Divorcee + Stud + Lesbian

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Lottie Daniels was never destined to be a trophy wife. She had good looks and a great body as a young woman, certainly. But she was smart – she had a first rate brain. She was academic, popular, and was obviously going places. She graduated with really good grades, went off to a top college where she ran for student governor, then secured a legal degree at a canter. After a year traveling the world and volunteering with the Red Cross, Lottie breezed into one of the nation’s most prestigious law firms. For the next five years she worked her way up until she was sat in meetings with guys twice her age. On top of that she published a volume of poetry, which was well received in circles that knew about these things, and collected a number of Judo belts along with a few scalps at amateur tournaments. Yes, by all accounts Lottie was succeeding well.

Then she met Gregory, the final piece in the puzzle. A surgeon, Gregory was introduced to the stunning, sparkling hot shot attorney at a cocktail party. She was beautiful, her eyes dazzling, with a sexy figure. Her breasts and thighs were hinted at, straining as they were beneath the classy dress. When he managed to get her in bed she didn’t disappoint – passionate, excellent blowjob skills, willing to try anal, always up for fucking. She was intellectually stimulating, financially independent, and the two were quite simply the most perfect pair, everyone agreed.

Nearly a decade later they had kids, and Lottie went part time. At three children, she couldn’t cope, so put her career on hold. It was a shame but the partners at her firm assured her – take a few years, maybe even five, then come back and there will be a place for you. Well, things happened, and in her mid forties she went back. But this was double the limit they’d given her and she was now too past it. They didn’t say that – maybe spend some time studying, brushing up on your skills, then return and we can certainly look into a position for you, Mrs Daniels. We’ve heard great things from the previous boss. He’s retired now of course but still has clout round here. Maybe not the exact same position, but something decent you understand. Work your way back into it, no hurry, no pressure. Lottie knew what this meant. Her career was over.

At 47 Lottie found the thong in Gregory’s jacket pocket. The explosive confrontation with him begging for forgiveness didn’t quite turn out that way. He shrugged and told her he was in love with a young nurse. Lottie had grown boring, a suburban housewife. Plus, her ass was too big now. He moved out immediately and into a penthouse suite he had bought without her knowing.

At this point the illusion came falling down. Like a character from a tragedy, her sparkling façade was cracked into a thousand pieces, revealing a figure of pathetic lies. She had become a trophy wife, then a suburban soccer mom, and finally an abandoned, useless middle aged woman.

While this was a devastating series of events, the sudden clarity of realizations was freeing. Lottie was free. Free of expectations. At rock bottom, the only way is up. She cleared her mind and decided, fuck it, I’m on a new lease of life. Gregory had signed over the house, no mortgage, which was large, and she would likely sell in a few years. He’d agreed to give her a generous monthly payment for the next decade since she had sacrificed her career for his kids. She had a good pension plan which she could look to in a couple of decades. She’d inherited a bit of money from dead relatives which had joined her substantial savings from her working days in an account that had been acquiring vast sums through compound interest. She was set.

So Lottie turned to writing, signing up for classes, getting back into poetry, and entering competitions. This, she decided, was her second career. Two enviable careers in a lifetime – not bad.

She evaluated her figure one day with objectivity. Standing naked in front of the large mirror in her landing on the first floor, she drank in the pros and cons of her body. She was still in pretty good shape having trained at the gym rigorously her whole adult life. Her breasts were large and still quite perky, with her perfectly formed nipples ripe for sucking. Her ass was indeed bigger but this was the era of the big booty and she knew men loved a giant backside if it was free of cellulite and sag. This description fit her bottom well, for it was very sizable, but soft, respectably firm and not at all fatty. Her thighs were powerful, her shape curvy, and her skin tanned and smooth. She was still very beautiful with her eyes only improving with age. Her hair was healthy, long and a deep chestnut. She sorted out her wardrobe, buying new clothes that showed a little too much. And she made a vow to always wear sexy lingerie – often, she’d go out in just a thong and matching lace bra feeling quite slutty.

And she got attention from men. Family friends and colleagues of her husband suddenly started showing up with excuses looking, she presumed, for an affair. Ploughing Gregory’s hot izmir escort wife was on their agenda. But Lottie knew she could do better. She could tell when guys stared at her chest in Starbucks, or when young college meatheads stared at her ass in leggings during a gym workout. Yes, Lottie wasn’t a horny young teenager – she didn’t need the sex so badly. She could do with some, sure, but she was old and wise enough to realize that she needed hot young things worshiping her, fucking her for hours, giving her new experiences and making her feel like a queen. Then, and only then, would she start considering dating anyone seriously.

Well, Lottie wasn’t sure when this would happen or who they would be, but she would wait. She needed to be made to feel fabulous.


‘Mom, I got the milk but there wasn’t the cheese you liked so I left it.’

‘OK, hon, no problem. Thanks for trying anyway.’

‘Don’t mention it. I was thinking, I’m gonna head back to college in a couple weeks and get my head down. Until then I’ll stay here and take it easy.’

‘That sounds like a good plan. You don’t want to burn out before your final year. Relax for a bit, see some friends.’

‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I was planning on. Tif and Joey are coming round later so we’ll hang out in the hot tub and have some food.’

‘That’s nice, dear. I’ll be around.’

Lottie’s daughter Megan was back for the holidays. It was nice spending time with her before she went back to her final, stressful year of college. She knew Tif, she was a friend of Megan’s from college who lived in the same city. Joey she didn’t, although Megan explained he was another college buddy who was from their parts too. She imagined a young Joey from Friends, a hulky stud with a charming grin. Probably wouldn’t be the case but she enjoyed lying in the bath and fantasizing about that possibility. She had to wipe her moist pussy before she put her red thong on after. Yes, if this Joey was charming and attractive, Lottie would definitely turn on the charm and see where things went.


‘Hey mom. You remember Tif, right?’

‘Hello Tif, how are you doing?’

‘Hi Mrs Daniels. I’m doing great thanks, enjoying this short break. How about you?’

‘I’m well, thank you for asking.’

‘I love that dress by the way. You look fantastic!’

‘Oh, thank you, dear, that’s so nice of you to say.’

‘And mom this is Joey.’

‘Hello Mrs Daniels. Thank you for having me in your lovely home!’ Lottie was very pleasantly surprised. What a hunk this chap was! Oh yes, Lottie was going to have fun turning on the charm.

‘Joey, so lovely to meet you! My daughter has told me so many lovely things about you.’ Her daughter looked perplexed as she’d only fleetingly mention this guy that afternoon, but Lottie was too busy fixing him a firm, sultry gaze, eye to eye, and smiling with a smug confidence. She knew already this Joey was admiring her. Poor guy – obviously took all his willpower to keep looking at her face rather than the D cup breasts in the push up bra that were spilling out of her low cut, tight summer dress. She’d ensure that a bit of red lace poked out the top. The red matched the polish on her toenails and she was walking around bare foot without tights or hose, just in case this stud had a thing for feet.

‘OK, well then, we’re going to the mall. See you later.’ They pulled away but the older woman sustained her eye contact for a few seconds too long.

Lottie waved them off with a triumphant feeling. Although she was 47 she might as well have been 22 the way she had this Joey in her hands. Well, she’d have to wait a little for the next encounter. In the meantime, Lottie would plot how she was going to seduce him, for she most certainly was.

Three hours later the door opened. Lottie was sat in the kitchen. She hurriedly adjusted her dress since she had been casually playing with her pussy as she plotted the seduction. But when her daughter walked through the door she was sorry to see just Tif by her side.

‘Hey mom. We’re going to sunbathe for a bit. Reckon we have another hour of sunlight before the back shades over.’

‘No problem.’

‘Joey is just picking his cousin up from school and dropping him home. He should be here about the time we’ve finished up. But in case he rings the bell instead of messaging me, please make sure you tell us, since we’re gonna be topless out back.’

Lottie was a bit surprised at this since her daughter was by no means a nudist. To be naked in the company of her good friend was out of character. Still, they had obviously been in the shower together a number of times as they were on the same softball team so maybe they were comfortable with each other.

When the door did eventually ring, Lottie went via the back door.

‘Hon! He’s here! Cover up!’ She had never seen her daughter’s breasts before but noted they were as big as her own. Tif’s were smaller but very perky and well formed. They must mersin escort have been getting chilly out there because they both had erect nipples.

‘Hello again, Joey, do come in.’

‘Thanks Mrs Daniels.’

‘Please, call me Lottie.’

‘Sure thing, Lottie. Are the girls out back?’

‘Yes, give them a minute, they were sunbathing naked.’ They weren’t naked, but Lottie couldn’t help adding in this salacious exaggeration as an opportunity to talk naughty with Joey.

‘Oh,’ he stuttered, slightly awkward about this information.

‘Yes,’ she said, looking at him straight in the eye and not moving from the door. ‘They were totally naked out there, for all to see. I wanted them to cover up in case you came around, especially as they were getting chilly so their nipples were firm. Anyone would think they were aroused!’ She laughed heartily and Joey was a little stunned.

‘Anyway, please come in. Do you want something to drink?’

‘Actually, could I grab some water please?’

‘Certainly. Anything more?’

‘No, water’d be great, I was just out and about so I’m a little thirsty.’

‘Just come through here to the tap. I’ll let those two come in – don’t want to go out with you and surprise them.’

‘Thanks,’ he said taking the glass.

‘So you study with them?’

‘Yeah, that’s right. Well, at the college. I study classics.’

‘Oh, that’s fascinating. I took a course on The Odyssey when I was at college. I just loved the presentation of that man’s stoical determination.’

‘Haha, you’re right, he was certainly one determined dude. After the Cyclops I think I’d probably give up!’

‘And what do you want to do with your degree?’

‘I’m not sure. I haven’t really decided,’ he chuckled. ‘Not much I can do with it!’

‘That’s no issue. I took a year out after college.’ They chatted along this vein for a while until Lottie decided to ask about girlfriends. He admitted he didn’t have one and she teased him about how all the girls must want to get him in bed. He went red and grinned. Yes, he was nicely nervous she thought, unconfident. She’d be able to seduce him and have him eating out of her hands. He’d prove a willing, eager lover with the stamina and repetition that youth brings.

Then the girls came in.

‘Hey Joey.’

‘Hey girls.’

‘Mom, we’re gonna go and watch a movie for a bit. When it gets cold we’ll use the hot tub so please don’t turn it off.’

‘Sure, sweetie.’ Phase one, getting to know Joey, was complete. She decided it would be time to get to phase two – inflaming his desire. Then stage three, the actual seduction, could happen.

Lottie went to her room and plotted. Yes, first she’d have to show this young Joey a little more flesh. Luckily her dress was low cut and showed quite a bit of thigh. Hmmm, how to take it a step further? Lottie thought a wicked thought. She pulled down the top half and removed her bra. She then pulled the top up, but not much, so her large breasts were mostly on display. The material was thin so her nipples made an impression. She then re-tied the fabric belt so it pulled tight around her ass. She looked in the mirror to confirm that the outline of her thong was clearly visible. Yes, this would surely get the young man excited.

She stopped off at the TV room. It was dark in there but the corridor light was on, so the trip could see her properly when she appeared at the door. ‘Hello, you three. Just wondering if anyone wants any food? We’ve got a ton of snacks downstairs.’

‘Yeah, please, mom. Joey – would you follow my mom and bring us up all that popcorn from the kitchen?’ That was just what Lottie wanted to hear. When Joey got up and moved to leave she walked two paces in front, and could virtually feel his eyes on her ample backside. She felt so naughty when she remembered how visible her skimpy panty line was.

‘Right, the popcorn is in here,’ she said, pointing to a cupboard. She turned to face him and stood a little too close. ‘Do you like it sweet or salty?’

‘Er, both, I guess.’

‘You go both ways. Interesting,’ Lottie teased. ‘Oops, let me pick that up.’ What a coincidence that a packet fell right in front. She bent over slowly. Joey stared longingly, almost in a trance, at the giant breasts that swung down. She wasn’t wearing a bra! And he kept staring as she turned to put something in the washing machine. He had thought that she was wearing a thong when he stared at her ass all the way from the TV room. Now he could clearly see the thin material stretched across her huge ass. Man, he’d be jerking off to this later. A thong and no bra! This suburban mom was a fox.

Joey wondered, as he walked back upstairs, why she was dressed so sluttily under her dress since he knew she was divorced. Maybe she had a man on the go. Or maybe she simply dressed in a sexy fashion every day. Lottie wondered how she would make her next move. Yes, they were planning on using the hot tub later. She dug out her sakarya escort skimpiest bikini, put it on (pulling the top down as much as she could and squeezing the bottoms between her cheeks to resemble a thong) and headed to their pool.

Of course she stopped by the TV room and let them know she’d be outside. She leant on the door and slightly wrapped her legs around, as if she was clinging on to a man in bed. Her firm thighs were pressed against the frame and Joey stared at them. ‘Mom, that cable doesn’t seem to be working.’

‘Which cable?’

‘The one that connects to the Playstation. We were trying to use it earlier.’ Lottie walked in and over to have a look. She knelt down. Joey was right next to her. The atmosphere was electric. She could sense the eyes burning into her nearly naked body. She leant forward to have a look at the cables, of course exposing her ample backside, the material of her bikini barely covering her large cheeks. She held this position for as long as she could and she guessed Joey must have an erection. When she fixed it and stood up she subtly checked his jeans out. Yep, a definite bulge that he was squirming to hide.

Then she bounced down to the hot tub and got in. Lottie closed her eyes and imagined what Joey looked like. She enjoyed fantasizing in bed before she slept as it relaxed her. Before she fell into slumber though she heard the door open and the three of them walk out.

‘Hey, hon, you don’t mind me being here do you?’

‘Course not, mom!’

They slid in. Joey was right in front of Lottie. She sat up slightly in the water so that her breasts were fully out. Her nipples were like bullets. Poor man, he was trying not to be obvious, but he was staring. It was fairly outrageous – even Tif was taking peeks! Luckily her daughter was next to her so not aware of the protruding mammarian display.

‘I could do with a beer,’ announced Megan. ‘Joey, could you grab some? Just inside the door.’ He seemed to hesitate, but she pushed. To be fair to the guy he tried to hide his erection but it was just not possible. Lottie smiled. Yes, she had toyed with him enough. He was ready. And this feeling was compounded by the fact that he was still quite erect when he splashed back in.

‘OK, guys, I’m going to head in,’ Lottie said. ‘I’ll see you later.’ She ensured that as she stood up she lost her balance and fell into Joey, her hand moving forward and accidentally grabbing his hard cock. Impressive. He stuttered and stammered but she wiggled out eventually, showing a lot of her curves in the process.

Lottie realised, as she changed into a lingerie set, that she didn’t actually know how to seduce him. He was with the girls. Yes, he was sleeping over, but how to separate? She dressed in a nice little dress, even though the hour was late and she could well have changed into pyjamas.

Thankfully, this dilemma was answered when Joey walked in. ‘Hey, Joey, can I help you?’ she asked, sat in the kitchen with a glass of wine.

‘Just looking for a shower and place to change. Megan said her room would be good.’

‘Nonsense, that’s upstairs. There’s a guest room in there. With a shower too. Go for it!’

‘Gee, thanks.’ He went in and closed the door. This was it. Her chance.

Just ten minutes later he came out. ‘Enjoy your shower, young man?’

‘Thanks, Mrs Daniels, it was great.’ He seemed a tad startled to see her there. After all, why was she hanging around? And to compound it all he was in just a towel. She eyed his toned physique. Mmm, simply ravishing.

Lottie walked forward. ‘You are a strong young guy. Do you work out much?’

‘Erm,’ he stuttered. ‘Yeah, a bit.’

‘I haven’t seen a young guy’s body in so long…’ she mused. He was lost for words. Then, quick as a flash, Lottie reached forward and grabbed his towel. She pulled it away in one swift motion so the youth was stood totally naked in front of her.

A look of startled shock flashed across his face. He tried to cover himself but it was after a good second of exposure and Lottie had a bit grin where she had glimpsed his large member. He was big.

‘What? Erm, what the hell?’ he stammered.

‘Don’t tell me you don’t like it.’ She walked forward and pressed her voluptuous body to his firm one. ‘Go with it,’ she ordered.

She leaned in and kissed the young stud. He marveled at how wet and full her lips were. The lad did not resist. Both were sloppy, wet and generous with their smooching, their mouths one sticky mess. Joey slipped his tongue deep into her mouth, as deep as it would go, and she started to suck it like she might a cock. The comparison was not lost on Joey and he imagined what that would feel like.

Joey’s cock was by now raging hard, barely concealed behind his hands. Her fingers went to it and started to massage. In turn, his hands slipped behind her waist grabbed her ass. It was so big and round, much greater in size than the slim little gym bunnies at college. Compared to the delicate little bubble butts he’d had, this one seemed just so expansive. He squeezed and kneaded and rubbed.

They kissed and fondled for a long time, tongues dancing together in each other’s mouths, teasing and arousing in equal measure. He noted how fresh she tasted, and realized that he had thought an older woman would taste different. She didn’t.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32