First Ever Male Massage Pt. 02

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Following on from my first male massage and my first foray into male/male sexual experiences.

If you didn’t read my first story maybe start their first?

As I explained in my first story I have an addictive personality and having had the mind blowing experience with Lee in my first story I had nothing else in my head other than cock and I wanted to experience it all.

I went online and began to find any massages that were offered by males, a guy in Warrington who was older than me was my first stop. He had been recommended by the forum the first time I looked and I booked in.

This was not like my first experience, he was an older guy I’d say mid to late 50’s. Overweight, grey hair and with a smaller than average penis I was guessing. Massage was average, he did make me suck him and I have to say make as he almost forced his way into my mouth. He then finished me off with a pretty poor hand job. Now I was confused, I thought they’d all be like Lee and I was now chasing that thrill and experience again.

I then visited a Thai guy who was tiny, both in size and cock size. This was an awful experience and the first time I was offered to fuck another guy. I turned it down, didn’t cum and left.

I’m now playing catch up – 3 blokes – £180 spent in a week and only one fantastic experience.

I had maybe another 6 or 7 attempts all equally awful but in the end, I returned to Lee for another mind blowing experience and have seen him 5 or 6 times since.

There was one other stand out guy however, his name was Jack.

I found Jack online and I was looking for him. He was a black guy, I had to try one. As I mentioned I’m heterosexual escort izmit and if I’m honest black women don’t do anything for me. They just don’t appeal to me sexually, but I do have something for seeing a Black guy take a white woman. Anyway, there were some pictures and again a couple of reviews saying he was friendly and nice guy, so I thought I’d enquire.

I called and agreed to book in and set a time for 2pm at his place. I took this to mean his house and not studio this time.

I arrived and it was a row of houses, I knocked on the door with the sexual knot of tension in my stomach and throat that I had come to expect when I was out on events like this. The door opened and Jack welcomed me in, he was very friendly and smiley. He wasn’t tall maybe 5″10 hair cut very short and muscular build. He was wearing a T-Shirt and jog pants. He showed me into a room, and I was surprised by what I saw.

The room was very medical, a lot of charts on the wall around massage, anatomy, some gadgets also. There was a large massage table in the middle of the room with thin towels and a hole in the top for my face. He told me to get undressed, get comfortable and he’d be back in a minute.

I quickly undressed, lay on the bed face down and took my penis in my hand and pointed it down towards my feet in between my legs pressed hard against the bed. Trying to get as comfortable as possible but also with the opportunity for him to see/touch it later on.

There was a knock at the door and Jack entered, he put some soothing music on, and I heard him moving around. I felt his hands touch my lower legs and begin to massage me. The massage was very methodical and izmit escort was staying away from anything of a sexual nature. It was making me sleepy but also very aware that I could have got this massage wrong and it was just a massage and nothing sexual at all.

Anyway, the massage continued, and Jack moved around to the top of the bed, I had my head placed in the hole and I could see when he came around, he had no socks on or joggers. I could see from his knees downwards and didn’t know if he had shorts on or not. The massage continued and his strokes were now from my shoulders right down to my buttocks where at the end there was a very definite grip and spread. My cock started to instantly harden.

It was very fluid motion but the grip was strong and rough and the spreading apart of my cheeks was also very rough. My mind was in overdrive. He again moved down the bed but this time to my feet where he began to massage them for a minute or two. Then something unexpected happened, he climbed onto the bed. He then sat on the backs of my legs and began to massage my lower back and again my bum with the same grip and spread motion.

He could no doubt now see my hard cock underneath me, my full ball sack and my arse. I was exposed to him in the most obvious way. I then felt him shift forward and lean against me. I felt his cock straight away against my crack, he leaned down, so he was stroking and sliding his body against me. His cock was moving against my arse hole and he was pinning me down. His breath when he got near my neck was a huge turn on as that was the point his cock was flat against me.

After a very short time he moved off izmit kendi evi olan escort and got back on the floor and asked me to turn over. I did this and my cock was standing to attention totally engorged. He didn’t say a word but started to massage my balls and dripped more lotion onto my cock from a height. He massaged me slowly and wanked my cock whilst gripping my balls.

Then unexpected thing number 2 happened. He climbed up onto the table with his head above my cock and his cock dangling above my head. He was HUGE. He was maybe 9″ in length and 3″ thick. His cock bobbed above me and I had to reach out to touch it. He was very warm, completely shaven cock, balls and arse. He moved and dipped his cock into my mouth and began to fuck my face as he also began to suck me.

The position was unusual but having such a huge cock above me made me feel less powerful like he was taking me rather than this being a mutual thing. I continued to suck him and wank him at the same time. I tried to concentrate on being sucked myself as he was wanking me very fast into his mouth. I couldn’t hold on I came, and Jack took it all in his mouth swallowing every last drop.

As I was calming down Jack lifted himself back to his knees, his balls were on my head and he stroked his huge member over my face. As he did it, I grabbed my cock and started wanking again. It was such a turn on to watch this guy wanking his BBC over me that I came again seconds before he grunted loudly and spewed huge amounts of cum over my body. Some hit my leg, my stomach, chest and finally with his cock reducing in size he offered it back to me to clean off which I did hungrily.

I lay there as Jack got down, he offered me a towel and said he’d be two minutes. I hurriedly got down dressed, left my money and got out of the house as I had to get back before the wife got back from work.

So finally, I conquered my BBC obsession.

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