Fawkes , Alonzo

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When Alonzo tried to pick up Fawkes at the mall that first day, she almost walked away from him. Just another guy hitting on her she was her first thought and that was a common enough occurrence, the price a beautiful girl paid in this world.

But Fawkes didn’t walk away. She stopped and turned and listened to his line, some garbage about being new in town, and needing her opinion on something or other. Fawkes was only barely listening, but she was taking this man in. There was something about him, she couldn’t quite pinpoint what, but there was something of interest here.

So she helped him shop and pick out some clothes. He was friendly, flirty (maybe too flirty), and he was obviously trying to impress her. These things were not things that usually drew Fawkes to a man, but in talking to him that day, she found him to be intelligent, funny, handsome, and despite her first impression, grown up. She liked a mature man, one who could talk about all kinds of things, one that knew about life, not one of the men her own age that were so full of themselves. And Alonzo had a way with words and Fawkes like that very much.

The two of them spent the day together and talked into the night. She felt comfortable with him, enjoyed the conversation, and she liked looking at him.

When Alonzo finally left that night, he kissed her gently and asked if she would like to go out on the weekend, to a formal dance. The kiss was nice, but Fawkes was a little disappointed. The kiss was too polite and Fawkes was hoping for something more forceful. She agreed to the date, however, partly because she liked to dance and dress up, partly because he was handsome, and partly because there was just something about Alonzo that intrigued her.

When Alonzo arrived to pick her up, Fawkes was already ready. When the door chime rang, she opened the door to see a tuxedoed Alonzo standing there with flowers in his hand.

“Oh, Fawkes, you look amazing,” he said after giving her a little kiss and handing her the flowers. Fawkes knew he was right. She was beautiful and she knew how to dress. Her white gown fit her buxom form just right. “You look almost angelic”, Alonzo added.

She hurried to put the flowers into a vase, and then joined Alonzo in the foyer, stealing a glance of the two of them in the long mirror adjacent to the door. The sight made her stop in her tracks. Alonzo came over and put his arm around her waist and followed her gaze into the mirror.

“We make a striking couple,” he said.

“Yes, we certainly do,” Fawkes agreed.

The dance was being held at an elegant ballroom that had a very romantic atmosphere. The women were all decked out in their finest gowns, and the men all handsome in their finery.

When Fawkes and Alonzo entered the room, they turned many heads for they were, indeed, a striking couple. Fawkes liked that. She liked the men looking at her, but she like the women casting envious glances at her handsome date.

The lights were dim and the music played and Alonzo and Fawkes danced together. He was light on his feet and the way he handled her body as they danced was very sexy.

After a few dances, Alonzo said, “This is fun, but I would like a more intimate dance, one where I can hold you close, so we can chat”.

This was really the first time that Alonzo had expressed his desire for her, even though it was only in reference to dancing. Until that moment, he had been almost over gentlemanly, always asking for her opinion, did she like this or did she prefer that.

Fawkes liked a strong, aggressive man, and was glad t see Alonzo finally showing some small sign of that.

Alonzo took Fawke’s hand and guided her to a dark xslot corner of the dance floor. He drew her tightly against him and put his strong arms around her. Fawkes responded by throwing her arms around his neck.

It was very intimate. They danced slowly, his hands moving along her back to her butt, her hands feeling his shoulders and arms.

And they kissed. This was not the polite kiss that he left her with the other night, nor the weak hello kiss he greeted her with at the door at her house earlier in the evening. The kiss was passionate and it caught Fawkes a little by surprise.

The dance became more erotic as the evening progressed. Her breasts were crushed again Alonzo’s chest and his hands roamed her body with more freedom. She liked it. She liked the feel of his hands on her body. She liked his kisses on her lips, and when they occasionally moved down her cheek to her neck and shoulders, she liked that even more.

Fawkes looked up into his blue eyes. The intensity of his eyes startled her for a moment. She was feeling a warmth inside herself that was unexpected.

“Fawkes, I want you,” Alonzo said as his look penetrated her being. The forceful way that he said it excited her. Was this the same polite man she had spent the day with earlier in the week?

Putting her hand against his chest so she could feel his heart beat, Alonzo spoke again, “Fawkes, I want you and I want you now”.

A surge of electricity shot through Fawkes, starting between her legs and shooting straight to her head. She knew at that moment she would do whatever this man wanted her to do.

Taking her hand, Alonzo led Fawkes through the crowded ballroom and outside. Within in minutes he had her in his car.

“Where are we going?” she asked quietly.

Alonzo put his hand on her thigh and smiled. “My place. I have a surprise for you.”

After arriving at his small apartment, he again took her hand and led her to his bedroom. The room was neat but masculine and there was a small bathroom adjacent to it.

Pulling Fawkes tightly to him, He kissed her deeply, his hands aggressively exploring her body. Fawkes was breathless. She was surprised by the liberties he was taking with her, but she had no desire to stop him. In fact, she couldn’t stop him. She realized that she would let this man do anything he wanted with her.

Alonzo broke away from the kiss and stepped back from her. He began unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie.

“Now, my love, I want to see your body,” he said forcefully.

Fawkes hesitated. She had only met Alonzo a few days before.

“NOW, FAWKES,” he said quite sternly.

Fumbling with the clasps, Fawkes began undress, head down, a little embarrassed.

“Look at me, Fawkes. Look at me while you undress.”

Fawkes raised her eyes to meet his. His look seared through her being. She felt him devouring her as she removed her clothing.

As she undressed, so did he. His body was a sight, so muscular so firm. She longed to touch it, to feel his skin.

When at last she stood naked before him, and he before her, she took a step towards him, to be enveloped in his arms, to touch and to kiss him.

“STOP,” Alonzo commanded.

Stopping in mid-stride, Fawkes was startled once again.

“I have something for you, ” Alonzo said in a calm voice. Walking over to the night table he retrieved a box. “Open it,” he said as he handed it to her.

Taking the box, Fawkes quickly opened it to find 2 long silken scarves. “They’re lovely,” she said.

“Yes, they are, “Alonzo replied, taking them from her, “just as you are.”

Alonzo pulled one of the scarves taut. “Turn around,” he said.

Fawkes xslot Giriş turned and Alonzo covered her eyes with the scarf and tied it securely behind her head. She was essentially blind now.

With other he tied her right wrist tightly.

“What are you doing,” Fawkes asked, her heart pounding, partly with fear and partly with excitement.

“Love, you do not speak unless spoken to, do you understand that?”

“Yes,” she said quietly. What was this man going to do with her? She should resist but she couldn’t. He was so forceful, so in command. What else could she do but obey him.

“Fawkes, you are mine tonight. You will obey me and I will reward you with great pleasure. If you displease me, I will punish you. Do you understand?”


Taking her by her scarved wrist, he led her. By the cold tiles on her bare feet, she knew they were in the adjoining bathroom.

Tugging at her arm, she dutifully raised it. “Your other arm”, he demand and Fawkes raised her other arm above her head. She felt the scarf being tied tightly to her left wrist as well. With both arms above her head Fawkes had to stand slightly on tip toe as the scarf was pulled tight.

Oh my god, she thought I’m almost hanging from the shower rail.

Another surge of excitement mixed with dread flowed over her.

She was frightened. Naked, blindfolded, and tethered, Fawkes was helpless. Alonzo, this man she barely knew, could do anything he wanted with her and she could not stop him.

Her first thought was to scream, but she didn’t. She strained a little at the scarves but her struggles only made them tighter. Her calves ached from standing on her toes.

“Please, what are you going to do to me?” she finally blurted out.

A sharp crack of a hand against her ass, startled her. “Didn’t I tell you that you are not to speak unless spoken to?”


“Yes, what?”

Fawkes’ mind reeled looking for the proper response.

“Yes, sir?”

“Ah you learn quickly, my love. You will do well tonight.” Alonzo said.

Unable to see, Fawkes’ other senses came into play. Was there rustling in the other room? What was Alonzo doing?

Then she felt his warm hands on body, touching her most private places. His hot lips were on her breasts and he bit her nipples, each in turn. His hands went everywhere — her clit was assaulted by his thumb and forefinger, her ass was penetrated by a long finger. She was being touched and probed at his whim.

And Fawkes liked it. She felt her body giving way to the pleasure of it, of being helpless, of being desired, of having to give in to another’s desires.

“Mmmm you are so wet, my love,” Alonzo said as he inserted two fingers inside her wet pussy. “You like this, don’t you?”

Oh how she wanted to put her arms around Alonzo and pull him into her.

“I said, you like this don’t you?” he cried as a quick series of smacks rained on her ass cheeks.

“Yes, sir, I love it”

“You are doing well, Fawkes.”

When Alonzo moved behind her, Fawkes felt his hands on her breasts, squeezing them. She could feel his hardness pushing against as well. Oh, how she wanted to feel him inside her. Her arms ached as she strained to push back on him.”

“Oh, so you want something, do you, Fawkes? Tell me what you want.”

“I , I want your cock. I want it inside me.” she stammered.

“And you shall have it,” came the reply.

Fawkes felt her ass cheeks being pushed apart, and the probing of a couple of fingers in her asshole. Then she felt, something bigger there. Oh my god, she thought, he’s going to fuck me in my ass.

She felt the head slide into her. xslot Güncel Giriş It felt so good. She wanted all of it.

Alonzo held her hips as he slowly pushed his hard cock deep into her ass. Once inside he began rocking back and forth, deep, deep inside her, while his hands pinched her nipples and played with her clit.

“Mmmm,” she groaned, being taken over by the feeling.

Despite her growing pleasure, she kept hearing rustling of some sort from behind her, probably in the bed room. Was that the sound of padded footsteps?

Again fear shot through her. Were other people out there? What is going on?

Fear and pleasure coursed through her being and she tried to listen while being taken by Alonzo’s hard cock.

Abruptly, Alonzo stopped, and she felt his cock slide out of her.

“You’ve done well, my sweet Fawkes. No you shall get your reward,” he said calmly.

She heard him move around her, and felt her arms release, although her wrists were still bound. He must have cut the scarf in two, she thought to herself.

Alonzo led Fawkes by her tethered arms back into the bedroom, and she felt the bed at the back of her thighs. He had positioned her against the edge of the bed.

“Put your hands behind you,” Alonzo commanded.

Fawkes complied by extending her arms backward.

Suddenly, her arms were pulled back and she felt herself laying on her back in the middle of the bed. Hands were quickly on her ankles, holding them down on the bed.

People, there are people here, she thought. I’m naked and helpless and there are other people here and they are holding me down.

After the momentary fear, Fawkes suddenly felt excitement, excitement unlike any she had ever known. Her body quivered with anticipation of the unknown.

Between her legs, she felt the bed shift under the weight on someone. Was it Alonzo? Or one of his friends? Were they going to take turns with her? She moaned, excited beyond belief.

“Now you shall get the pleasure you crave, sweet Fawkes,” came the voice on the bed. It was Alonzo.

She felt his hardness plunge into her, her legs spread, her pussy so wet it offered no resistance whatsoever. Her arms and legs held tight by strangers, her helpless body impaled by a man she hardly knows. The pleasure began to surge through her body.

Fawkes thrashed her head back and forth, moaning loudly, her arms and legs straining to break free from the hands holding them, she longed to wrap them all around Alonzo.

“Do not cum until I tell you that you may,” Alonzo said in voice breathless with desire.

“Please, please Alonzo, let me cum,” Fawkes cried.

“Not until I finish,” he said.

Not thinking that she would be able to hold out, Fawkes gasped, “Okay”.

Fawkes’ body convulsed with pleasure as she tried to stop her orgasm. She felt Alonzo plunge deep in side her. She felt his body stiffen and heard him groan.

“Mmmm” he moaned as he erupted inside her.

“Please, please let me cum,” she pleaded.

“Yes, cum for me, my love,” he said as he continued to pump her.

Instantly, Fawkes, cried out as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

When it was over, she lay limp and drained.

She realized that her arms and legs were no longer held

Fawkes felt Alonzo’s mouth on her pussy, licking her clit, lapping up both of their juices.

Pulling her body up and close to him, Alonzo removed her blindfold and kissed her hard and deep. Fawkes could taste her pussy on his lips. It was so good.

As he held her she looked around. There was no sign that anyone else had been there. Was she so enraptured that she had hallucinated?

“We do looking striking together,” Alonzo said as her turned her head so she could see themselves in the mirror adjacent to the bed. In their nakedness, they were striking indeed.

As she looked at their sweaty bodies, she could only agree.

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