Ex-Benefits Ch. 01

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Writer’s Note: The ‘action’ takes some time to get to, but the set-up is worth it to create a more realistic atmosphere. Thank you for your patience.


A young woman with dark brown hair pushed her cart down a busy aisle of shoppers. She thought herself lucky to find the last of the honey-baked hams in the large refrigerator. When she looked at the list that her mother had given her, she sighed, and then she heard her name from behind.


She turned, her eyes widening.

“Oh, my God! Marlon!” she exclaimed as a smiling, attractive young man with an olive complexion approached. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt that hugged his muscular torso and arms and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. A thick silver rope chain hung from his neck.

When Marlon hugged her, her breasts pressed against his wide chest and she wanted to melt in his strong embrace. Marlon had been cute in high school, but now he was all grown up. He still smelled the same. The smell of that particular cologne always did something to her. She felt a warm sensation between her legs.

“Damn, it’s been a long time, Shanna,” he said after pulling back.

“I know… high school,” she replied. Shanna brushed her hair back, hoping that she looked decent.

“You look really good.”

“Oh… thank you,” she said, blushing. “You too. You look so different.” She giggled and grabbed his biceps. “You’re big.”

Marlon flexed his biceps and smiled. “I work out for football.”

“I heard you’re at… UCS?”

“UCU. I’m a second-string quarterback there.”

“Did you get a scholarship?”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “Football has been great to me. How about you?”

“I’m… good,” she said dubiously.

“You don’t sound too excited, Shanna… So what are you doing down here again? I thought you moved up north.”

“We did… Well, my parents moved back here right after my sister left for college. I guess they missed their friends too much. I’m just visiting for the holiday and buying dinner for tomorrow night.”

“I’m here till Sunday. You know, we should meet for coffee or something if you have time.”

“Ok,” she replied.

“How about tonight?”

“Sure, I mean—” She paused. “I should check with my parents first to see what they’re doing.”

“Oh… How about if I call you later, then?”

“Sounds good,” Shanna said.

Marlon hugged her again, and she felt so tiny in his large arms. She closed her eyes for a moment when his hands pressed the small of her back as he said goodbye.

Shanna had resolved some of her feelings for Marlon. They’d broken up in high school after her father had caught them having sex and had made her promise to break their relationship off. Although Shanna had tried to fight it, her father had been relentless. Marlon had tried to continue the relationship, but after her father caught them a second time, he’d chased Marlon from their backyard with a bat. Her father had then talked to Marlon’s parents, and that had been the end of their relationship. She understood that her father didn’t want her to make the same mistakes he had, but she still resented him for ending her relationship with Marlon.

It wasn’t as if she were hung up on the past though. She’d had boyfriends in high school and college since her breakup with Marlon and was currently exclusive with someone she’d met in her philosophy class. Although she sometimes thought of Marlon, she never thought she’d see him again.

Shanna’s parents had gone to the Indian Casino after dinner, leaving her to watch a cheesy romantic comedy on cable.

Her phone rang.

“Marlon?” she said, noting his name on her caller ID.

“You ready to go out?”

“Uh, I don’t think I can meet you. I have no way of getting there,” she told him. It was probably better they didn’t meet anyway. She didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.

“You want to me to pick you up in fifteen?”

“Oh no, it’s too far. My parents are in Orange Hill now.

“That’s not too far.”

“No, really, that’s ok. I’m going to get ready for bed pretty soon.”

“Bed? It’s only… 8:30. Come on, girl! It’s been years. Let’s just hit a coffee shop and talk for a while.”

“Well… ok,” Shanna conceded. “If you’re sure it’s not too far?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Give me an hour, OK?”

“Alright, what’s the address?”

After giving Marlon directions and saying goodbye, Shanna turned off the television and took a quick shower.

She blow-dried her shoulder-length hair and put on a pair of black lace panties and a matching demi bra. Over her large breasts, she slipped on a loose, but low-cut blouse. She then put on a tight black skirt, which barely touched the top of her knees. Shanna finished off her ensemble with her favorite large gold hoop earrings and a gold crucifix necklace that hung just above her cleavage.

Her phone vibrated.

House w the roses? Marlon texted.

Yes. Sry 5 more min.

After setting her phone down, Shanna put on subtle makeup that focused on her eyes. Then, she put on lockwood co izle her heels and looked in the mirror. She wished she didn’t have such a big butt because it barely fit in her skirt. Quickly adjusting her underwire, she grabbed her purse and coat.

Marlon was parked in front of her parents’ house in an apple red Civic.

“Hi,” Marlon said, smiling as Shanna opened the car door. He was dressed in a silky black shirt and dark jeans. The top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, showing a silvery chain and the top of a wife-beater. His hair was styled similar to a frohawk, but the highest point of his hair was at the front.

“Sorry I’m late,” she replied.

“No problem at all. You look beautiful.”

Shanna noticed he looked over her entire body. She smiled. “Thank you. You look nice, too.”

“Thanks, I wanted to look nice for an old friend.”

“So, how long have you had this car?” Shanna asked as she put on her seatbelt.

Marlon pulled away from the curb. “Since I started college. It’s OK, I couldn’t really afford what I really wanted.”

“What’s that?”

“The Series 2 BMWs,” he said, smiling “I looked at one the other day, but they’re so expensive. I think I’m going to buy an SUV instead.”

“Is there one that you like?”

“The x5.”


“Yeah, but I’ll probably have to settle for a used car.”

“Yeah, BMW doesn’t make ’em cheap—”

Marlon interrupted her. “Hey, do you know of any good coffee shops around here?”

“No, not really.”

“It’s OK. I’ll search on the GPS.” Marlon tapped a few buttons on the console, and it began spitting out directions. “How long did you say your parents have lived here?”

“Since I went to college in September.”

“Have you been here?” he asked as he pulled into a small shopping center. Most of the stores looked closed.

“No, I haven’t.”

“The lights are out in the coffee shop,” Marlon said as they approached. “Let me look for another one,” he said, tapping the console.

“I didn’t think it was that late,” Shanna said. “It’s only five after 10.”

“Let’s try this other one.” He pulled back onto the street and across the intersection.

“It figures. Most shops close pretty early in Mar Nueva.”

“We’ll find one,” Marlon said.

“Do you keep up with anyone from school?”

“Sure, Jase, uh, Dustin, Mike Sturges, a couple more.”

“Really? I only ever talk to people through Facebook.”

“Yeah, Jason and I have a Vegas trip planned for spring break.” Marlon pulled the car into a small parking lot, to the front of another coffee shop.

“It looks closed,” Shanna said as Marlon got out of the car.

“Wait here,” he said, closing the car door.

She watched Marlon go in and speak to someone putting chairs on the tables. They talked for a minute or so, and then Marlon opened the coffee shop door and waved Shanna over. The cleaning guy locked the door behind Shanna as she entered.

“He’ll let us get some coffee, but we can’t hang out here,” Marlon explained.


“What’ll it be?” the barista asked as he approached the counter.

They ordered their drinks, and Shanna opened her purse, and then handed Marlon a five.

“No, that’s ok,” he said.

“Let me pay for my own.”

“It’s only a couple bucks,” he countered, removing some money from his wallet and paying for the drinks.

They stood by the counter watching the barista prepare their coffee. They were silent for a minute as he loaded the machine and ground the beans.

“Did you hear James proposed to Courtney?” Shanna asked.

“No, when did that happen?”

“A couple of months ago. They’re planning on getting married next year.”

Marlon nodded.

“The double shot Arribiata,” the lanky kid behind the counter announced, holding out the brown-capped cup.

“Thanks,” Shanna said as she took it.

“You’re a real coffee fiend, huh?” Marlon smiled.

“Yeah,” she admitted, smelling the strong coffee aroma.

“And the black Arabian,” the barista said. Marlon grabbed the cup and thanked the kid for the drink.” The barista added, “I’ll let you guys out in just a sec.”

Marlon handed the barista a twenty when they left.

Standing at the passenger side of Marlon’s car, Shanna shivered in the cold as the wind chilled her legs. She warmed her hands on the coffee. Her short coat and skirt only reached slightly above her knees.

“I guess we can just sit inside the car and talk,” Marlon suggested, once they were in the car again.

“No… I don’t want to spill coffee in your new car. Why don’t we just go back to my parents’ house? They won’t be home till early tomorrow anyway,” Shanna said.

Marlon looked her in the eye.

“Uh… they went to the Indian Casino. Not like I meant we should—”

“It’s OK, I knew what you meant,” Marlon said with a smile.

Shanna’s face flushed as Marlon started the car and backed up. He drove back onto the street and towards her parents’.

“So, are loki izle you in the dorms, then?” Marlon asked.

“No, my parents got me a studio.”


“I think they’re just scared that I’ll go out and party, like Mariah. She got kicked out freshman year because of her grades.”

“Your sister got kicked out? Shit—”

“Yeah, my parents were pissed. I guess that’s why I’ve tried to study so hard. They’re paying for my school, and they bought me the condo so I won’t be hanging out at parties.”

“That won’t stop you from partying,” Marlon replied.

“I guess, but I haven’t been to any parties. I think Mariah went to a lot of parties that she heard of from her friends at the dorms.”

“So you don’t go to parties at all? Isn’t that boring?”

“Well, I’ve only met a few people at school.” Shanna put her fingers through her hair, pushing her brown locks over one ear. “I have been invited to a few, but I didn’t feel comfortable going.”

“This is the time. Your parents were so strict when we were growing up, you should spread your wings a little.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Shanna said.

“You guess? You told me your dad was pissed when he heard you were dating me. He called me the brown boy next door.”

She winced. “Yeah.”

“Your dad is Mexican, and he calls me brown?”

“He’s only a quarter. He thought you were a cholo.”

Marlon laughed, pulling the car to the side of the road next to the short driveway to her parents’ home.

At the front door, Shanna fumbled through her purse for her key while Marlon sipped his coffee. “Shit. Could you hold this?” she asked Marlon, handing him her coffee.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think I left the keys in the house.”


“Yes, they’re not in my purse. Well, I guess I’ll call my parents. They’ll be pissed.”

“Don’t they have a key in a fake rock or something?” Marlon asked.

“Not that I know of.”

“Are any of the windows open?”

“No. Well, maybe. I may have left the window cracked in the guest room.”

Marlon followed her to the fence at the side of the house. The fence was made of white brick and had a wooden gate. Shanna attempted to open the gate, but it was locked.

“Want me to give you a boost?” he asked.

“Not in this skirt,” Shanna said with a shake of her head.

“OK.” Marlon chuckled. He handed her his coffee, and then reached up to the top of the bricks and easily pulled himself up. Shanna watched him kneel there for a second before he disappeared over the fence.

With a click, the wooden gate opened. Marlon held out his arm theatrically.

“My hero,” she said, smiling.

“Which window?”

Shanna removed her pumps and walked carefully through the short grass. The backyard was small, just a gazebo with a spa and small garden.

“Pry out the screen,” she said as they reached the window.

Marlon laughed. “Breaking and entering. Just what your dad would expect from me.”


After he popped out the screen, Marlon entered first. Then she handed him the coffees. Shanna put her arms forward, bracing herself on the carpet with her hands. She walked on her hands, her breasts falling forward, before she pulled her feet into the room. She quickly adjusted her breasts as she stood, and then pulled her skirt down.

Marlon looked her up and down. “You could have waited for me to open the front door.”

“That’s true,” she said, blushing.

Shanna remembered their first night together. They had grown up across the street from each other and had both been virgins until that night. She had a red-faced smile as he approached her.

“What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing.” She smirked. “What do you want to do now?”

“Why don’t we get warm?” Marlon smiled and set the coffee on the dresser. Then grabbing her waist, he pulled her close. Her breathing quickened and her heart beat faster, the sudden move surprising her.

The smell of his cologne invaded her senses again, and she could feel his firm cock pressing against her navel.

“Come here,” Marlon said, laughing and pulling her onto the bed.

He crawled on top of her and bent his head down towards hers. Despite her brain telling her that it was wrong, Shanna found herself yielding. As he closed the distance between them, she instinctively parted her lips and closed her eyes.

The anticipation was maddening. It wasn’t until she opened her eyes a second later that Marlon’s mouth enveloped hers, his tongue probing between her lips. Shanna kissed him back passionately. She felt hot between her legs as his tongue intertwined with hers. His hands found the hem of her skirt, pushing the fabric up as he put his fingers against her underwear, which were already moist with her own juices. She moaned as he kissed her, the sensation of his skilled tongue and lips causing a pleasant ache in her loins.

“God…” she panted after he pulled his mouth away.

“Shit, babe, you’re still a great kisser.” His lips went behind her ear to lick lol chi ride e fuori izle the sensitive area as he kissed tenderly.

The bastard knew what he was doing, Shanna thought as her breathing became labored. I have to say no. Although her sexual desire for Marlon was strong, she didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend.

“Marlon, I…” She paused as he lifted off his shirt and wife-beater, and all thoughts of protest died. Marlon’s chest was wide and muscular. The silver chain looked good against his neck and chest. The chiseled abs’ v-line of his oblique muscles and rail of dark hair drew her eyes all the way down to his crotch, where his jeans appeared to be bulging. She placed her hands against Marlon’s hips and looked up into his dark brown eyes. From his gaze, it was clear what his intentions were.

Shanna wanted Marlon inside her, but her mind continued to resist.

She opened her mouth to speak but could only moan when he pushed her wet panties to the side and inserted a single finger.

“Nice and tight,” Marlon said as he thrust his finger back and forth inside her dripping pussy. He started to unbutton her shirt with his other hand.

He removed his finger from her pussy and then licked it clean. “Mmmm, babe. You taste so fucking good. Mmm, like… vanilla ice cream. Fuck, I can’t wait. I gotta try it.” He walked backwards on his knees and then put his face down between her legs, pulling her skirt up to her waist.

“Marlon, maybe we… oh…” Shanna moaned as he burrowed into her pussy with his wagging tongue and tenderly lapped her pink pussy lips. High-pitched moans escaped her mouth as she tightly gripped the duvet. With his hands, he spread her outer pussy lips and massaged her pink interior with his long tongue.

When he pulled his tongue out and started teasing her clit, Shanna’s face and neck flushed as his tongue pressed hard against her magic button. She squealed as he sucked on it, the sensation almost too much for her. His tongue then slid back into her pussy, deeper than before.

While keeping his head buried in her snatch, Marlon reached up with one hand and finished unbuttoning Shanna’s blouse. She looked down to her chest and saw that her nipples were hard. Closing her eyes, Shanna focused on the amazing sensations of her body. The surge of pleasure between her legs caused by Marlon’s eager mouth nearly overwhelmed her.

Pulling her bra down and popping her large boobs up and out of the supporting underwire, Marlon sat up and admired her chest. “Damn, babe, you still have amazing tits,” he said as he pressed them together. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against her nipple.

“Uh, thannnks…” She moaned as he sucked her breast. Cradling the back of Marlon’s head, Shanna leaned forward. Then she felt two of his fingers enter her pussy as his mouth enveloped her entire areola.

He flicked her pink nipple with his tongue and then began teasing the other one as well. Her pussy was dripping, and the ache in her loins had grown to something she couldn’t ignore.

“Can… can I get on top of you?” she asked.

“Sure, babe,” Marlon replied, licking around her areola. He pinched her nipples gently before rolling onto his back. “What’s it you want to do now?”

“I… I gotta fuck you,” Shanna whispered.

She undid the top button of his jeans and then unzipped them. She was shocked to see that Marlon wasn’t wearing underwear. When she pulled down his jeans until his cock was fully revealed, her eyebrows shot up.

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “You’re big.”

“This isn’t junior high anymore.”

The last time that Shanna had seen Marlon’s penis she didn’t have anything to compare it to and they were only teenagers. His cock and balls were much larger than she remembered.

“Fuck, how big are you?” she asked, holding his semi-hard dick in her hand.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Pump it up for me, babe.”

She smiled and put her mouth around the tip and stroked it. As it got bigger, she giggled and said, “No way.”


“It’s huge! I… I’ve never seen one this big,” she explained. “You were seven inches when we were going out, remember? I measured it, but…” Shanna pushed Marlon’s hard cock back against his washboard stomach. “Wow, it’s above your belly button now.”

“What are you gonna do about it?”

“What do you mean?” she replied with a smirk.

Marlon grabbed her head and pulled it down onto his cock, which he held at the base. Shanna complied, opening her mouth to accept as much as she could. When she gagged slightly, Marlon let go, and she pulled his dick from her mouth.

“God,” she panted.

“Not bad, babe.”

Putting her mouth on his smooth balls, Shanna gently sucked and licked his tight nutsack, the scent of his manhood filling her nostrils. It seemed to intensify the heat between her legs. She licked up to the tip, tasting the sweet pre-cum that oozed from his cock.

“Mmmm,” she muttered, looking up to meet his gaze.

“Oh, yeah, get it,” Marlon moaned as Shanna opened her mouth as wide as she could and plunged down his cock. She was only able to fit him into the back of her mouth before she felt he was too far, when the girth pressed against her molars. After she took a breath, she noticed a line of lipstick where she had stopped.

“I thought I had more in there,” she said with disappointment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32