Double the Excitement

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Ass Grab

Ffrom the moment Julieanna walked through the heavy doors, into the dimly-lit interior, furtive glances from patrons young and old focused on her tight jeans and her even tighter behind.

She had set out to excite, her hair out and dropping well down her back. The pink lace at the top of her shirt was cut low enough to enable a swelling glimpse of her small tanned breasts, while the plunging fur collar of her coat added the touch of sophistication that often surrounded her.

Glances progressed to propositions of all varieties, as couples and a variety of single males sought to sample Julieanna’s unashamed sexuality.

To escape the attention they sought the relative calm of a verandah in partial shadow, where a lounge was already occupied by a woman avidly devouring her partner’s cock while a stranger unzipped her jeans and thrust his fingers between her legs.

As her partner Will’s attentions were locked on the lounge scene, an attractive young man only just over half Julieanna’s age introduced himself to her. She found herself becoming excited, not by him personally, but by the exciting news that she had the ability to lure any man.

She whispered softly in Will’s ear: “Do you mind?”

He assured her of her freedom and she returned to the young man’s side nodded mardin escort to him that they could take things further and brushed her lips along his neck. He needed no other invitation as they stepped back into the shadows and his hand began to squeeze her tight-denimed arse.

Will watched as his hand reached down to grind against the mound between her legs. She returned the gesture, squeezing and kneading him through his pants.

He found himself excited watching them touch and joined them, the two men pressing her from each side. Her partner slipped his hand down the front of her shirt and caressed her breasts.

The threesome writhing on the lounge just a few feet from them had already gathered an audience, but Anna’s obvious liking for more than one male gave some of them new ideas.

As Julieanna felt the roving hands of her two admirers, two others quickly began touching her all over, one even thrusting his exposed cock into her hand.

Anna felt a moment of panic as the four men surrounded her, their hands plunging roughly onto her breasts and pushing down inside the waistband of her jeans.

Will and her new young friend ushered her away from the extra attention and moved into a room, where their van escort young companion relieved her of her fur lined jacket. They both tugged quickly at her top, forcing it up and over her head. Will then unhooked her black French lace bra and leaned over to take her stiffening nipple into his mouth as she laid back on the bed between them.

Next, Julieanna felt another mouth on her right breast and both men worked at the buttons and zip to slide her out of those tight jeans.

They eased her leather boots from her and both rolled the jeans down her thighs and legs revealing the tiniest black lace panties as her only clothing.

Will went back to her breasts with his mouth, while their excited newcomer slid the narrow band of lace aside and dipped his fingers between her thighs.

Meanwhile, he had unzipped his own pants and he led her hand onto it. She gripped between Will’s legs on her other side and slid her fingers up and down each of them, liking the feeling as they stiffened in her hand.

In their eagerness to take her, no-one had locked the room and by now a group was standing in the open doorway watching as Will knelt between her legs, savoring her wetness. They watched as she used her hand on the younger man and accepted ankara escort the oral attention of her partner. The two men who had tried to force themselves onto her earlier watched hungrily from the door.

By now some of the voyeurs were sitting on the edge of the bed watching as she whispered to Will: “Put it in my mouth.”

He moved to the head of the bed and she unzipped his pants. Her fingers found him and she devoured his cock, sucking and fondling him at the same time. Her hands had meanwhile made her young admirer’s cock hard and she knelt on the bed to give Will more head.

A couple on the bed beside them began to masturbate and rub each other as Julieanna felt the second cock slide into her moistness. She bucked back on it, at the same time careful to keep Will’s stiffness in her mouth.

She always felt empowered when she gave fellatio and loved the control of exciting him in front of others wanting those watching to wish it was them receiving amazing head.

She loved the performance of giving expert head because this was where her true talent lay. Julieanna loved to alter the tempo, the pressure and tension, designed to shock and bring him really close to bursting point, but stop just before.

Will watched as the second man pumped himself into her on her hands and knees. At the same time he could see his own cock being sucked and kissed as she enjoyed the attentions of not just the two men she had power over, but the growing appreciative spectators who were now all either touching themselves or their partners as they watched her expert performance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32