Evening Surprise

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After a long day of work, I finally get to fall on the couch and enjoy my favorite Netflix show with my wife. Luckily, I finish my reports early today, so I’m getting home a little earlier than usual, which is always fine as far as my wife’s concerned.

Getting from the car to the front door is the last obstacle I’ll have to overcome for the rest of the weekend. The summer heat has been baking all day, and about twenty feet are standing between me and my air-conditioned home.

Once inside, I kick off my shoes and socks, hang my jacket on the rack, throw my briefcase on the coffee table next to the door, and start looking for my wife. As I get closer to the hall leading to our bedroom, I hear soft, erratic moans. My heart drops into my stomach and my knees wobble; I’m trembling so hard.

The closer I get, the louder the moans get. Once I’m at the door, I hear the sounds of wet slapping and the bed creaking. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was my wife, but that’s what I thought. That fantasy is quickly killed off when I slowly push open the let the right one in izle door just enough to see a strong-bodied gentleman thrusting between my sweet wife’s thighs.

Of course, my eyes immediately drop between his ass cheeks, trying to get a peek and what he’s plowing my wife with. He’s so buried in my wife’s juicy cunt that all I can see is about two inches of the thickest dick I’ve ever seen.

My heart drops even lower as I realize my wife probably replaced with this gentleman a long time ago. There’s no way her little pussy could just take a Hulk-of-a-man like this in one afternoon.

Transfixed, I watch my wife’s lover drill her faster and deeper, knocking our headboard against the wall as he brings my wife to the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever known her to experience. She grabs his muscular arms and squeezes his biceps as her hips buck and jerk uncontrollably. She begs him to fuck her harder, and he does.

His hips twirl and bounce as he hits every hot spot leyla ile mecnun izle in my wife’s sweet cunt from all angles. She cries out in blissful passion, begging for more. He pushes her legs open more and slams deeper and harder. To my surprise, my wife squirts on his thrusting cock as she cums again and again. Even more gut-wrenching, neither of them is surprised by her squirting.

After a few heart-aching minutes of earth-quaking missionary, he turns my wife over and pushes into her pussy from behind. He moves so fluently, I don’t get a chance to see his cock, but from the sounds my wife is making, it’s as big as I dread it is.

While lying on my wife’s back, he begins pumping, bouncing on her ass cheeks while holding her hips. Their lovemaking is more passionate and vigorous, which sends my wife into another series of orgasms.

Between moans and orgasmic screams, she says things to him she’s never said to me. She doesn’t acknowledge my existence in any way, not even to cuckold me. They little women izle just keep fucking like they’ve done this countless times. Then, he leans down and bites her ear as he shoves his massive manhood deeper inside my wife and shoots his load.

It’s not until he pulls his masculine manhood from my wife’s satisfied slit that I see all nine inches of this mighty man. Not a second after his cock is free, globs of thick semen pour from my wife’s stretched womanhood.

Usually, this is the part where the husband says, ‘I found myself oddly aroused by watching my wife getting fucked by another man’, but that’s not me.

As my wife and her lover lie in each others’ arms, bodies dripping with sweat, I walk outside into the blazing heat. Obviously to my burning, bare feet, I begin walking mindlessly down the street. Neighbors on both sides of the street ask if I’m okay, but I’m unable to answer them. I just keep walking!

…If anyone is curious, at some point in the middle of the night, two police officers find me walking down a poorly lit back road. They tell my wife called after getting worried about me not coming home. When they deliver home, my wife admits to seeing my socks and shoes, my jacket, and my briefcase, but that’s all she admits.

Now, I don’t like going home anymore. Even though my wife regularly calls and tells me she can’t wait till I get home; I don’t like going home anymore!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32