give herself something to do. Vicki had considered the trade well worth it. Chrissie applied to Club 3 Lambs.

She was flown out to Las Vegas for her evaluation and background check. They told her the contract was for 10 years and she would get a one month trial period that came with generous daily compensation that would be paid to her in a lump sum if she left during that time. If she decided to leave at any point after the first month, or was fired for refusing to perform her job duties, she would receive no pay whatsoever. She was guaranteed absolute secrecy, which came with EXTREMELY stiff financial penalties for any paying member of Club 3 Lambs, payable directly to her should her privacy be violated at any time during or after her employment.

She signed on the dotted line.

Chrissie snapped back to reality as the butt plug currently wedged about halfway into her pussy began vibrating. That was their alarm clock. Her horniness flared up and she could feel herself getting wetter. Someone pushed a much smaller vibrator into her ass hole and she came almost immediately. The added wetness squirted over the butt plug and she felt herself slide a little bit further down on to it adding more strain to her poor abused tits and stretching her formerly tight vagina a little bit more.

As Chrissie panted around her gag, she spared a brief thought for the long term effects being “put away” had on her body. She already slid a fourth of the way down butt plug almost immediately every night no matter how tightly she clenched and her formerly firm tits now had a very noticeable sag.

Her blindfold and noise suppressing earmuffs were removed and she was momentarily blinded by the bright light as her ears filled with the sound of breath hissing around gags and some soft, muffled moans. She was never sure if the lights actually went out; none of them were. She knew the mirrored walls were one way glass and that the doors had no lock, so it was possibly any number of people watched them sleep. Maybe even some of the men moving through the room helping the girls out of their bondage.

Across the room were the women who were almost done with their contracts that all the girls called enders. The cruel nightly bondage had done it’s wicked work on them. They sat firmly on the platform the butt plug was mounted to, it’s six inch wide bulge firmly inside them. Their breasts stretched over a foot and a half and their nipples over an inch. Now Chrissie knew why Vicki had refused to take her top off. Without support, her tits must have hung down even with her belly button like theirs did. The only upside to their transformation was they got to sleep fairly quickly and easily each night, since there wasn’t anything for them to adjust to.

As soon as everyone was down and had gotten their legs working again, they began their morning routine while the men wheeled the platforms out of the room. They did some stretching and exercises to help keep the rest of their bodies in good condition and had breakfast. They were given a carefully formulated nutrient rich broth designed to meet their body’s needs while generating the minimum possible amount of solid waste. This was fed to them through very realistically modeled dildos that were lowered out of the ceiling. Somehow, they even tasted like real cocks. Chrissie had noticed that anytime she was hungry now, her first thought was of sucking a cock. Finally, shower heads lowered and bathed them all with a warm, soapy lather with which they scrubbed themselves before they were rinsed with clear water.

Finally done, they walked out Nevşehir Escort Bayan of the room, most of the girls stopping to grab some soothing cream from one of the shelves in the hall to rub into their strained breasts. It didn’t prevent stretch marks, but it did speed healing and soothe chafing. Chrissie knew from the vibrator, which she had kept in her ass since it was placed there this morning, meant that she had bathroom duty today. She resignedly made her way across the mostly empty club towards the men’s room. She could feel the vibrator already emptying it’s internal reservoir of lube into her ass. She was no longer even phased by the early risers already in the club watching her cross the floor fully nude as she rubbed the cream into her sore breasts.

She noticed some of the enders getting ready for their day. They each put on a tall pair of stiletto heels that had short chains on them with nipple clamps attached. Even with their long nipples and longer breasts, the enders had to stay bent at least halfway over once they were clamped on. Then each one had a magnum of the club’s unique “all-natural-filtration” champagne inserted into her already gaping vagina, base first. The bottles were specially textured and contoured to keep them from coming out without a firm pull once they were fully inserted. Each girl had to get at least four bottles sold before they were allowed to quit for the night. Sometimes they couldn’t manage it, and spent all night hobbling around with a champagne bottle wedged inside them.

Chrissie remembered that she would have to help with making the new batch of champagne later tonight as she entered the bathroom. She stepped through the ’employees only’ door at one end of a thick island running through the middle of the bathroom. The island had evenly spaced holes on each side and windows above each hole. Inside was a series of benches that stretched across between each pair of holes and lights shining on the reflective side of more one way glass. One of the enders, who had the rest of the day off after this, was waiting for her and the other girls coming behind her to get everything setup. She climbed over all the benches and laid down on the last one, scooting into place. It was a narrow enough space that her head hung completely out of the hole on one side. Once she pulled her thighs up on either side of her stomach and placed her calves into the padded channels on either side of the window, her ass and pussy hung out of the other. Her legs were strapped into the into the padded channels and her arms into the channels on either side of the window above her head. Her body was secured to the bench with a wide strap across her shoulders, her thighs, and one across her ribs just underneath her breasts.

A contoured, rigid mask covered her eyes and was padlocked to the wall, simultaneously blindfolding her and bending her head back at a ninety degree angle to line up her mouth up with the opening of her throat. On the other side, an electronic device was inserted into her pussy and then also padlocked to the wall. She felt it expanding as it was turned on. The part inside her would inflate until it reached a certain amount of resistance, which meant it always filled and stretched her and would continue to do so no matter how worn out her poor pussy became. She felt the exterior part being moved around until a cold piece of metal touched her clit. Then more of the glass vacuum bells were attached to her nipples and winched upwards to pull her tits to their current full length. Finally an oxygen sensor was attached to one of her fingers. Now that everything was in place the vibrator was removed, a spider gag was put into her mouth, and she was open for use.

Two of the early rising club members immediately took advantage. She felt a semi hard cock enter her mouth and the guy immediately began spraying hot piss into the back of her throat. She gulped down as as much as she could while the rest ran down her face, into her hair, and dripped into a bucket below her head. She felt the other fully hard cock enter her ass. With the IR beam the device in her pussy was sending down to a reflective tile on the floor no longer bouncing back to the sensor on the device, it triggered. As the anonymous cock pumped in and out of her ass, the device began running jolts of electricity from her g-spot to the metal contact on her clit. She would usually cum three or four times by the time a member finished.

As her first orgasm broke over her she felt the warm spurts of a stranger’s cum in her colon as her tightly clenching ass sent him over the edge. The cock in her mouth withdrew as she gulped the last of its piss down. She felt warmth spreading through her colon as the other stranger relieved himself inside her in a second way. She came a second time while he finished filling her with piss. She clenched her asshole tightly shut as her pulled out to avoid spilling on him as she had been trained, waited about 3 seconds, then relaxed letting the Escort Nevşehir piss and cum run out of her ass slowly and drip into the bucket placed below her ass to catch spillage. She knew that bucket would be mostly full by the end of the night.

She heard several more men walk in chatting as the two that had used her presumably walked out. She could also hear the other girls on bathroom duty moaning and sucking close by. One girl that sounded like she was on the far end was gagging repeatedly. Chrissie spared a moment of sympathy for her. She must still be on her first month, and would see a lot of use for throat fucking during her rounds of bathroom duty until she mastered deep throating. A lot of the club members really enjoyed having a girl gag while they throat fucked her, but being throat fucked nearly continuously for 8 hours a day several days a week quickly trained all the girls to deep throat with ease.

Chrissie came again as she felt another man enter her ass, even before the electrodes in her pussy went to work. With the incredible stimulation her body was trained to expect during anal now, not to mention how loose her pussy was becoming, she could certainly see why Vicki enjoyed anal so much. Chrissie usually masturbated at least once a day now, even on days she worked, and often as many as twenty times on her days off. Before, she’d never even played with her asshole, but now she usually started with it. Sometimes she would rub her clit too, but often just fingering her asshole was enough to get her off. This conditioning was also part of the program of Club 3 Lambs.

It’s not like it was even a secret. It was explicitly spelled out in the employment contract what the end goal of enduring Club 3 Lamb’s employment was; it was part of the revenge fantasy after all. When a girl finished there she would have stretched-out, saggy tits covered in stretch marks with huge nipples. They would also be conditioned to crave frequent sex and to easily orgasm from anal and the constant stretching of their pussies making it hard to get any feeling of fullness without a huge dildo. This resulted in a group of nymphomaniacs with the tits of a woman 20 or 30 years their senior that craved either anal or, as some girls had discovered experimenting with each other, fisting to get off. Even after they were done, it was part of the payout contract that they could not get any plastic surgery to correct their breasts or vaginas.

Many men came and went over the next hour or so. Quite a few just need to take a piss. Several just wanted to blow a quick load. More than half however needed to do both. She guessed that the ones that only wanted to get off had a 50/50 shit of choosing mouth or ass, but the ones that only wanted to piss always chose the mouth. The guys that wanted both chose ass about two out of every three times, but she still swallowed quite a lot of piss from cocks that had just pumped a load of cum down her throat. She felt the attendant come by and tap her on the ass cheek. Chrissie strained to make sure she had pushed all the piss and cum out of her ass. The attendant then stuck the nozzle of a bottle of lube up her ass and squirted a good amount in. They did this about once an hour to keep the girls lubed up.

Chrissie heard a man standing by her head marvel at the size and length of her own tits and nipples to someone before a large, rock-hard cock was shoved into her mouth and began pumping away. She knew that the windows had a ruler engraved into them so the members using each girl would know how distorted her breasts had become from the nightly hanging. This was especially humiliating for the enders.

Any ender could volunteer for an hour of bathroom duty to get one bottle removed from the total she had to sell each night. Most never switched out for all four bottles more than once. A certain segment of the membership found their grossly elongated tits to be extremely arousing, so they saw CONSTANT use from both ends on the rare occasions they were available.

Chrissie began to feel the familiar arcs of electricity through her pussy as the man in her mouth pumped away, but no cock had entered her ass. She heard the voice attached to her throat fucker call out to someone and a response from the other side of the wall. Apparently he had a friend on the other side blocking the IR beam to force her to cum with only a cock buried in her throat. And it was working. As she got close each time, the friend would call out to the throat fucker who would push in balls deep and let her orgasmic convulsions pleasure him. Finally, after her eighth orgasm, he came. As his load pumped into her throat, she swallowed around his cock. It was deep enough that she didn’t spill a drop.

He immediately began pissing, and she obediently swallowed that as well. She thought she might not spill any of that either since he was still mostly hard and buried in her throat to the hilt, but halfway through he pulled out and sprayed all of her face and hair.

“Enjoying that, slut?” he asked, not that she could answer. She heard him snort for a moment then he spit right on her cheek. As she felt his spit and mucus slowly rolling down her face, he said, “Just you wait, you little cocktease. We’ve got more fun in store for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32