Family Issues Ch. 02

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First, I need to thank Nathan Oxford for proofreading again

And, ThanatopicFolds, for editing and working patiently with me. I learned a lot from you.

You guys totally rock.

On with the story.


“I’ve been hit!”

“He didn’t hit you,” Helen growled.

“He fucking shot me. He got me in the face!

“Come here. Lemme see your face, Lance,” Helen said. She signaled Ryan to watch over the stairwell.

“Got me in the face!” The young marine was shaking. Fear and fury combined. He didn’t step towards Helen. “Got me in the face!”

“Shut up!” Helen barked.

“Got me in the face!”

“Lemme see your face, Lance.” Helen grabbed the young marine in a vise grip. The human touch, more than anything, did the trick and Lance stopped shouting and shaking. Helen removed his helmet, and checked for cuts or bruises. She found nothing, and put it back on. “You’re fine.”

“I saw a hajji! No, No! The room’s full of booby-traps,” Lance spoke erratically as his eyes darted across the roof and the stairs leading down. However, he didn’t sound so convinced now, and he was breathing a little slower.

“You’re fine.”

She leaned against the nearby external wall and breathed deeply. The air in Husaybah, Iraq, was choked with sand and the acrid smell of burning tires. A dark cloud billowed above the eastern road. Another suicide car. The one that hit yesterday was driven by someone from Lebanon. She knew that because it was filmed from the other side and posted online an hour after the attack. The guy came all the way to Iraq and ended his life just to take a few marines with him. Fucking insane, Helen thought, coming all the way to this shithole just to die. The sun was mercifully hiding behind a cloud, but still, the heat was a beast that was trying to devour her.

“What do you wanna do, Boss?” Ryan said.

“I wanna get off this fucking roof.”

“What’s the status, Lieutenant?” The soft voice had a relaxing effect on her. She turned around and met Andy’s blue eyes smiling at her behind the tactical goggles. The other squad members were following him, scaling down from the adjacent villa’s roof to their spot.

“The motherfuckers got a fortified bunker in there, sir,” she said.

“How many hostiles?”

“Two or three, maximum four. We got one. They’ve gone quiet though. I think they might have slipped off, but Charlie team didn’t see anyone getting out of the house.”

“We’re going in?”

“The problem is we got way too many rooms to our right and left,” she signalled with her hands in the directions that concerned her.

“No, the real problem is that the flyboys are gonna start dropping 500 lb. bombs in fifteen mikes. We have to clear this house and get to the river.”

Helen nodded. She’d go to the gates of hell if Andy asked her to, and not because he was her commanding officer. “If you wanna go, I’ll go first,” she said. “Ryan, back me up.”

“Oorah, that’s my Valkyrie!” Andy gave her the thumbs up.

She slowly descended the stairs, one step at a time, her back pressed against the wall, down from the roof and into the villa. Eyes front, flashlight and rifle following her gaze. Helen’s breathing was shallow, but in her ears, it sounded like a tornado blowing. One floor down she reached the spot where they hit the insurgents ten minutes ago. She saw a shadow and shot once, then made a sweeping sign to signal forward movement.

The first thing she noticed was the RPG resting against the wall. A deadly toy that had been forgotten by an irresponsible kid. Next, she saw the young man’s body. He lay in the room’s corner, a human being a few minutes ago, and now a crumpled ball of hands and feet. Death was dirty. It was her bullet that got him, she was sure. Ryan didn’t shoot, and Lance blasted the door. Helen was the only one who kept her cool. It wasn’t the first time she shot an enemy, but it was the first time that she saw the results up close. She felt bile coming up. The dead youth couldn’t have been older than fifteen.

“Clear left,” Ryan shouted to her left.

“Clear right,” she shouted. “I think they ran off through that window, sir. See that hedge? They could have crawled under it.”

Andy cleared dust from his forehead, nodded, and picked the comm. “Hitman Two-Two, this is Hitman Two-Three. Redcon one in five mikes.”

“Solid copy. Redcon one in five mikes.”

“Hitman Two Two, I’ve got two to four hostiles possibly coming your way on the north road.”

“Keeping our eyes open, Hitman Two-Three.”

Something crashed inside the room to the left. The distinct sound of metal on metal, almost aching in its suddenness, cleaved the already tense atmosphere.

The marines around her froze. Helen gave Ryan a harsh stare because it was his sector. Andy signaled Ryan to back him, inching slowly towards the source of the sound. He kicked the door open to a room devoid of furniture other than a mattress and white curtains on a big window facing the river. The curtains swayed gently and reminded Helen of her grandmother’s home.

“Clear,” mersin escort Andy wiped sweat again. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.” He stepped into the room and onto the mattress. His leg hit something that shouldn’t have been there, a black string. Helen had time for a warning scream that would echo in her memory forever. She heard a whirring sound as the IED activated, unleashing an inferno that swallowed them.

As the charge exploded Helen woke up screaming from the nightmare. She always slept with a small light on since she came back from Iraq, but for some reason, the room was completely dark. She searched with a shaky hand on the shelf near the bed. The back of her hand hit the glass of water that stood there, and it crashed to the floor.

“Shit, shit, fuck!”

Her tank top and the sheets were sweat-drenched, even though she set the air conditioning last night to 66. Her hand found her eyepatch, and she grasped it. She was a drowning man, and it was the rope. Shaking she put it on and searched her way to the window. Helen stepped on broken glass, and it etched deep inside her heel. She couldn’t care less. She felt her way to the window and with shaking hand pressed the button that activated the shutters. Bright morning beams washed the room, and a white dove on her balcony blinked at her, surprised.

“Yeah?” She said to the bird. “Let’s see you handle PTSD; then we’ll talk.”


Kevin heard the scream, stopped folding Diana’s shirt and turned to her. His big purple eyes were open wide.

Diana shrugged.

“Why does she do that?” he said.

“I dunno. Bad dream I guess.”

“Yeah, but yesterday too?” Kevin said. “I have bad dreams sometimes. I don’t wake up screaming.” He tried to listen to the sounds from the hallway, but all he heard was the quiet hum of the air conditioner. “What’s wrong with her?”

“Dunno. Been like that since Iraq.”

“Iraq? What did she do in Iraq?”

Diana stretched and gave herself a loving hug, “She served in the Marine Corps.”

“Helen was a marine?”

“Leave her alone, Baby Butt, she doesn’t like it when people stick their nose into her private life.”

“Can you stop with the Baby Butt, Diana?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Take a wild guess,” he made a funny face at her. “How much do you think I hate it on a scale of one to go fuck yourself?”

“That’s too bad, because I like Baby Butt, Baby Butt.”

“It makes you a pedo because you stick your thing in my butt every day.”

Diana laughed.

“Anyway, it’s weird,” he folded her shirt, scanned his work critically, flipped it and folded it again.

“What’s weird? Baby Butt, or Helen?”

“That you two live in the same house and you don’t know why she wakes up screaming every other day or so. You’re more strangers than sisters. I’ve never seen you two exchange more than a sentence.”

“We’re very different people, Helen and I.” Diana licked her mouth while she stared at Kevin’s behind. His boxers stretched and clung to his toned cheeks as he stood on his tiptoes and tried to place the shirt on the upper shelf. She felt her cock stir. “I’m the kind of girl who’s fun-to-be-with. I’ve got a bubbly personality, a great sense of humor, a light-up-the-room smile, I’m beautiful, sexy, I’m the life of the party, and she’s…well…she’s Helen.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“I thought you hated her, Baby Butt.”

“I don’t have many reasons to like her.” He shrugged and folded another shirt. “But I don’t hate her. Well, not anymore. I think that she’s going through something difficult. I feel sorry for her.”


“Empathy, Diana? It’s when one human being sees another human suffering, and he feels he can relate because he too had been through shitty times.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you being a condescending prick right now?”

“Look, all done!” Kevin changed the subject and swept his hand, palm up, across the floor, like a magician bragging to the audience after a particularly fantastic trick.

Diana surveyed her empty floor. The room looked strange without the piles of clothes.

“Now let’s see what we’ve learned. When you take out a shirt, and you don’t feel like putting it on because it doesn’t go with the jeans, should you, A, drop it on the floor, or B, fold it neatly and put it back to where it came from?”

“Hmmm… Call Kevin?”

“It’s not a trick question.”

“Can I get a fifty-fifty lifeline? Call a Friend?”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

“Hey! News flash, Baby Butt, there’s more behind that door!” She pointed at an oak red door at the back of her room.

“The walk-in wardrobe?”

“It’s not a walk-in wardrobe, dummy. It was supposed to be a study.”

Kevin opened the door to a room full of cardboard boxes and more piles of clothes, “What’s inside these boxes?”

“Clothes. Shoes… Other stuff. I still haven’t unpacked everything.”

“Diana, you moved in a month and a half ago.” kocaeli escort

“What’s the rush?”

Kevin gave a deep sigh. “Okay then.”

“Okay nothing, come here!” She hooked her fingers inside the waistband of her sexy red underwear and wiggled them down her hips. The snake that was lurking there pushed against the fabric.

“How about we change position just this once?” he said. “You know, add some spice as they say.”

“You wanna ride me reverse cowboy?”

“I wanna be on top for once. You have a vagina under your bad boys, I’ve seen it.”

Diana smirked. “You wanna cook a baby futa in the oven?”

Kevin went to the part of the closet that was his and pulled up a condom. He waved it triumphantly.

“My vajayjay is for procreation only.” Diana pulled Big Bird out. “This is my sex equipment.”

“Okay, so how about your tight little butthole?”

“I’m not some stick-it-anywhere slut.” Diana made a face.

“Neither am I and still you stick me in there, daily and nightly and ever so rightly.”

“Kevin, I’m getting kinda bored with your nonsense. Come here! “

Kevin tossed the condom back in the closet. He thought he might as well throw it in the trashcan considering he wouldn’t be using it anytime soon. Well, at least he tried. “Should I get the lube?”

“No need. Deep-throating lesson.”

“I don’t see the point.”

“Because it goes deep in your throat, ha ha!”

“Ha ha,” Kevin poked his tongue at her. “Because we both know I can’t do it.”

“Sure you can! Practice makes perfect. Now don’t make that face, show some enthusiasm!”

Kevin tried to smile as he walked to the bed. It’s not that he didn’t like oral with Diana. It was hard for him at first to admit, especially to himself, but it felt super sexy. The fact that he could control and so easily extract gasps and moans of pleasure from an absolute hottie was addictive. He just didn’t understand why she kept insisting that he learn how to deep-throat. So far, the experience had been consistently painful, and on one occasion, caused him to puke on the both of them.

He began by licking across the length of her shaft. Wetting was the key. Diana’s massive cock jumped at the silk touch of his tongue. A crystalline drop of pre-cum materialized on the tip, and he licked it off like an excited kitten lapping warm milk.

“Mmmmm, that feels good! You have such a sweet little mouth. I’m so lucky.”


“No talking during oral class! Be attentive to your teacher!”

“Yes, mam.”

She slapped his cheek playfully. “Don’t just lick it, suck it. That’s right. Good boy!” Her cock now was rock hard between his lips, thick and full. “Use your tongue on the tip when you’re pulling.”

He began, with each draw back on her cock, to swirl his tongue around the sensitive tip of her cock, causing her to shiver in delight

“Eyes up, never break eye contact. I wanna see those purple beauties looking at me. Yep, just like that. Adorable. Good boy.” She patted his head.

“Now the funny thing about sex, is that half of it is happening right here,” she tapped her forehead. “So if you want to make a girl like me happy, you also gotta say the right things. Tell me how beautiful I am.”

“You said no talking.”

She slapped his cheek again; this time she wasn’t so gentle.

“Ouch! Um, I like your red panties, they match the bloodshot in your eyes.”

“Asshole! Make me feel special. Complement my beautiful eyes.”

“There’s something beautiful in your eyes. Oh wait, it’s me.”

“Want me to kick you, Kevin?”

“Just, trying to lighten the mood.”

“You know what, just blow me. No more talking. Don’t rush,” Diana said when he started bobbing fast on her cock. “Slowly. Enjoy it. Ooh, Good boy…” she cooed, looking down at him. “Slower.” Her hand gently pushed down on his blond spikes, and he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to raise his head before she spilled her hot salty juice in his mouth.

He closed his lips around the thick shaft, careful not to touch it with his teeth. He dragged his soft lips up and down. When he was up, his tongue played with the delicate spongy head, when he bottomed, his tongue licked the underside of her cock.

“Mmmm, you’re good at this baby…” she murmured, her cock now rock-hard between his lips, thick and full.

The massive head slid back and forth along his tongue, filling his taste buds with Diana’s meaty flavour. Kevin paid particular attention to the foreskin peeled back around the edge of Diana’s big cockhead. He had learned that teasing that sensitive area with his tongue made her go crazy. A gentle bite on the foreskin with his teeth would even launch her over the edge and make her forget about deepthroating.

Not today.

“Stop!” She panted. She stared lovingly into his eyes and the ring his mouth formed around her pulsing cock. The image alone almost sent her over the edge. “Wait.” She took her iPhone from her pillow and snapped a picture before he could object. samsun escort He tried to escape the camera’s gaze, but the hand pushing down on the back of his head prevented him from pulling away. “Something private, for the sad moments when I’m working away from my beautiful Baby Butt boyfriend.”

She placed her other hand on the back of his head. “Ready?”

“Hmm, hmm!” he shouted, muffled, as he frantically tried to pry the strong hands that kept his head locked to Diana’s cock.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She pulled his delicate head forward until she felt her cock bumping against the back of his throat. She then kept pulling. “No, you’re doing it all wrong. Like I showed you the last time. You need to swallow.”

Kevin swallowed, but nothing budged.

“Swallow baby. Think that you have a huge pill in your mouth and the doctor told you to swallow, or you’ll die. Swallow, swallow, swallow!”

Kevin’s throat constricted and he began to gag. However, he kept trying to swallow her cock just to make her happy. When porn stars did it in porn movies, it looked as simple as kissing. Why couldn’t he do it? He had no problem with his oxygen supply. Last week he’d broken a personal free diving record and held his breath for four minutes and forty-five seconds. This was nothing. If only his throat would cooperate.

“Swallow, Baby Butt! Ooh! Swalalala! Shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yah…Bad girls gon’ swalalala!” Her hand went to his throat. She tickled his Adam apple, coaxing the muscles to contract, to open, and let her in. “Go, baby, go, baby, go, baby,” she sang. “We’re almost there!”

Indeed, he felt the unimaginable happening. Even though he was battling a massive gag reflex, he felt his throat muscles relaxing.

“Here it comes, it’s going in!” Diana was ecstatic. Her cock throbbed, and he felt the first burst of her hot seed hitting the back of his throat and flooding his mouth.

“Argh!” she cried, and pushed his head brutally down to the base of her cock, “Ah, ah, argh!” with each squirt she pulled away before slamming back into Kevin’s face. Her cock was a battering ram slamming at the back of his throat. “Fuuuuuck!” At last, completely spent, Diana released Kevin from her grip and fell to the bed behind her.

“Sorry love, totally my bad.” Diana breathed hard between bursts of laughter. “We almost made it this time, if only I could have waited a minute longer. It’s not your fault. Well, actually it is because you’re so goddam sexy!” She jumped on his back like a lioness pouncing on a gazelle in the African Savannah. Diana sunk her teeth into his bare shoulder until she drew blood.

“Ow!” he screamed.

“Sorry, babe,” she kissed Kevin’s neck and nuzzled him. “Can’t help it.”

“I have a lecture in an hour.”

“Just a few more minutes with my baby.” Her warmth and her tiny tits felt nice as they caressed his naked back, but her spear was nestled between his ass cheeks, and he knew what would happen in a minute.

“Don’t you dare get hard again, Diana!”

She sunk her teeth into his other shoulder.


The house was quiet. Helen waited, her ear glued to her bedroom door, trying to guess if anyone was on the other side. She opened the door slowly and peeked into an empty hallway.

‘I’m like a fucking thief in my own house’, she thought.

Kevin was a fait accompli. She gave him a week. Two weeks tops. That was usually long enough for Diana to offhandedly declare that the latest love in her life wasn’t worth the effort. Diana was all about the chase. When it ended so did her interest. But Kevin was about to enter his fourth week in Helen and Diana Brion’s little kingdom. Even worse, Diana walked, talked and breathed Kevin. There seemed to be nothing else on her mind these days.

This caused several unforeseen issues.

Helen stared amazed at the tent in her pajama pants. “Oh, for fuck sake!”

Diana didn’t exaggerate when she said that Kevin excreted some sort of pheromone from his beautiful body that hit the wrong (or the right) futanari nerves. Even on days when she awoke from a nightmare, she still had a morning wood that in case she fell could impregnate someone in China.

She jumped back on her bed to begin yet another masturbation session, furious, trying very hard not to think about Kevin. Which is akin to not thinking about a blue camel. At last, she gave a frustrated roar as she imagined his beautiful lips wrapped around her cock. She could only last eight seconds once she succumbed to that image.

One big issue resolved, she snuck into the hallway.

Since that first fatal night and their embattled interrogation, Kevin treated her as if she was a shadow. He never talked to her, he didn’t look at her or even acknowledge her existence. It made encounters with him painful to the extent that she did everything to avoid them. She went out early, worked late, and as a rule, kept to her study and her room. She was becoming a ghost in her own apartment.

Not everything was bleak, of course. There were some perks to the new situation which almost made the whole thing bearable.

Helen tiptoed to the kitchen, and almost shouted with glee when she saw no one there. She ran to her super modern refrigerator and checked it. “Yes!” she whispered “Yes, yes, yes.” Kevin made asparagus pasta and roasted salmon with crispy potatoes last night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32