Dean has an Older Lover Ch. 01

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Dean was a single man, early thirties, and was a bit of a nerd in many ways. He’d not had too many girlfriends in his life, and had only seen a couple of them naked and had sex with only one. He’d fallen madly in love with her, been dumped, and been a bit withdrawn around women ever since then. His work schedule on the EMS squad was perfect for him in that respect, as he often worked the late night shifts and avoided the dating scene. Bars had never been a favorite place of his anyway.

To further his skills Dean had taken some nursing courses at a local community college and become a nurse as well. This allowed him some other avenues for income and employment. One such opportunity that came along was private duty nursing for a couple. They really weren’t too much older than Dean, maybe in their late fifties, and the family was nice. The husband had been severely injured in an automobile accident by a drunk driver and his injuries were the debilitating kind that eventually would kill him. The accident had been many years ago by the time Dean came along and the man had been reduced to being bedridden at all times.

The wife was an energetic type, looking younger than her years and especially the tiring times she’d spent caring for her husband. All their children were grown, out of the house and living in different cities, so the wife was dependent on a few private duty nurses to assist her. Dean liked working there, and usually worked the night shift so the woman, Joan, could sleep.

As Dean cared for the man he learned more about him, his wife and the family. They had been a very social family with many friends, but for some reason he never saw or heard of any of them coming around anymore. He’d noticed that more than the fatigue, Joan was affected by loneliness more than anything. More and more often she would sit up very late with him, chatting about the day when she should have been in bed asleep. Sometimes her husband would be awake and would join but never was awake too long.

When the spring rolled around there was talk of going up to Minnesota where the family had inherited a lakeside cabin. It was a very remote area with scarce neighbors and minimal access by a dirt road. The nearest town was 45 minutes away and as much as the husband wanted to go, Joan was too apprehensive about taking him there by herself. It simply wasn’t safe for her to do so, for if anything was to happen to him she would be unable to transport him into town for care. Then one night in their chatting Joan asked Dean if he would be interested in accompanying them to the cabin for a visit of six weeks or so. She wouldn’t be able to pay his fee for the whole time they were there, but could pay the standard fee for his night shifts, plus he’d have time to swim, fish, hike, or whatever he wanted. It wasn’t a dream vacation, but getting away for a while seemed like a decent idea, so Dean agreed.

The time to depart came and it was decided that Dean should drive his own car and follow the handicap van the Joan was driving to transport her husband. The trip was long and they had to spend one night on the road, but when they arrived the scenery made the drive worth the effort. The tranquility was perfect, the isolation and peace was serenely calming, the air cool and clean, and the water inviting. It all seemed to pick up the spirits of Joan’s husband too.

It didn’t take long for the relaxed air of the surroundings to overtake them all. Joan had always worn modest clothing, long pants and loose shirts, her hair usually up in a tight bun and proper shoes. But around the cabin she’d taken to wearing very short cutoff jean shorts or athletic shorts. Her shirts went towards t-shirts and tank tops, and her very ample bosoms swung freely from the lack of a bra. It was the first time Dean had ever seen her not wearing a bra and her large tits were even more pronounced than he had imagined. Many times, most times in fact, her nipples had shown through her bra and shirt, but now they were not only evident but her clothing so sheer that he could often make out the rough edges of her large areolas as well. When they had visitors, for the day or even a few days, she would dress more conservatively, but as soon as they were gone she would unleash those puppies again.

One day Joan had taken Dean’s car to go into town for groceries and a few other items, leaving Dean and her husband there alone for several hours. Dean was OK with that, as he’d often been along with him, but this day the man began to speak to Dean about his wife. In his broken and stilted manner of speaking he told Dean of their love life of their youth, of how they used to swim nude in the lake there in front of the cabin, of making love under the moonlight out on the dock, and sometimes going for days without clothing. He told Dean that he missed those days but not nearly as much as his wife missed them. He had been unable to perform in any capacity for well over a decade now and she was a woman of needs. He Escort Güngören told Dean of how she had been a passionate and energetic lover, of her sexual drive and needs, and of how they had gone unattended to for too many years now. Dean was too naive to see where this was going and when the question came it smacked Dean in the face like a bolt of lightning.

Dean didn’t know how to answer. Sure, he’d held visions of Joan in his mind many times as he pleasured himself, but this was a shock for sure. How was he supposed to go about seducing her? How could he perform knowing her husband was in the same house, and that he knew? Would Joan even be acceptable to such a notion? After all, she’d never even come close to suggesting such a thing. So Dean answered as best he could, “Sir, I would be honored if your wife wanted me for a lover, and I would try to fulfill your request as best I can. I am not very experienced, though.”

Assurances were exchanged, and the older man then related that Joan’s openness with her dress in front of Dean was her way of flirting, of playing with him to see if she still had what it takes to attract the attentions of a younger man. In fact, before they had planned to come up her they had discussed her possible affair with Dean. Joan’s husband couldn’t do much for her, himself, and he wanted Dean to give her what he couldn’t.

When Joan arrived back at the cabin she acted as coolly and calmly as if she knew nothing of the conversation that had happened between her husband and Dean. She was as chipper and easy going as ever with no hint of any change of relationship. This all served to drive Dean nuts inside. Seeing her now, those shorts almost showing butt cheek, the loose shirt with the large breasts inside swaying with each step and movement she made all served to stoke his desires and imagination. Was it reality or was he imagining that she smelled sweeter than before? Where her nipples always this hard? Did her butt cheeks peak out like that every time she moved in that manner? Was she wearing eye makeup now? All these questions worked to distract him, and make him even hornier.

They ate supper that night out on the large deck, lit only by candlelight and the light of the moon sifting down through the high tree branches. Joan had a glass or two more than normal and it didn’t escape Dean that she’d let her hair down before they sat to dine. He’d never seen her hair down like this, and the long, flowing blonde hair fell in abundant waves down across her shoulders. Joan had kept herself very fit through the years, including her skin, and in the candlelight Dean was amazed at how young and shapely she looked.

After clearing the table Joan’s husband looked tired and asked to be taken to bed. They had eaten later than usual and it was already well past his bedtime. Dean could see the fatigue in his eyes as he helped place the helpless man into bed and ready him for sleep. Thoughts of Joan had faded as Dean tended to the older man.

Dean was finishing the last of the dinner dishes as Joan was giving the nightly medications to her husband and saying good night to him.

“I’m going to have some of that brandy out on the dock and watch the moon.” Joan said it so casually and easily that the subtle suggestion slid right past Dean. Even when Joan brushed a breast against his arm as she reached for an old fashioned glass he didn’t pick up on it. He merely mumbled excused himself and moved aside slightly. And he never turned his glance to notice that Joan had unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, affording a very nice view of her breast and nipple from his angle. No, because Dean was so used to being invisible to women that it had become automatic to him.

After finishing in the kitchen he looked around and only then remembered hearing Joan say something about going out to the dock. Looking out the large patio doors leading to the deck and dock he could faintly make out her silhouette lounging on the dock in the soft light of the moon. He instinctively turned and walked to the bedroom where the older man was sleeping, to make sure the older man was alright. Satisfied that his patient was okay, Dean returned to the den to look back out to the dock.

They had no TV up there, only a collection of DVD’s which had all been played at least once apiece, and Dean really wasn’t in the mood for reading. He wanted company and conversation, and stepped out onto the deck to go to the dock, the notion of sex with Joan flashing back into his mind. Yeah, he’d go out there and they would have sex right there on the dock. Right. Things like that never happened to him. He chuckled at himself, scoffing at a fantasy like that, knowing the nearest thing to sex he’d have is a date with his palm.

When Dean got down to the dock he had to stop for a moment. The sight before him was as if scripted out of one of his fantasies. The moon was nearly full and high above in the sky. The surface İnnovia Escort of the lake was like a mirror and the air quiet with just a whisper of crickets. Joan was lying on her back facing away from him, her eyes closed with her long blonde tresses spread out behind her head like a golden plume. Even in the light of the moon Dean could plainly make out the wide circles of her areola under the wispy thin shirt, and the perpetually hardened nipples were protrusions above the flattened mass of her ample bosoms. As he stepped onto the deck Joan spoke softly.

“I was hoping you would join me down here. It’s so nice, don’t you think?”

“Yes, ma’am, just like out of a romantic movie set. It couldn’t be more perfect.” Dean wished he could have taken back that last remark. He didn’t want to sound so juvenile or like he was coming on to her. He hoped she didn’t read into it what he really meant, that having his way with her right there on the dock was a fantasy of his.

“I think I’ll take a quick swim. You want to join me?” And with that Joan sat up and pulled her up over her head and off, tossing it aside. Her back was to Dean but by leaning just a little he was able to glimpse those magnificent titties of hers from above. Not the best angle for viewing, but quite adequate to bring an instant hard-on in his shorts. Dean was speechless. All he could do was stand there and watch, unable to fathom that this was really happening, and unable to move or make a sound. Joan stood up, bent, and swiftly slid her shorts down and off, stepping out of them. Either she wasn’t wearing underwear or had shucked it with the shorts, but in any event Dean was lost in own mind looking at the nude form standing before him. Joan still had her back to him, and her ass was perfect. Dean had only seen one other girl’s ass naked before, in person, and tons on the internet, but having one in the flesh right there in front of him merely inches away was almost more than he could stand or believe. Joan simply looked over her shoulder at him, smiled, then turned and dived into the waiting waters of the lake.

“Why don’t you join me, Dean? The water feels fantastic.” She tread water there for a moment then in an act of mercy Joan turned and started to swim away from the dock so that Dean could undress in private. Dean was nervous, for he’d never been in a position like this, but as soon as Joan had turned he dropped his shorts and allowed his cock to spring forward, lifted his shirt off over his head and jumped into the water.

The water did indeed feel fine, feeling warm in the cooling night air, and being nude in the water was a new and exciting experience for Dean in itself. He swam around a short bit, never going too far from the dock and always watchful of where Joan was and where she was headed. After a few minutes of individual swimming they both were headed back towards the dock. The water at the ladder was still over their heads and they both stopped at the ladder to tread water and allow the other first access to the ladder. There was no way Dean was going first, not naked in front of Joan. Besides, he wanted to see her again. As they treed there for a moment Joan moved towards Dean slowly. She came to him and put her arm around his shoulders to buoy herself, causing Dean to grab the ladder to keep himself afloat.

Joan leaned close to Dean’s ear and softly said, “Let’s see if I can help you up.” And with that she grasped his rigid cock in her free hand, squeezed softly and began to move along its length easily. The sensation of her breasts against his ribs and the feeling of her hand on his cock was more than Dean could manage and try as he could he couldn’t prevent his orgasm. As his warm cum entered the water Joan could feel it on her hands, could feel the pulsing of his cock in the spasms as it spewed the sweet cum. She nuzzled up to his neck, kissing at his ear, and assured him, “mmmm, my sweet boy. Don’t you worry a bit. Now let’s go inside.”

Dean was glad it was dark for he was sure his face was red as a beet. It was the first time in his life he’d cum in the presence of anyone else, the first time a female had ever handled his cock, and he’d blown his load almost instantly. He really didn’t know how he was going to face Joan again, or her husband for that matter. Great. Promise the man he’d take care of the wife’s desires and loses his wad as soon as she touches him. And he hadn’t even seen her very well at that!

Joan climbed the ladder and walked straight away to her clothes without ever looking back at Dean. Instead of putting her clothes on she simply grabbed them up, stood there looking up at the moon while Dean was climbing out of the water, then turned to him, held out her hand and said, “C’mon dear boy.” Dean held his clothes in front of his semi-hard cock in modesty and embarrassment, took her hand and walked back up towards the cabin.

When they got into the cabin Joan led Dean to his bedroom, never bothering Kağıthane escort bayan to turn on any lights in there as they entered. The light from the hallway was enough to illuminate the room and as she turned to face Dean he saw for the first time the full glory of her feminine beauty. Her breasts were large but not out of proportion, and more pert than he had imagined. Her skin was silky smooth and blemish free, the dark areolas being in sharp contrast. The little bumps and wrinkles around the nipples were inviting to his eyes, drawing his gaze in spite of his efforts to look away. When his eyes drifted downward his marveled at the flatness and firmness of her tummy, a slight roll above her hip line that flattened again to her lower tummy. There was a tuft of blonde pubic hair above her pussy, trimmed to what he knew to be called a landing strip, and below that was darkness that he could only imagine. It seemed that he was gawking at her for a long spell but in reality it was but fleeting moments, and he was totally unaware of his cock having come to full attention, or his own nudeness for that matter.

Joan sat on the bed and looking up into his eyes she took him by the hips and pulled him towards her. When his cock was merely inches from her face she took it in her hand and without breaking the eye contact she opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock between her lips. The warmth and softness of her mouth was even more exciting to Dean than the hand in the water. Seeing Joan looking up at him as she slid his cock into her mouth was totally erotic, and his head rocked back as his eyes closed, his mind completely focused on the sensations radiating from his cock. He was powerless to resist, powerless to think of anything else, totally within her control. All his mind was able to comprehend was the lust, the energy building down deep behind his balls, the electrical pulses feeding down the length of his cock to this inner power that was building and the desire for the explosion of ecstasy that was surely to overcome his whole body. His body was rocking back and forth to meet the engulfing warmth of Joan’s mouth, the head of his cock driving deep into the back of her throat. He was unaware of his hands grasping her head, involuntarily syncing his motions with hers. All he knew was that he was going to explode if he didn’t cum soon, the senses almost too intense for him to stand. When Dean could feel the cum starting to boil, could feel the power beginning to surge towards his super sensitive cock, he moaned a guttural warning that he was to cum, and tried to back away from the source of the pleasure that was driving his climax.

Joan sensed his building orgasm, had felt his tightening balls in her hands and was taking the tip of his cock into her throat with each thrust. It was a sensation she loved but had been without for too many years, and she wanted the taste of semen in her throat again. Against his motions to pull away Joan grabbed Dean around the ass and pulled him even deeper into her warm, sucking mouth. This last, deep taking down her throat was too much for Dean, and with a low, growing groan he released his load of warm cum to her throat in the most pleasurable orgasm he had ever known.

She loved the taste of his cum and it was no problem for her to swallow each spurt as it was emitted from the slit in the tip of his cock. When he’d spent his energies and was slowly easing from her mouth she squeezed the last of the cum from the shaft of his cock, white globules coming out the tip, and as she looked up into his eyes she licked them from the tip of his cock and swallowed them as well.

Dean was almost in a stupor from the new, intense pleasures he’d just experienced. He was speechless and didn’t know what to do but to stand there and follow Joan’s lead. Sensing his inexperience, and wanting some stimulation of her own, Joan rose slowly to stand face to face with Dean, her pert nipples just barely touching his chest. Looking down and seeing this, and feeling those orbs against his skin was already causing a stir in his cock, but for the moment that is all it could manage. Joan took his hand and guided it down to her waiting pussy. As he rubbed across the landing strip of public hair Dean really didn’t know what to expect. She took his fingers further down, gliding across a slightly hardened protrusion that brought a slight gasp to escape from her lips, and her eyes to close as her head tilted slightly back.

As Joan pushed his fingers on downward he felt the soft folds of her pussy, and with her pressure his fingers pushed through the parting of those folds. The dampness surprised him and as his fingers moved slightly on down he felt the dampness turn to a warm, silky coating that was running down her legs. She pushed his finger into the source of the juices, into her waiting canal. As he slid his finger up into her she tightened around his finger, again a low moan coming forth. Dean worked his finger in and out, moving in rhythm to her opposite movements. His whole hand was covered in her juices as he worked the hole, and Joan was working on the clit at the same time. Within moments she tightened hard on his finger, whole body stiffened, her breath held, then in an instant she released and began to regain some composure.

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