Dirty Hairy Ch. 3

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Cock Kiss

Uncle Bill left and I now had my hirsute mother Linda all to myself. She was completely nude in the bedroom and her massive 44-inch breasts were inviting as also the thick untrimmed jungle in her bushy armpits. Linda had blown me to complete exhaustion but I snuggled next to her my head in her unshaven raised armpits as my tongue rested in the long coarse hair in her furry armpits. She said, “ I love your father but he does not give me enough cock. I need big cocks all the time and look at your dick its so big. You were always big and I remember seeing your cock once while giving you a bath really big and erect”. My mom was making me hard even as I snuggled up to her my tongue twirling the heavy pelt in her bushy armpits.

We did not know but John and Stella my siblings entered the room and looked aghast at seeing us in bed together. “Mum what are you doing” Stella shrieked. My throbbing member was erect and sticking in the air with my mother stroking it. John my older brother stared at our naked mother taking in her hirsute body.

I could see an erection form at his crotch and John’s mighty weapon was swelling in his pants. His eyes fixed on Mum’s hairy body. Stella had been seeing her boyfriend for a few weeks but even she was staring at my huge prick. I think they dumbstruck by seeing mother and son and were aghast at our shenanigans.

Stella then caught John by his hand into the bedroom where she stripped off slowly. First she removed the tight black dress she was wearing and let it drop to the floor. Next she unhooked her lacy black bra and her beautifully rounded breasts fell out. I saw that like Mum, Stella too was hairy. Obviously like Mother like daughter. tekirdağ escort Long thick untrimmed hair grew in her unshaven underarms. They looked much softer than the hard heavy hair in Linda’s underarms, which I was caressing.
As her nipples had hardened so had John’s cock and was reaching its massive full size. When Mum noticed the abnormally large bulge in his trousers, she immediately got on to the bed and bent over like an animal does when offering herself to the male.

“I hope you know what to do next, john have you fucked a woman in her asshole” she said showing her hairy asshole filled with crinkly black hair.
John looked embarrassed at having to fuck Mum anally but not for nothing we are brothers. He was ready as was her asshole, which she pushed against his pulsating erection. After he removed his boxers, his now fully erect dick sprang out and he climbed behind Mum on the bed. She had started to get wet from seeing the size of her older son’s cock and some of her juices had dripped down on to her hole.

John guided his boner to the back door entrance and eased it in. It felt good for him having such a snug fit around his dick. The first time he put it in about halfway and then he gradually speeded it up and put more and more of it into the depths of Mother’s beautiful hairy ass. As he went faster and pounded her ass harder her tits were shaking. She started to get a rhythm going with her hips, as she was about to reach an amazing orgasm she let out a small scream.

Stella was moving towards me and she caught hold of my massive erection and started stroking my throbbing pole. John’s long deep thrusts continued into forumagic.com Mum even as Stella stroked my engorged penis. I came up behind Stella and started to play with her tits and then the soft silky untrimmed jungle in her buttery armpits. The hair in her armpits was jet-black and gleaming. She took hold of my hand and put it under her skirt, to my surprise she was not wearing any knickers, her pussy was already wet and her clit was hard and she was very hairy down there too. I could feel the thicket in her pubic area, as I parted her lips and was about to slide a finger inside her.

My heart was racing and my dick was the hardest it has ever been. Stella stood at the end of the bed, looked right at me and said “come on brothers come and fuck me, fuck me, I’m yours for the night, I’m your slave tonight fuck me while mother watches us”

John and I did not need asking twice. John took out his massive penis from Mum and his head went straight down onto her left nipple and started to suck it. She lay on the bed and spread her legs saying “come one they let see what you got” John got on his knees between her legs and started to run his tongue the length of her pussy, she let out a scream as he found her clit and sunk two fingers inside her. Meanwhile I was at her head feeding my now fully hard 12-inch cock into her mouth
Mother too was not wanting to be left behind and she had slowly started sucking John’s massive prick.

Mother kept sucking his hard cock without touching it. Her arms raised above her head showing the coarse jet-black hair in her unshorn underarms quite in contrast to the soft and silky hair in Stella’s furry armpits. Soon John Glen raised his head from between her legs and released his cock from Linda’s horny mouth. He moved round and lined his huge cock up with her cunt, it must have been at least 12 inches long and twice the thickness of mine.

John started to tease Stella’s pussy lips with his monster cock before pushing an inch into her. With the impact of John’s ferocious entry stopped sucking my swollen dick and had an orgasm again. John pulled out before forcing his length home deep into Stella. She was left gasping for air but it did not stop him pulling out and ramming home again.

John started to speed up, getting deeper and harder and he
was fucking her so hard that he was lifting her ass off the bed every time he rammed home, I picked her up and turned her over as if she was as light as a feather, pulled her onto her hands and knees and slid my 12 inch cock deep inside her cum drenched pussy, while John offered his now limp dick to her mouth. John’s dick was hard again and he said to me, “I think she is ready for a double fuck,” “you want to be fucked by us together? “ I told him that Uncle Bill and I had double fucked Mum and it was great fun. I pulled my dick out of her cunt and started to force my way into her hairy ass. John slid his way under her and his dick soon finds her cunt as he entered her for the second time that night.

Stella was screaming “Just don’t stop fucking me, please I want you to cum up my ass, I want to feel you cum deep in my ass, fuck me, Both of you fuck me harder.” I came almost right away when she said that and filled her ass with my cum I pulled out and gave my cum filled cock to my waiting mother. She bent down and took my penis in her mouth even as John rammed his cock into Stella.

John my older brother than told us about the first time he and his friend Steve had taken a woman in a threesome

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