Coming Home

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I stood frozen in the doorway, one hand still on the doorknob, the other gripping the keys still in the lock. The sight that greeted me inside froze me in my tracks, a vision of beauty that drew my eyes and flushed every thought out of my head. There in front of me was an ass. My wife’s ass, a small part of me realized, but most of my brain was focused more on the raw nature of it being an ass. It was a bare ass jutting up into the air atop two long legs that stood slightly apart, both decorated at the lower end only by a pair of black strappy sandals. From my vantage point, I couldn’t see much more than that as the rest of my wife’s body was bent over, resting on the dining table opposite the entranceway.

My eyes drank in this vision in front of me. They traveled slowly over the two round mounds of the ass. They dipped down to the pair of legs, admiring the smooth skin pulled taught over the curvy muscles of her thighs and calves. I admired the delicate display of her feet in the sandals. Then my eyes rose again, focusing on the juncture between her legs.

I could tell she was excited. Her lips were moist. Her skin was flushed. Her engorged clit peeked out from its little hood. Yet she stood there, bent over, absolutely still, presenting herself to me, waiting for me.

Regaining my composure from the surprise, I quickly stepped inside, closing the door behind me. I put down my laptop case and slipped off my shoes, my eyes never leaving the amazing vision before me. Standing back up, I walked over closer to her. The scent of her excited sex reached me, filled me with arousal. My slacks grew tight from the resulting bulge.

I moved closer, my eyes drinking in each curve, each crevice, each subtle change in light and shadow. From my new vantage point, I could now see her upper body in its resting pose on the table. She had a blindfold covering her eyes and had somehow managed to tie her wrists together behind the small of her back with one of my neckties. She had given herself to me to do with as I pleased, to take control, to surprise her with whatever I might desire.

Slowly, I knelt down on the floor behind her, moving close to her, drinking in the sight of her exposed self. Leaning forward, I slipped my ataköy escort tongue out and gave her a single, slow lick from the lid over her clit up over her vaginal opening. A soft moan escaped her lips at this first contact between us. I relished the heat coming from her pussy, her familiar taste, the moisture of her excitement.

I placed my hands on the backs of her thighs to steady myself and delved into her lips again, swirling my tongue around her hot sex. I slowly worked my way around her labia, dipping my tongue here and there in each little fold and crevice. She moaned again and shifted slightly, arching her ass slightly higher, stepping out a little further to open herself for me. My tongue began to swirl in little circles around her clit, hovering close, but never actually touching her little button. I worked slowly, steadily, driving my tongue rhythmically around her flesh.

My hands squeezed the backs of her thighs, massaging them gently as I continued my assault on her pussy. Her legs began rocking a little, trying to rub her sex in different ways against my probing tongue. I shifted one hand up to her ass, squeezing it. My fingers splayed across her cheek, taking hold of that soft pliant flesh and guiding her rocking motion, helping her grind herself against my face.

I let my thumb slip down between her ass cheeks to tickle the little flower of her asshole. She gasped softly, and I took that moment to swipe my tongue over her clit. Her hips jerked and she moaned louder.

My tongue returned to its rhythmic stroking of her pussy as I slowly pressed my thumb against her rear entrance. Her ass gave way, and my thumb sank inside, wiggling around in little circles that matched those of my tongue.

My wife ground her ass more insistently against me. I could tell she was getting close. Her breathing was quickening. Her pussy was soaked. Her moaning was turning into grunts, gasps, pants. I quickened the pace of my tongue, rapidly swiping it directly against her clit in little circles. My thumb matched the pace, as did her thrusting.

Suddenly, she let out a short, curt grunt of a sound, and her grinding froze against me. I could sense her pussy spasming under the assault of my tongue. But I didn’t stop. bakırköy escort My tongue continued it’s repeated swirling around her clit. My thumb continued its own rhythmic swirling in her ass. I heard her gasp for breath, shudder, grunt again. Her ass pushed against me. Then again. And again.

Finally, she took in a deep breath and let out a soft sigh. I pulled back, kissed the backs of both of her thighs. I smiled, knowing how good she must feel at this moment. I just knelt there a moment, letting her cool off. My thumb continued its little circular swirls in her ass, but much slower now. I rubbed the other side of her ass with my free hand, squeezing it gently.

After a moment, I stood up and fully extracted myself from her. I studied her body again as I began removing my shirt. I pulled open my belt and slipped my pants and undershorts off. My cock, stiff, waiting, jutted out from my body, pointing toward my wife. It bobbed a little on its own for a moment before I took hold of it and tapped its tip lightly on one of her ass cheeks.

I pointed it down a little and stepped forward, sliding my cock between her legs under her sex so it would rub against her just below her clit. I took hold of her ass with one of my hands again and thrust myself forward and back a few strokes. She moaned softly and pushed her ass back against me. I stood there and relished the feeling of her soft cheeks pressing against my abs.

I pulled back and angled my cock up, aiming directly for her vagina this time. Pressing forward, I watches as her lips spread open for me, admitting my thick cock inside her—just a little bit. I pulled back and pressed forward again, this time my mushroom cap slipping fully inside her. I pulled back again, then forward once more. Three full inches sank into her, and I could feel the moistness of her sex wrap around me. A final thrust forward and my entire length sank inside her. She moaned once more and ground back against me.

Gripping her hips firmly, I pulled back and thrust forward, now smoothly sliding through her. I began a steady thrusting, drawing her over my cock over and over again. Her body rocked forward and back against the table. My hips drove forward and back against her. She cooed softly, and I moaned from the feeling of her hot pussy wrapping around my hard cock.

I picked up the pace, now fucking her intensely. The table creaked a bit in a steady staccato that matched my thrusting. My hands kneaded her flesh, and I watched our joining intently, mesmerized by the sight of my cock pressing inside her, her lips clinging to my shaft each time it pulls back out.

My wife began uttering a series of little “oh” sounds as the intensity rose higher. I lifted a hand and smacked her ass once, then rubbed it as I fucked her firmly from behind. The sound of my hips slapping against her upper thighs echoed around the room. I reached forward to grab her shoulder with one hand, the other holding tight to her hip. My thrusting quickened, the energy building. I knew I was close. I could sense she was getting close again too.

Over and over again, I pounded away at my wife’s hot pussy. Her ass cheeks wobbled erratically from each strike of my body against hers. And I got faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder.

And then I slammed into her hard. And once more. And one final thrust. And then my cock exploded. I froze, holding it inside her. I heard her breath catch. Her pussy spasmed. I could feel her squeezing my cock with it as my cum pumped into her. I held her tight against me, my whole body jerking with each spurt.

I stood there, one hand on her hip, the other still clinging to her shoulder as my orgasm began to fade. Trying to catch my breath, I slowly leaned forward, pressing myself against her backside. I planted a few kisses down her spine and moaned a little. She moaned back. I whispered my love to her. She responded. I gave her ass a squeeze as I straightened back up and unfastened the tie holding her arms behind her. I reached forward to untie her blindfold. And then I pulled her up against me, wrapping my arms around her and nibbling on her neck.

Her pussy was still just barely clinging to my flagging cock, and she squeezed her legs around it a little before she stepped away and turned to cuddle up against me.

I looked into her eyes, kissed her, smiled. “That was amazing,” I said.

She smiled back and gave me another kiss.

“So, I suppose it’s my job to make dinner tonight then,” I gave her a resigned, but happy, look.

She flashed me an even bigger smile, giggled, and gave my ass a little squeeze.

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