Fall Into Sleep

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He sat on the other side of the room. She was still sleeping; she was so beautiful when she slept. The way her rose petal lips parted as the breath came in and out of her mouth. Her hands would normally curl closed and rest by her head in a child-like innocence. Today they were bound to the bed posts.

Her arms and the delicate cream of her skin, the impossible softness of her forearms where the skin looks like it was porcelain. Today they were raised above her head by her bound arms.

Evan leaned forward and sighed as she tried to roll over in sleep. Her body would not move to the left as she wanted, so she gave up easily and adjusted.

Her head turned to the other side and he brought his gaze to her neck. The long, slender column of the sweet candied flesh. His mouth turned wet just at the sight of her collarbone. She was the softest here, where the skin dipped into a small crevice that his tongue could slip into easily. Then he would bring his mouth back to her smooth throat. Today her throat had teeth marks- his teeth marks.

Her breasts were perfect. The filled out the peach tank top and strained the thin fabric. Evan loved when she wore those small shirts. Her nipples would be completely visible when she was aroused and tempted him to touch, to taste. He would look into her eyes and feel a hunger that made him crazy, but she would send him a saucy grin and gaze at him with deep blue eyes. Ooohhh… it made his body melt to just imagine it. Today her breasts are pressed together and fuller than usual by the restraint.

She was beautiful. Evan stood from the chair and walked closer to the bed.

The long length of her bare legs was a work of art. The dips and curves and smoothness mesmerized him. He would watch her put on lotion and massage each muscle after a bath. Today her legs were spread slightly and tied only loosely around the ankles. She was given six inches of fabric to the bed posts for movement. He didn’t want her too uncomfortable.

The night before, he brought her to bed and kissed her deeply, laying her on the bed. He wanted her love and trust more than he wanted his next breath. He just needed her to prove it to him.

“I will.” Trisha pleaded. “I love you so deeply that it goes beyond my heart. My love for you is so strong, it could never be broken. And I will do anything for you to prove it.” Anything?

She lay on the bed per his instructions. The fabric was taken from a drawer and she did not question. Her arms were bound above her head and she did not flinch. The cloth tightened around her ankles and she did not stir. She laid her head back and smiled.

Evan stood back from her and watched as she was tied to the bed. She was restrained and completely vulnerable. He could do anything to her and she could do nothing. She would have to sit and take it. He could beat her, he could smack her, he could cut her flesh with a jagged knife. And all she could do was sit and take it. And she knew it.

“Trisha, I love you.” He said breathlessly.

She moaned for him and moved for him. This was how he liked her best, craving and wanting. Her body vibrating for his touch and her mouth crying out for him. Yeah, he loved it. He kissed her neck like a hungry animal and dug his teeth into the soft flesh there, to have her cry out, “More, more, more!!”

His hands reached out for her and closed over her breasts and she drew her breath in quick, letting it out on a deep moan. His fingers played with her skin and brought her flesh toboiling point. Knowing where to touch, where to kiss, where she liked it and where it drove her crazy was an advantage that he liked, but today he wanted to drive her farther than she’s ever been- and have her helpless through out the whole ride.

Evan leaned xslot back looked at the prized piece before him. Her light red hair was strewn all about the bed, fanning out as enchanted as a fairy and glowing just as magically. Her beautiful body was presented to him and bound to the bed. His mouth watered. The power he held here was precious and he didn’t want to waste it, but at the same time, he didn’t want to destroy it. He wanted to savor each passionate second of her submission and take them each with care and love. Then put them all in a box to remember forever.

As he retreated from the bed, Trisha looked on patiently. She trusted him with all her heart, all her body. His back was to her as he walked from the room and closed the door.

He stalked the room like a madman. He was going to destroy this, he knew it. Such a precious gift he was given and like the little boy with the glass ball, he would be so thrilled with the present that the joy would make him tumble into the room and drop it, shattering the pleasure into a million pieces, not having enough time to enjoy it. The picture on the wall made him stop, pacing and look deeply. It was taken of both of them and they were smiling, her arms wrapped around his neck as she rode on his back. God, he loved her so much it hurt to even look at her.

He opened the bedroom door and saw her laying on the bed patiently awaiting his return. Again, she did not question, she did not demand an explanation. She only smiled and watched him walk to the side of the bed. In Evan’s hand was a rose. It was cold, from hiding it in the freezer. He didn’t want her to see it, but it was hers as soon as he saw it in the window. The lonely long stemmed pink rose that was the same color as her skin when it grew hot with arousal. Then he rested the cool petals on her cheek and saw her eyes close in satisfaction. No words are needed now. As Trisha knows how much he loves her, Evan is finding out with each passing second how much she loves him.

The rose brushed over her lips and made them part in anticipation. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth a second too late and missed the petals but made Evan’s body stir at the thought of her candied tongue and what she can do with it. To tease, he dangled the rose over her mouth and watched what she would do. Dear God, each motion taunted him, but he wanted to watch her.

Her mouth curled into a smirk that told him she knew what he was about. She understood his game and knew each move that would help him. Her tongue came out of her lips and grazed the tips of the petals, tasting sweet and cool on her buds.

Enough. It was enough to throw him over the edge. With the added giggle she tossed from her mouth ringing his ears, he took her mouth fast and groaned into the sweet flavor she secreted. It was like opening a box of wishes, and having them all fly around your body fast in a whirlwind and laughing to enjoy the movement. The flutters hit your face and tease your body, but were out of reach. Trisha is real, she’s here. She’s his. His hands took possession over her body once more and pushed her camisole over her breasts to feast on the hard tips that appear to be dipped in strawberry cream. They tasted just as good.

“Oh, Evan. I want you. I need you.” Her pleas were silenced by his mouth once more and he simply responded, “I want to savor you. Let me enjoy you.”

With her torso exposed, his hand covered the warm flesh as he kissed the soft flesh of her chest, drinking in her scent. She smelled like redemption and freedom. She smelled of fresh sun-dried laundry and a seductive, exotic fruit. Sweet and sexy. The hand held her body down and moved along her skin slowly, enticing and massaging, getting more passionate with each caress. With xslot Giriş his eyes flooded with desire he looked into hers as he drew down the fabric of her panties down to her ankles. Her body was a blessing and he wanted to thank the heavens for the angel before him. He didn’t deserve her.

With her eyes open and demanding his touch silently, he smiled at her and plunged his fingers into her dripping cavern. Her body arched elegantly as she moaned and kept rhythm with her hips, meeting the movement of his fingers. He felt her body give and took each bleeding promise it offered.

As her body throbbed and his hand moved to the beat of his heart pounding and pounding, he felt her peak forming inside and wished this moment could last forever. Then he kissed her. And she screamed. He kissed the damp flesh that trembled under his lips and found her sensitive clitoris with his agile tongue. He took the button between his teeth as another scream tore from her mouth and her body vibrated with the orgasm. It threw her over the mountains and left her close to fainting. But there was more. Much more.

He took the rose from the edge of the bed and brought it over the flesh of her sternum. This was his favorite spot. He loved the soft flesh there over the heart and if he kept his lips there for long enough, he felt the heart beat of his beloved under his kiss. The rose, petals still cool from the frigid slumber in the freezer, trailed over her nipples. One, circling and teasing, onto the next in no real pattern. He did what he wanted with the body under his and watched every emotion pass over her face like a freight train.

The flower moved to her stomach and tickled the skin around her bellybutton before trailing to the small tuft of hair the rested farther below. The look he gave her was that of a devious child that was just told they can have ice cream before dinner but not to tell anyone. With his own smile peeling over his face, he met sensitive flower to sensitive flower and watched her body take the pleasure. A mixture of the silk and cool of the petals sent her for a whirlwind once more as she gasped his name and panted for his body. The things he heard her request were new, but she always did speak her mind.

Replacing the flower with his lips once more, he took her taste in as a memory and kept it locked in his mind forever. The sweet nectar that poured from her body and coated the bedspread under her was as potent as a drug and sweet as honey. Hell, it was honey.

His body was crying for release, and he wanted it harshly. Ripping the jeans from his body, he freed the throbbing loins that cried and plunged deep inside of her, watching eagerly for her mouth to cry out. He was not without disappointment. The imagination she had when they made love always made him chuckle, but today, it made him thrust harder into her, making him want each request just as much as she did. Their bodies met quickly and her hips were pumping with his body, taking him over just as she was falling. They knew each other so well, bodies, minds, souls.

Evan cried out for the first time and gripped her hips in his strong hands, knowing there will be bruises there tomorrow. That’s okay, her nails have scrapped layers off his back before. When he exploded and his body poured into hers, she whispered his name into his ear and bit gently on the exposed lobe.

He must have fallen asleep, because by the time he stirred, she was breathing deeply in the slumber song he knew and cherished all too much.

The phone call was procedure. The words clipped and short, the address given without emotion. When he hung up the phone, he sat on the bed again and put her clothes back in place, letting her be comfortable for one more night. Then xslot Güncel Giriş he retreated to the chair in the corner, for one more very uncomfortable night.

He looked at her now and frowned deep. He loved her so much and didn’t want anything to happen to that love. He hoped she knew that.

With the knock at the door, he stood reluctantly and answered.

“Officer Brown, right on time.” The small elderly officer wore a tan trench and sported a gray mustache to compensate for the loss of hair on his head. But under that mustache was a smile that Samuel Brown could have melted an ice queen.

“So,” he began, “You found her?” He looked around the room. The picture of Trisha and Evan that Evan pleaded to last night dared at him from the table. “How long have we been chasing her?”

“About four years.”, he let out a sigh and lit a cigarette. He was prepared for whatever lashing Brown was going to give, but the fact of losing the precious gem tied to the bed was what racked his brain.

Brown turned to him after his study of the room. “Four years, eh? And how long have you been keeping her all to yourself?” The pictures just spread all over the room and were more and more intimate as you went.

Evan wanted to toss the old man out, but he had a job to do. “Only about 5 and a half months. But I needed to soften her up a bit first.” He was facing charges. So many charges and so many fines. Funny, they don’t matter anymore.

“Brinks, I gave you a job to do. I wanted this international thief captured and brought to ISS headquarters, and what do you do? You toss the responsibility around like a fuckin’ wet towel. That’s what you do. And you go and move in with her!” He tossed his hands around for even more enthusiasm. “Now, what the hell are we going to do?” He demanded while he thought of the torture his superiors were going to grant him with back at the office.

“We tell them this. I found her and captured her. Then called you. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. And all they need to know.” He walked from the living room into the bedroom where her body still lay on the bed, rumpled and soft from sex. “And that’s all your getting.”

Brown observed the woman sleeping and tied to the bed. Taking the cigarette from Evan’s fingers, he took a drag. “Put a bit of a struggle, did she?”

The smirk on Evan’s face was answer enough as Brown walked to the edge of the bed. He unstrapped her hands and brought them together. With the click of the handcuffs, her eyes fluttered open and the innocence was lost, coated by a flare of anger. “Miss Michelle Dubois, You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.” As he read her the rights that rolled off his tongue so easily, Evan watched his prized peach burn a hole of anger through him with her gaze.

She didn’t question, she didn’t stir, she didn’t demand. She only smiled. A fly would recognize the smile from a black widow spider. It says, ‘I’ve got you and you have nothing left but the last dying breath in your lungs.’ As Brown brought her up from the bed, two more officers walked into the room and took the half naked seductress away.

She was standing at the door, her arms held by the two men and Evan approached her. He took her face in his hands and kissed her cheek. He recognized the color of her skin, the same as the rose that lay on the floor by the bed. He whispered his love into her ear and stepped back. She smiled at him and said, “I know, my love. I love you, too.” And walked out of the apartment.

He lit another cigarette and looked around the bedroom. It was so empty, and so big now. Taking a drag from his cigarette as if it would help dull the pain, and opened the drawer next to her night stand. The gems glistened and gleamed up at him, rubies and diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. “I’ll get you out, cherie. I promise. I’ll get you out.”

Taking a duffle bag, he filled it with all the glitters stashed in the drawer and began the long tedious process of saving the only jewel that matters.

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