Euphoria Resort

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“Welcome to Euphoria!” a good looking black man said as he greeted my wife, Jess, and I. I couldn’t help but notice two scantily clad maids getting our bags for us.

“Come right thus way to check-in with your specialist,” he directed us.

We clutched each others hands and hurried in, we were giddy to get started. Euphoria was no ordinary resort, it was couples therapy that used real data to figure out how to improve your sex life. It was very hush hush in terms of methods, but the reviews were incredible.

Jess and I were only 25, but we were high school sweethearts, which meant we have never been with anyone else sexually, and we had already been together for 10 years. We love each other, but we just need some help!

We were each handed a fruity alcoholic cocktail, and ushered into a doctors office. It felt more like a spa than anything else though!

“You must be Tim and Jess! I’m Doctor Vanessa Smith, you can call me Vanessa,” a beautiful white woman said as she stood up from her chair and extended her hand.

We sat down on the couch and I put my arm around Jess, I could tell she was equally as nervous and excited as me.

Sensing our nerves, Vanessa spoke up. “So I read your bio and reviewed your test scores from the online application you submitted. I will say that I’m pretty sure I know how to improve both of your sex lives, but I still think we should go through the our process.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I chimed in. Trying to sound confident.

“Ok great,” Vanessa said, clapping her hands once. “I see you already completed all of the waivers and NDAs. The next step is for Tim to strip.”

“Strip?” I said.

“Yes,” she said as she went over to get a box on her desk. “As you know, our process is backed by data. For women, it is very simple, we just have them wear this smart watch that measures heart rate, blood flow, etc… For you boys it is a bit more difficult because we need to understand blood flow to your penis. The only way to do that is to put this monitor cuff on your shaft. Don’t worry, we have perfected it so you can barely feel it and it doesn’t get in the way.”

I stood up and removed my pants and underwear. I felt embarrassed standing in front of my wife and this beautiful doctor given my size. I am barely 2 inches soft, and no more than 4 skinny inches when hard.

Vanessa came over and grabbed my penis with 2 fingers, wrapping the black band around my shaft. It looked to be too big for my lack of size.

“Looks like someone exaggerated in the application,” she said, giving me a wink. “No problem, we have smaller sizes.”

She walked over to her desk and picked up her phone, “Walter, do we have any smaller bands?” There was a pause as Walter spoke. “No not blue, smallest we have…yes…perfect.”

Vanessa turned her direction back to me. “Your in luck, we have one pink band left!

“Great,” I muttered, trying to sound excited. In reality, I was completely mortified. So much so that my penis started to get hard.

It seemed like forever, but in a minute or two the door opened and Walter came in. He was huge, probably 6’6″, extremely fit, and black as night.

I tried to lighten the mood. “I’m guessing Walter doesn’t need the pink band,” I joked.

“No he certainly doesn’t,” Vanessa said matter of factly as she clasped the pink band around my now fully erect penis. “That will be all Walter, thank you.”

“Ok you can put your pants back on and sit back down Tim,” Vanessa said.

“So what’s next?” I asked.

“You two are all set up to be here for two weeks, which is great. Some people are only here for a week but its tough to get enough data in that amount of time. Over the next 3 days I just want you to enjoy the resort and have sex! We’ll be monitoring your Orgasm Scores over those 3 days as well as any other heightened stimulation during those days.”

“What is heightened stimulation,” Jess asked.

“Good question. So anytime either of you are aroused but are not engaged in sex. So for example, Tim’s penis just got hard when he was naked and comparing his size to what he imagined was Walter’s big black cock. We have cameras set up all over the resort so when we see heightened arousal, we can go back to the footage to hypothesize what was the cause.”

“I see,” Jess nodded her head.

I just sat there blushing, thinking about how my arousal was being diagnosed by a doctor. I hope Jess didn’t think that was real.

“So what happens after 3 days?” I asked, just trying to move the conversation along.

“After 3 days we will regroup and review the data collected. I will use that data plus your online test results to propose some ideas of how to improve sex for both of you so that you can get more pleasure. The goal is to get both of you up to an orgasm score of over 90, consistently. Just remember, have fun, keep an open mind, this is all to help you!”

The door opened and Walter walked back in.

“Tim and Jess, come with me and I’ll give you a tour of the resort and take you bursa escort to your room!” He said in a deep voice.

We thanked Vanessa and went with Walter for the tour. He showed us dining rooms, the bar, the dance club, the adult entertainment club, the gym, the yoga studio, the salon, the spa the pools, the beach, they had it all! They even had a portion of the beach, a pool, and a swim up bar that was nude!

Eventually we got to our room and Walter left us to ourselves. I tried to tip him but he declined, saying that they don’t accept monetary tips, whatever that means.

“So what do you want to do first? Grab a drink and go to the pool?” I asked Jess.

“Hmmm…how about some sex first?” Jess responded, giving me a seductive look as she pulled me onto the bed.

Within minutes we were naked. I got on top of her and sunk my rock hard penis into her wet pussy. She was clearly excited. Unfortunately for me, I was still horny from earlier and came within about 30 seconds.

“I wonder what our scores were?” She laughed as laid next to me, “this is going to be an amazing two weeks! Lets go to the pool!”

“I guess we’ll find out in 3 days! And yes, let’s go to the pool,” I agreed.

“What do you think about the nude pool?” Jess timidly suggested, “we need to try a bunch of things to get as much data as possible, sounds kind of hot!”

I didn’t want to sound like a prude, so I agreed.

I put on some shorts and Jess just put on a dress and we made our way passed the regular pool and to the nude pool. When we got there we took our clothes off, jumped in, and went right to the swim up bar. At least my little penis wouldn’t be on display there.

We grabbed two in water stools between a couple of women and were greeted by the bartender, a gorgeous, naked white woman. She looked to be about our age and had an amazing body.

“Wow, even the bartenders are nude here?” Jess asked.

The bartender giggled, “Absolutely, we don’t want to make you all feel uncomfortable by keeping our clothes on. Everyone is here for the same thing! My shift is just about over though, can I get you a drink before I go?”

“Yes, two strawberry daiquiris please!” Jess eagerly said.

“Just wait until you see the next bartender,” a blonde lady in her mid 30s said.

The hot bartender brought us our drinks. I was proud of myself for not getting a boner. Not that anyone would see since it is under water, but I just didn’t want Jess feeling self conscious about it if she happened to notice.

“Cheers,” we said as we sipped our drinks.

“Ah! Tim and Jess!” we hears a familiar voice from behind the bar. It was Walter.

“Hey Walter!!” Jess greeted him excitedly.

“You guys know each other?” asked the lady next to Jess.

“Yes, he was our tour guide earlier.”

As he walked towards us I couldn’t help but notice the enormous black cock that swung between his legs. It went halfway down his thigh and was as thick as my wrist.

Jess leaned over to me, “Vanessa was right, he definitely doesn’t need the pink band.” She giggled.

I blushed and took a sip of my drink.

For the next 30 minutes everyone at the bar just hung. It was just like the social atmosphere at a normal bar, except we were naked!

After a couple of drinks, I was feeling pretty loose, I could tell Jess was too.

“Oh shoot Timmy!” Jess said, “You need to get some sunscreen on, your back is starting to burn. Walter, do you have anything back there?”

“Jess, I’m fine,” I stubbornly argued.

“The sun down here is no joke!” Walter spoke up. “I’ve seen plenty of white people have their vacations ruined by too much sun on day one. Why don’t you hope over the bar and dry off quickly so we can get some lotion on you.”

I gave in, he was right. I awkwardly climbed onto the bar, and then Walter reached out and helped me down. My hand accidentally grazed his big black cock as I jumped down onto the ground, but he was nice enough to not make a big deal of it.

He handed my a towel and I started to dry myself off. I squatted down to dry my legs off and I couldn’t help but notice I was eye level with his big black cock. It was truly enormous. I kept wanting to look, but did my best to stay focused.

I stood back up and continued to dry myself off. Before I could protest, I felt Walters hands on me, rubbing sunscreen onto my back.

“I can…” I started to stop him.

“Don’t worry about it my friend, its no trouble at all!” Walter responded.

He started with the top of my back and shoulders, moving to my lower back and top of my butt. It felt good. I could feel how huge is hands were as his palms were on my lower back and his fingers wrapped around my hips.

His hands lingered. I’m sure his big black cock was only inches from me.

“Thanks Walter, I can take it from here,” I stopped him.

“You got it friend,” he said, handing me the bottle of sunscreen.

He turned back to the bar. As malatya escort he did, I felt his big black cock graze against me.

I started to finish putting lotion on the easy to reach places. It was then then that I realized my penis was hard again. I hurriedly finished before hopping back over the bar and getting back to my seat.

My hopes of Jess not noticing my boner went out the window when she reached over and gave my boner a squeeze.

The lady next to her spoke up, “I haven’t seen the pink band before, is there something special about that one?”

Jess giggled and gave my penis another squeeze. “Kind of,” she spoke up, “it is their smallest size, their regular size bands wouldn’t stay on his little penis.”

“I see,” the lady responded, “well I’m sure you two will be learning lot during your time here!”

Once the sun started to set, we went back our room. As soon as I closed the door, Jess jumped me, she was horny. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. Without any foreplay she sunk herself onto my hard penis.

I moaned as we started to move in unison. Every time I closed my eyes, visions of Walter’s big black cock and his hands on my hips danced through my head. I tried to shake it, but I couldn’t.

“Mmmmm” I moaned as I came deep inside her.

Jess climbed off, I could tell she didn’t cum. The whole ordeal only lasted about 2 minutes.

The next couple of days were more of the same, we ate, drank, and fucked as much as we could. We even watched porn one night (something we had never done preciously).

When I started to go down on Jess it was a two white guys and a white girl, but when I came back up for air it was a scene with a really hung black guy and a white girl. The white girl in the video, and Jess were clearly into it!

On the 4th morning we walked hand in hand to Vanessa’s office.

“Good morning you two! I’ve been going over your data and have been very much looking forward to today!” Vanessa greeted us excitedly.

“Us too!” Jess chimed in.

“Please, take a seat on the couch. So who over the last 3 days it seems you had sex 10 times, which is amazing! A lot of times we have couples with low sex drives, which can’t be fixed naturally. That is clearly not the case with you too! You both have very high sex drives, above the 90th percentile.”

“That’s great!” I said, giving Jess’s hand a squeeze.

Vanessa looked at her tablet, “Now from the data, it looks like Timmy’s best orgasm score was the 2nd time you had sex on day 1. You had a 35. Do you remember anything unique about that?”

Shit, that was after the nude pool and the sunscreen ordeal with Walter.

“Not really?” I said, playing dumb.

“We looked back at the footage, and it looks like that was right after you two were at the nude pool. Also, there may have been some contact with our good friend Walter that afternoon.”

“Is 35 good?” I asked, changing the topic to my orgasm score.

“No,” Vanessa said sternly. “The highest score we have recorded has been a 99. Our goal is to get individuals into the 90s though, consistently.”

“I see,” I responded meekly.

Vanessa continued, “What was interesting is that your strongest boner happened at the bar earlier that day. Could you tell me about that?”

“I…ummm…” I stammered.

“That was when you got hard from Walter putting sunscreen on you sweetie,” Jess said lovingly.

“That’s right!” Vanessa spoke up, “I’m glad someone has a memory here! Your boner during that encounter was 75% To put that in perspective, your most full boner during any time you two had sex was 50%. You had a 50% stronger erection from Walter than this gorgeous lady next to you.”

“It’s ok sweetie,” Jess said, “don’t be embarrassed, Walter is extremely sexual.”

“Good segway!” Vanessa cut in. “So Jess, your highest score was a 55: Typically, that is the minimum viable score for a female orgasm. That was the night you two watched porn and he went down on you. The highest score you achieved from real sex was a 5. It didn’t even register as having sex. We had to go back and match your times with when we knew Tim had an orgasm.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, embarrassed by the results.

“It means that in my professional opinion, your penis is too small to give pleasure to your wife.”

“I think that makes sense,” Jess said, “what about him?”

“This is where it gets interesting,” Vanessa started back up, “what I believe you two both need is the same thing. A real man. However, i think this is more complicated for Tim.”

Vanessa was speaking directly to Jess about me, not even paying attention to me.

“My hypothesis is that Tim isn’t gay.”

“That’s great!” Jess shouted, “See Tim, don’t worry. Getting hard because of Walter doesn’t make you gay!”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well yes, and no,” Vanessa interjected, speaking directly to Jess. “My hypothesis for little Timmy here is that he isn’t çanakkale escort gay, but rather a sissy.”

Vanessa sensed our confusion and continued her explanation, “you see a sissy is something completely different from a gay man. For example, a gay man can still be masculine. An alpha even. A sissy is 100% submissive. They are typically white males, not men, who just weren’t built with the proper equipment to satisfy women. Knowing their limitations, Sissies find themselves overwhelmed by real men who they deem to possess the masculinity that they never had. I’m guessing Timmy here has always known where he stacks up compared to men like Walter. Sissies don’t typically have the independence to explore this new lifestyle on their own, they need strong women or men to help show them the best version of themselves.”

“I don’t think I’m a sissy,” I argued meekly. I was so embarrassed by her diagnosis of me.

“You see,” Vanessa said calmly to Jess, “did you notice how he said ‘think’? There is doubt in his mind, he just isn’t able to express his feelings that he is a sissy yet. He needs others to help him.”

“I see,” Jess agreed, “so what is next?”

“For you?” Vanessa smiled, “you have it easy. You are about to embark on a 3 day exploration of what it is like get fucked by real men!”

I grimaced as I noticed Jess smiling at the thought.

Vanessa continued, “We are going to move you over to the singles wing of the resort and set you up for an action packed couple of days.”

“And what about him?” Jess asked, giving me a pat on the knee.

“Well he is going to be in a more regimented program. I’ll need you to sign off on it, which you are able to do based on your pre-arrival waivers, but he will work to unpack Timmy to see if he truly is a sissy or not. There will be daily sessions with me as well as exposure analysis. While we will keep you both separated for at least 3 days, you will be getting updates on each other. Do you agree to this Jess?”

I jumped in, “please Jess, I don’t want to do this, can we just go home?”

Jess turned and looked at me, holding both of my hands, “Sweetie, we both need to explore this. It doesn’t need to change anything between us, I love you. But I want to feel what it is like to be with a larger man, and I think you need to see what is behind this door for yourself. What better place to do it than at this beautiful resort? Everything can go back to normal at the end of our trip if we want it to.”

“Jess, please, I…”

“I tell you what,” Vanessa interrupted, “let’s test out my little hypothesis, right here, right now. In the next 10 minutes if I can’t get you your strongest erection and best orgasm score since arriving, we will declare my hypothesis as false and you will enjoy a more standard vacation. Deal?”

There was no way she could make that happen, mind over matter.

“Deal,” I agreed.

She stood her tablet up on her desk. There were three numbers on it. A 10 minute timer, my erection strength (currently at zero) and my orgasm score (also at zero).

“Before I start this timer, you need to strip.” Vanessa continued, “I cant have you stalling. Just a reminder, the erection strength to beat is 75% and orgasm score is a woeful 35.”

I stripped down to being completely naked.

Vanessa tapped the screen and the 10 minute countdown started. This was going to be cake.

“First, put these on,” Vanessa commanded, tossing me a purple lacy thong.

I bent down to put them on.

“Look at how they are the same color pink as your penis cuff, coincidence?” She said.

Once all the way on, I felt a twinge of arousal. The tight, but stretchy lace material felt good hugging my penis and balls. I looked over, my erection score was now a 5, and climbing.

Vanessa stood next to me and traced her long fingernail of her pointer finger along my growing penis.

“See how small he is?” Vanessa directed to Jess, “you can barely make out his little penis in these tiny panties. It’s almost as if he was made for them.”

Jess covered her mouth, trying not to giggle.

I glanced over at the tablet, 9 minutes left and my erection was only at a 15.

“Why don’t we take a look at some images,” Jess said, clicking the TV on.

Images started scrolling through of gorgeous women in lingerie.

“Look at these sexy women,” Vanessa said, “why is your erection plateauing at 15 with these images? Let’s try something else.”

I heard Jess gasp. Images started scrolling through of black men with their big black cocks on full display.

“Ah there we go, back on track! Looks like the sight of those big black cocks gets your blood pumping. Is that right sweetie?”

I was up to a 25.

Vanessa continued, “do you think those big black cocks would fit in girly panties like your pathetic little penis?”

Only 5 minutes left. I was going to get out of this just fine.

The door opened, I turned to look but Vanessa told me stop, so I remained facing forward.

“Walter, can you help our little sissy out? She is confused,” Vanessa said.

Walter, I thought to myself. Images of his big black cock flooded my mind and my erection immediately jumped to a 35.

Vanessa gave him a nod and he walked up behind me. He reached around and put one hand on my hip and pulled me back towards him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32