Convention Hotel Room Problem

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I am the European sales manager for a Korean IT company. For our booth at a major convention in Berlin, we had two Korean women joining us as hostess. They were responsible to organize meetings, talk with customers and collect their contact information and just be nice and friendly to everyone.

As our company is quite small and we do not have too many female employees, the president actually brought his girl friend Hee-young, although I didn’t knew that at the time as no one had informed me before. The other woman that joined us was a friend of her and she had not worked with us before. Her name was Ae-young. Both decided to take the invitation to work with us mainly to have some fun and get a free trip to Europe. It was a great arrangement that helped everyone.

As requested by our Korean office before the show, I booked a twin bed room for the two girls at the nice hotel we stayed close to the convention center. I stayed in a twin bedroom as well that I shared with my boss.

On the second day of the convention quite late in the evening I was alone in my room ready to get to sleep when someone knocked on my door. I opened it and it turned out to be Ae-young. I was really surprised when she explained me that she could not get into her room because her friend and my boss would be in there together. I thought the boss was out in town having dinner and some drinks with a major supplier but obviously I was wrong.

Ae-young seemed to be quite helpless and explained me that Hee-young and my boss actually were dating each other. Frankly, I had no idea. Well, I invited her in, not really sure how to handle the situation yet. She hesitated a bit when coming in but soon sat down on a nice chair in the corner. I asked her what she plans and if she knew more about what was going on but she only said she was surprised and does not know what to do because she really did not want to kick out the urfa escort guy from her room and disturbing them. I first thought about waiting a bit and then call the room but then realized that I really did not want to interrupt them in whatever they were doing.

Ae-young was still wearing her business attire from the convention day and she looked really sexy in it. Honestly, I love hot women in business clothes. We talked a bit and made jokes about the unusual situation and I think she was a little bit turned on by what her friend was doing and by our conversation. We only meet each other two days ago and had not really exchanged more than a few words due to the busy work at the convention but now it seemed that she was getting a bit more comfortable with the situation after some time. So far I considered her to be a bit shy and I was really surprised when she asked me to help her with a special tone in her voice while she stood up. Before I could even reply and ask her what help exactly she needs, she leaned forward and she kissed me.

It was a hot and very sensual French kiss and we made out for some time until we started undressing each other. I was naked soon and she had turned off everything except her panties in a light pink color. She pushed me down on the comfortable chair in the corner and then she knelt in front of me and started sucking my dick. She was licking it very slowly at first until it got rock hard and then she took the head of it in her mouth. She was very enthusiastic and was taking it deep into her mouth touching her throat and then she did a really nice job in moving her head up and down and licking with passion. I was in heaven and it felt great.

She went on for a long time and I realized she knew what she was doing quite well. After some time I said that I am about to come and she looked up, stopped and only said “I will balıkesir escort make you come” and she took the head of my dick back into her mouth. Minutes later I came and she took all my come into her mouth and while smiling at me, she swallowed it!

I was exhausted but after some time I got up and stood her up as well. Then I noticed a nice wet patch on her panties. Because of the wetness, her pubic hair was visible through the fabric of her panties. I said “You are quite turned on, let me do something about it” and moved her over to the bed and laid her down. I pulled of her panties and then started licking her all over. I wanted to give back to her what she had just given me and she seemed to really enjoy it based on her movements and the fact that she put her hands on my had and pushed it down at times. Obviously I loved it, I loved the taste of her and after some time she came and her body was shacking all over the place. After that, I lay next to her and we cuddled together and my dick was touching her ass from behind. She started fondling it and asked if I had a condom but unfortunately I had to say no and I told her that I was not really prepared for this whole situation in a joking way. She giggled and we then had some sexy discussion and made jokes like we should go to the other room and ask her friend and my boss if they could give us one.

The mood changed a bit and we both soon realized that we had been extremely tired after the long working day, so we got to sleep together.

In the morning, we took a shower together. While cleaning each other, my dick got hard again and the then got into the corner of the shower stall, looked on my dick with big eyes and started masturbating in front of me. I started jerking off while she watched me and I watched how she fingered herself. It was a great scene for both of us. After we finished, trabzon escort we cleaned up and then we dressed and went to the work at the convention. We just about made it without being late.

During the day I purchased a pack of condoms. I talked with my boss and we decided that he and Ae-young are changing the rooms. Actually, I was horny all day and looked forward to the next encounter with her but unfortunately I had an important business meeting in the evening, that took very long, so when I came back to the room late at night, she was already asleep. I was a little bit drunk and tired but I simply took of my clothes and went into the bed.

In the morning when I woke up, I had a huge morning hard-on. She woke up soon as well and moved over to my bed and we touched each other. My dick was touching her ass and we both became quite aroused. I turned her around and looked deep into her eyes and then we French kissed. After some time I looked for the condoms that I had put next to the bed and took one out. She grabbed it from me, unpacked it and folded it on top of my cock. Soon after that, she moved herself on me. I will never forget how she closed her eyes and moaned when my dick moved into her tight snatch.

She started her up and down movements first slowly and then faster and faster. I loved looking at her eyes and her tits that jiggled up and down. She was riding my huge erection with passion and power and it did not take long until I came. I was so horny and hot this morning, that I did not really became soft. I think her tight pussy around my cock was responsible for that, so it took only seconds to become hard again, we changed the position a little bit with her moving forward until she orgasmed and stopped her moving. I then turned her around and got behind her back and entered her again from behind and moved my dick in and out with all the power I had. Soon later I came again.

That morning we really have been a bit late for our convention, but as it was the last day of the show, it was not so critical.

Unfortunately we could not be together again as the whole Korean team had to leave to the airport in the evening already and I had to stay at the show to help dismantling our booth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32